Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Friday watersports

I had arranged to take Friday off work and so it was slightly painful having to wake up early to go and give Mike his good morning call. Of course, I didn't mind that it would end up with me cumming (he fucked me from behind and came over my ass). I went downstairs with him (we were both naked as Jen as still in bed) and chatted over breakfast (I had a little and ate the rest when I took Jen her breakfast). It took a little longer than it should have as Mike was taking advantage of having me nude downstairs and kept slipping into me from behind. I thought he was going to fuck me properly at one point, but he seemed to have regained his usual composure and just got me turned on before stopping.

I pointed out to him that it wasn't going to be as easy to tease me now I had Jen to finish off anything he started and he said he'd have to have words with her - the thought of both of them teasing me (in turn), is somewhat frightning as I'm fairly sure that between them, they could get me to the point where I really couldn't cope with it any longer - fortunately they haven't done that yet!

I went back up to Jen (who had fallen asleep again) and thought I'd wake her up nicely. We had the whole day (and it was terrible weather ouside) so I intended to test how many times she could cum (and try to keep up myself, naturally). I put her food down and crawled under the covers - she woke up as soon as I started to spread her legs, but wasn't objecting, so I licked her for a little bit and then stopped when she started getting into it. She complained about this, but I said that I'd had to put up with it from Mike earlier and it would help her cum harder next time. Being 19, Jen isn't always the most patient of girls and wanted me to finish her off, but I said we had to have food first and then could play with the shower again (I don't know why I thought we should shower given I intended to spend the whole day fucking and getting sweaty again!).

I told her of my plan for the day and she agreed and we started breakfast to ensure we had the energy for the day. We started off well, but breakfast descended into teasing each other (mostly just fingering and kissing nipples) and it was soon clear that we had probably eaten all that we were going to. Jen led me into the bathroom and we had a very hot, steamy shower together.

At one point, Jen was rubbing herself against my leg (she has to crouch down ever so slightly to do this) and she asked me about peeing while I used the shower. I had forgonnen she had seemed so interested in that and I told her, that just like she had felt the previous day, I sometimes felt like I needed to pee when using the shower to cum and that I had let myself pee while cumming a few times. She asked me if Mike had ever seen me (he's seen me on the toilet, but not pissing myself while cumming). Jen obviously knew that I'd never written about it on here, but she wondered if we'd played around with it and kept it a secret. It was obvious that she was leading the conversation somewhere, so I asked her if she liked doing it and she told me that she had never done it, but had seen it online and had been told it felt nice.

Now Mike and I have never dabbled in watersports (he can't piss with an erection!) and it's not something I've evee really thought about doing before but clearly Jen had. I asked her what she wanted to do and she gave me her wicked grin and pulled me tighter to her. She had continued humping my leg while we;d been talking (and kissing) and she said "I'm going to mark you as mine". I don't know how to describe the feeling as I already had water running over me from the shower, but I guess my leg was mostly shielded by Jen and so I could still feel a stream of warmth running down my leg.

I'm not going to forget the look on her face in a hurry - she really seemed to be enjoying it (I guess I feel a similar way whenever I try a new way to get aroused or cum). She kept grinding against me and I could occasionally feel little squirts splash up between us (I guess when the flow got trapped). Jen started to kiss me (quite hard) and kept doing this until I couldn't feel her peeing anymore (but she was still humping against me). She looked close and asked me to eat her - I hesitated a bit but then decided to do it anyway. I did tell her not to piss over my face (or in my mouth!), but I like trying out new things as well and I wanted to give her a really good day.

She sat on the edge of the bath where she'd cum the previous day and I knelt in front of her (it was actually quite a good thing as we;d been standing in the hot water for ages). Jen braced herself and spread her legs and I licked her pussy gently - it didn't taste much different than usual and I was soon eating her more forcefully. I told her to be as loud as she wanted (I thought I could get her used to making noise while Mike wasn't around) and she certainly made more than she had the previous night. She ended up cumming whilesaying 'eat me, eat me, eat me...' over and over and then let out a whimper as she came.

Between the heat and her orgasm, she looked incredibly flushed (but fucking hot!) and I knelt up so I could kiss her. She said it had felt amazing and I asked her to try and explain what the difference was - she had a hard time doing this, but just said it felt nice feeling the pee flowing out while getting aroused. As I knelt in front of her, she let out a little squirt (I'm guessing the last she had) that landed on my stomache and then said it was my turn. I wasn't so sure at first about trying it, but having seen what it did for her I thought I may as well.

Jen told me to swap places with her and I thought for a minute that she was going to get me to piss over her, but she got the shower and aimed it at my pussy. I was already fairly horny (hmm, when am I not already horny?) and pulled my pussy lips apart so the jet could hit me. I showed her how to adjust it to the right spray and pulse setting and told her where to aim. Mike has done this to me before and it's always easier with someone else holding the showerhead as I can lean back and enjoy it. Jen took over spreading my cunt and I could feel her fingers jently probing my pusst - not really sliding into me, but just pressing into the entrance.

I could feel my orgasm building and told her I was getting close and she told me to try peeing a bit. Her hand was still on my pussy and I let out a little stream that went up her arm. She didn't seem to mind and told me to keep going. I admit that it had felt nice and given Jen knows everything I've done I wasn't actually embarressed and let a longer stream out. I quickly realised that I was really enjoying it (you've probably gathered by now that I quite like being dirty and naughty) and wondered why I hadn't tried this before. I could feel that my orgasm was about to hit and told Jen I was going to cum. I let out a much harder stream of piss as Jen slid two fingers into my cunt (with the water still aimed at my clit - or at least near it). I could see that I was covering Jen's arm and as she pumped her fingers into me, it sent bits of the spray over both of us (more over her than me as she had moved a bit closer to me).

I ran our of urine before I finished cumming, but pushed out a few more squirts. Almost as soon as I had stopped cumming, Jen went down on me (and later she told me she was using the shower on her own pussy while she licked me). I had been unusually quiet while cumming as I was enjoying the new experience, but fortunately Jen licking me isn't new and I made up for my earlier (near) silence. Between licks, she asked what I wanted and I told her what to do - given we'd ust pissed over each other, I wasn't going to hold back and told her in detail how to eat my cunt and make me cum again. She did a wonderful job of this and I nearly slid into the bath when I came.
Jen kept her face pressed against my pussy and I could feel her whimpering as she came (she still had the shower underneath her spraying at her pussy). I don't think she's ever cum while she's had her mouth in my cunt and her moaning felt really good (especially as I was quite sensitive having just cum).. When she had finished (and recovered), we cleaned ourselves off and returned to bed.
Friday ended up being an epic day. I rarely have time to spend a whole day having sex - actually I didn't really have time to do it on Friday and have been paying the price since them (hence why I'm almost a week behind on posting details of what we've been up to). I've got my brief notes to remind me though so hopefully I'll catch up over time.
Next post will be about the remainder of last Friday (and probably won't be as detailed).

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