Sunday, 27 September 2009

More family fun - Part 3

Sue was quite shy around Jen at first the following day (not helped by the fact that Jen teased her about what she'd overheard). After a while though (and us all telling her if was okay), she began to relax a bit (and even seemed to be relishing the face that Jen knew by the end of the day).

I spent the following night with Jen, Sue was in the spare room and Mike was on the sofa downstairs. I know I could have left him with Sue and nothing would have happened (well, maybe not nothing, but not *too* much!) but both Mike and I thought it would be better to keep things between the three of us.

Of course, Jen wanted me to describe in detail what it was like watching Sue be eaten and what she looks like naked and I obliged her by going over the previous night in explicit detail while she ate me. I know that Jen thinks Sue is cute and I certainly enjoyed the effect that the description of her had on Jen (which was passed on to me with a very enthusiatic cunt licking).

After I'd cum, I thought we should try something a little more energetic and we pulled out the double ended dildo. We had seen a nice picture of two girls sharing a carrot a few days earlier and thought we would do a similar thing with it. We knelt up, facing away from each other and got the dildo buried in our pussies. We then pressed back against each other until our asses were touching and after a bit of experimentation, found the best way was for us to each rock forwards at the same time (so the dildo slipped a bit out) and then slam our asses together.

We got a good rythm going and the bed was making a bit of noise, but there was no real pressure on our clits (other than the vibrations from us banging together) so we had a rethink and ended up covering the dildo with the tingle gel. Once it had started to work, this felt a whole lot more intense and I could really feel the dildo as it slid out and was pounded back into me. Nice as it was, it was still not going to be enough to cum and so after we had got ourselves nicely worked up, we switched to the usual scissors position where we could get some pressure on out clits.

I lay on my back and Jen went 'on top' and she ground herself against me. We were quite far along before we even started this so it didn't take long. I could tell Jen was going to cum first (by a fair way) so I had to grab her and guide her to ensure that she moved in a way that pressed agaisnt my clit. Jen still came first but stayed upright(ish) so I could hump against her until I came.After that, we snuggled up together and kissed while we fell asleep (with a bit of fingering as well, but not enought to start things off again).

I woke up the following morning with Jen between my legs (always a nice way to be woken!). She had apparantly woken up feeling very horny as she was using the egg on herself while eating me - I got her to turn around so we could 69 (it's not really fair for her to be the only one to get a nice batch of fresh cunt juice in the morning!). We didn't have a long session, but I let her make me cum first while I played with her pussy, enough to keep her interested, but not enough to give her an orgasm. Once I had cum though, I didn't tease her any more and dived in, mostly on her clit while I fingered her ass. To be honest, I could have probably done with another orgasm before getting up, but I could hear that Mike and Sue were already moving about downstairs and thought we should join them.

I put my dressing gown on and Sue slipped on h a long t-shirt. She usually put panties on when Mike was around (and she was only wearing a little), but I noticed that she didn't bother (but didn't say anything as I was curious). Mike and Sue had already started breakfast (they had been up for a while and given up waiting for us), but had got stuff ready for us so we joined them and tucked in. After a while, we found out that Sue had been questioning Mike about how he felt about Jen and I (if ge got jealous) and he explained the perks of the situation (for a while I thought he was going to tell her about out escapades in the garden (which I wasn't quite sure she'd be okay with), but he ended up explaining how he loves tasting Jen off me.

Mike was enjoying describing this and his cock was making a very visible bulge in his dressing gown - Sue reached over and gave it a little pat and Jen asked her how long she had wanted to do things with Mike for. Sue blushed at this and after a bit of stammering, replied that she had always liked him (and we spent a while trying to figure out how old she was when she first actually met him). She hadn't really thought of him sexually at first, but when she had started to listen in on us (and then got to watch us), she said she started to fantasise about doing things with him when she masturbated and would sometimes even sleep in my bed the night after we returned to York.

Looking back on it, she did start to behave slghtly differently around him back then, wearing more revealing clothes (or shorter nightdresses), flirting and hugging him a lot more. I hadn't really noticed it too much at the time (given I only saw her occasionally, it was difficult to tell what was unusual behaviour for her).

Jen seemed to be enjoying the thought of Sue playing with herself and was squirming around a bit so went off to have a shower. We moved over to sit down, Mike and I on the sofa and Sue on the chair and continued to chat. After about 10 minutes, Jen came downstairs looking quite flushed (but satisified) and Mike told Sue about the alternate use for our shower. Jen told Sue to make sure she had a go as she flopped down on the sofa beside me and gave me a quick kiss.

I had forgotten about the fact that Jen had been without panties earlier on (she had put the same t-shirt back on), and it was only after we had been chatting a bit more that I noticed that Sue glanced a few times at Jen's legs. I couldn't see anything from where I was, but I had a fair idea that Jen was giving Sue a peek at her pussy (I checked afterwards and she was). It was nothing too overt, but she had her legs drawn up and was hugging her knees with her feet slightly to the side, so I would guess Sue got the view that Mike has been wanting for ages!

I toyed with the idea of sliding my hand around Jen's ass and either pulling her pussy open or even stroking it, but I didn't know if Sue would be ready to see that (or if she even wanted to) so I resisted. Mike had no idea this was happening (and later said I should have told him). We chatted a bit longer (not just about sex, but it featured heavily) and eventually we thought we should get ready as it was past midday. Jen took Sue up to show her how to set the shower to the pulse setting (no, she didn't demonstrate, or stay in with her!) and while I was clearing up the breakfast things, Mike opened my dressing gown, pulled the back up and slipped into me from behind.

I wasn't expecting it and nearly dropped the glasses I was carrying, but managed to put them down and push my ass out to make the position easier. Jen came downstairs though and caught us like that (his dressing gown was hiding anything from view, but it wasn't difficult to tell he was inside me). She made a comment about us having no self control and I asked if she had actually been flashing herself at Sue, which she confirmed. Mike pressed even harder against me and I thought I'd tease him by contracting my pussy around him.

As far as we can remember, this was the first time that Jen had ever seen us do anything (even though she couldn't actually see anything other than my breasts and it almost felt like being caught having sex by your mother (albeit a much cuter hotter mother!) She stood and looked at us for a few seconds and then said she would come back when we'd finished to help clean up. She went to sit on the sofa (where you can't see into the kitchen without trying) and Mike started moving inside me again. He pulled my dressing gown off and reached around to finger my clit with one hand while he held (and stroked) my neck with the other.

It was quite a fierce fuck, he was slamming into my pussy and rubbing my clit quickly - he did counter that by gently stroking my neck at the same time and it didn't take long before I came. He pumped into me even faster as my orgasm died away and let out a moan as he came in me. He kept pumping into me until he had emptied himself and then kept his body pressed tight against mine as we kissed (even though it's a bit awkward, I like kissing him when he is behind be and holding me - and has his cock buried in me!)

When he pulled out, his cum started to drip out of my pussy and run down my legs. As soon as he had done up his dressing gown, he called Jen in. He stood for a minute (clearly wanting to see what would happen) but she pushed him out the door and told him to go have a shower or something. Once he was going upstairs, she started to kiss me and rub against my leg, smearing his cum over us both.

She got me to climb onto the worksurface and sit on the edge so she could eat me (she certainly seems to like the taste of his cum more than I do, but I'm getting more used to it). When she started I thought it might take a while as I'd only just cum, but I seem to have forgotten about how many times I can cum when it's done right (and Jen was doing it right). It took almost no time before I came again - it wasn't strong, but still felt nice (and I probably couldn't have coped with another strong one). When she stood up, Jen's face was covered with Mike's cum and she kissed me so I could taste it (mixed with my juices, it doesn't taste too bad at all).

I was ready to swap places with Jen and make her cum (and possibly use some food to make things more interesting), but Sue walked in on us - all she said was "wow, do you ever do anything else". If I hadn't watched her cum the previous night, I would have been rahter embarressed, but I just climbed down and went to pick up my dresing gown to cover myself. Jen kicked it away and grabbed me from behind - giving Sue a full frontal view, she slid a hand around me and put a finger straigt in my cunt. I yelped at this, but didn't need to worry as Sue just said "Yeah, it's not the same without Mike" and then with a grin added "or the shower".

I managed to get free (Jen wasn't as interested once she realised Sue didn't want a show). Just before I left, I wiped my hand in the puddle I'd left on the counter and rubbed it over Jen's face before running upstairs naked to get a shower. While I was gone, Jen apologised to Sue and they talked about the shower and what Sue had done with Mike and I. Jen thinks that Sue might actually be a little curious about seeing the two of us together, but I think she's just trying to live the same fantasy as Mike has of screwing two sisters at the same time :)


  1. you naughty, naughty, naughty girl, bend over that counter and take a spanking from it, NOW!!

  2. Wow, it's hard to keep all the players straight here. The one comment, 'do you do anything else?' made me laugh.
    It sure seems like all you guys do is have sex, with everyone, and everything.
    Loved the double-ended dildo play.
    Actually, I'm envious here.

  3. Well most of the time sex is limited to mornings or (sometimes and) evenings. Over the past few weeks I've been rather busy during the week trying to make up for the time I lost when I had to go home (hence why I'm drawing out the story from what was now 2 weekends ago).

    I knew Sue was also rather upset by what had happened to mum, so I thought I should be a good big sister and let her come and visit to take her mind off things (it seemed to work!)

  4. "We then pressed back against each other until our asses were touching and after a bit of experimentation, found the best way was for us to each rock forwards at the same time (so the dildo slipped a bit out) and then slam our asses together."

    This made my night. My cock is so hard right now, I had to pull my lap top over my cock considering I am at work. Your such a naughty girl. I want to come have fun with you all.

  5. Now you know how I've been feeling writing entries at work over the past week and a bit. It might not be quite as obvious when I'm aroused, but I've had to run off to a cupboard or the toilet to take care of myself a few times.