Sunday, 27 September 2009

More family fun - Part 3

Sue was quite shy around Jen at first the following day (not helped by the fact that Jen teased her about what she'd overheard). After a while though (and us all telling her if was okay), she began to relax a bit (and even seemed to be relishing the face that Jen knew by the end of the day).

I spent the following night with Jen, Sue was in the spare room and Mike was on the sofa downstairs. I know I could have left him with Sue and nothing would have happened (well, maybe not nothing, but not *too* much!) but both Mike and I thought it would be better to keep things between the three of us.

Of course, Jen wanted me to describe in detail what it was like watching Sue be eaten and what she looks like naked and I obliged her by going over the previous night in explicit detail while she ate me. I know that Jen thinks Sue is cute and I certainly enjoyed the effect that the description of her had on Jen (which was passed on to me with a very enthusiatic cunt licking).

After I'd cum, I thought we should try something a little more energetic and we pulled out the double ended dildo. We had seen a nice picture of two girls sharing a carrot a few days earlier and thought we would do a similar thing with it. We knelt up, facing away from each other and got the dildo buried in our pussies. We then pressed back against each other until our asses were touching and after a bit of experimentation, found the best way was for us to each rock forwards at the same time (so the dildo slipped a bit out) and then slam our asses together.

We got a good rythm going and the bed was making a bit of noise, but there was no real pressure on our clits (other than the vibrations from us banging together) so we had a rethink and ended up covering the dildo with the tingle gel. Once it had started to work, this felt a whole lot more intense and I could really feel the dildo as it slid out and was pounded back into me. Nice as it was, it was still not going to be enough to cum and so after we had got ourselves nicely worked up, we switched to the usual scissors position where we could get some pressure on out clits.

I lay on my back and Jen went 'on top' and she ground herself against me. We were quite far along before we even started this so it didn't take long. I could tell Jen was going to cum first (by a fair way) so I had to grab her and guide her to ensure that she moved in a way that pressed agaisnt my clit. Jen still came first but stayed upright(ish) so I could hump against her until I came.After that, we snuggled up together and kissed while we fell asleep (with a bit of fingering as well, but not enought to start things off again).

I woke up the following morning with Jen between my legs (always a nice way to be woken!). She had apparantly woken up feeling very horny as she was using the egg on herself while eating me - I got her to turn around so we could 69 (it's not really fair for her to be the only one to get a nice batch of fresh cunt juice in the morning!). We didn't have a long session, but I let her make me cum first while I played with her pussy, enough to keep her interested, but not enough to give her an orgasm. Once I had cum though, I didn't tease her any more and dived in, mostly on her clit while I fingered her ass. To be honest, I could have probably done with another orgasm before getting up, but I could hear that Mike and Sue were already moving about downstairs and thought we should join them.

I put my dressing gown on and Sue slipped on h a long t-shirt. She usually put panties on when Mike was around (and she was only wearing a little), but I noticed that she didn't bother (but didn't say anything as I was curious). Mike and Sue had already started breakfast (they had been up for a while and given up waiting for us), but had got stuff ready for us so we joined them and tucked in. After a while, we found out that Sue had been questioning Mike about how he felt about Jen and I (if ge got jealous) and he explained the perks of the situation (for a while I thought he was going to tell her about out escapades in the garden (which I wasn't quite sure she'd be okay with), but he ended up explaining how he loves tasting Jen off me.

Mike was enjoying describing this and his cock was making a very visible bulge in his dressing gown - Sue reached over and gave it a little pat and Jen asked her how long she had wanted to do things with Mike for. Sue blushed at this and after a bit of stammering, replied that she had always liked him (and we spent a while trying to figure out how old she was when she first actually met him). She hadn't really thought of him sexually at first, but when she had started to listen in on us (and then got to watch us), she said she started to fantasise about doing things with him when she masturbated and would sometimes even sleep in my bed the night after we returned to York.

Looking back on it, she did start to behave slghtly differently around him back then, wearing more revealing clothes (or shorter nightdresses), flirting and hugging him a lot more. I hadn't really noticed it too much at the time (given I only saw her occasionally, it was difficult to tell what was unusual behaviour for her).

Jen seemed to be enjoying the thought of Sue playing with herself and was squirming around a bit so went off to have a shower. We moved over to sit down, Mike and I on the sofa and Sue on the chair and continued to chat. After about 10 minutes, Jen came downstairs looking quite flushed (but satisified) and Mike told Sue about the alternate use for our shower. Jen told Sue to make sure she had a go as she flopped down on the sofa beside me and gave me a quick kiss.

I had forgotten about the fact that Jen had been without panties earlier on (she had put the same t-shirt back on), and it was only after we had been chatting a bit more that I noticed that Sue glanced a few times at Jen's legs. I couldn't see anything from where I was, but I had a fair idea that Jen was giving Sue a peek at her pussy (I checked afterwards and she was). It was nothing too overt, but she had her legs drawn up and was hugging her knees with her feet slightly to the side, so I would guess Sue got the view that Mike has been wanting for ages!

I toyed with the idea of sliding my hand around Jen's ass and either pulling her pussy open or even stroking it, but I didn't know if Sue would be ready to see that (or if she even wanted to) so I resisted. Mike had no idea this was happening (and later said I should have told him). We chatted a bit longer (not just about sex, but it featured heavily) and eventually we thought we should get ready as it was past midday. Jen took Sue up to show her how to set the shower to the pulse setting (no, she didn't demonstrate, or stay in with her!) and while I was clearing up the breakfast things, Mike opened my dressing gown, pulled the back up and slipped into me from behind.

I wasn't expecting it and nearly dropped the glasses I was carrying, but managed to put them down and push my ass out to make the position easier. Jen came downstairs though and caught us like that (his dressing gown was hiding anything from view, but it wasn't difficult to tell he was inside me). She made a comment about us having no self control and I asked if she had actually been flashing herself at Sue, which she confirmed. Mike pressed even harder against me and I thought I'd tease him by contracting my pussy around him.

As far as we can remember, this was the first time that Jen had ever seen us do anything (even though she couldn't actually see anything other than my breasts and it almost felt like being caught having sex by your mother (albeit a much cuter hotter mother!) She stood and looked at us for a few seconds and then said she would come back when we'd finished to help clean up. She went to sit on the sofa (where you can't see into the kitchen without trying) and Mike started moving inside me again. He pulled my dressing gown off and reached around to finger my clit with one hand while he held (and stroked) my neck with the other.

It was quite a fierce fuck, he was slamming into my pussy and rubbing my clit quickly - he did counter that by gently stroking my neck at the same time and it didn't take long before I came. He pumped into me even faster as my orgasm died away and let out a moan as he came in me. He kept pumping into me until he had emptied himself and then kept his body pressed tight against mine as we kissed (even though it's a bit awkward, I like kissing him when he is behind be and holding me - and has his cock buried in me!)

When he pulled out, his cum started to drip out of my pussy and run down my legs. As soon as he had done up his dressing gown, he called Jen in. He stood for a minute (clearly wanting to see what would happen) but she pushed him out the door and told him to go have a shower or something. Once he was going upstairs, she started to kiss me and rub against my leg, smearing his cum over us both.

She got me to climb onto the worksurface and sit on the edge so she could eat me (she certainly seems to like the taste of his cum more than I do, but I'm getting more used to it). When she started I thought it might take a while as I'd only just cum, but I seem to have forgotten about how many times I can cum when it's done right (and Jen was doing it right). It took almost no time before I came again - it wasn't strong, but still felt nice (and I probably couldn't have coped with another strong one). When she stood up, Jen's face was covered with Mike's cum and she kissed me so I could taste it (mixed with my juices, it doesn't taste too bad at all).

I was ready to swap places with Jen and make her cum (and possibly use some food to make things more interesting), but Sue walked in on us - all she said was "wow, do you ever do anything else". If I hadn't watched her cum the previous night, I would have been rahter embarressed, but I just climbed down and went to pick up my dresing gown to cover myself. Jen kicked it away and grabbed me from behind - giving Sue a full frontal view, she slid a hand around me and put a finger straigt in my cunt. I yelped at this, but didn't need to worry as Sue just said "Yeah, it's not the same without Mike" and then with a grin added "or the shower".

I managed to get free (Jen wasn't as interested once she realised Sue didn't want a show). Just before I left, I wiped my hand in the puddle I'd left on the counter and rubbed it over Jen's face before running upstairs naked to get a shower. While I was gone, Jen apologised to Sue and they talked about the shower and what Sue had done with Mike and I. Jen thinks that Sue might actually be a little curious about seeing the two of us together, but I think she's just trying to live the same fantasy as Mike has of screwing two sisters at the same time :)

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

More family fun - Part 2

Mike kept playing with Sue (so he says, I was a little out of it for a short while). He wasn't trying to make her cum too quickly, and says he was just enjoying exploring the feel of her pussy and finding out what she liked. When I started to pay full attention again, she had her eyes tightly closed and was playing with her nipples (so it seems that I'm the only one who doesn't have super-sensitive nipples). He was still inside me, but now leaning across to get a better view of what he was doing - I wriggled out from under him to give him more freedom and he moved over to be beside Sue. She was slowly sliding down the bed and he pulled her down so she was lying flat and snuggled up beside her. She still had her legs spread wide and he started playing with her pussy once more. He was pressed up against her side and was rubbing his cock against her thigh. I recognised from the way he was moving that he was likely to cum soon and so sat back to watch what would happen.

Sue turned her head towards him and they kissed - her hand moved down to his cock and I watched her wrap her fingers around it - gently at first and then holding it prorperly and wanking him. I watched his fingers disappearing between her pussy lips and emerge coated with her juices. Her hips were moving in time with his fingers and when they stopped kising, she was making "Oh.. Oh.. Oh..." sounds. Mike asked her if she wanted him to keep going and she replied "Oh yes, don't stop, please". Her hand was still rubbing his cock and she seems to have a better ability to keep pleasing someone else as she gets closer to cumming thatn I do sometimes (hey, I get distracted).

Mike kept asking her if she liked what he was doing and the talk got gradually (well, not *that* gradually) more explicit until he was asking if she liked having her tight little twat fingered and telling her he wanted to taste her cunt juice. I was feeling a bit jealous - not because he was doing things with her (I'd gotten over that), but because I wasn't having things done to me, so I remedied this by getting the egg and sliding it inside myself.

As I was doing this, Mike's will finally gave out and he started shooting his cum over Sue. The first lot hit her side and ran down between them but he grabbed his cock and aimed it a bit higher so the next couple of squirts went across Sue's body and hit her tits. I know he would have preferred to get her face covered, but he didn't have much choice from the angle he was at. He quickly returned his hand to her cunt and continued to finger her - he was kissing around her ear and telling her he was going to eat her and make her cum. I had expected him to be doing this already, but he had something else in mind (which, in hindsight, I should have easily guessed).

Sue was very close now and was grinding back against his hand again. She had stopped rubbing him and was rubbing his cum into her breasts. Mike kept talking dirty to her, telling her to cum, that he wanted to feel her cunt cum and that he was going to eat her. It wasn't long before she did exactly what he wanted - she grabbed his hand and pressed it hard against herself. Mike's fingers were buried almost completley in her and he was applying pressure to her clit with the bit of skin between his fingers and thumb. I found out later that he was probably rubbing her g spot (he was certainly trying to anyway and she seemed to really feel something as she came). She had stopped with the "oh, oh, oh" and let out a much stronger moan as her orgasm hit her. Mike had started rubbing against her side again (well lubricated with his cum) and she kissed him as her orgasm faded.

The egg had been having quite an effect on me (okay, the egg and the view) and I hoped Mike would recover soon so I could cum again. Mike kept his fingers in her until she had completely finished and then pulled them out and tasted them. At this point, Sue looked at him and said "You promised you would eat me".

Mike just gave her a little kiss on the nose and said "Oh, I will". He ran his hand between them, gathering up some of his cum and rubbed it over her breasts, neck and a bit of her face - Sue grinned when he did this and I realised that she was probably as highly sexed as I was and that I needed to get in quick. I pulled him towards me and said "That's enough - leave my sister alone - my turn now." and literally pounced on him.

He had to slow me down as he was still a bit sensitive, so I just rode him for a while - rubbing my cunt along the length of his cock, but without him entering me. As I was doing this, he told Sue to move closer to him and it finally dawned on me what he wanted to do. She scooted closer and he started to stroke her pussy again and kept alternating between that and licking his fingers. She slowly edged closer until he could taste her off her thighs and then finally (just about) lick her pussy.

He couldn't really lick her properly with the position they were in, but as I had finally realised he wanted us both at the same time I wasn't about to get off him to let him eat her. (I know, I know, I've known that was his fantasy but for some reason it just hadn't dawned on me that he was going to try and do it that night - d'oh). From the feel of his cock, I gathered that he was ready for something more so I slid up to the head and positioned it against me before sliding down onto him in one go. Sue watched as I did this and he started to pull at her to move over him. She didn't seem to get what he wanted until he actually told her to sit over his face.

She hesitated for a bit but then knelt up - he tried to guide her so that she was facing me, but she said she couldn't do it that way and ended up crouching over him facing the headboard. Now I sort of get the face that she didn't want us to be looking at each other while we did this, but she hadn't really thought through the view that I would have.

Now I know I had wanted to give Mike a really good time to make up for his birthday and everything but I did hesitate a bit and wonder exactly what all this would mean. Unfortunately, I'd already used the egg for a while and was a bit too turned on to make a reasoned judgement and so just went with it. he was already pressing back against me and I was enjoying the feeling of his cock slamming dep inside me. I watched as he held on to her ass and pulled the cheeks apart. What Sue hadn't realised is that with her facing away from me (and her leaning forwards against the bed) I had a clear view of her pussy and ass (I couldn't see her clit of course, but I could see Mike's tongue lapping away at her cunt).

I think all the times we've used Sue in our fantasies got to me a little as I (almost) wanted to lean forwards and help him out (but I didn't - that would be a little too wierd even for me!). I certainly enjoyed watching him licking away at her though and could see his face getting covered in her juices. Sue came first and was followed very soon after by Mike (I was a bit suprised by this as I almost always cum before he does, but he was living his fantasy after all, so it wasn't too odd). He kept a hold of Sue so she stayed over his face as he came and then started licking away at her again while I rode him until I came.

Given I was on top of him, his cum was running out of me and things were rather messy, but it felt wonderful and after the show I'd jsut been given (and was sort of still being given) I had a pretty decent orgasm. I ground against Mike has hard as I could and pressed his cock deep into me as I rubbed my clit against his body. He said it felt a bit too intense for him, but he didn't want to stop until we had all cum.

When We climbed off him, Sue leant over his cock and gave it a suck (she said it was the least she could do given he had eaten her). Mike took great pleasure in watching her suck my juices off it, but I think she was thinking more about tasting his cum. She didn't suck him for long as he was still rather sensitive and the session had taken its toll on us so we soon snuggled up. Mike enjoyed his position in the middle, with him spooned up against me and Sue against him. After a few minutes I realised that it was unfair for Jen to have to stay downstairs so I got up to go and tell her to use our bedroom. Sue was a bit unsure about this as she didn't know if she wanted Jen to know what we had been up to - Mike snuggled up against her and just told her that I didn't have any secrets from Jen and she knew that we had played around before (which I thought Sue knew already).

She went bright red and Mike tried to reassure her by saying she could share the bed with Jen and I the following night, but that didn't really help matters :) I took the more pragmatic approach of pointing out that Jen would have probably heard everything and had already suspected that we were going to do something together and in the end she let me go and tell her.
When I got back into bed, Mike was spooning against Sue and I curled up against his back - I did reach between then to grab his cock (just to check it wasn't in her), but it didn't have the desired effect as it just made Sue squirm against him. We fell asleep like that, but when I woke up he was lying against me again. We didn't have our usual morning session as I didn't want to encourage things to go any further than they had (but I then spent a fair part of the day feeling very horny).

Saturday, 19 September 2009

More family fun

Sue got here yesterday and it was a little strange at first with the four of us all here. I know we were all at home for a while when we'd gone back to see mum, but there wasn't any (or much) sex happening as we had more important things to deal with.

I think Sue had a good idea of what we had planned when she was meant to visit previously (pretty much a repeat show of her last visit) and wasn't really sure how to behave with Jen around as well. It was probably a very good thing that Jen was here as I wanted to try to give Sue a nice relaxing time to help her get over the shock of the past few weeks and while sex is good (well, okay, sex is amazing), I didn't want her whole visit to be taken over by it (but having sex as a part of it would be fine!)

I wasn't sure whether Sue would want to share a bed with Jen (not that she's homophobic, but she might have thought it a bit strange) and I wasn't too sure about having her sleep with Mike without me watching :) The only decent sleeping arrangements we could figure out were to use the two bedrooms and for someone to sleep on the sofa (both Mike and Jen both offered Sue the other bedroom when they weren't in with me and they would take the sofa).

We didn't get up to much - Sue gave us the latest news on mum and said she was planning on staying with our aunt for at least a week and maybe a bit more. Sue didn't know how long she would stay in York for as she had planned to visit some other friends over the holidays (and the holidays were running out - not that I have much sympathy given I no longer get undergraduate holidays).

Something I realise I hadn't mentioned before is that Mike's birthday fell during the time he was first at home with me (on a particularly bad day, so we did pretty much nothing to celebrate it). It was partly because of this and partly as he helped look after Sue and I that I wanted to give him another evening with Sue watching us and was prepared to let him do a little with her. As such, Jen had already arranged to ask for an early night so the three of us would go upstairs. In return, we had told her that if anything happened, we would use the spare room (her room) as she liked the idea of Sue cumming in her bed.

So we helped Jen make up the sofa and the three of us then went upstairs to get ready for bed. We took turns in the bathroom and each time we saw Sue, were in an increasing state of undress until I just had my panties on and Mike just had his boxers on. Sue made a comment about us usually sleeping naked and Mike replied with something about her still being mostly dressed - it was clearly an invitation and she just said "fine" and slipped her top off.

It was still a bit unbalanced as she had her jeans and bra on and so Mike took the initiative and hugged her from behind. He told her that if she wanted to watch, she would have to be naked and he started to unbutton her jeans (he had a bit of trouble doing this at first, but soon got them unzipped). Sue wasn't objecting to this and Mike said (later) that the idea was to try to get an idea of whether she would be interested in letting him do anything at all with her. The fact she let him partly undress her was enough to get him hard (which she noticed, but then again he was only wearing his boxers).

Mike led me into the spare room and Sue followed along - she pulled the door shut behind her and we all sat down on the bed. We all seemed to be a bit unsure as to how we should start which was a bit odd given what we had already done previously. Mike and I started to kiss and lay back on the bed - our hands running over each other as the kissing became more passionate. Mike started to kiss around my neck and as he did this I reached down and grabbed his cock through his boxers. He moaned into my neck as I started to pull on it and worked it out through the opening so I could rub it directly.

Mike moved down so he could suck on my breasts (which was more for show than effect as he knows my neck is more sensitive) and hungrily sucked on each breast and used his tongue on my nipples. He slid his hand down to my panties and started rubbing around my lips and then quickly pushed the crotch of them aside and rubbed my pussy directly. I spread my legs to give him better access and glanced over at Sue who was looking between his cock (which I was still rubbing) and my cunt.

I really can't explain how different it feels knowing that someone (let alone my lil sis) was watching and I wanted to get things started really quickly so I could cum (I was planning on cumming a good number of times so getting the first one out quickly didn't bother me). I tried to pull his boxers off (which isn't easy when you can't see what you're doing). Mike got the idea and quickly untanged the mess I had made and slipped his boxers off so he was naked. As I've said, I was in no mood to play around and pulled my own panties off while he was doing this. I tried to pull him down on top of me, but he said "Don't rush, we're meant to be giving our guest a show.".

All I could think of to reply with was "I know, that's what I want to do, make me cum".

Mike pushed me further up the bed and told me to pass him down some pillows. I did this and he lifted up my ass and stuffed two pilows under it. Sue moved around to give him room to crouch between my legs and he asked her if she liked having her pussy licked, she just nodded and murmured "uh-huh" and he lowered his head to my pussy and started licking. With the pillows under me, he had really good access to my cunt and clit and made full use of it. He pulled my lips wide apart and pushed his tongue deep into me (okay, not as deep as Jen can get, but it still felt great!). I looked over at Sue and she was watching intently and had a hand between her legs working away in her panties.

I lifted my legs up to my shoulders and held them apart (we don't use this position very often, but I have no idea why not as I love it). Mike's tongue was working from my ass to my clit and he licked a little harder and spent a little longer on my clit with each stroke. I knew I would cum very soon and didn't think it was worth trying to hold back (nor did I want to) and pressed back against his face, urging him on. He doesn't really need to be encouraged when he's eating me like this (he still says that eating my pussy is his favourite thing) and just told Sue to watch me cum.
I realised that I was stroking my neck (only lightly as my arm was looped around my leg) and that it felt really good (I don't think I've ever managed to get it to feel good in that was by stroking there myself) and just let the feelings wash through me. Mike started to concentrate on my clit with only quick flicks on his tongue on my cunt and ass and I felt my orgasm build really quickly. I let out a series of either grunts or pants as I came that got steadily louder until it ended and I dropped my legs (almost hitting him with them as I did so). It had been an incredibly intense orgasm and I lay there panting while Mike sat up between my legs and wiped his face clean.

I felt his cock rubbing against my cunt and tried to tell him (between gasps) that I needed a bit of time. He continued to rub against me, but didn't go any firther and he asked Sue about how many times she had been eaten like that. She said she had been licked a number of times and after a bit of further questioning divulged that she's even had it done to her in a few unusual places. I thought Mike was going to press her on this for details, but I could feel that his cock was rubbing against my cunt a bit harder and he started to slip it inside me.

He pulled a pillow out from under me and asked Sue "Do you want see me slide into her cunt?"
I looked over at her as she said "Yes" - she was getting quite flushed and her whole hand was buried in her panties, clearly with a number of fingers insider her own pussy. Mike spread my lips again and Sue moved a little closer to watch as he guided the head of his cock into me - he didn't press deep, just moved back and forth so the head entered and then popped all the way out of me. I could feel my inner lips grasping at him as he pulled out and wondered what effect this was having on Sue (I could tell what it was doing to me!)

He then pulled out of me and moved towards Sue. He said "Now it's really not fair that you aren't naked" and he pushed her back onto the bed. Kneeling over her legs, he asked if hr bra was expensive, and when she said no, he grabbed the two cups and gave a quick pull so they tore apart. Sue went to cover her breasts, but then just pulled the bra off each shoulder in turn and threw it away. I've really enjoyed the times when we've played like this and Sue seemed to like it to. He leaned over her and I could see his cock pressing against her stomache (and his balls against her panties) and with his face right above hers, he asked if he could remove her panties.

She just nodded and he slipped a hand down and started to work them free, one side at a time. Sue didn't raise herself up to help him, so it took a little whie, but before long he had them down to her thighs. I could tell that Sue was enjoying what was happening and as Mike slid down her body, she pressed up agsinst him. He sat up over her legs agsin and then pulled her panties off. Mike told her "If you get to see us naked, we get to see you too" and ran a hand up her thigh and traced a finger up her pussy. She was already quite red and wet from her own ministrations and Mike says that he found it quite difficult to not slide a finger (or two) into her right then. He did make a show of tasting her off his finger before moving back over to me and she did look a little disappointed. He slipped straight into me and lay down on top of me - with his mouth right by my ear he whispered "I think she'll let me make her cum".

I think that up until that point I was still a bit unsure as to how I would feel, but I knew that I liked the idea of sharing (a little bit) of him with her and I pressed back against him to make sure he was fully inside me before I started to contract my pussy around him. He liked this and started to describe what he could feel. She had moved up to sit at the top of the bed and was now playing with herself properly. Mike and I were kissing and I felt his arm move over towards her. He says that he found her knee, slid up her thigh and met her fingers. Iheard Sue gasp and broke our kiss to look over and watch Mike's fingers replace Sue's in her cunt. He got two fingers into her and used his thumb on her clit. I know how that feels when he does it to me and so I could tell how much she was enjoying it (coupled with the look on her face) and I started to move against him even harder.

Mike asked Sue to get the egg out of the drawer beside her - she did this without him having to take his fingers out of her, but when she turned it on and held it against her clit, he stopped playing with her, took it off her and nestled it between our bodies so it was pressing against my clit. Once again, Sue looked rather disappointed, but once he had lay back on top of me and made sure the egg was staying put, he started to play with her again. He wasn't moving on me as much now, just pressing hard into me, but the egg more than made up for the lack of movement.

I tried to keep pulsing my cunt walls around him, but sort of lost concentration as I got closer to cumming. Mike kept pressing into me and I knew I couldn't hold back and longer and felt my clit start to tingle as my second orgasm hit me. I was panting in his ear and asking him to cum with me (at first, then I was just panting). He pressed even harder against me and I could feel the egg buzzing right through my clit it was pressing so hard against it. As my orgasm ended, I had to push him back a bit and let it fall away as it got too intense, but he kept his cock in me, moving gently.


Hmm - this turned out to be longer than I had planned, I'll have to finish it later on (hopefully you've enjoyed it so far). It's still kind of difficult finding the opportunity to write it while Sue is around.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Voyeur watersports

Sue is going to come and visit (after events kind of interrupted her earlier visit). Mum is going to go stay with our aunt for a little while so Sue won't have to be at home to help look after her for the whole summer. Mike is really looking forward to it as he now knows that I'm open to letting him play a bit more with Sue (I *knew* I shouldn't have written that in here!). I'm still not talking about him screwing her so there aren't going to be any tales of threesomes to come (sorry guys), but I think he deserves to have a little play with her (assuming she is up for it).

...but before that, the latest adventures...

Jen's watersports fetish is continuing to flourish. I have to say that I'm still not as excited by it as she is, but I am excited by how excited she gets so I'm happy to go along with it.

We'd shaved each other earlier in the day (and then got a bit distracted 'checking' how smooth we were. I'd slept with Jen the previous night and we actually managed to pretty much finish playing before Mike even surfaced from his bed.. He had started breakfast by the time wen got downstairs and we both gave him a good morning hug. I had my thin dressing gown on and Jen had a fairly thin nightdress (it covered her fairly well, but still doesn't leave too much to the imagination). As I hugged him, Mike slipped his hands inside my gown and was stroking my body and he asked me to leave it undone as we ate. Now obviously I hate being naked, but I thought I'd do it for him just this once :)

They made me sit in various positions while we ate - none of them could ever be used in polite company, even with clothes on! I was enjoying being watched so closely and started to rub myself while I was spreading my lips. I had half expected Jen to tell me to stop, but apparantly me doing things to myself isn't a problem while Mike is around. I wasn't planning on making myself cum as I was hoping to spend a few hours with each of them beofre we actually got dressed properly and went into town so I only rubbed lightly to tease them (if felt damn good though!).

I was going to go to the toilet and then give Mike a fun start to the day, but when I got up, Jen grabbed me and and said we should use it. I didn't get what she meant at first and when I asked, she just said that she needed to pee too and we should have some fun. I had expected her to drag me upstairs, but she led me into the kitchen (and I was picturing having to mop the floor) but then she unlocked the back door and out into the garden.

I had lost my gown at some point over breakfast and it's been a little while since I've been fully naked outdoors so I enjoyed the feeling and wondered if anyone was in the office block (but didn't really care). She got me to lie down on the grass and sat over me, facing away from me - her nightdress was still covering her, but from my vantage point I had a bit of a view of her ass. Jen was clearly taking charge for this adventure and I thought I would play along. She told me I coulnd't cum until a bit later on, but could play with myself (I did get her to promise that she wasn't going to tease me for ages).

Mike was allowed to stay and watch as long as he didn't get too close to us (and kept his dressing gown on!). Jen told me to lie still and she started rubbing her pussy against my body - starting with my breasts and then she moved up towards my face and rubbed against my neck. This always feels wonderful - her pussy is so soft and the feeling of her smooth (and wet) cunt rubbing on my neck is something very special. She did this for a few minutes and I could feel myself getting very aroused and when she slid up over my face I automatically lapped away at her.

Jen jumped a little when I did this and told me I was being a bad girl as I had been told not to move (this of course meant that Mike realised what I'd just done, even though her nightdress had been hiding the actual event from his view). Jen said I would have to be taught a lesson (and I assume that this was the whole point of the event) and she slid off my face and back to my neck. She rubbed against me a little more and I was really enjoying my 'punishment' when I felt my whole neck get warm. Jen let out a little moan and I saw (and felt) the spray as she continued to piss on me. It wasn't a full torrent and I admire her bladder control! She scooched down my body and I felt the warmth running over my breasts. She told me to play with myself and I eagerly did - I reached a hand under myself to get to my ass and used the other one rom above on my cunt. I usually cum quite quickly when doing things outside, so I had to ry to control the speed I moved my fingers at, but the thought of what we were doing wasn't helping with holding back and after only a few minutes I had to stop.

Jen had continued to move over my body - I could see that the bottom of her nightdress was rather wet and she had rubbed her way down to my pussy and back up to my neck. She asked how I was feeling and I told her I was very turned on and ready to cum.

She told me she wanted me to pee while I came and I immediately put a hand back on my cunt and was ready to let go when she stopped me. She told me that she wanted some fun too and asked Mike to go get a pair of her panties.

I saw him get up and caught a flash of his cock as his gown slipped open slightly when he stood, but he was soon away into the house. Once he had gone, Jen slid up over my face and I assumed she was about to piss over it, but I felt her fingers on my cunt and she told me to lick away.

She pressed her cunt against my mouth and I licked - the taste of pee wasn't too bad (a real advantage of her having so much pussy juice!) and I pulled her lips apart so I could really get stuck in. Jen had two (or maybe three) fingers working in my cunt but then pulled them out and slipped off my face. I knew that Mike had just reappeared before I even looked and he wandered over and handed Jen her panties.

He'd got a white pair with dark and light pink hearts on it - they look really cute on her and she slipped them on without letting him see anything. She told me to get up and lay where I had been - her panties were just about visible under the hem of her nightdress.

I figured she wanted me to sit over her but I wanted to see her so I straddled her crotch and faced her. I was pretty desperate to pee by this point and let out a little squirt and watched it cover a bit of her nightdress and panties. Jen just grinned up at me and said "good girl". Her hand went between her legs and I felt her rubbing her panties (and the back of her hand bumping against my pussy from time to time).

I put a hand down to my cunt and spread my lips and started to play with my clit as I let out another squirt - this one was mych more and really got Jen soaked, her panties were certainly no longer white but she clearly enjoyed it as she arched her back and let out a really hot sigh.

Mike was squirming around and says he wanted to join in so badly (okay, he couldn't have peed over her with an erection, but he'd have gladly cum over her a few times!). I moved up Jen's body a bit and peed over her stomache until her nightdress was soaked and nearly seethrough. I moved a bit higher and soaked around her breasts until her nipples were clearly visible (which Mike definitely liked). I continued to move and peed over her neck before sliding up onto her face and rubbed myself against her mouth and nose (not peeing).

Jen didn't lick me (even though she was quite turned on, she clearly has a fair amount of self control at times!) and so I moved back down her body and let out a bit more piss on her. She was clearly getting quite close and I thought I could give Mike a really good show and so I reached down to her breasts and started stroking and kneading them (through her soaked nightdress). As I did this, it rode up (ahem, not that I had planned that) and her panties were soon fully exposed along with a bit of her stomache. She didn't seem to mind this too much though so I went a step further and started pulling on her nipples while explaining to Mike how mych she enjoyed it. This was quite clear to him as she was arching against me (which has the bonus of her arm rubbing against my cunt a bit more) and I decided to go all out and stopped playing with myself and work on both her nipples.

Jen was going wild and I pressed down on her arm a bit harder so she couldn't move her hand too much and slid my hands up under her nightdress to touch her breasts directly. I hadn't really intended to uncover them, but wet material isn't the easiest thing to deal with and it rode up her body with my hands. I wasn't about to stop though and returned to tweaking her nipples fairly hard. Jen was beyond her cute mewing sounds now and I wanted to give her something to remember so I knelt up and let out another big squirt, moving my hips so I pretty much covered her from her panties to her breasts.

I could see Jen's hand working away in her panties and gave her nips another tweak when she started to cum. Given we were outside, she wasn't very quiet and it really seemed to be strong (she says it felt like an explosion coming from her cunt and nipples). Her orgasm didn't seem to last very long (but she says it felt long) and she sank back into the grass.

I was loving the way she looked but she told me I had to finish myself so I knelt over her face and rubbed away. A few times I rubbed myself against her face, but she didn't lick me (Mike was still watching) but it didn't make a lot of difference as I was pretty much ready to explode anyway. I cane with a really nice warm orgasm and moved back down so I could lie on top of her (which was a bit cold due to the wetness).

We kissed for a bit and I started to rub against her leg without even thinking about it and when I realised what I was doing thought that I should save some energy for Mike who was clearly suffering (I think even he has limits over what he can hold back against!)

Jen went to straighten up her nightdress but realised that Mike had already seen her breasts and that even if she pulled it down it would hardly cover anything, so she pulled it over her head and threw it to him. When she stood up, her back was covered in grass and dirt and her panties were fairly see through (Mike chose white ones for a reason!). Jen clearly knew what she was doing and pulled them up tight against her so the shape of her labia were clearly visible and Mike got a good look as she went past him.

We went back into the house, me naked and Jen still only wearing her panties and I was going to jump in the shower before enjoying some time with Mike, but he grabbed me as soon as we were upstairs and dragged me to bed. He ate me with more intensity than I've felt in a long time and then we had a very hot session (he came fairly quickly the first time we fucked, but still gave me a good hard pounding before he came). The second time took closer to our usual time and he made me cum twice as he pumped into me before I he filled me with his cum again.

I stayed naked while we had lunch and they enjoyed the view of my dirty body, still covered with Jen's piss and Mike's cum leaking out of me (I sat on a wooden chair!) It definitely felt good to get showered but I was still so turned on that I had to have some fun with the shower while I was there :)

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Sharing cum

Jen made Mike a very happy man yesterday (admittedly not as happy as she could have made him, but he certainly enjoyed it).

I was sitting on the sofa with Mike on one side and Jen on the other - we were watching some Scrubs (which Mike and I are introducing Jen to) and she started stroking my legs At first she was stroking my thighs through my skirt - her hand would slide up one leg and down the other, but avoiding my pussy. I spread my legs slightly to give her some encouragement and after a few minutes, her hand slipped down below the hem of my skirt and started stroking my skin directly. Mike says he noticed what she was doing, but pretended to keep watching TV (while watching out of the corner of his eye).

I slid my legs a bit further apart and Jen slowly worked her hand up my thigh under my skirt (which was sliding up my leg as she stroked further up). Mike gave up pretending to watch TV somewhere around here and moved around to get a better view. Jen's hand was still slowly working up towards my pussy and I pulled my legs apart to let her do whatever she wanted. Jen continued to keep stroking me, gently tracing little circles on my skin but it felt so good it almost felt like she was stroking my pussy directly.

Now this obviously wasn’t the first time Mike had seen me naked while Jen was around, but she hadn't done anything like this with him watching before and I could clearly see the outline of his cock which was bulging under his jeans (trapped down one leg). I lifted my feet up onto the sofa so my legs were completely open and my skirt slid up to my waist so my pussy was exposed. Jen's hand was near the top of my thighs, but still wasn't touching my pussy and I was getting impatient. I tried to push her hand onto (or into) me, but she resisted and told me to wait.

Mike moved to a seat so he could get a better view and Jen leaned over to kiss me. She started stroking my breasts through my top and while she was distracted doing this, I slid a hand to my pussy and rubbed it. I was rather wet and after playing with my clit for a few seconds, I slid a couple of fingers straight into myself before Jen noticed what I was doing and pulled my hand away. She told me off and rubbed my fingers on my thighs.

Jen knelt between my legs and using long firm licks, she licked the juices off my thighs. By this time, i wanted to grab ger head and press is against my cunt, but she clearly knew this and was holding my hands against the sofa so I couldn't do anything. I could see Mike adjusting his trousers to get his cock into a more comfortable position and wished he could help me out, but he clearly knew that Jen was only letting him watch if he didn't try to do anything.

Jen licked and nibbled around my pussy, but wouldn't do anything more to me - I did try pushig against her a few times, but the best I got was some brief contact between my cunt and her cheek.I was really going crazy by this point and told her I needed more and she said that we had to go upstairs. I knew that this would mean Mike couldn't see any more and I just said "Sorry" to him. Fortunately he seemed to understand and told me to go have fun.

I bounded up the stairs, pulling Jen behind me and didn't give her the chance to take control when we got to the bedroom - I stripped off my clothes, pushed her onto the bed and straddled her to hold her down while I pulled her clothes off. Once she was mosltly naked (apart from having her arms tangled up in her top) I moved my cunt onto her face and started sliding against her. To her credit, she did lick me as I face fucked her and as I got closer to cumming I wanted to taste her too. I tried to quickly switch position - the aim was to 69 with her with me on top, but I was in a bit too much of a hurry and ended up falling off he so we finally ended up on our sides.

I wasn't being at all delicate with her - I got a finger into her ass, pulled her pussy open with my other hand and was noisily slurping away at her while grinding my own pussy against her face. I think Jen must have enjoyed teasing me as much as I had been tortured by it as she was soon grinding back against my face and I didn't cum too long before she did. I was fairly loud (partly for Mike's benefit) and really wanted to collapse when I had finished, but I wanted to repay Jen.

I wrapped my arms around her and attacked her clit and cunt hard - she came quite quickly, but I kept licking away to teach her a lesson. The noises she made went from her nice mewing to panting and screaming until she begged me to stop. I rolled away from her and left her lying on the bed - fairly wet with sweat. I told her to wait exactly where she was and recover and I'd be back soon. I thought that Mike had been patient enough and ran downstairs (well, okay, maybe I didn't run, but I was a bit out of breath!).

He was back on the sofa and had his cock out already. I could tell that he wasn't far from cumming and walked over to him, knelt over his cock and let my cunt envelop it. Mike grabbed my hips and started guiding me up and down (I think I could have figured out what he wanted by myself!) and we kissed. He could taste Jen from my moth (and face, and pretty much anywhere on my top half!) and I told him to cum as quickly as he could. I've rarely known Mike to take so little time once he is inside me, but it was probably under a minute and he thrust really hard into me and pulled me down against his cock. I'm pretty sure I could feel his cum squirting into me and he definitely moaned quite a bit as he came (which is always a good sign I feel).

Mike collapsed back in the sofa and I thought my work with him was done for the time being. I carefully lifted myself off him, covered my pussy with a hand and carefully went back upstairs to Jen, She was still lying on the bed and had dozed off, but she woke up when I climbed onto the bed and knelt over her. I straddled her pussy and slightly opened the fingers on the hand covering my pussy to allow some cum to run out and drip onto Jen. With my free hand I rubbed it into her - at first I only rubbed it over her pussy, but then changed my mind, allowed a bit more to drip out and rubbed it into her cunt with two fingers. I waddled my way up her body (it's not easy walking on your knees while on a bed) letting cum drip over her as I went. I allowed a generous amount to fall over her breasts and rubbed it in so she was covered before finally planting myself over her face.

I had anticipated that I would only have a little of Mike's cum left in me by that point, but when I spread my lips, a fair amount dropped straight out onto Jen's face and ran into her hair. I had intended to plant myself back onto her mouth and have her eat me clean, but at the last minute I changed my mind, moved back down so I was between her legs and grabbed them. I lifted her up so that her cunt was in the air and I stood over her. I told Jen to spread her cunt and she reached up and pulled her lips apart. She asked me how much more of his cum I had in me and I just told her we would find out.

I pushed my cunt against hers and rubbed them together. I didn't move very quickly (it's even harder to stand up on a bed), but we were pressing together quite hard and it felt really nice. I don't know how much of the moisture we could feel was due to Mike, but out pussies slipped together very nicely and I definitely felt a few globs rub out of me while we did this. Some of it ran down her body, but I some slid into her cunt.

I wasn't intending to make her cum again straight away and after a few (wonderful) minutes I said we should go downstairs. I slipped on my dressing down and told Jen to wear one of her light dresses. She was still very wet from our combined juices, her sweat and Mike's cum and it showed in the way the dress clung to her. I called out on the way down and Mike said he was dressed again so I presented Jen to him and told him what we'd done. He thought this was very cruel (not what I did to Jen, just telling him about it as he’d just managed to get soft again).

She still had his cum on her face and some on her legs and Jen surprised me at this point by straddling him and rubbing against his cock (through his jeans). When she stood up, there was a clear wet patch and she just said she was returning some of his cum - the poor boy was still hard by the time we'd finished having dinner and I had to take him upstairs to give him some relief later on :)

Monday, 14 September 2009

Returning to normal

Things are slowly returning to normal now - mum is back home and I'm back at work (still popping home at the weekends though). Both Mike and Jen have been a great support for us and the one (single) positive thing about what happened is that both mum and sis met Jen in a way that allowed them to see how much we care about each other and that she is a really nice girl (as well as being damn good in bed!).

Once we knew that everything was going to be okay (and I was no longer as worried), my sex drive returned to normal fairly quickly. I'm sure Sue got a good listen to my sessions with both Mike and Jen - I had Jen during the week and she used the spare room over the weekend when Mike was down. About the only use me made of the opportunity was to have sex out in the garden - I know Sue watched when it was Mike and I fucking but she says she didn't watch when Jen and I did things out there (but I think she might have at least had a little peep).

Mike was quite keen for Sue to come and watch us last weekend (well, he actually wanted her to join us and I think that I would have let him do at least a little to her as a reward for how suportive he's been for us both over the past few weeks). Unfortunately for him, Sue didn't say anything about wanting to watch this time so he had to make do with just me - I tried my best to ensure that he wasn't too disappointed and let him cum in both my cunt and ass.

Sue also wanted to have a bit of fun and so we liberated one of Sue's hairbrushes from the bathroom one evening last week and I pretty much fucked Jen senseless with it while I licked her clit. I think she came three times - while this seemed to satisfy her, she wanted to do a bit more the next day so we went into Sue's room (while she was out) and shared her vibe between us (Jen wanted to use it last so it was left covered in her juices).

I'm now back in York for the week and Jen came back with me so it's back to taking turns having nights with Mike or her. She is now being a lot more affectionate in from of Mike (which he clearly enjoys) - she is kissing up the inside of my thigh while I'm sitting on the sofa typing this and Mike is encouraging her to kiss (and eat) my pussy instead of just teasing me.

Friday, 4 September 2009

Relief sex

Things are getting a little better here now - I don't want to write about what happened just yet (and you may well not be interested in it anyway) so I'm going to make a more usual entry.

Both Jen and Mike have been wonderful at supporting me (and Sue) over the last couple of weeks. Mike came home with me the day the accident happened and stayed with us overnight in the hospital. As I think I've mentioned before, Sue has always seemed to look at him like an older brother (which may have changed slightly recently!), but he comforted and reassured us both when we were really scared.

After a few days, mum was no longer critcal, but still had to stay in hospital. Neither Sue or I were in much of a state to look after outselves and Mike got all the shopping and cooking sorted and continued to help us through the time we couldn't be at the hospital. Of course we slept in the same bed (Mike and I, not Sue) but I wasn't eactly in the mood to do very much. A few nights we just snuggled up together with him inside me and holding me tight. We made love a couple of times like this - very gently and it really seemed to help me.

A couple of nights, Sue Mike and I cuddled up together on the sofa (fully clothed). He had to go back to work at the start of last week though and Jen came down to stay with me. This wasn't really the way that I had wanted her to meet Sue or mum, but I think it made Sue realise how we feel for each other. Up until then I had the feeling that they (my family) thought I was just having a bit of fun with her.

When we finally found out that everything was going to be okay, we were obviously very relieved.and the mood became a lot better. That night, Jen and I were snuggled up in bed kissing and I started crying as I felt I was finally able to relax. Jen kissed me better and then started kissing my neck. I could feel the passion building in me and even though I love having my neck played with, I pushed her down my body. She knew exactly what I wanted and kissed her way down my body under the covers. I didn't want her to hide away and pulled the covers off to the side so I cold see her settling in between my legs.

I hadn't been licked down there for a while (I know Mike would have done it if I'd asked, but I had really wanted him to hold me over the previous week). When Jen's tongue touched me I felt a wonderful wave of pleasure course through my pussy and up my body. I let out a fairly loud moan and arched myself so that my cunt pressed againstt her mouth. Jen put a hand on either side of my pussy, spread it apart and then slid her tongue deep inside me. As I've mentioned before, her tongue is fairly long and she lapped away inside me and I think she got fairly close to my g spot.

I could feel that I wasn't going to hold out for very long but didn't really want to try to draw things out so I reached down and pulled her head tighter against me. I kept telling her how good it felt (between gasps and moans!) and could feel my orgasm getting very close. Jen had hardly touched my clit during this time (well, not directly, obviously her lips and face had been brushing against it, but her tongue had been mostly inside me). Her hair was wrapped around my hands and I pushed back and rubbed against her face as I came.

I'd had cum a few times over the previous week, but those orgasms had been nothing like this one. It felt incredible as it pulsed through me and Jen somehow managed to keep her face glued to my cunt and her tongue wiggling inside me through most of it. I don't know exactly where she was licking, but it definitely did the job. Jen said I let out a very strange high pitched 'caw' in the middle of it.

Jen licked me for a little while longer but not for so long that it was too intense and then crawled back up to kiss me. She told me that I didn't need to do anything to her and she had wanted to give me a present to celebrate the news that things were going to be okay. I actually started crying again when she said that and held her really tight and kept telling her how much I love her. I had no intention of stopping though and managed to work a leg between hers and ran my hands down her back to her ass.

Only when I was in position did I tell her that she wasn'r going to get off that easily and kissed her back with a lot more force. Jen didn't seem to object and started to slide against my leg while my fingers reached across her ass and played with her pussy. Things got very heated again in a short period of time and we were whispering a fairly filthy conversation to each other. Jen asked me what I was going to do with her and I told her I was going to fuck her hard and make her cum.

We rolled over so I was on top and I moved down so I could suck her nipples while sliding two fingers into her. She pushed my head against her breasts and I sucked harder, which elicited a nice moan from her. I told her to tell me what she wanted and she kept telling me to suck harder and press deeper into her. I tried to add a third finger, but she is still too tight for that to easily work (and I wanted her to enjoy things, not hurt her!). I was suprised how much fun Jen seemed to be having seeing as we were just getting started and I gave her nipple a little nip with my teeth (not too hard, but a lot harder than just sucking). I had thought that this would make her jump or squeal, but she actually gasped and pushed against me harder.

Now I know that I don't like having my nipples sucked too hard so I stopped and asked Jen if she had liked that and she said she did. I lowered my head to her other breast and gave it a much harder suck than usual and Jen arched her back to press against my mouth. I don't know if I was imagining it, but it felt as if her pussy was getting wetter as I sucked harder and so I gave another bite (still not too hard). I had clearly found something new to play with here and spent a little while lashing her nipples with my tongue and biting down on them until they were fairly red (still not leaving teeth marks or anything that hard).

Jen was being quite vocal about how this felt and this was having an effect on me and I wanted to make good on my promise and give her a good fucking. The hand that had been working on her pussy was pretty soaked and I knew I definitely wanted to have a quick taste of her before moving on to other things. We'd moved on from nice gentle lovemaking and I grabbed her ass and raised it in the air. Jen helped by sliding her legs up and offered her cunt to me. I dived in and had a good taste of her (I kind of forgot about the 'quick' part). and then pulled her back down and pressed my cunt against hers in the scissor position.

I started rubbing against her, at first I was sliding my cunt agsinst hers, applying more and more pressure and then started humping against her so that our pussies were slappign against each other. Jen looked really beautiful and was beginning to get flushed and I told her to play with her nipples (which were still nice and erect from my sucking). I was getting a bit carried away and our cunts were really slapping hard together so the bed was rocking more than when Mike and I fuck. I reached across Jen's body and took the closest nipple in my hand and pulled on it fairly hard. I kept a hold of her nipple for a little while but it was hard to hump against her so in the end I had to release it and move back to my earlier position.

Jen came fairly soon after I started pumping against her again and I kept going until I came as well - she is still improving in the amount of noise she makes and I thought I would add a little to the mix (there was no chance that Sue hadn't heard us already and she confirmed this the next morning with some sarcastic comments in the kitchen!)