Sunday, 12 July 2009

Working weekend

Well I've spent most of hte weekend working so haven't got much of interest to report. We did (as I've just posted in a comment) have our usual morning and evening sessions so it's not as if I've stopped cumming (I can't imagine ever being *that* busy!)

Unfortunately I was too busy with other things to take advantage of the recent bout of hot weather we had ro encourage Holly to do more topless sunbathing. I was going to pffer to put suncream on for her and if she said no I was going to accuse her of being scared I would try to fondle her breasts and then playfully wrestle her (and fondle her breasts). Maybe when Jen is here she will join us (if we get the weather) - or maybe when Sue comes down I can convince her to sunbathe naked with me (I'm sure Jen will join in on that) and Hol might feel more comfortable doing it in a bigger group.

I'm looking forward to Wed - I haven't had my pussy licked (by Jen) for ages and this will be the first time we'll have ever had to spend a lot of time together (apart from me having to work). At least there is enough to see in York for Jen to keep herself amused while I'm at work and Mike and Sue will help keep her occupied. We're probably going to spend the first night at my house, although Mike does like the idea of listening to our first session in a while so I'm letting Jen decided where we'll be. I've packed our toys into a bag so it'll be easy to take them over to Mike's if that's where we're going to be.

I'm trying to decide whether I should shave myself completely again or if I should keep the little patch of short hair I've currently got. I think I'll leave it for now and Jen can decide if she likes it and if she wants me bald, she can shave me.

It's currently a nice evening so we're going to go out for a walk - there are big grey clouds in the sky though (despite it being sunny) so I may come back drenched and need to be warmed up...

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  1. 2 days and no one replied to this yet? I bet your pussy gets wet just thinking about Jen diving into it and getting a proper meal! I do hope you write about it. I am a bit jealous of Mike. I only wish my woman was as adventurous as you are. Well, she is but its complicated. Shes been with other women and stuff but in a different relationship almost a decade ago and it never ended good with that other man. I guess shes afraid it might have the same outcome with me. We would love to enjoy the company of another couple though.