Thursday, 6 August 2009

Jen's gone home

...for now anyway - her family wanted to see her during the holidays (don't they know I wanted to spend the summer making her cum?)

There's only a few tales left to tell from her time here as I was still failrly busy at work last week so nothing out of the ordinary happened (and it is so nice to be able to think that having two people to pleasure me is 'normal'!) We of course did things in the week, but mostly just variants on things already in the blog so I won't bore you with with (and if I did I would never catch up).

Throughout the week, things had been getting a little more open. Both Mike and Jen would fondle me or kiss me in front of the other one - nothing too overt, all the fondling was generally under or through a skirt or nightdress, but I'd have a finger slip into me from time to time. I actually thought that Mike had got to see Jen partly naked one evening, but it turns out that he hadn't.

Last Saturday, Jen wanted to play again and after we'd all had breakfast and looked at a few pics online, we (Jen and I) went up to shower and shave. We shaved each other completely (armpits, legs and pussy) and then tested out how smooth we were by rubbing against each others legs while we kissed. Jen was the one who moved it up a notch by pissing on my leg as she rubbed up against me so I fingered her ass while she did this (she pees a little at a time in small squirts when playing like this).

She really seems to enjoy this and seeing as it would be our last weekend together for a little while, I thought I would indulge her. I was leaning against the wall and reached behind her to help hold her pussy lips open. She continued to grind against me and I slipped a finger into her ass and worked it fairly deep into her. I broke our kiss and looked directly into her eyes as I let my own stram of piss out and she felt it run down her legs.

Jen gave me her cute little wicked grin and I told her to cum for me. She asked me to talk dirty to her and it went something like this:

"Do you like me pissing on you?"

Jen "Uh hu, it's so dirty"

"You like being a dirty little girl?" (as I pushed my finger deeper into her ass)

Jen "Of course I do - it's fun."

"Well I want you to cum for me, cum while pissing over me"

Jen "Oh I'm gonna cum alright, just watch me"

"Of course I'm going to watch you, every second of it"

Jen "Have you dont this with Mike yet?" (she was rubbing against me quite a bit harder by this point)

"No, only you..."

Jen "Well, I think we should give him a treat later on, are you up for it?"

"Depends what - you finally going to give him a threesome?"

Jen (now getting quite flushed "Don't be stupid, but I'd like to try something, you'll see later on - just promise me you'll do it"

"Um, not without knowing what you want to do."

Jen "It's okay - it'll be fun, please" (the please was rather drawn out and she was clearly getting very close).

"Okay, okay, anything you want"

Jen "Yay - now let out everything you can"

Jen held me tight, kissed me deeply and kept rubbing against my leg (quite quickly now) and I did as she asked and peed over her thigh for as long as I could. At the same time I worked my finger in her ass and she came and enarly fell over (if i hadn't been leaning against the wall she would have pulled me over too).

I slipped my finger out from her ass and she slid down my body and immediately licked my leg where she had been rubbing against and then dived into my pussy. She is clealry a lot more into watersports than I am (given I'd only just finished peeing) but I wasn't compaining about the way her tongue felt on me.

She slid a finger into my ass and then joined it with a second one (hers are quite slender) and I have to admit that the thought of her being so dirty did excite me and it didn't take very long before I came. It's always an amazing sight being able to look down and see her cute little face between my legs which I'm sure had a lot to do with the speed of my orgasm.

As we finished showering and dried off, I tried to get her to tell me what she intended to do for her 'treat' for Mike but she said I would have to wait. We ended up getting dressed (in skirts, as usual) and went down to rejoin Mike...
Hmm, once again I was hoping to catch up but I'm almost a week behind again. Oh well, it's really only the second part of this story to go and then Jen left so I'll only have my exploits with Mike to report on for a little while.


  1. Well Mike's now asleep so I'm starting on the next entry (sitting naked in bed typing this)

  2. mmmm can't wait for the next post
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