Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Jen's here!


I'm not going to write in detail right now - just a quick post to say that Jen got here safely. We decided to spend time over at Mike's place (in the spare room). Unfortunately for him, Jen got here around lunchtime so we said our hellos and got to know each other again while he was out.

As a treat for him, we did use our bed (the one I share with Mike that is) for our afternoon lovemaking session. Jen's pussy tastes as good as ever and watching her cum still makes me want to cum even more so I'm looking forward to a fun couple of weeks.

I'll write a longer post soon - we're all sharing a bottle of wine and catching up (in the more traditional sense) now...

1 comment:

  1. Don't wash the sheets ... I'm sure Mike will enjoy the aroma the next time he slips beneath the covers.

    Don't wash yourself either ... I'm sure Mike will enjoy that aroma, too.

    -- Doug