Friday, 3 July 2009

Hot and sweaty

The weather here is still really hot and humid - I hate being all sticky and sweaty unless (as I mentioned before), it's due to sweaty sex. It's a little strange how different it feels being sweaty during the day and how it feels lying soaked win sweat (and cum) after having fucked.

We had a really nice session last night - our bodies sliding against each other and getting wetter and wetter - his cock easily slipping in and out of me, lubricated with both my juices and our sweat - yum.

Mike was wondering just how much hotter we'd have been able to get the bedroom if Sue had been here as well - I know that he wants to have a chance to eat her the next time she visits (or we go home), but I'm still not sure how I feel about that.

His argument is that I get to do things with Jen so he should have a chance to fulfill his fantasies as well. I told him that he was free to do the equivalent, but he doesn't seem to be interested in fucking another guy. In a way it's a pity as I really like the idea of having two guys fuck me at the same time (we found a wonderful video the other night with a cute girl being double teamed and cum over by both of them (this is what led to the good session).

The great thing about the hot weather is the fact that most people (execpt a strange few) are wearing short revealing clothes and I get to enjoy the cute undergrads (the few who are left). We've spent a few lunchtimes out by the lake on campus over the past week. We chat while we eat lunch and then relax for 10-15 mins before heading back to work. I've been having fun by letting my skirt lie high on my legs and showing my pussy off (just a bit - I'm covered enough that I could still claim that people were looking up my skirt if anyone complained). I think a few people realised they could see something, but nobody was bold enough to stop and stare properly :) (Of course, my pussy was facing away from my friends - that would have just been awkward!

We tried to cool down in a fun way earlier on - I sat on a chair in the kitchen and Mike melted small amounts of ice cream on my pussy and then ate it off me. We got a bit carried away and ended up using someone's yoghurt afterwards. I spread my legs wider and Mike spooned it onto me so it ran over my cunt and back into the pot (he licked it off me as well). We ended up fucking in the kitchen after that which kind of negated the cooling effect of the ice cream & yoghurt, but, it was worth it :) I got to enjoy our new shower head after that (it's a lot more powerful than the old one and has a pulse setting) - Mike was just ensuring that I was completely clean of course!

Anyway - got to dash now as we're heading out with some friends soon. I'm not sure who's going to be there, but a few of the slumber party story girls will be there (the real people I've based the characters off) so I'm hoping for some more inspiration to continue the tale).


  1. I could never understand why men were squeamish about having another guy in bed with a girl they're involved with. Having my share of threesomes of both types and such, I do hope you (both!) get to experience the fun of a good threesome....or a moresome!
    Keep working at it doll, he'll capitulate eventually.

  2. Well, if I was Mike I would capitulate and allow another man into the bed, you were good enough to allow another women in. Now its his turn. I would love for a another man to join me and my wife, but she says I'm a perv and would never allow it to happen. :(

    Good luck and thanks again Andi, I really appriciate your efforts.

  3. I don't actually agree with these comments - I may have allowed other girls in the bed with us, but when it's Jen (who I get to sleep with) - he isn't allowed in the room and when it was Sue, neither of us were doing anything to her.

    The on;y thing that I can think would be really equivalent is for him to hook up with another guy - and I have to say that the idea of that doesn't really appeal to me either!

    Mow - the whole idea of having multiple guys fuck me is another matter - that does appeal, but we both feel that it would be like me cheating on Mike so it's a nice fantasy but not something we're going to do (now)

  4. Damn I havent had kitchen sex in a minute I need to do that with my sweetie. I like to get her while shes doing dishes or something bend her over the counter and eat her pussy then on with the love makin'.

  5. Andi, your points are well taken -- you're the one who's getting to enjoy the other female, not Mike. And while he's getting to see Sue naked, he's not putting it in her, so that's not really the equivalent of you getting it from two men.

    I wouldn't rock the boat on this one ... guys are notoriously competitive creatures when it comes to other men, and I'm not sure Mike could easily get over the memory of watching some other dude on top of you.

    -- Doug