Wednesday, 23 September 2009

More family fun - Part 2

Mike kept playing with Sue (so he says, I was a little out of it for a short while). He wasn't trying to make her cum too quickly, and says he was just enjoying exploring the feel of her pussy and finding out what she liked. When I started to pay full attention again, she had her eyes tightly closed and was playing with her nipples (so it seems that I'm the only one who doesn't have super-sensitive nipples). He was still inside me, but now leaning across to get a better view of what he was doing - I wriggled out from under him to give him more freedom and he moved over to be beside Sue. She was slowly sliding down the bed and he pulled her down so she was lying flat and snuggled up beside her. She still had her legs spread wide and he started playing with her pussy once more. He was pressed up against her side and was rubbing his cock against her thigh. I recognised from the way he was moving that he was likely to cum soon and so sat back to watch what would happen.

Sue turned her head towards him and they kissed - her hand moved down to his cock and I watched her wrap her fingers around it - gently at first and then holding it prorperly and wanking him. I watched his fingers disappearing between her pussy lips and emerge coated with her juices. Her hips were moving in time with his fingers and when they stopped kising, she was making "Oh.. Oh.. Oh..." sounds. Mike asked her if she wanted him to keep going and she replied "Oh yes, don't stop, please". Her hand was still rubbing his cock and she seems to have a better ability to keep pleasing someone else as she gets closer to cumming thatn I do sometimes (hey, I get distracted).

Mike kept asking her if she liked what he was doing and the talk got gradually (well, not *that* gradually) more explicit until he was asking if she liked having her tight little twat fingered and telling her he wanted to taste her cunt juice. I was feeling a bit jealous - not because he was doing things with her (I'd gotten over that), but because I wasn't having things done to me, so I remedied this by getting the egg and sliding it inside myself.

As I was doing this, Mike's will finally gave out and he started shooting his cum over Sue. The first lot hit her side and ran down between them but he grabbed his cock and aimed it a bit higher so the next couple of squirts went across Sue's body and hit her tits. I know he would have preferred to get her face covered, but he didn't have much choice from the angle he was at. He quickly returned his hand to her cunt and continued to finger her - he was kissing around her ear and telling her he was going to eat her and make her cum. I had expected him to be doing this already, but he had something else in mind (which, in hindsight, I should have easily guessed).

Sue was very close now and was grinding back against his hand again. She had stopped rubbing him and was rubbing his cum into her breasts. Mike kept talking dirty to her, telling her to cum, that he wanted to feel her cunt cum and that he was going to eat her. It wasn't long before she did exactly what he wanted - she grabbed his hand and pressed it hard against herself. Mike's fingers were buried almost completley in her and he was applying pressure to her clit with the bit of skin between his fingers and thumb. I found out later that he was probably rubbing her g spot (he was certainly trying to anyway and she seemed to really feel something as she came). She had stopped with the "oh, oh, oh" and let out a much stronger moan as her orgasm hit her. Mike had started rubbing against her side again (well lubricated with his cum) and she kissed him as her orgasm faded.

The egg had been having quite an effect on me (okay, the egg and the view) and I hoped Mike would recover soon so I could cum again. Mike kept his fingers in her until she had completely finished and then pulled them out and tasted them. At this point, Sue looked at him and said "You promised you would eat me".

Mike just gave her a little kiss on the nose and said "Oh, I will". He ran his hand between them, gathering up some of his cum and rubbed it over her breasts, neck and a bit of her face - Sue grinned when he did this and I realised that she was probably as highly sexed as I was and that I needed to get in quick. I pulled him towards me and said "That's enough - leave my sister alone - my turn now." and literally pounced on him.

He had to slow me down as he was still a bit sensitive, so I just rode him for a while - rubbing my cunt along the length of his cock, but without him entering me. As I was doing this, he told Sue to move closer to him and it finally dawned on me what he wanted to do. She scooted closer and he started to stroke her pussy again and kept alternating between that and licking his fingers. She slowly edged closer until he could taste her off her thighs and then finally (just about) lick her pussy.

He couldn't really lick her properly with the position they were in, but as I had finally realised he wanted us both at the same time I wasn't about to get off him to let him eat her. (I know, I know, I've known that was his fantasy but for some reason it just hadn't dawned on me that he was going to try and do it that night - d'oh). From the feel of his cock, I gathered that he was ready for something more so I slid up to the head and positioned it against me before sliding down onto him in one go. Sue watched as I did this and he started to pull at her to move over him. She didn't seem to get what he wanted until he actually told her to sit over his face.

She hesitated for a bit but then knelt up - he tried to guide her so that she was facing me, but she said she couldn't do it that way and ended up crouching over him facing the headboard. Now I sort of get the face that she didn't want us to be looking at each other while we did this, but she hadn't really thought through the view that I would have.

Now I know I had wanted to give Mike a really good time to make up for his birthday and everything but I did hesitate a bit and wonder exactly what all this would mean. Unfortunately, I'd already used the egg for a while and was a bit too turned on to make a reasoned judgement and so just went with it. he was already pressing back against me and I was enjoying the feeling of his cock slamming dep inside me. I watched as he held on to her ass and pulled the cheeks apart. What Sue hadn't realised is that with her facing away from me (and her leaning forwards against the bed) I had a clear view of her pussy and ass (I couldn't see her clit of course, but I could see Mike's tongue lapping away at her cunt).

I think all the times we've used Sue in our fantasies got to me a little as I (almost) wanted to lean forwards and help him out (but I didn't - that would be a little too wierd even for me!). I certainly enjoyed watching him licking away at her though and could see his face getting covered in her juices. Sue came first and was followed very soon after by Mike (I was a bit suprised by this as I almost always cum before he does, but he was living his fantasy after all, so it wasn't too odd). He kept a hold of Sue so she stayed over his face as he came and then started licking away at her again while I rode him until I came.

Given I was on top of him, his cum was running out of me and things were rather messy, but it felt wonderful and after the show I'd jsut been given (and was sort of still being given) I had a pretty decent orgasm. I ground against Mike has hard as I could and pressed his cock deep into me as I rubbed my clit against his body. He said it felt a bit too intense for him, but he didn't want to stop until we had all cum.

When We climbed off him, Sue leant over his cock and gave it a suck (she said it was the least she could do given he had eaten her). Mike took great pleasure in watching her suck my juices off it, but I think she was thinking more about tasting his cum. She didn't suck him for long as he was still rather sensitive and the session had taken its toll on us so we soon snuggled up. Mike enjoyed his position in the middle, with him spooned up against me and Sue against him. After a few minutes I realised that it was unfair for Jen to have to stay downstairs so I got up to go and tell her to use our bedroom. Sue was a bit unsure about this as she didn't know if she wanted Jen to know what we had been up to - Mike snuggled up against her and just told her that I didn't have any secrets from Jen and she knew that we had played around before (which I thought Sue knew already).

She went bright red and Mike tried to reassure her by saying she could share the bed with Jen and I the following night, but that didn't really help matters :) I took the more pragmatic approach of pointing out that Jen would have probably heard everything and had already suspected that we were going to do something together and in the end she let me go and tell her.
When I got back into bed, Mike was spooning against Sue and I curled up against his back - I did reach between then to grab his cock (just to check it wasn't in her), but it didn't have the desired effect as it just made Sue squirm against him. We fell asleep like that, but when I woke up he was lying against me again. We didn't have our usual morning session as I didn't want to encourage things to go any further than they had (but I then spent a fair part of the day feeling very horny).


  1. Mike, your a very lucky man. Thanks for telling us the tale Andi. I love keeping up to date with your antics.

  2. let him fuck your sister, hes earned it for sure.

  3. Ok here's the skinny. He obviously is devoted to you. You said no sex with Sue and he didn't try and kept it within the bounds set so you have nothing to worry about.
    As far as feeling a little jealous? The minor feelings you had are normal. Just think of all the ones he's had while you an Jen were playing; yet he knows you're into him and vice verse. If you weren't he would have gone for the home run as they say.
    He didn't neglect you, push you aside or forget about you. He made sure you were included and were satisfied while he was busy (otherwise he would have pushed you off there at the end) and when you woke up he was with you not Jen which also speaks volumes.
    If things were to continue to progress to the "full monty", in my opinion, you have nothing to worry about. He just proved that.

  4. I know he loves me (as I do him) and I know I can trust him, but I'm still not sure about him actually having sex with someone else. Actually, if he *was* going to do it with someone else, I'm beginning to think that I would like it to be Jen (but that might just be because I know there isn't a lot of chance of that ever happening :)

  5. Maybe im sick in the head but I really wanna see a threesome between you jen and mike that way more hardcore.

  6. Mike would love that (especially now he's had Sue). I still can't see Jen going for it though (*maybe* if he only did things to me, but he still hasn't even seen her naked yet).