Monday, 17 August 2009

Out with the girls (and guys)

Mike and I had a bit of a sleep after out antics earlier on Sat and then got ready to gout out with the gang. I hadn't seen too much of Holly and Rach due to visitors and work so I was really looking forward to having a chance to catch up with them. Despite this, I was still feeling incredibly horny (even after having cum a number of times). I don't know if it was related to the fact that i'd had two people to satisfy me for the few weeks that Jen was here (not that Mike was skirking off in that respect), or if I was just looking forward to the visits from Sue and Jen, but I was definitely wanting to cum many more times than usual (and as I've mentioned previously, was even enjoying being teased).

It didn't take much to decide as to whether I would wear my egg that night, but I took a while deciding what else to wear with it. In the end I just settled for a mid-thigh legth skirt and a long pair of black socks. I had considered wearing stockings so I could keep the remote for the egg to hand, but I love the feeling of Mike stroking my bare thighs in a crowded area so went with the socks.

We met up with people at the Evil Eye at about 9.30 (a dark and often very crowded cocktail bar) and started the night off well. I wasn't planning on drinking too much as I wanted to be able to get work done on Sunday to free up more time for my visitors so I started off with a bottle of light beer and nursed it for quite a while. As usual, the place got increasingly busy and by the ime I went back down to the bar to get my second (and other peoples' third) drink, we had to push our way through and wait for quite a while.

We were crushed together quite tight and I've occasionally used the opportunity to let my hand 'accidentally' slip over a friend's ass (and if it is *really* busy and I think I can get away with it, have a quick squeeze). I've certainly felt people pressing up against me before - and even had the occasional erection brushed against my ass, but I think this was the first time I'd felt someone's hand rub against me (discounting Mike).

Now we've seen a number of videos on the web (usually Japanese), where a cute girl in a Japanese schoolgirl's sailor uniform ends up being fondled on a crowded bus or train and Mike knows I've always liked the idea of having a stranger (or sometimes in the videos) a number of strangers) do that to me. I had no idea who was behind me (I thought Mike was still upstairs with everyone else so I was fairly certain it wasn't him).

The first brush was fairly light - so it could easily have been mistaken for an accident, and the second one wasn't much firmer. I think whoever it was, was encouraged by the fact that I hadn't reacted and moved away or turned around. The next touch was much bolder and lingered for a few seconds, cupping me left ass cheek before the hand dropped away. I was still chatting to Cindy and Vicky and trying to make sure they couldn't see what was happening. I pressed back slightly and found the hand was still there so I nastled my ass against it. At first nothing happened (and I wondered if I'd fould the right hand!) but then it squeezed my ass properly.

I loved the fact that I had no idea who was doing this to me and gently psych against the hand, hoping to encourage him further (I assume it was a man's hand - and I'd rather refer to the person rather than just 'the hand'). He seemed to get the idea and started squeezing a bit more and rubbing around my ass. I kneow we probably wouldn't have long (even with the queue) so I leant forweard, pretending to try to hear something Cindy said and pressed my ass out a bit more.

He started rubbing up and down the crack of my ass and I spread my legs slightly so see how far he would go. His fingers started to dip lower between my legs and I could feel my skirt rubbing against my pussy. I really wished that I'd had my egg turned on , but Mike still had the remote. I knoew I wasn't going to be able to cum (unlike the set ups in the Japanese videos) but really wanted to feel a bit more before we left, so reached behind me and pushed his hand down to the bottom of my skirt.

At first he stopped moving and I think he thought I was trying to stop him, so I pulled his hand back up under my skirt. This was all that was needed and his fingers immediately went to my cunt, which was beginning to feel as wet as Jen's usually is. I must have been beginning to show my enjoyment as Cindy asked me if I was feeling too hot, but it was easy enough to just laugh it off. His fingers were now playing just inside my pussy and he was spreading my juices (and Mike's cum from earlier) around the area. I desperately wanted him to rub my clit, but I guess my legs weren't spread enough for him to reach and so I had to cope with what I was getting.

A few times I felt him rub my juices up to my ass and press against me and I wondered how far he would go. I moved forwards slightly to give me some room and he next time I fele his fingers brush over my asshole, I pressed back and felt the tip of one enter me. He pulled it out and I felt that I was reaching the point where I might not have as much control as I needed (to be honest, I would was near considering pulling up my skirt and having him finger my cunt/ass with everyone watching).

Vicky had ordered our drinks by this point and as I watched them be prepared I felt him continue to play with my pussy and his fingers slipped slightly inside me a few times. My thighs were getting quite wet from the juices being spread around and I was getting quite sensitive. I actually think that I might have been able to cum if I'd stayed there a bit longer, but once the drinks were ready, I had two handed to me to carry upstairs. A part of me wanted to look back and see who it had been, but I resisted so it could really stay a random encounter.

On the way back upstairs Cindy said that it looked as if a guy behind me had been touching my ass (I think she noticed the look on my face when his finger slipped slightly into my ass). I said that I might have felt something but wasn't sure. She seemed suprised that I hadn't said something to him (she clearly had no idea just what had actually happened) and I said I didn't mind. If I hadn't been holding two drinks, I would have probably grabbed her ass to show her it was no big thing (and have a feel), but without a spare hand it would have been somewhat difficult.

When we got back together with everyone, I told Mike to turn the egg on high - I knew it still wouldn't be enough to cum, but I loved the way I was feeling and wanted it to continue. I had it buzzing in me for ages that night (after too long it starts to irritate a bit). By the time we got home I was desperate to cum and told Mike about my encounter at the bar. He was a bit surprised that I had allowed it to go as far as it had, but seemed to be okay with it (with one provision*). We had quite an intense session that night and I think I came another 3 times (and still could have cum a bit more if I hadn't exhausted Mike).

* The provision was that given I'd been fingered by a random guy, I had to let him play with Sue. I actually don't think I mind too much about that - of course, 'play with' doesn't mean 'fuck' and he is aware of that. She will arrive tomorrow and I really think I'm looking forward to cumming in front of her again.


  1. The proviso makes sense. Quid pro quo. It's an even trade. You may enjoy it more than you think. Have fun! :-)

  2. He did get to play a little with her - I won;t give any more away before I post the full story (which isn't that easy while Sue is still here).

  3. So, I really really enjoyed this one. I have actually done this to two girls in the past. Almost identical to your story. I wish it would happen to me haha. The Evil Eye club looks awesome. I checked it out online (no worries, im more than an ocean away from you and I do not travel) In the U.S. we dont have clubs like the ones over in Europe. I hope to visit sometime and travel with a light backpack and no money.