Saturday, 4 July 2009

Extended visit

Jen's coming back to visit - yay!

She's been rather stressed recently as she has just gone through her first year exams. I've been chatting to her quite a lot and trying to help as much as I could but the best I could do was be supportive and try to distract her so she didn't get too stressed.

She was certainly distracted by our exploits with Sue (she got to find out about them before you all did) and wished that she had been there. As I've mentioned before - she hasn't met Sue yet (or our mum for that matter so I think we'll have to have a trip home over the summer). She has obviously seena few photos of her though and so knows what she looks like. I'm assuming that it's because it's been a while since I've seen her, but I get the feeling that if Jen had been here, I'd have had a harder time keeping her away from Sue's pussy that I did with Mike!

The only problem with Jen visiting for a while is that I'm not really sure how it will work in future. It won't be so bad for the next few months while I'm still sharing with Rach & Hol, but not sure how it'll work when I'm living with Mike. The best we can come up with is that we'll use the spare room (which means Mike gets to listen - that will probably keep him happy!)

Sue still wants to meet her at some point - I wonder if Jen should let on that she knows about Sue's love life?


  1. I wouldn't worry about Mike -- if I were in his shoes, I'd be quite happy to be in the next room while you and Jen pleasured each other loudly.

    Really, if he's like most average red-blooded males, he'll be so spent by the time you two are finished that he'll be more worn out (and sore) than you are.

    As for Jen telling Sue what she knows about her, I think she should keep quiet and let Sue reveal what she wants to. You don't want to make your sister too suspicious about what you're sharing with other people.

    Like you, however, I can't help thinking that if Sue has any curiosity about getting down with a female, Jen will be more than happy to fulfill her fantasies.

    The question is, would it bother you if she did ... if you got to watch? I have a feeling you'd get a kick out of watching Jen eat Sue till she was over the moon.

    -- Doug

  2. Mike doesn't have any problem with listening to us in the next room and he's especially excited by the fact that Jen said that if we were at his place then he'd probably get to see her naked at some point (she was talking about when she was on the way to/from the bathroom - not about letting him watch us fuck).

    I don't know how I'd feel about seeing Jen eat Sue. I know it's selfish, but she is meant to be my gf and I'd feel just as jealous watching her with another girl as I would if it was Mike with another girl.

  3. I can see your point regarding Jen and Sue -- it would be much the same as watching Mike on top of her.

    But that doesn't stop you from letting Sue watch you and Jen ... IF Jen is OK with it.

    And I guess you'll have to decide what to say (probably no) if Sue gets curious and asks whether you mind sharing Jen.

    -- Doug