Thursday, 23 July 2009

Later on Friday...

The 'wake up' shower had turned out to be rather tiring so we went back to bed to relax for a little while. We didn't want to fall asleep and waste the day though so we snuggled up together and talked about some of our past exploits to get us turned on again. We looked back at the post about time Mike and I spent a whole day cumming and we chose which ways we would copy (and how to embelish them to make them 'ours'). Jen also told me some more of her earlier exploits (she went over her first time being fingered again which I love hearing) and it wasn't too long before our fondling had turned into a bit more.

I thought a fun thing would be to ensure that Jen had cum in every part of the house to help her feel at home (seeing as we are planning on her spending a lot more time here). We'd already done our room, Mike's room and the bathroom so we though we'd move downstairs and work around the house. The first place was easy - the sofa. Because it was comfortable (and I was ready to cum again after our chat) we 69'd on it with Jen on top and her ass facing the window. Given where the sofa is, anyone passing wouldn't have automatically seen us, but if they had looked in, they would have got a nice view :)

I let Jen make me cum first (I was playing with her cunt while she ate me, but I wanted to feel her moaning into my pussy again) and then went to work on her. With her ass in the air above my face it's kind of difficult to leave it alone, so I did the usual of fingering it while eating her (and occasionally flicking my tongue over her asshole). Given we had a busy day ahead of us, I didn't tease her to much and she came fairly quickly.

I kept gently lapping at her cunt (avoiding her clit mostly) to keep her aroused and was going to move into the dining room (the other end of the living room) but Jen wanted to fuck in front of the fireplace (we've got a nice sheepskin rug). Jen lay down on it and told me to get on top of her - she had her pussy facing the window this time and the rug is directly in front of the window (the room is fairly dark so we weren't *too* visible, but more so than we had been on the sofa). I decided that she shouldn't be the only one to get to show off so I sat upright over her face and rubbed my pussy against her face - she responded by licking me and I enjoyed the risk of being seen with her tongue buried in my snatch).

I wasn't going to be selfish and get her to make me cum first again though so I soon lay on top of her and started licking her. Now while I've only eaten pussy as many times as Jen has (roughly), I've had mine eaten a lot more so I still think I count as more experienced than her in doing this. I decided to go for a quick orgasm (for her) this time and attacked her, concentrating on her clit and only occasionally licking along her lips. Jen did a good job in trying to keep licking me but I could soon tell that I had distracted her as her licking was becoming les focused. I continued on and she came again (I rubbed myself over her face until she started licking me).

When she started again, she gave me a nice little treat - she licked both my cunt and ass (she doesn't lick my ass that often, but seems to be doing it more) and also slid her tongue right into my pussy. As I've said before, her tongue is longer than mine (and Mike's for that matter) and reaches a nice distance inside. I came again when she concentrated on my clit and then rolled off her - exhausted once more. She scooched around and we lay on the rug kissing (and tasting our own juices off each others face).

Jen said she didn't think she could cum much more, but I had other plans so suggested we get a snack to keep our energy up. She popped up to the loo and I retrieved some toys to play with. When she came back, we went to the kitchem and put the heating on (Friday was quite cold, despite being the middle of summer). We threw together some food and munched our way through it. I had wished I'd remembered to buy yoghurt or strawberries and cream to play with but I hadn't :(

I told Jen I was going to call Mike at work and tell him what we were up to - just along the lines of "Hi, we're standing naked in the kitchen and I'm fondling Jen at the moment". I know this is cruel as he can't really say much while working, but it's fun. Jen got in on the act too and told him what my fingers were doing to her. I can't imagine how Mike was feeling (well, I can as he told me that night), but I was enjoying it and Jen seemed to be getting excited again so I indicated that she should sit on the counter. I rubbed her clit and ate her while she talked to Mike - sometimes describing what I was doing and sometimes just doing her cute little whimper. When she came, she had the phone at her side, but Mike said he heard enough to know she had orgasmed.

With another room down, our initial goal was nearly done. I felt that I hadn't really played enough with Jen's breasts so we went back to the sofa and I spent quite a bit of time just kissing, licking and sucking around her breasts and then more on her nipples. We ended up with me sitting on the sofa and Jen sitting over me with her breasts in my face (this way, she could swap to the breast she wanted me to pay attention to). It also meant that I could feel her pussy brushing against my stomache and this made it easy to tell when she was aroused enough to go back to fucking. Her nipples felt very hard and looked quite red by the time I finished with them and her pussy was easily sliding over my skin.

I suggested we move to the dining room and asked Jen to lie on the table (where I'd put the various toys). I sat on a chair between her legs to start with and picked up my favourite hairbrush (I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it before). It has a slightly rubberised handle that means it creates a lot of friction (so I need to be fairly wet to use it) and the handle has little ridges - like it's made up of lots of discs stuck together. It's a little larger than Jen's usual dildo, but not much larger than our double dildo so I wasn't too worried about it being too big. I ran it over her cunt and got it nice and wet before spreading her lips and slowly working it into her.

It wasn't difficult to get it in and she took the whole length of it (it's not incredibly long). As best I could, I licked her clit as I slid it in and out of her and then asked her to continue herself. She took the brush of me, spread her legs wider and started to fuck herself with nice slow strokes. I was enjoying watching this so I grabbed my egg and ran it over my pussy as Jen pumped away faster and faster. She started to rub her clit as well and I could see her beginning to get flushed so I told her to slow down. She said she wanted to cum so I took her hand and made her do slower strokes so I could enjoy the view of her cunt streaching as she slid the brush into her and her pussy lips gripping the handle as she pulled it out.

She asked me to sit over her again and I was a bit reluctant as I wasn't sure the table could take the weight of both of us (I've been fucked on the table before, but Mike hasn't been on top of me (or me on top of him). I couldn't really resist having her eat me again though so I gently climbed up and sat over her. Seeing as I no longer had a use for the egg, I ran it over her mons and occasionally over her clit. We were still in full view of the window but right down the other end of the room - it wasn't until we had finished that I thought about the window at the back. There is an office block that overlooks the garden and (sort of) into the window - I wonder if we brightened up anyones dull day at work :)

Without me to slow her down, Jen started pumping the brush faster again and I gave in and told her that I would use the egg on her clit but once she came I would keep it there until she had made me cum. She was sufficiently far gone that she agreed to this (silly girl) and I spread her lips and exposed her clit before applying the egg. Between the egg and brush she came quickly and then tried to push me away. I reminded her that she had to make me cum and she started licking but kept asking me to move the egg away. I wanted to see what she was capable of so I refused and told her I was getting close (watching her little pussy squirm was doing the job nicely!) so she pushed the brush into my cunt and fucked me with it while using a finger on my ass (she has learned how to get me going quickly).

I came a few minutes later (I actually held my orgasm back for a little bit as I was loving teasing Jen - or possibly torturing her!). She pushed the egg away and I quickly fastened my mouth to her cunt and licked her hard a few times until she started moving around so much I really did think the table would collapse. I climbed off her and helped her down (she seemed rather flushed and shakey). She called me some choice names so I promised to make her a nice lunch (it was now fairly late) while she went up and rested.

That's enough for now - this was longer than I had planned and we didn't do too much else on the Friday - we ate ecah other on the stairs later that afternoon and I used the dildo on her on the upstairs landing that night while Mike was in his room. That meant she had cum in every room in the house. If it hadn't been raining (hard) I would have fucked her in the garden in the shelter of the fence as well - but that was for another time.

I spent that night with Mike and gave him an account of our days action - he seemed suprised about our antics in the shower but said he wanted to see it sometime. I was suprised to find I had enough energy left to have a reasonable session with him and let him cum in me twice (which I showered out the following morning).


  1. I sure liked following you around the house.
    Damn, Jen is hot, very curious, isn't she?

  2. Jen is indeed very hot :) Here was I thinking I could be her teacher and show her all sorts of new things - but I really like the fact that she is coming up with her own ideas to experiment.