Friday, 31 July 2009

S&M play

Well, only in a very mild sense anyway!

On Sat, after we'd had breakfast, Jen said she wanted to try something out. We went upstairs and she asked me to tie her to the bed and play with her. Now Mike's done this to me before (which I think I've written about) and I know it can be fun, so I dug out the silk scarves (much nicer on the skin) and tied her arms to the bedposts. I lef her legs untied as I wanted to be able to move he around a little.

I got things started by playing with her nipples - they are always so sensitive that this is an easy way to ger her aroused (although to be fair, she is like me and pretty much always seems to be aroused anyway!) I slapper her legs and thighs a little (only gently, I didn't want to actually hurt her) and then rolled her over on to her side (as much as I could with her arms tied) and slapped her ass a few times (a little bit harder - but still jsut enough to turn it slightly pink).

She seemed to be enjoying this, so I rolled her the other way and worked a little on the other cheek - I slapped her a little bit harder (just to find out how hard she liked it - still not enough to do any harm) and started rubbing my fingers over her pussy. I continued to alternate between slapping and fingering and also fed her pussy juice to her off my fingers. She was clearly getting quite turned on so I brought out her vibe and slid it into her pussy - it wasa beautiful sight watching her pussy swallow it and as I pushed it into her, she started pushing back against it.

I had other plans for her though and started to tie her legs to the bottom of the bed (spread apart of course). The vibe had slid out of her while I was doing this, so I coated it with her juices again and then predded it against her ass. I slowly worked it into her and when it was about halfway in, I tuned it on. This really seemed to shock her and she almost pushed it out so I had to wait until she had relaxed and then worked it back in. Once it was most of the way in, I got my vibe out (the Rabbit, which is a bit bigger than her one) and ran it over her pussy. This has always been a little bit too large for her so I went slowly.

I was sitting over her with my pussy rubbing against her breasts as I worked it into her. When it was about a third of the way in, I could feel the vibe in her ass vibrating against it and could feel Jen squirming around underneath me. She said it wasn't hurting but felt strange so I told her to go with it and see hwo it felt. I continued working my vibe in to her pussy until it was most of the way in and I could just about get the bibrating head to touch her clit (with a bit of bending). I turned this on and pressed it againt her and she arched up against me. The vibe nearly fell out of her ass and I had to work it back in to her.

Once I had it back in, I ended up with my fingers streached around her pussy and the toys so I could hold the vibe in her ass, spread her lips to expose her clit, hold the other vibe in her pussy and press the vibrating head against her clit. I really wanted to press my cunt against her face and let her lick me, but I coldn't get into a suitable position as I didn't have a free hand to hold myself up with so I just concentrated on making her cum.

I alternated speeds and pressure so that she didn't cum too quickly, but it was when I turned on the rabbit properly (there are little balls that rotate in the shaft) that I knew I had lost the battle. Jen started to moan (much louder than she usually does) and was really bucking around under me. I managed to slide my pussy up a bit closer to her face so I was rubbing around her neck, but I still couldn't get any closer to her mouth, so gave up on that and just concentrated on pushing the vibes back into her cunt and ass as she pushed them out of her. I don't know wht her muscles were doing, but they were pushing back hard enough that the vibes were moving quite a way out of her (all the better for pushing them back in) and I could see that Jen's body was getting quite sweaty (having me on top of her may have contributed to this).

I told her to be as loud as she wanted and she complied - her moans were louder than I remember her having been before and seemed a lot more brutal than her usual cute mewing. I was talking dirty to her and encouraging her to cum hard and it didn't take long before her moans had combined into a really hot sound and she pretty much convulsed under me. I let her ride out her orgasm (but kept up the pressure with the vibes) and I could see her legs straining as she moved around. After a little while, she begged me to stop and knowing (or at least hoping) that she would want to tie me up afterwards, I didn't want to torture her too much so I turned the vibes off and just held them still inside her until she had calmed down.

When I looked back at her face, she was incredibly flushed and without really thinking about it, I called for Mike to come up. I don't think I had really planned what I was going to do, but when I heard him on the stairs I quickly threw te duvet over Jen, leaving her legs and chest exposed (but covering her breasts). She was struggling against the scarves and didn't seem entirely convinced when I told her that he wouldn't be able to see anything 'worthwhile'. He appeared at this point and stuck his hiead round the door so I invited him in. I told him that I wanted him to see how Jen looked when she had just cum.

He loved the view and once Jen realised that all her important bits were covered, she seemed to be a bit happier with him being there. She even let him kiss her neck where I had been rubbing against her. Mike did try to finger me (well, he actually got his fingers into me) but I slapped him away as I was meant to be Jen's at that point in time (although I did briefly rub his cock through his dressing gown).

After a few minutes I ushered him out and started to release Jen (but ended up getting distracted and ate her before I undid her arms) - not that she was complaining about it. Once I let her go though, things changed a bit and she wanted revenge...


  1. So, if I can go back to the post before this one, what did Jen think of Mike's cum? Did she swallow any of it when you both were sharing it when it leaked out your pussy?

    Maybe Jen wants another sample? :-)

  2. She seemed to like it enough to keep licking me! We can't remember her exact comment but it was something like she said that she doesn't want my taste to be tainted like it all the time, but it would make a nice change occasionally!

  3. Salty or sweet/tangy?

  4. Mike's cum definitley makes me taste salty - that's why I think Jen quite likes it

  5. I don't know how you are about porn (like or dislike?), but if you're into it (especially g/g), you're going to love these next 2 addresses (or perhaps you've seen these vids before?).

    I suspect a lot of these ladies are your "type". :-)

  6. Hi...just found your blog and love it. I'm in a lesbian relationship with my girlfriend Jess and we both found your scene very exciting. Jess was into bondage and D/s when I met her and she's been teaching me a lot about it. How you described this just sounded like so much fun we might have to borrow it from you. Anyway, great blog and look forward to reading more....Kara XO

  7. Those videos are really good - thanks. I'll write about how we watched them (it was a good way to spend a Sunday morning).

    Kara & Jessica - nice blog, I'll be following your adventures and hopefully we can all inspire each other ;)