Friday, 14 August 2009

Catching up

I've finally managed to catch up with work (after falling behind while Jen was here). I've got no idea how much time I'll have while her and Sue are around so my plan is to work hard for the next few days and get ahead if I can.

I've also got to finish moving my things over to Mike's place - most of my stuff is over there now, just a few boxes to go. I will miss Holly and Rach (although we will still of course see each other) - and I'll especially miss the fact that I never got the chance to convince Hol to try naked sunbathing with me.

Sue has enquired as to whether there will be a repeat showing of the antics from her last visit. Of course, there isn't as much reason for her to share our bed now that we're in Mike's place, but she at least wants to be there for a part of the night :)

I'm still not sure what the sleeping arrangements will be when Jen is here too - it's kind of like the riddle with the fox, chicken and bag of grain where you can only leave them together in certain combinations or one will eat the other (hmm, how apt that could be :) Okay, I can't imagine Sue would be interested in doing anything with Jen (as cute as Jen is) - but I'm fairly sure that she would be happy to enjoy a night with Mike. He has been working on me to try to convince me to let her join us - he still wants his fantasy of having one girl riding his cock and another riding his face. I admit that I do kind of like the idea, but if it was going to be with anyone, I'd like to see him eating Jen (and she's not going to go for that, much to his dismay).

We're having a quiet night in as we're both quite tired. Not so tired that we aren't fooling around of course (I'm sucking him off at intervals while writing this) and then we're going to spoon on the sofa while watching some porn. Mike's asking if I'd like to se him cum over Sue, and if he isn't careful I'm going to bite next time I should be sucking :)

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