Monday, 10 August 2009

Jen's early tales

I thought I would give some background as to why Jen liked the watersports so much. I have to admit it seemed a little strange to me at first, but when she explained the history, it made a bit more sense.

I may have been the first person to do things properly with Jen (ignoring the fact that someone else had fingered her), but she was certainly no stranger to sex (I seem to be the only person who discovered it as late as I did). As I wrote bout before, she had been masturbating from an early age and had learned an awful lot about her own body and how to make it feel good.

She had been exploring her pussy from a fairly early age and knew how to cum from rubbing her clit and had used various objects in her pussy. She often masturbated in the shower (but oddly enough hadn't used the shower jet itself) and this is where she discovered what it felt like to pee while playing with herself. She told us that she had found someone talking about it on a website and decided to give it a go one day - she was standing in the shower rubbing her clit and let out a stream of urine.

She sais that it felt nice, but nothing too special - she kept playing and when she was getting closer to cummingm she tried peeing again. This time it felt a lot better and she began to understand what she had been reading about. She leant against the wall and used both hands on her pussy and peed as much as she could as she kept playing with herself. Her bladder emptied before she came, but she had enjoyed the experience and did it a number more times while showering.

The part that was really new information to me was how she used to play with herself outside (or in 'public' places like school). This started when she was 14 (she thinks) and she was out with a group of friends. They were out playing near a forest (I think we're talking about a small foreat here, nothing too large and foreboding) and she needed to pee. It was too far from her home and her friends didn't want to go back to their place so she could use their bathroom. One of them told her to just go a little way away and pee in the forest. Jen was a bit unsure about this, but needed to go really badly, so wandered off into the woods until she was sure she couldn't be seen there were a few boys in the group she was with, so she wanted to be sure they weren't going to spy on her).

She undid her jeans, pulled them (and her panties down) to her ankles and crouched down behind a tree. She used her hand to direct her piss away from her jeans and she thinks it was probably the combination of being outside (and maybe having someone see her) and her fingers applying pressure to her pussy that started her feeling good. She couldn't do what she usually did in the shower as she couldn't afford to get covered, but she gently played with her clit while she peed and was really enjoying it.

She didn't actually cum as she was afraid her friends would wonder why she was taking so long, (or I guess that they might have noticed her being rather flushed when she returned!) but she realised that she had found something new to try. That night, she says she snuck out into the back garden, slipped out of her nightdress and sat on the lawn and played with herself while she pissed. Jen says this is a really strong memory and that when she came it felt wonderful.

Over the years, she perfected finding little places to hide (like behind trees at the edge of fields...) and lifting her skirt, would pee while fingering herself. As she got more daring, she would slip off her shoes and socks and allow the piss to run down her legs (she carried a few paper towels for the times she was planning this). On a few occasions (in the more secluded spots) she would slip off her dress/skirt and pee while keeping her panties on (with her hand inside them of course) and then leave them over a branch of a tree or bush for someone to find.

Another time she remembers is being on holiday. She was sunbathing on the beach, after having been swimming in the sea and decided to just wet herself (her bikini was already wet so she thought it wouldn't show). She lay on her front and parted her legs a little (not a lot, she demonstrated how much) and let go, feeling the warmth soak around her pussy. Of course she couldn't touch herself, but she enjoyed doing it while surrounded by people. She ended up making this a regualr occurance of her sunbathing but got caught out later that week when she was lying on her back and did it after her suit had mostly dried out. She says she started to pee and was enjoying it but noticed that an older guy was looking at her - she looked down and could clearly see the dark shiny patch spreading out over her bottoms and had to quickly turn onto her front.


So hopefully you now have some idea why she likes watersports so much. I'm still not entirely a convert, but I enjoy making (or watching) her cum, so hey...

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