Friday, 17 July 2009

First night

...of many :)

Wednesday was a good day - Jen arrived (and as I mentioned previously) we said our hellos before Mike got home. It was quite an intense session as we hadn't seen each other for a while and Jen has just finished her 1st year exams so has been rather stressed for the past term. I skipped out of Uni early and met her at the station and we quickly went back to Mike's place (well, as quickly as we could while carrying enough luggage for a 19yo staying for a couple of weeks!)

Once we were home (it'll be my full-time home soon), we stripped each other pretty much as soon as we got in the door. Jen licked me briefly on the sofa and then we went up to bed to continue. We thought it would be a nice present for Mike to fuck in the bed he (and I) sleep in - as various people reading this have suggested a number of times before.

Of course, my various toys are in this room (I've brought most of them over from my old house) and we made good use of them.Our first fuck was pretty much just grinding against each other as we kissed - I had forgotten just how great it felt having Jen's cunt rubbing against my thigh and covering me with her juices (while I did the same to her of course - I just can't produce as much pussy juice as she does!). Once our immediate passion was satisfied, we kissed a bit more and chatted while teasing each other - it didn't take long before the teasing turned into real touching and the chatting stopped.

I pulled Jen on top of me in a 69 position and we ate each other - I made sure that I got my face covered with her juices so I could wipe them off on the pillow afterwards, but also enjoyed my fair share of them. I remember pulling her cunt lips open and pushing my tounge inside her and thinking that she tasted sweeter than I remembered so I kept licking inside her until my tounge hurt (I now know what Mike means when he says he can only lick inside me for so long at once).

Jen's pussy was completely shaved (and she'd done a good job on it) - Mike had shaved my lips the previous night and so I knew I was smooth. We both came reasonably quickly once we really started eating each other and felt a bit more satisfied afterwards.

I assured Jen that Mike would be at work for a while so we stayed naked while we went downstairs to get lunch. I'm quite used to being naked there, but it was Jen's first time and she seemed a bit more nervous that I thought she would have been. We didn't have sex downstairs, bur did lie on the sofa and kiss for a while (ok, so there was a little bit of light fondling, but not enough to cum). We got dressed again after that (without showering so we did smell a bit of sex) and went out for a wander and to get some food for dinner that night.

When Mike returned, we had a nice dinner and chatted for a few hours. Even though we both chat to Jen on the phone, 3 way phone conversations aren't always that easy so we ended up talking about Sue's visit and what it was like having her watch us. Jen wanted to know if she tasted the same as I do but Mike said he didn't get enough of her to really find out. I was quite suprised when Jen said that she wasn't sure she'd like to have sex in front of anyone else (up until now I had thought she was as much of an exhibitionish as I was) - at least I guess that means I won't have to try to stop her from trying to fuck Suz as well as having to stop Mike :)

We told Mike that we had fucked in his bed and he appreciated it (and said the next morning that he could smell us in it). I stayed with Jen all that night and we had noisy sex a couple of times (just noisy enough for Mike to hear us) - he said he ended up cumming twice while he listened and really wanted to come in and watch (and cum over us) and I promised him that I would visit him the following night (which I did, but that will probably be in the next post). I'm aware I'm going to fall behind on postings (given I'm only up to Thursday morning), but I'll note down important events and catch up over time.


  1. I told you Mike would appreciate the aroma of female sexuality on his bed!

    No need to feel pressured ... you're giving some great accounts of your further adventures with Jen, and I'm sure your audience is appreciating it.

    By the way, I was right about something else, too -- the fact that Mike would have a hard time (so to speak) holding back while he was listening to you and Jen. Sounds like he went over the edge a couple of times ... but what red-blooded heterosexual male could say we'd have any better self-control?

    Bet it was killing him not to be able to peek through the door, though ...

  2. The previous post and this one are from Doug, by the way.

    (Bet Mike will never want to wash those sheets again.)

  3. You guys are the best.
    I really enjoy reading your exploits. Keep it up.

    Really like the fact you can talk about Jen, fuck her, and then Mike too. He's a lucky guy.