Saturday, 19 September 2009

More family fun

Sue got here yesterday and it was a little strange at first with the four of us all here. I know we were all at home for a while when we'd gone back to see mum, but there wasn't any (or much) sex happening as we had more important things to deal with.

I think Sue had a good idea of what we had planned when she was meant to visit previously (pretty much a repeat show of her last visit) and wasn't really sure how to behave with Jen around as well. It was probably a very good thing that Jen was here as I wanted to try to give Sue a nice relaxing time to help her get over the shock of the past few weeks and while sex is good (well, okay, sex is amazing), I didn't want her whole visit to be taken over by it (but having sex as a part of it would be fine!)

I wasn't sure whether Sue would want to share a bed with Jen (not that she's homophobic, but she might have thought it a bit strange) and I wasn't too sure about having her sleep with Mike without me watching :) The only decent sleeping arrangements we could figure out were to use the two bedrooms and for someone to sleep on the sofa (both Mike and Jen both offered Sue the other bedroom when they weren't in with me and they would take the sofa).

We didn't get up to much - Sue gave us the latest news on mum and said she was planning on staying with our aunt for at least a week and maybe a bit more. Sue didn't know how long she would stay in York for as she had planned to visit some other friends over the holidays (and the holidays were running out - not that I have much sympathy given I no longer get undergraduate holidays).

Something I realise I hadn't mentioned before is that Mike's birthday fell during the time he was first at home with me (on a particularly bad day, so we did pretty much nothing to celebrate it). It was partly because of this and partly as he helped look after Sue and I that I wanted to give him another evening with Sue watching us and was prepared to let him do a little with her. As such, Jen had already arranged to ask for an early night so the three of us would go upstairs. In return, we had told her that if anything happened, we would use the spare room (her room) as she liked the idea of Sue cumming in her bed.

So we helped Jen make up the sofa and the three of us then went upstairs to get ready for bed. We took turns in the bathroom and each time we saw Sue, were in an increasing state of undress until I just had my panties on and Mike just had his boxers on. Sue made a comment about us usually sleeping naked and Mike replied with something about her still being mostly dressed - it was clearly an invitation and she just said "fine" and slipped her top off.

It was still a bit unbalanced as she had her jeans and bra on and so Mike took the initiative and hugged her from behind. He told her that if she wanted to watch, she would have to be naked and he started to unbutton her jeans (he had a bit of trouble doing this at first, but soon got them unzipped). Sue wasn't objecting to this and Mike said (later) that the idea was to try to get an idea of whether she would be interested in letting him do anything at all with her. The fact she let him partly undress her was enough to get him hard (which she noticed, but then again he was only wearing his boxers).

Mike led me into the spare room and Sue followed along - she pulled the door shut behind her and we all sat down on the bed. We all seemed to be a bit unsure as to how we should start which was a bit odd given what we had already done previously. Mike and I started to kiss and lay back on the bed - our hands running over each other as the kissing became more passionate. Mike started to kiss around my neck and as he did this I reached down and grabbed his cock through his boxers. He moaned into my neck as I started to pull on it and worked it out through the opening so I could rub it directly.

Mike moved down so he could suck on my breasts (which was more for show than effect as he knows my neck is more sensitive) and hungrily sucked on each breast and used his tongue on my nipples. He slid his hand down to my panties and started rubbing around my lips and then quickly pushed the crotch of them aside and rubbed my pussy directly. I spread my legs to give him better access and glanced over at Sue who was looking between his cock (which I was still rubbing) and my cunt.

I really can't explain how different it feels knowing that someone (let alone my lil sis) was watching and I wanted to get things started really quickly so I could cum (I was planning on cumming a good number of times so getting the first one out quickly didn't bother me). I tried to pull his boxers off (which isn't easy when you can't see what you're doing). Mike got the idea and quickly untanged the mess I had made and slipped his boxers off so he was naked. As I've said, I was in no mood to play around and pulled my own panties off while he was doing this. I tried to pull him down on top of me, but he said "Don't rush, we're meant to be giving our guest a show.".

All I could think of to reply with was "I know, that's what I want to do, make me cum".

Mike pushed me further up the bed and told me to pass him down some pillows. I did this and he lifted up my ass and stuffed two pilows under it. Sue moved around to give him room to crouch between my legs and he asked her if she liked having her pussy licked, she just nodded and murmured "uh-huh" and he lowered his head to my pussy and started licking. With the pillows under me, he had really good access to my cunt and clit and made full use of it. He pulled my lips wide apart and pushed his tongue deep into me (okay, not as deep as Jen can get, but it still felt great!). I looked over at Sue and she was watching intently and had a hand between her legs working away in her panties.

I lifted my legs up to my shoulders and held them apart (we don't use this position very often, but I have no idea why not as I love it). Mike's tongue was working from my ass to my clit and he licked a little harder and spent a little longer on my clit with each stroke. I knew I would cum very soon and didn't think it was worth trying to hold back (nor did I want to) and pressed back against his face, urging him on. He doesn't really need to be encouraged when he's eating me like this (he still says that eating my pussy is his favourite thing) and just told Sue to watch me cum.
I realised that I was stroking my neck (only lightly as my arm was looped around my leg) and that it felt really good (I don't think I've ever managed to get it to feel good in that was by stroking there myself) and just let the feelings wash through me. Mike started to concentrate on my clit with only quick flicks on his tongue on my cunt and ass and I felt my orgasm build really quickly. I let out a series of either grunts or pants as I came that got steadily louder until it ended and I dropped my legs (almost hitting him with them as I did so). It had been an incredibly intense orgasm and I lay there panting while Mike sat up between my legs and wiped his face clean.

I felt his cock rubbing against my cunt and tried to tell him (between gasps) that I needed a bit of time. He continued to rub against me, but didn't go any firther and he asked Sue about how many times she had been eaten like that. She said she had been licked a number of times and after a bit of further questioning divulged that she's even had it done to her in a few unusual places. I thought Mike was going to press her on this for details, but I could feel that his cock was rubbing against my cunt a bit harder and he started to slip it inside me.

He pulled a pillow out from under me and asked Sue "Do you want see me slide into her cunt?"
I looked over at her as she said "Yes" - she was getting quite flushed and her whole hand was buried in her panties, clearly with a number of fingers insider her own pussy. Mike spread my lips again and Sue moved a little closer to watch as he guided the head of his cock into me - he didn't press deep, just moved back and forth so the head entered and then popped all the way out of me. I could feel my inner lips grasping at him as he pulled out and wondered what effect this was having on Sue (I could tell what it was doing to me!)

He then pulled out of me and moved towards Sue. He said "Now it's really not fair that you aren't naked" and he pushed her back onto the bed. Kneeling over her legs, he asked if hr bra was expensive, and when she said no, he grabbed the two cups and gave a quick pull so they tore apart. Sue went to cover her breasts, but then just pulled the bra off each shoulder in turn and threw it away. I've really enjoyed the times when we've played like this and Sue seemed to like it to. He leaned over her and I could see his cock pressing against her stomache (and his balls against her panties) and with his face right above hers, he asked if he could remove her panties.

She just nodded and he slipped a hand down and started to work them free, one side at a time. Sue didn't raise herself up to help him, so it took a little whie, but before long he had them down to her thighs. I could tell that Sue was enjoying what was happening and as Mike slid down her body, she pressed up agsinst him. He sat up over her legs agsin and then pulled her panties off. Mike told her "If you get to see us naked, we get to see you too" and ran a hand up her thigh and traced a finger up her pussy. She was already quite red and wet from her own ministrations and Mike says that he found it quite difficult to not slide a finger (or two) into her right then. He did make a show of tasting her off his finger before moving back over to me and she did look a little disappointed. He slipped straight into me and lay down on top of me - with his mouth right by my ear he whispered "I think she'll let me make her cum".

I think that up until that point I was still a bit unsure as to how I would feel, but I knew that I liked the idea of sharing (a little bit) of him with her and I pressed back against him to make sure he was fully inside me before I started to contract my pussy around him. He liked this and started to describe what he could feel. She had moved up to sit at the top of the bed and was now playing with herself properly. Mike and I were kissing and I felt his arm move over towards her. He says that he found her knee, slid up her thigh and met her fingers. Iheard Sue gasp and broke our kiss to look over and watch Mike's fingers replace Sue's in her cunt. He got two fingers into her and used his thumb on her clit. I know how that feels when he does it to me and so I could tell how much she was enjoying it (coupled with the look on her face) and I started to move against him even harder.

Mike asked Sue to get the egg out of the drawer beside her - she did this without him having to take his fingers out of her, but when she turned it on and held it against her clit, he stopped playing with her, took it off her and nestled it between our bodies so it was pressing against my clit. Once again, Sue looked rather disappointed, but once he had lay back on top of me and made sure the egg was staying put, he started to play with her again. He wasn't moving on me as much now, just pressing hard into me, but the egg more than made up for the lack of movement.

I tried to keep pulsing my cunt walls around him, but sort of lost concentration as I got closer to cumming. Mike kept pressing into me and I knew I couldn't hold back and longer and felt my clit start to tingle as my second orgasm hit me. I was panting in his ear and asking him to cum with me (at first, then I was just panting). He pressed even harder against me and I could feel the egg buzzing right through my clit it was pressing so hard against it. As my orgasm ended, I had to push him back a bit and let it fall away as it got too intense, but he kept his cock in me, moving gently.


Hmm - this turned out to be longer than I had planned, I'll have to finish it later on (hopefully you've enjoyed it so far). It's still kind of difficult finding the opportunity to write it while Sue is around.


  1. It's so heartening to see family members getting so close.:-)

    Glad that you're doing so well, & Mike too (I know he's especially well!). Take care you horny minx!

    Looking forward to the conclusion.

  2. I love your sexy stories but they are sooo long it takes a long time to read them. Its usually worth it though. Sorry I havent been around in a while.

  3. I prefer the long stories ... give us all the details to enjoy, and don't leave out a thing!

  4. I don't set out trying to make them long, but I just try to include details and then sometimes get carried away (I enjoy writing them and remembering all the feelings)

  5. You're doing it right, Andi -- part of what sets your blog apart from others is the storytelling quality. It's always more engaging when you allow us to feel like we're there, knowing how the participants felt and thought.

    Another quality that sets your blog apart is that it has a ring of reality instead of sounding like the exaggerated fiction published in cheap men's magazines. (You know, the kind where some average-looking guy in an average town goes to a local singles bar every night and always manages to pick up hot blond chicks with 38DD boobs who can't wait to take him home and bang his brains out.)

    And finally, it's more interesting to most of us guys when the writer behind the blog is a real person instead of a skanky porn princess. Too many "adult" blogs are hosted by chicks who look like they just got done hooking up with the United States Marine Corps.

    So keep up the good work!

    -- Doug

  6. Um, thanks? I'm glad I don't look like someone the US Marine Corps would like to screw :) (Now *that* could be a really good fantasy!)

    I had actually thought that some of our recent exploits were getting a bit closer to the out-there fantasy side of things - maybe I'm still naive and there are a lot more people who do these sorts of things that I'd thought...

    I do agree though - I much prefer reading posts from girls who I think could actually live next door to me.

  7. Aww now, I think you know I was just teasing with my "U.S. Marine Corps" remark.

    As you deduced, what I meant was that you have a refreshing girl-next-door look and a writing style that doesn't sound like most of your material was made up by some horny geek with too much time and not enough actual experience.

    That's why your blog is vastly superior to every other one I've seen that deals with similar topics. Far too many have a fake, almost commercial ring to them, as if their stories were written by scriptwriters ... not to mention the fact that the "star" often looks like she's spent a few too many decades in the porn industry, working 16-hour days.

    It's so much more interesting (and stimulating) to read about one young woman's real life, even if it doesn't always have a neat, perfect plot.

    Incidentally, I would never, ever say that the U.S. Marine Corps wouldn't find you attractive. In fact, if you ever doubt that, just stroll onto a Marine Corps base sometime, remove your top and shout, "Hey ... are any of you big, tough Marines interested in THESE?"

    Then stand by for the stampede!

    (Hmmm ... for Mike's sake, maybe you'd better keep that one in the fantasy realm!)

    -- Doug