Sunday, 16 August 2009

Excited sis

Sue seems to be getting very excited about her upcoming visit - I know I said I really enjoyed it when she watched us, but I still hope it was the right thing to do.

She won't be here until Tuesday or Wednesday anyway so we've got the place to ourselves for a few more days anyway. We made good use of that yesterday with a great ice-cream session on the dining room table. I was shaved near the end of last week so I'm still fairly smooth and Mike made a very close examination of me with his tongue :)

We used some chocolate ice cream and he dribbled it onto my pussy and licked it off me - and kept doing this for ages. Because he kept pausing to add more, it took quite a while for me to cum but it didn't feel as frustrating as usual (it just felt really good) and when I did cum, it felt wonderful. I don't know if I'm really getting to be more patient, or if it was just a one off, but I really enjoyed the drawn out build up that time.

We left quite a mess on the table - because he'd been eating me for so long, I had ended up sitting it a big puddle of it and it and my ass and lower back were covered. If it had been a bit warmer, I would have gone out back and hosed myself off in the garden, but we went up to shower. (Just in case you're thinking it wasn't fair that I got all the attention, I would have returned the favour if I could have done so without covering the place in ice cream).

I did blow Mike while we were in the shower (and used the shower to spray his balls while I did it). He came quite a bit over my face and I sucked him clean beofre we continued to shower. Afterwards, I shaved Mike (he's trimmed his pubic hair before, but this was the first time he'd ever been completely bald - well, since puberty anyway!).

It took quite a while to do (men are awkwardly shaped) and I did nick him a couple of times (only very small ones, but they hurt). When I had finished and coaxed his cock back to life (I had to kiss it better after hurting it!) it definitely looked quite a bit bigger than when it was hairy. I wanted to try it out as it looked so nice and didn'y even give Mike the chance to get up - I just stood up, turned around and lowered myself onto him.

It was a slightly awkward position, but I used one hand on the sink and slid up and down on his cock, picturing it sliding into me and imagining what it muct look like as my cunt lips swallowed it.. Mike seemed to be enjoying it and was soon guiding my hips and pushing back deep into me. We ended up with me leaning against the sink and him pushing hard into me from behind - when he came, he pressed really deep into me and stayed buried inside me and rubbed my ass with his thumb while I rubbed my clit until I came (I wasn't too far behimd him). I don't know if it was because he was so deep inside me or because he'd already cum a little bit earlier, but not very much leaked out of me when he pulled out. I sucked him clean again and could taste his cum mized with my juices and realised I wanted to cum again.

It had been a while since I'd been quite as horny as I was yesterday and so we retired to the bedroom and Mike played with me a little more. I had two more orgasms as he used my egg and vibe on me and during the second one we played out his fantasy. We described to each other how we were going to do things in front of Sue again and how she would join in with us. We were going to fuck in front of her and then he would pull her over his face and eat her until she came. I would then kiss him and taste her cunt juice and then sit over him so he could eat me. As I did this, she would slide herself onto his cock and I would watch her ride him until she came and then see his cum dripping out of her ass she stood up.

(This is still just his fantasy - Sue's only allowed to watch). It was a very good session and Mike was nice and hard by the end of it, just from the sex talk - my pussy felt nicely used and so I rolled over and offered my ass to him sp he could relieve himself (talking about sex with two girls always gets him turned on). He used some of the tingle gel to lubricate me (and then slid into mu pussy - I think to ensure that it would also tingle and to get some of my natural lubrication to help) and then pressed up against my ass. I slowly pressed back against him as he spread my ass cheeks and felt him slide into me a little. He added a bit more gel and started pumping away - pressing a little deeper each time until he had a nicy rythum giong and was sliding a good way into me.

I've read recently about flexing your ass while doing anal so gave it a try and he moaned whenever I did it (he said it felt wonderful). The two lots of tingle gel were working on me and so I fished around for my egg to use on my clit - all I could reach was my vibe though and ended up sliding that into me. i pressed it in far enough so I could use the clit massager on it and felt it start to buzz against me. Mike told me to keep squeezing him and after a little while he reached down and turned the otating balls in the vibe on. Between all the sensations I was feeling I came very quickly and he said he could feel it rotating against his cock and it didn't take him long to cum after me (not bad for his third time!).

He stayed in me until he went soft (this took a while as I occasionally flexed around him) and we had a rest as we were going out that evening with friends. I may write about that later, but I'll get this posted now.

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