Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Thursday night

On Thureday, Mike went off to work (I did get up to have a chat and say goodbye to him, but Jen stayed in bed). When he had gone, I made breakfast in bed for Jen and took it back up to her. I don't understand how she can look so perfect in the morning - her hair is slightly longer than mine and even after sleeping on it (and the other things we did before sleeping), it still looks beautiful.

After we had eaten (breakfast), we went to have shower as I wanted to introduce Jen to Mike's showerhead (which is always fun to play with, either with him or by myself when he's out). We started off by actually showering (I admit that we may have rubbed against each other a little more than was really necessary to get clean, but we were just making sure!). I asked Jen if she wanted to shave me but she seems to like my little patch of hair so we left it. When we were clean, I got her to sit at the side of the bath (there is a little ledge) and spread her legs. I set the shower to pulse and the narrowest spray and aimed it at her pussy - Jen seemed to enjoy the pressure and spread her lips the same way I do (so that the jet could get to her inner lips and clit. I find that having the water quite warm (warmer than I use to shower with, but not too hot) feels best and kept turning the temperature up until Jen said it was right. Fortunately, Mike has really good water pressure so I can get a really powerful jet and this combined with the pulse usually gives me a very quick orgasm - it seemed to have the same effect on Jen and she was soon having trouble balancing herself while also trying to keep her legs open.

Jen soon came with the pressure of the water on her and it was a really wonderful sight to watch. Mike has said this when he's used it on me but I of course haven't seen it myself - because the water is (relatively) see through, I could see her little cunt contracting as she came). I think this way of masturbating is so good because the pressure isn't too much and so I find I can keep going for a lot lnoger (and who doesn't love having longer orgasms :)

Jen said afterwrds that it felt nice, but it made her really want to pee. I've found the same thing myself and have (when I've been doing it by myself) sometimes let myself pee while cumming. I admited this to Jen afterwards (hence why I'd now admitting it on here seeing as she told Mike) and she decided that she wanted to try it. I aim to try to keep my stories in order so I'll report on that soon (it happened on on Sat).

I had to go into work (for at least some of the day) so I gave Jen the spare key and showed her the best way to get to town. I really wanted to take the day off, but I was planning on having Friday off so we could have a long weekend together and try out some of the things we'd each seen online since we last met. I regretted not cumming before I left as I spent a fair amount of the day thinking about her and not really concentrating on my work. I actually had to stay later than I had wanted because of this and so didn't get to leave until after 6. Mike was already home by the time I arrived and they were cooking dinner and chatting. They don't seem to have many secrets (I guess because they share me!) and I found out that Jen had been asking him about Sue again - I told her that the same rules applied for her and she wasn't allowed to have sex with Sue either (although I get the feeling Sue would much rather jump Mike than another girl).

The only proble with Jen being there is that Mike and I would usually say hello properly (not necessarily have sex, but at least make out for a while - and probably a little fingering). on the plus side, I got two hello kisses which made up for it a bit. We had dinner and chatted and then moved over to the sofa. As we sat and watched TV, I had two sets of hands on me (not at the same time, and in a much more subdued way than would usually be the case). I did point out that both of them had seen me naked so there shouldn't be a problem with me being undressed and having things done to me, but apparantly that wasn't fair on them :) They did agree to toss a coin to decide who I would spend the night with (providing I also slept with the other one beforehand - and seeing as I cam cum more times than either of them, I wasn't going to argue with that!) I was actually *really* excited by the thought as it would be the first time I'd actually been fucked by two people one after the other (there has always been a gap between Jen leaving and Mike having me before).

Jen won the toss and Mike asked if she could sleep with me before he did. Jen obviously has read the commens on here about him tasting her juices and she knows he likes the taste (and figured out what he was up to) so agreed to it. I sometimes find it a little odd that she doesn't mind that he gets to taste her and clearly thinks of her when having sex, but I'm glad she is okay with it. I was feeling very horny after thinking about Jen all day and so we went up to bed early, leaving Mike to watch TV until I called him up (he just turned the TV off and listened to us though). I pulled Jen up to our room and then we decided to fuck in Mike's bed again (I called down to tell him not to come up). I think I had Jen naked faster than ever before and I remember burying my face in her cunt before I'd even kissed her. I had caught her by suprise and she let out a little yelp (which I ignored and kept eating her). Once I had her nice and wet (not that it's difficult to get Jen wet), I rubbed my face against her and worked up her body, rubbing her pussy against me as I went. I know I keep saying how much I love her and how how I was getting thinking of her, but I love Mike too - especially for letting me sleep with her and not getting jealous about it - and so I really wanted to make sure he would taste her on me.

Jen now seemed to be as turned on as I had already been feeling and when I kissed her face and our pussies met, we started grinding against each other. The weather was nowhere near as humid as it had been, but was still a bit close and we were soon fairly sweaty. We were no longer just rubbing cunt to cunt at this point, we were both getting close to cumming and were using each others' thighs. I came first and made sure tham Mike heard me (I knew I was so turned on that I would need to cum many times that night). I kept humping against Jen and encouraging her to be as loud as she wanted - she made a fairly good effort (well, a very good effort at cumming and a fairly good one at making noise).

Bollocks - computer crashed just as I finished the post so I need to rewrite this bit...

Jen went into her room and called down to Mike to let him know I was ready. He came up immediately and started stripping as soon as he got in the room. It was clear that he'd enjoyed hearing us and I told him that I was covered with Jen's juices. He started licking and kissing my face, legs and (of course) pussy. He ate me quite fiercely, both cunt and licking my ass and I came in very little time. I think I was in a super horny mode as I didn't seem to need any time to recover and pulled him up and told him to fuck me almost straight away. He didn't really need to be encouraged to do this and lifted my legs up and started pounding into me with long strokes. Given I was going to be spending the night with Jen again, I thought I'd be nice to him and told him to lie on his back so I could go on top. I ground against him, pulling his cock into my cunt and rubbing back and forth against him (which also feels really good on my clit).

I think having listened to us had broken down his usual ability to hold of cumming for ages and he said he was getting close. I reminded him that he wasn't meant to cum in me (as I wanted Jen to eat me later that night). I had wondered if this would be an issue of Jen stayed for a while as Mike loves cumming in me and I love feeling his cum deep in my cunt (and then dripping out of course) - fortunately, it wasn't too much of an issue at this point and Mike said he would just cum over me. I stayed on him for a bit longer until he said he was really close and then hopped off and lay down - I had thought he was going to cum over my body, but he sat over me and started rubbing his cock against my neck. It's been a while since I've cum from having my neck rubbed, but I still really love it (and the two fingers I had working on my clit and pussy were helping!) I still couldn't catch up to him though and he came over my neck and face, rubbing him cum in as it squirted on me. He kept rubbing his cock against my neck until I came (which didn't take too long) and then as I recovered, he smeared his cum over my breasts and rubbed a little onto my pussy lips (so that Jen could taste him).

Once I'd recovered (I'd had 3 orgasms by this point so they were beginning to get to me) I told him not to cum again that night as I would pop back in before he went to work in the morning. I returned to Jen who was looking at the various toys I'd brought over. We ended up using the dildo and she tasted Mike's cum off my face (by the time she got to my cunt, it must have tasted more of her juices than his!). She actually seemed to like the taste (which I guess isn't too suprising as she loves salted popcorn while I like the sweet stuff). After we had finished for the night and were snuggled up, I told her how Mike had made me cum and she kissed my neck and stroked it as we fell asleep. I don't think she likes the taste of him as much as he likes her taste, but she did say that she would be prepared to try eating me after he had cum in me. I hadn't told him that until now (well, 15 minutes ago when I first wrote this part of the entry before my stupid computer crashed), and he wants to make good use of the opportunity tomorrow. (I have no idea when I'll actually have time to write that entry).

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  1. Very steamy posts! You should probably let him do something with Sue though (maybe not all the way or anything). If he is trusting enough to let you have fun with Jen then you should be trusting enough to let him have fun with Sue. Of course you would require (and should) know everything that happens between them just as he knows what happens between you and Jen.