Tuesday, 28 July 2009

A weekend of joy

Okay, so I'm falling even further behind but will try to catch up a bit over the next few days...

Jen actually woke up before we did on Sat (we were woken up by her knocking on our door). She came it and sat o nthe bed while we chatted. She was wearing my white fluffy dressing gown and sat at the end of the bed with her legs folded under her. She looked very cute like that (and Mike appreciated the view even though nothing was exposed).

We chatted for a bit and then Jen said she would make us all breakfast while Mike and I got ready (I think she could see that he was rubbing against me under the covers). She went downstairs and started trying to find where we keep things in the kitchen and Mike and Mike and I got up (after he'd slid inside me briefly). Mike wore his dressing down but I didn't have another one so ended up just wearing one of my nightdresses (which don't get used often and while they cover everything, are rather short).

Jen had cereal, OJ and toast laid out by the time we got downstairs and Mike gave her a hug from behind, said "I like you, you make me food, you can stay" and kissed her on the cheek.

I grabbed her when he let go and said "I like you mroe as you make me cum - and you can stay even if he doesn't want you to!". She seemed to like this as she kissed me back - after seeing her look so cute (and the little bit of poking from Mike) I would have happily taken her in the kitchen (again) but she wouldn't have let me with Mike there anyway, so we sat down and had breakfast. It still felt a bit strange as if I had been there with either one of them alone, someone would have probably cum by this point, but I think I'm finally learning the value of anticipation.

Mike offered to clean up but Jen said she would do it while we went upstairs. Mike said that he would give me a nice shave for her (and offered to shave her, but she wasn't going to take the offer). We went up to the bathroom and showered together - I used the shower to rinse out Mike's cum from the previous night and could feel his cock rubbing against my ass as I did this. I thought he was going to slide into my pussy, but he ended up sliding into my ass and gently fucking me.

It felt really goof having the spray on my clit while he took me from behind and I came before he did. He pulled out of me, I knelt in front of him and he came over me - after that I sat on the edge of the bath and he gave my lips a nice shave and I went in to see Jen. I took my dressing gown off her and we stood and kissed in front of the window (the bedroom window). I got her to lean against the wall, facing out the windows and ate her pussy from behind, before using the dildo on her. We played around for a bit before rejoining Mike who watching some anime downstairs.

Despite having skipped work on Friday, I was determined to not do any over the weekend so I could enjoy the time with my two favourite people. Once Jen and I had dressed (and showered) we all went into town and had a wander around. The weather wasn't wonderful so we both had opaque tights on under our skirts (without panties). The real advantage of this is that you can sit with a leg raised and your pussy in full view without anyone really knowing.

Jen and I fooled around in a couple of changing rooms - not enough to cum, but enough to make later fun. We had a snack for lunch and got food for dinner (and some fun foods) and returned home mid-afternoon.

Mike and Jen decided to play ping-pong with me - the winner being the last one to make me cum. They could do what they wanted with me, but once I'd cum I had to go to the other one. This gane lasted a lot longer than I thought it would and I lost count of the score (well, I guess the score was 1-0 to Mike, but I can't remamber how many times I went between them). I know I came many times (and made them cum as well of course). Sometimes they would attack my cunt as soon as I got to them and it was really quick and sometimes they would tease me first.

At the end of the game, Mike spent ages teasing me and then gave me a really huge orgasm and I didn't think I could take another one so I declared him the winner, but Jen made me promise to show her what he did as she said ti had sounded good.

We had a late dinner after this and watched a film curled up on the sofa (me curled against Mike and Jen curled against me). I spent that night with Jen and we didn't really have sex, but did kiss and fondle while falling asleep.

Mike came in to wake us the following morning and went to get breakfast. Jen was going to get dressed, but i knew Mike would appreciate it more if she was naked (even if she was still under the covers) so I 'distracted' her until he came back. When he put the breakfast down, I pulled my fingers out of Jen's pussy and offered them to him - he socked them clean while looking at her and she went a really bright shade of red (I love how she can still be embarressed about things even though we all know everythign about each other's sex lives.

Mike sat at the end of the bed and we shared the breakfast (I had to keep passing things to Jen as she didn't want to expose herself). When we had finished and Mike had gone, I threw the covers off her and ticked her until she was nearly ctying (this is a dangerous tactic as I'm as ticklish as she is, but I stopped her from getting revenge by burying my mouth in her pussy and making her cum).

I let Jen shower while I tended to Mike - he sat on the sofa and I sat on him and rode his cock while he tasted Jen off me. He nearly came in me and had to grab me and hold me still until he had calmed down enough to let me climb off. I lay on the floor and he jacked off over my body. I went upstairs to Jen and gave her a hug - she could see I was covered with his cum and pushed me away a bit at first (but not seriously - especially as she then rubbed up against me).

I went off to shower and when I was done, I called Jen in and asked her to shave my little patch of hair as I had decided I wanted to be completely bald again (like she is). WHen she was finished (and had licked me a little bit) I went down to show Mike. For some reason I hadn't really figured out before then that I could easily tease them both as I could be naked when they were both around.

I didn't really do much with that revelation on Sunday - the only other exciting event was that SUe revealed that she had brought her school uniform with her (the one she was wearing the night we first met) and we both paraded around the house in the afternoon teasing Mike (she is well aware of the effect she has on him). His jeans were clearly straining and he had given up trying to hide how excited he was but had to wait while Jen and I re-enacted our first encounter.

She remembered it slightly differently to me, but nothing major, so we basically did exactly the same as in the blog post (although I had white socks on this time too). She still makes the little mewing sounds when she cums and I was ready to go again as soon as she had cum, but thought I should save that for Mike.

We ate dinner (still in our uniforms) and got a reasonably early night as I was beginning to remember how much work I had to do). Of course, I had to tell Mike about my school session with Jen earlier and we celebrated its re-enactment in the expected way).

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  1. I know your situation with Mike, but if I were him, I'd have a very hard time keeping my hands, umm, tongue, fingers and dick, outta Jen.
    You do torture him, he has great restraint.