Saturday, 8 August 2009

Mike's treat

It wasn't until later that afternoon that I found out what Jen wanted to show Mike. We had gone out briefly and had gotten rained on so had returned home and were just sitting around chatting. Jen was being very affectionate (still not too much, but a lot more kissing and my stroking breasts and pussy through clothes). Mike was clearly enjoying the show (as was I) and he wasn't making any attempt to hide how much he was enjoying it.

I wasn't sure how far Jen wanted to go with this, but I was giving as good as I got (basically fondling her without showing Mike any of Jen). I wouldn't have minded if she had wanted to let him watch as she fingered or ate me (after all, he *has* seen *me* naked once or twice!), but that wasn't what she had in mind.

It was still raining lightly outside, but the rain wasn't too cold and Jen dragged me out into the back garden. She told Mike that he could come out and join us, or watch from the kitchen. He stood in the dorrway as Jen pulled me over to the middle of the patio and started dancing around while we kissed. The kissing got a lot more intense and even without us touching each other, things were definitely heating up.

Jen held me close and whipered "Has Mike ever seen you pee?"

Now, he's been in the bathroom while I've been on the toilet, but I was beginning to understand that this was someting that Jen really enjoyed and so figured that seeing me pee while I was sitting there probably wasn't what she was talking about. I told her no and she gave me her wicked grin (that I know means something interesting is going to happen) and she said "Well, lets show him".

Jen knew that I'd told Mike about our first watersports experimentation, but I hadn't had time to tell him about earlier that day so he hadn't come to the same concolsion I had about her fetish (more on this later). She told him to watch carefully and stood with her legs apart and let out a small stream of piss. A patch appeared on the front of her skirt and we watched a stream of urine spray our from under her skirt and some run down her legs.

Mike made a comment like "Wow, you are a dirty little girl aren't you", but the smile on his face showed that he liked the view. Jen told me to copy what she'd done and it was a little embarressing, but I did it anyway. I think more of mine ran down my legs, but I ended up with a large wet patch on my skirt before I stopped. Jen rubbed my wet skirt against my pussy and then pulled me to her again.

She then said "But it's a lot more fun like this", as she spread her legs around one of mine and let out another stream. I felt my skirt get wet and could feel it running down my trapped leg (no shower water to dilute it this time and the rain had eased off a bit). I wanted to please Jen (and even though I wasn't too sure about it, I still like trying new things), so I pressed back against her (not that there had been a lot of space between us) and let out a stream of my own.

Jen felt this and just said "Good girl". I asked her how far we were going (wondering if I was actually going to get to feel my pussy on her leg or hers on mine) and she said that this was just a display to tease him and we would finish off in private. I thought this was a bit unfair (and wanted more pressure on my pussy that I could get with two skirts between it and Jen's leg) and so tried to work my skirt up.

Jen caught me doing this and said "Well, if you really want to show off..." She pulled away from me and lifted my skirt, spread my lips and told me to go for it. I didn't know how much i had left, but let out another stream of urine that ran over her hand in full view of Mike. Jen slid a couple of fingers into me (which of course made it spray everywhere as she moved them in and out) and then when I had finished (it didn't take long, probably only 5-10 seconds), she ran her hand over my thighs and finally (while standing behind me) over my neck.

It's been a long time since I've done anything that made me feel that dirty and naughty and I think it was that fact that was really turning me on. I told Mike to come and kiss me and he did. He pressed against me and didn't seem to care that my skirt was rather wet - I could feel the bulge of his cock pressing my skirt against me and he suprised me by kissing my neck where Jen had just rubbed me. As always, this tends to disarm me and I lifted my head back to give him access and then felt Jen kissing the other side of it.

Now this was a new feeling (and the closest I've ever got to a threesome) - sandwiched between then and having two mouthes on my neck felt amazing. I could feel Jen rubbing her crotch against my ass and then felt a new wet patch appearing o nthe back of my skirt. Between moans, I told Mike she was peeing on me again and felt one of his hands go to my ass. Jen actually let him slide his hand between us to feel (I'm sure he was trying to cop a feel of her as well as me) and then be brought it back up to my neck to rub on me.

Up until now I had been doing things more for Jen's sake, but after this experience, I was beginning to associate her games with some quite wonderful feelings. I think she realised this and after a couple of minutes we broke off from Mike and went upstairs to finish off properly (dropping our skirts off in the bath before heading to the bedroom). There was no hesitation on my part this time and I lay down and let Jen lie over me in a 69 and we licked each other to orgasm (of course, Jen gets so wet that it didn't take long before all I could taste was Jen's juices).

Jen seemed very pleased that I enjoyed her suprise and then told me some of the beginnings of her fetish (although up until that point she had never done anything with another person). I'll save that tale for another time so I can get this posted.

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  1. I bet Mike gave you a nice, big "stream" of his own after you & Jen were done with each other after the outdoor "watersports" contest? :-)