Sunday, 30 August 2009


Thanks for the comments everyone - she is stabalizing now and it looks like she will be fine. Jen came down earlier in the week to help out (so she has now met my mum and sis) and Mike came back yesterday evening too.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Family matters

Not quite the posting you may be expecting from the title, but just to let you all know that I haven't vanished - my mother has been very ill and Sue and I have gone home to help look after the house and shuttle things to and from hospital. Mike was down with us for a little while, but had to go back to work.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Out with the girls (and guys)

Mike and I had a bit of a sleep after out antics earlier on Sat and then got ready to gout out with the gang. I hadn't seen too much of Holly and Rach due to visitors and work so I was really looking forward to having a chance to catch up with them. Despite this, I was still feeling incredibly horny (even after having cum a number of times). I don't know if it was related to the fact that i'd had two people to satisfy me for the few weeks that Jen was here (not that Mike was skirking off in that respect), or if I was just looking forward to the visits from Sue and Jen, but I was definitely wanting to cum many more times than usual (and as I've mentioned previously, was even enjoying being teased).

It didn't take much to decide as to whether I would wear my egg that night, but I took a while deciding what else to wear with it. In the end I just settled for a mid-thigh legth skirt and a long pair of black socks. I had considered wearing stockings so I could keep the remote for the egg to hand, but I love the feeling of Mike stroking my bare thighs in a crowded area so went with the socks.

We met up with people at the Evil Eye at about 9.30 (a dark and often very crowded cocktail bar) and started the night off well. I wasn't planning on drinking too much as I wanted to be able to get work done on Sunday to free up more time for my visitors so I started off with a bottle of light beer and nursed it for quite a while. As usual, the place got increasingly busy and by the ime I went back down to the bar to get my second (and other peoples' third) drink, we had to push our way through and wait for quite a while.

We were crushed together quite tight and I've occasionally used the opportunity to let my hand 'accidentally' slip over a friend's ass (and if it is *really* busy and I think I can get away with it, have a quick squeeze). I've certainly felt people pressing up against me before - and even had the occasional erection brushed against my ass, but I think this was the first time I'd felt someone's hand rub against me (discounting Mike).

Now we've seen a number of videos on the web (usually Japanese), where a cute girl in a Japanese schoolgirl's sailor uniform ends up being fondled on a crowded bus or train and Mike knows I've always liked the idea of having a stranger (or sometimes in the videos) a number of strangers) do that to me. I had no idea who was behind me (I thought Mike was still upstairs with everyone else so I was fairly certain it wasn't him).

The first brush was fairly light - so it could easily have been mistaken for an accident, and the second one wasn't much firmer. I think whoever it was, was encouraged by the fact that I hadn't reacted and moved away or turned around. The next touch was much bolder and lingered for a few seconds, cupping me left ass cheek before the hand dropped away. I was still chatting to Cindy and Vicky and trying to make sure they couldn't see what was happening. I pressed back slightly and found the hand was still there so I nastled my ass against it. At first nothing happened (and I wondered if I'd fould the right hand!) but then it squeezed my ass properly.

I loved the fact that I had no idea who was doing this to me and gently psych against the hand, hoping to encourage him further (I assume it was a man's hand - and I'd rather refer to the person rather than just 'the hand'). He seemed to get the idea and started squeezing a bit more and rubbing around my ass. I kneow we probably wouldn't have long (even with the queue) so I leant forweard, pretending to try to hear something Cindy said and pressed my ass out a bit more.

He started rubbing up and down the crack of my ass and I spread my legs slightly so see how far he would go. His fingers started to dip lower between my legs and I could feel my skirt rubbing against my pussy. I really wished that I'd had my egg turned on , but Mike still had the remote. I knoew I wasn't going to be able to cum (unlike the set ups in the Japanese videos) but really wanted to feel a bit more before we left, so reached behind me and pushed his hand down to the bottom of my skirt.

At first he stopped moving and I think he thought I was trying to stop him, so I pulled his hand back up under my skirt. This was all that was needed and his fingers immediately went to my cunt, which was beginning to feel as wet as Jen's usually is. I must have been beginning to show my enjoyment as Cindy asked me if I was feeling too hot, but it was easy enough to just laugh it off. His fingers were now playing just inside my pussy and he was spreading my juices (and Mike's cum from earlier) around the area. I desperately wanted him to rub my clit, but I guess my legs weren't spread enough for him to reach and so I had to cope with what I was getting.

A few times I felt him rub my juices up to my ass and press against me and I wondered how far he would go. I moved forwards slightly to give me some room and he next time I fele his fingers brush over my asshole, I pressed back and felt the tip of one enter me. He pulled it out and I felt that I was reaching the point where I might not have as much control as I needed (to be honest, I would was near considering pulling up my skirt and having him finger my cunt/ass with everyone watching).

Vicky had ordered our drinks by this point and as I watched them be prepared I felt him continue to play with my pussy and his fingers slipped slightly inside me a few times. My thighs were getting quite wet from the juices being spread around and I was getting quite sensitive. I actually think that I might have been able to cum if I'd stayed there a bit longer, but once the drinks were ready, I had two handed to me to carry upstairs. A part of me wanted to look back and see who it had been, but I resisted so it could really stay a random encounter.

On the way back upstairs Cindy said that it looked as if a guy behind me had been touching my ass (I think she noticed the look on my face when his finger slipped slightly into my ass). I said that I might have felt something but wasn't sure. She seemed suprised that I hadn't said something to him (she clearly had no idea just what had actually happened) and I said I didn't mind. If I hadn't been holding two drinks, I would have probably grabbed her ass to show her it was no big thing (and have a feel), but without a spare hand it would have been somewhat difficult.

When we got back together with everyone, I told Mike to turn the egg on high - I knew it still wouldn't be enough to cum, but I loved the way I was feeling and wanted it to continue. I had it buzzing in me for ages that night (after too long it starts to irritate a bit). By the time we got home I was desperate to cum and told Mike about my encounter at the bar. He was a bit surprised that I had allowed it to go as far as it had, but seemed to be okay with it (with one provision*). We had quite an intense session that night and I think I came another 3 times (and still could have cum a bit more if I hadn't exhausted Mike).

* The provision was that given I'd been fingered by a random guy, I had to let him play with Sue. I actually don't think I mind too much about that - of course, 'play with' doesn't mean 'fuck' and he is aware of that. She will arrive tomorrow and I really think I'm looking forward to cumming in front of her again.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Excited sis

Sue seems to be getting very excited about her upcoming visit - I know I said I really enjoyed it when she watched us, but I still hope it was the right thing to do.

She won't be here until Tuesday or Wednesday anyway so we've got the place to ourselves for a few more days anyway. We made good use of that yesterday with a great ice-cream session on the dining room table. I was shaved near the end of last week so I'm still fairly smooth and Mike made a very close examination of me with his tongue :)

We used some chocolate ice cream and he dribbled it onto my pussy and licked it off me - and kept doing this for ages. Because he kept pausing to add more, it took quite a while for me to cum but it didn't feel as frustrating as usual (it just felt really good) and when I did cum, it felt wonderful. I don't know if I'm really getting to be more patient, or if it was just a one off, but I really enjoyed the drawn out build up that time.

We left quite a mess on the table - because he'd been eating me for so long, I had ended up sitting it a big puddle of it and it and my ass and lower back were covered. If it had been a bit warmer, I would have gone out back and hosed myself off in the garden, but we went up to shower. (Just in case you're thinking it wasn't fair that I got all the attention, I would have returned the favour if I could have done so without covering the place in ice cream).

I did blow Mike while we were in the shower (and used the shower to spray his balls while I did it). He came quite a bit over my face and I sucked him clean beofre we continued to shower. Afterwards, I shaved Mike (he's trimmed his pubic hair before, but this was the first time he'd ever been completely bald - well, since puberty anyway!).

It took quite a while to do (men are awkwardly shaped) and I did nick him a couple of times (only very small ones, but they hurt). When I had finished and coaxed his cock back to life (I had to kiss it better after hurting it!) it definitely looked quite a bit bigger than when it was hairy. I wanted to try it out as it looked so nice and didn'y even give Mike the chance to get up - I just stood up, turned around and lowered myself onto him.

It was a slightly awkward position, but I used one hand on the sink and slid up and down on his cock, picturing it sliding into me and imagining what it muct look like as my cunt lips swallowed it.. Mike seemed to be enjoying it and was soon guiding my hips and pushing back deep into me. We ended up with me leaning against the sink and him pushing hard into me from behind - when he came, he pressed really deep into me and stayed buried inside me and rubbed my ass with his thumb while I rubbed my clit until I came (I wasn't too far behimd him). I don't know if it was because he was so deep inside me or because he'd already cum a little bit earlier, but not very much leaked out of me when he pulled out. I sucked him clean again and could taste his cum mized with my juices and realised I wanted to cum again.

It had been a while since I'd been quite as horny as I was yesterday and so we retired to the bedroom and Mike played with me a little more. I had two more orgasms as he used my egg and vibe on me and during the second one we played out his fantasy. We described to each other how we were going to do things in front of Sue again and how she would join in with us. We were going to fuck in front of her and then he would pull her over his face and eat her until she came. I would then kiss him and taste her cunt juice and then sit over him so he could eat me. As I did this, she would slide herself onto his cock and I would watch her ride him until she came and then see his cum dripping out of her ass she stood up.

(This is still just his fantasy - Sue's only allowed to watch). It was a very good session and Mike was nice and hard by the end of it, just from the sex talk - my pussy felt nicely used and so I rolled over and offered my ass to him sp he could relieve himself (talking about sex with two girls always gets him turned on). He used some of the tingle gel to lubricate me (and then slid into mu pussy - I think to ensure that it would also tingle and to get some of my natural lubrication to help) and then pressed up against my ass. I slowly pressed back against him as he spread my ass cheeks and felt him slide into me a little. He added a bit more gel and started pumping away - pressing a little deeper each time until he had a nicy rythum giong and was sliding a good way into me.

I've read recently about flexing your ass while doing anal so gave it a try and he moaned whenever I did it (he said it felt wonderful). The two lots of tingle gel were working on me and so I fished around for my egg to use on my clit - all I could reach was my vibe though and ended up sliding that into me. i pressed it in far enough so I could use the clit massager on it and felt it start to buzz against me. Mike told me to keep squeezing him and after a little while he reached down and turned the otating balls in the vibe on. Between all the sensations I was feeling I came very quickly and he said he could feel it rotating against his cock and it didn't take him long to cum after me (not bad for his third time!).

He stayed in me until he went soft (this took a while as I occasionally flexed around him) and we had a rest as we were going out that evening with friends. I may write about that later, but I'll get this posted now.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Catching up

I've finally managed to catch up with work (after falling behind while Jen was here). I've got no idea how much time I'll have while her and Sue are around so my plan is to work hard for the next few days and get ahead if I can.

I've also got to finish moving my things over to Mike's place - most of my stuff is over there now, just a few boxes to go. I will miss Holly and Rach (although we will still of course see each other) - and I'll especially miss the fact that I never got the chance to convince Hol to try naked sunbathing with me.

Sue has enquired as to whether there will be a repeat showing of the antics from her last visit. Of course, there isn't as much reason for her to share our bed now that we're in Mike's place, but she at least wants to be there for a part of the night :)

I'm still not sure what the sleeping arrangements will be when Jen is here too - it's kind of like the riddle with the fox, chicken and bag of grain where you can only leave them together in certain combinations or one will eat the other (hmm, how apt that could be :) Okay, I can't imagine Sue would be interested in doing anything with Jen (as cute as Jen is) - but I'm fairly sure that she would be happy to enjoy a night with Mike. He has been working on me to try to convince me to let her join us - he still wants his fantasy of having one girl riding his cock and another riding his face. I admit that I do kind of like the idea, but if it was going to be with anyone, I'd like to see him eating Jen (and she's not going to go for that, much to his dismay).

We're having a quiet night in as we're both quite tired. Not so tired that we aren't fooling around of course (I'm sucking him off at intervals while writing this) and then we're going to spoon on the sofa while watching some porn. Mike's asking if I'd like to se him cum over Sue, and if he isn't careful I'm going to bite next time I should be sucking :)

More visits

Sue is coming over to visit us next week and Jen will be back next weekend (not this one coming) so they will finally meet each other. Jen actually seems quite nervous about meeting Sue (but I'm not really sure why).

...and no, before anyone asks - I'm still not going to let Mike screw Sue :)

Monday, 10 August 2009

Jen's early tales

I thought I would give some background as to why Jen liked the watersports so much. I have to admit it seemed a little strange to me at first, but when she explained the history, it made a bit more sense.

I may have been the first person to do things properly with Jen (ignoring the fact that someone else had fingered her), but she was certainly no stranger to sex (I seem to be the only person who discovered it as late as I did). As I wrote bout before, she had been masturbating from an early age and had learned an awful lot about her own body and how to make it feel good.

She had been exploring her pussy from a fairly early age and knew how to cum from rubbing her clit and had used various objects in her pussy. She often masturbated in the shower (but oddly enough hadn't used the shower jet itself) and this is where she discovered what it felt like to pee while playing with herself. She told us that she had found someone talking about it on a website and decided to give it a go one day - she was standing in the shower rubbing her clit and let out a stream of urine.

She sais that it felt nice, but nothing too special - she kept playing and when she was getting closer to cummingm she tried peeing again. This time it felt a lot better and she began to understand what she had been reading about. She leant against the wall and used both hands on her pussy and peed as much as she could as she kept playing with herself. Her bladder emptied before she came, but she had enjoyed the experience and did it a number more times while showering.

The part that was really new information to me was how she used to play with herself outside (or in 'public' places like school). This started when she was 14 (she thinks) and she was out with a group of friends. They were out playing near a forest (I think we're talking about a small foreat here, nothing too large and foreboding) and she needed to pee. It was too far from her home and her friends didn't want to go back to their place so she could use their bathroom. One of them told her to just go a little way away and pee in the forest. Jen was a bit unsure about this, but needed to go really badly, so wandered off into the woods until she was sure she couldn't be seen there were a few boys in the group she was with, so she wanted to be sure they weren't going to spy on her).

She undid her jeans, pulled them (and her panties down) to her ankles and crouched down behind a tree. She used her hand to direct her piss away from her jeans and she thinks it was probably the combination of being outside (and maybe having someone see her) and her fingers applying pressure to her pussy that started her feeling good. She couldn't do what she usually did in the shower as she couldn't afford to get covered, but she gently played with her clit while she peed and was really enjoying it.

She didn't actually cum as she was afraid her friends would wonder why she was taking so long, (or I guess that they might have noticed her being rather flushed when she returned!) but she realised that she had found something new to try. That night, she says she snuck out into the back garden, slipped out of her nightdress and sat on the lawn and played with herself while she pissed. Jen says this is a really strong memory and that when she came it felt wonderful.

Over the years, she perfected finding little places to hide (like behind trees at the edge of fields...) and lifting her skirt, would pee while fingering herself. As she got more daring, she would slip off her shoes and socks and allow the piss to run down her legs (she carried a few paper towels for the times she was planning this). On a few occasions (in the more secluded spots) she would slip off her dress/skirt and pee while keeping her panties on (with her hand inside them of course) and then leave them over a branch of a tree or bush for someone to find.

Another time she remembers is being on holiday. She was sunbathing on the beach, after having been swimming in the sea and decided to just wet herself (her bikini was already wet so she thought it wouldn't show). She lay on her front and parted her legs a little (not a lot, she demonstrated how much) and let go, feeling the warmth soak around her pussy. Of course she couldn't touch herself, but she enjoyed doing it while surrounded by people. She ended up making this a regualr occurance of her sunbathing but got caught out later that week when she was lying on her back and did it after her suit had mostly dried out. She says she started to pee and was enjoying it but noticed that an older guy was looking at her - she looked down and could clearly see the dark shiny patch spreading out over her bottoms and had to quickly turn onto her front.


So hopefully you now have some idea why she likes watersports so much. I'm still not entirely a convert, but I enjoy making (or watching) her cum, so hey...

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Mike's treat

It wasn't until later that afternoon that I found out what Jen wanted to show Mike. We had gone out briefly and had gotten rained on so had returned home and were just sitting around chatting. Jen was being very affectionate (still not too much, but a lot more kissing and my stroking breasts and pussy through clothes). Mike was clearly enjoying the show (as was I) and he wasn't making any attempt to hide how much he was enjoying it.

I wasn't sure how far Jen wanted to go with this, but I was giving as good as I got (basically fondling her without showing Mike any of Jen). I wouldn't have minded if she had wanted to let him watch as she fingered or ate me (after all, he *has* seen *me* naked once or twice!), but that wasn't what she had in mind.

It was still raining lightly outside, but the rain wasn't too cold and Jen dragged me out into the back garden. She told Mike that he could come out and join us, or watch from the kitchen. He stood in the dorrway as Jen pulled me over to the middle of the patio and started dancing around while we kissed. The kissing got a lot more intense and even without us touching each other, things were definitely heating up.

Jen held me close and whipered "Has Mike ever seen you pee?"

Now, he's been in the bathroom while I've been on the toilet, but I was beginning to understand that this was someting that Jen really enjoyed and so figured that seeing me pee while I was sitting there probably wasn't what she was talking about. I told her no and she gave me her wicked grin (that I know means something interesting is going to happen) and she said "Well, lets show him".

Jen knew that I'd told Mike about our first watersports experimentation, but I hadn't had time to tell him about earlier that day so he hadn't come to the same concolsion I had about her fetish (more on this later). She told him to watch carefully and stood with her legs apart and let out a small stream of piss. A patch appeared on the front of her skirt and we watched a stream of urine spray our from under her skirt and some run down her legs.

Mike made a comment like "Wow, you are a dirty little girl aren't you", but the smile on his face showed that he liked the view. Jen told me to copy what she'd done and it was a little embarressing, but I did it anyway. I think more of mine ran down my legs, but I ended up with a large wet patch on my skirt before I stopped. Jen rubbed my wet skirt against my pussy and then pulled me to her again.

She then said "But it's a lot more fun like this", as she spread her legs around one of mine and let out another stream. I felt my skirt get wet and could feel it running down my trapped leg (no shower water to dilute it this time and the rain had eased off a bit). I wanted to please Jen (and even though I wasn't too sure about it, I still like trying new things), so I pressed back against her (not that there had been a lot of space between us) and let out a stream of my own.

Jen felt this and just said "Good girl". I asked her how far we were going (wondering if I was actually going to get to feel my pussy on her leg or hers on mine) and she said that this was just a display to tease him and we would finish off in private. I thought this was a bit unfair (and wanted more pressure on my pussy that I could get with two skirts between it and Jen's leg) and so tried to work my skirt up.

Jen caught me doing this and said "Well, if you really want to show off..." She pulled away from me and lifted my skirt, spread my lips and told me to go for it. I didn't know how much i had left, but let out another stream of urine that ran over her hand in full view of Mike. Jen slid a couple of fingers into me (which of course made it spray everywhere as she moved them in and out) and then when I had finished (it didn't take long, probably only 5-10 seconds), she ran her hand over my thighs and finally (while standing behind me) over my neck.

It's been a long time since I've done anything that made me feel that dirty and naughty and I think it was that fact that was really turning me on. I told Mike to come and kiss me and he did. He pressed against me and didn't seem to care that my skirt was rather wet - I could feel the bulge of his cock pressing my skirt against me and he suprised me by kissing my neck where Jen had just rubbed me. As always, this tends to disarm me and I lifted my head back to give him access and then felt Jen kissing the other side of it.

Now this was a new feeling (and the closest I've ever got to a threesome) - sandwiched between then and having two mouthes on my neck felt amazing. I could feel Jen rubbing her crotch against my ass and then felt a new wet patch appearing o nthe back of my skirt. Between moans, I told Mike she was peeing on me again and felt one of his hands go to my ass. Jen actually let him slide his hand between us to feel (I'm sure he was trying to cop a feel of her as well as me) and then be brought it back up to my neck to rub on me.

Up until now I had been doing things more for Jen's sake, but after this experience, I was beginning to associate her games with some quite wonderful feelings. I think she realised this and after a couple of minutes we broke off from Mike and went upstairs to finish off properly (dropping our skirts off in the bath before heading to the bedroom). There was no hesitation on my part this time and I lay down and let Jen lie over me in a 69 and we licked each other to orgasm (of course, Jen gets so wet that it didn't take long before all I could taste was Jen's juices).

Jen seemed very pleased that I enjoyed her suprise and then told me some of the beginnings of her fetish (although up until that point she had never done anything with another person). I'll save that tale for another time so I can get this posted.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Jen's gone home

...for now anyway - her family wanted to see her during the holidays (don't they know I wanted to spend the summer making her cum?)

There's only a few tales left to tell from her time here as I was still failrly busy at work last week so nothing out of the ordinary happened (and it is so nice to be able to think that having two people to pleasure me is 'normal'!) We of course did things in the week, but mostly just variants on things already in the blog so I won't bore you with with (and if I did I would never catch up).

Throughout the week, things had been getting a little more open. Both Mike and Jen would fondle me or kiss me in front of the other one - nothing too overt, all the fondling was generally under or through a skirt or nightdress, but I'd have a finger slip into me from time to time. I actually thought that Mike had got to see Jen partly naked one evening, but it turns out that he hadn't.

Last Saturday, Jen wanted to play again and after we'd all had breakfast and looked at a few pics online, we (Jen and I) went up to shower and shave. We shaved each other completely (armpits, legs and pussy) and then tested out how smooth we were by rubbing against each others legs while we kissed. Jen was the one who moved it up a notch by pissing on my leg as she rubbed up against me so I fingered her ass while she did this (she pees a little at a time in small squirts when playing like this).

She really seems to enjoy this and seeing as it would be our last weekend together for a little while, I thought I would indulge her. I was leaning against the wall and reached behind her to help hold her pussy lips open. She continued to grind against me and I slipped a finger into her ass and worked it fairly deep into her. I broke our kiss and looked directly into her eyes as I let my own stram of piss out and she felt it run down her legs.

Jen gave me her cute little wicked grin and I told her to cum for me. She asked me to talk dirty to her and it went something like this:

"Do you like me pissing on you?"

Jen "Uh hu, it's so dirty"

"You like being a dirty little girl?" (as I pushed my finger deeper into her ass)

Jen "Of course I do - it's fun."

"Well I want you to cum for me, cum while pissing over me"

Jen "Oh I'm gonna cum alright, just watch me"

"Of course I'm going to watch you, every second of it"

Jen "Have you dont this with Mike yet?" (she was rubbing against me quite a bit harder by this point)

"No, only you..."

Jen "Well, I think we should give him a treat later on, are you up for it?"

"Depends what - you finally going to give him a threesome?"

Jen (now getting quite flushed "Don't be stupid, but I'd like to try something, you'll see later on - just promise me you'll do it"

"Um, not without knowing what you want to do."

Jen "It's okay - it'll be fun, please" (the please was rather drawn out and she was clearly getting very close).

"Okay, okay, anything you want"

Jen "Yay - now let out everything you can"

Jen held me tight, kissed me deeply and kept rubbing against my leg (quite quickly now) and I did as she asked and peed over her thigh for as long as I could. At the same time I worked my finger in her ass and she came and enarly fell over (if i hadn't been leaning against the wall she would have pulled me over too).

I slipped my finger out from her ass and she slid down my body and immediately licked my leg where she had been rubbing against and then dived into my pussy. She is clealry a lot more into watersports than I am (given I'd only just finished peeing) but I wasn't compaining about the way her tongue felt on me.

She slid a finger into my ass and then joined it with a second one (hers are quite slender) and I have to admit that the thought of her being so dirty did excite me and it didn't take very long before I came. It's always an amazing sight being able to look down and see her cute little face between my legs which I'm sure had a lot to do with the speed of my orgasm.

As we finished showering and dried off, I tried to get her to tell me what she intended to do for her 'treat' for Mike but she said I would have to wait. We ended up getting dressed (in skirts, as usual) and went down to rejoin Mike...
Hmm, once again I was hoping to catch up but I'm almost a week behind again. Oh well, it's really only the second part of this story to go and then Jen left so I'll only have my exploits with Mike to report on for a little while.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Jen's revenge

I had the feeling that I was going to pay (both for teasing her and then for sort of exposing her to Mike). That's why I'd given her another orgasm before releasing her - both to appease her and to hopefully weaken her a little.. I seemed to have forgotten that she is younger and fitter than me though as she pounced on me as soon as I had finished untying her.

She grabbed me and rolled me over so I was lying face down and sat on my back (facing towards my feet) with her legs on either side of me. Now I've always thought Jen was quite a slender girl, but she's certainly strong enough that I couldn't really move much and was at her mercy. She slapped my ass (reasonably hard) a number of times but it sounded a lot harder than it felt. Jen knows that I quite enjoy being spanked from time to time so she was a lot rougher with me than I was with her and it did begin to hurt a little after a while. Jen didn't stop until she thought my ass was looking quite pink (and it did feel rather hot by that point) and she told me to lie on my back so she coudl tie me up.

Trying to be the nice little submissive girlfriend (well, I can pretend!), I did what she said and she tied my wrists just as I had done to her. She then say over my legs so her cunt was rubbing against my mons (just enough to tease without really doing anything worthwhile for me) and she started to play with my nipples. Mine aren't as sensitive as hers (which is just as well) and she started to pinch and roll them - it didn't hurt too much, but I wasn't really enjoying it either so I started thrusting my body up to rub against her pussy to distract her and it seemed to work. She retrieved our double dildo from the drawer and slid it straight into me (I was more than wet enough to cope with it) and then sat over me again and lowered herself onto it. I would have loved to be able to sit up and watch properly as she pushed against me and the dildo was swallowed between us, but the scarves were preventing me moving much (and having Jen on top wasn't helping!)

She ground her body against mine and seemed to be enjoying it (I was enjoying the view but wasn't really getting enough movement or pressure to get too excited). After a little while, she pulled herself up and planted herself over my face and told me to eat her. I started licking away and felt her rubbing around my cunt and clit and then felt her pumping the dildo into me. She figured out how deep it could easily go and put her hand at that point so that she could pump it into me quite hard - it felt wonderful as each time it filled me, I would also feel her hand slap against my cunt or clit.

I was getting quite close to cumming and Jen is beginning to be able to read my body so she eased off (but kept rubbing her pussy against my face). She made me east her for a few minutes and my face was getting completley covered with her juices as she alternated between having her pussy over my mouth to be licked and smearing it all over my face.

I knew she was going to tease me in return for what I did to her, but hadn't yet realised exactly what she was going to do. I felt her vibe being rubbed against my cunt (her's is smoth so it's easy to tell apart from mine) and then pressed against my ass. She worked it into me and turned it on and then started lickinf my clit (Jen, being a fe inches taller than me can do this position a bit better than I can). I was hoping that she would let me cum this time, but again, as I got closer, she backed off and got me to make her cum. She was a lot more forceful than usual and I had trouble breathing a few times as she was really mashing her cunt into my face and covering my mouth and nose, but I loved the fact that she was being so unibhibited and did everything I could to give her pleasure.

When she had recovered (which seemed to be taking less time than it used to) she put a pillow underneath my ass, spread my legs apart and tied them down and then put the vibe back into my ass. She crouched between my legs and played with me, but couldn't get into a decent position to eat me so she put my vibe into my cunt and turned it on. I managed to get *really* close before Jen realised and stopped (she admits that this was a mistake and not just really good planning), but it had the effect she wanted and I was now begging for her to fuck me (or do anything to make me cum).

This is the point where she showed a really mean streak (although Mike liked it) - she put on her (my) dressing gown and went out of the room. I was wondering if she was going to get some ice cream or something else to tease me with and she had - she returned, leading Mike (well, standing behind him with her hands over his eyes), positioned him in front of me and then took her hands away.

He was suitably impressed and even though my vibe had slid out of my pussy, it was clear what we'd been doing. Jen told him that he could do anything to me in two conditions:

1) He wasn't allowed to cum in my cunt (her words)

2) He wasn't allowed to let me cum

I now realised how much Jen was going to tease me (albeit by proxy). She knows that Mike can read my body (almost) perfectly and had presented me to him in a state where I couldn't do anything. He asked if she was going to stay and watch, but she said she would just be listening from downstairs so to leave the door fully open. Jen left and Mike slipped off his dressing gown as soon as her head had disappeared down the stairs. Given he'd been able to hear what we'd been doing for the past hour or so, he looked like he could have cum over me straight away, amd he moveed the vibe that had been in my pussy and slipped straight into me.

With my ass raised by the cushion, I was in the perfect position to receive him and it didn't take him long to realise that he could taste Jen off my face. He doesn't normally lick me (except between my legs of course), but as he fucked me, he cleaned off my face (and kissed me so I could taste her too).

He had to stop a few times to put Jen's vibe back in my ass and went down on me, almost bringing me to orgasm each time and then stopping. I was getting desperate by now and was thrusting against him when he was inside me to try to get him to cum (and forget that I wasn't meant to), but as always, he was able to hold back. When he did get very close, he pulled out of me and crouched between my legs, sliding his cock up against my pussy and using a hand to press the head hard against it. I could see the head appearing and disappearing as he rubbed against me and then watched him cum - it was only a couple of spurts, the first landed up by my breasts and the second lower down and started to dribble down my sides. After a little while, he rubbed his cum into my body with his cock and then rubbed it against my face and mouth.

I still hadn't cum, but was beginning to calm down a bit as I hadn't been stimulated for a while (the vibe had sild out of my ass at some point while he was rubbing against me and he was too preoccupied to notice). However, he noticed this when he started to lick me again and put it back in. I don't know how many times I got close to cumming, but I would have done almost anything at that point to actually cum and I even resorted to begging with him. Amongst other things, I offered to let him fuck Sue (if she wanted him to) and he told me after that he was tempted, but was enjoying teasing me.

There was one point where he misjudged (or maybe it was just because I was now so sensitive), but I just about started to cum before he stopped licking and he left me completely on the brink. It was one of the most frustrating feeling I can remember, all I would have needed was a single touch but I was jsut shaking and willing myself to cum and had to endure it. He told me that he thought I had suffered enough and pulled his dressing gown on and called Jen up.

She could see that he'd done his job well (I think the whole room stank of my pussy) and gave him a big hug and kiss right in front of me (closed mouth, but still quite a hot looking kiss). She says that she could easily feel his cock against her, even through both their dressing gowns and told him to leave us alone. Once he'd gone, she climbed onto me and kissed me. I was rather sweaty (and probably still had some of Mike's cum on me) and Jen seemed to enjoy sliding against me and sliding her fingers into me. I was soon back to begging her to let me cum and pretty much promised her anything she wanted.

Jen seemed to realise that I couldn't take too much more and she got our dildo again, slipped it into me and slid the other end into her own pussy. She managed to slip a leg under one of mine so we could scissor (well, so she could scissor against me anyway) and started to push against me. Even though I was in a fairly bad state, I still really enjoyed the sight as I had a wonderful view of Jen's bald little cunt swallowing the dildo as she slid up and down. She kept going and started moving faster so her cunt slapped against mine and I did everything I could to arch against her and increase the pressure.

I kept begging her not to stop and to let me cum and was still afraid that she would indeed stop at any point - a aprt of me thought I should try to hide how close I was getting, but I was beyond being able to do that and I think even Mike could follow how near I was getting! When it finally did hit me I thought it was going to be a wonderful orgasm, but it was actually not very strong or deep. It still felt wonderful to actually cum, but it wasn't anything like the earth shattering one I had wanted.

Jen was actually really upset by this as she had wanted to make me cum as hard as Mike had in the Strongest orgasm ever post. I was trying to comfort her (not easy when tied up, so I got her to untie one arm) and we lay cuddled up while I reassured her that I didn't mind. I ended up feeling really guilty about it and we both endedup a bit upset. We were reassuring each other, mostly kissing and touching (me using my one free hand) and Jen started to kiss and nibble on my neck. It felt really nice and as she moved up to kiss it properly My hand found it's way to her pussy. I rubbed around and in her cunt while she continued to kiss my neck and although it was incredibly passionate, it also felt very intimate.

I asked her to hand me the egg and started to use that on her clit (and pushing it completely into her pussy a few times). I could feel her rocking back and forth against my fingers and having to do it all by touch alone was having an effect on me as well as her. Jen had continued to kiss my neck and I asked her to finger me as wel as the neck play had been having its usual effect. She obliged me and I remember arching up my body to meet her fingers. Jen was lying right against me now (which was making it a bit difficult for me to move my hand), but we felt incredibly close at that point and I was telling her how wonderful she was making me feel and how much I loved her.

This wasn't just to make her (or me) feel better for earlier - she really is an amazing girl and I do love her - the fact tht she was making me feel so good was merely helping that along! I realised that I wasn't really able to do much to her and ended up sliding my hand out from between us and holding her head to my neck as I came. This was a much deeper orgasm and I could feel Jen's slender fingers moving around inside my pussy and her lips on my neck as it ran through my body. I don't think I made too much noise, but was definitely gasping as I felt each wave of it.

Jen seemed to read my orgasm and slowed down her fingers (but not the neck kissing) as it faded. I pulled her head up so we could kiss properly and my fingers ran down her back to her ass and started fondling her cheeks. I told her I loved her and asked her to untie me so I could make her cum - she undid my other arm and sat over my chest, saying she wanted me to watch her as she came. She handed me the egg and I nextled it between her lips and held it there as she rocked back and forth on it. I could see it disappearing between her lips and sometimes see her clit as she pressed down harder on the egg. I helped by holding her ass and rubbing her clit and she soon came - her body was arched, head back and her hands playing with her little nipples.

She was back to making her little mewing sounds and I wanted to be able to lick her more than almost anything, but I didn't want to interrupt her orgasm (or the view). When she finished, she collapsed backwards onto me (with her legs folder completely under her - Jen is quite flexible) and I pulled at her to get her to scooch up so I could finally taste her. She said she wasn't ready to do anything but I assured her I was going to be gentle and just kissed around her pussy, with the occasional lick inside or on her clit. I wasn't trying to make her cum, just enjoy her and give her a nice gentle clean.

Once this was finished, she finally untied me properly and we went downstairs. Jen still had my white dressing gown on and I had my short nightdress (which was mostly sticking to me as I was covered with Jen's juices). Mike had been watching some porn as apparantly our continued antics had got to him. We ended up having a fry-up as it was now well into the afternoon and we were all fairly hungry. Once we were fed, we sat and watched some of the clips that Mike had found (and been enjoying) and Jen showed us some of her favourites.