Friday, 4 September 2009

Relief sex

Things are getting a little better here now - I don't want to write about what happened just yet (and you may well not be interested in it anyway) so I'm going to make a more usual entry.

Both Jen and Mike have been wonderful at supporting me (and Sue) over the last couple of weeks. Mike came home with me the day the accident happened and stayed with us overnight in the hospital. As I think I've mentioned before, Sue has always seemed to look at him like an older brother (which may have changed slightly recently!), but he comforted and reassured us both when we were really scared.

After a few days, mum was no longer critcal, but still had to stay in hospital. Neither Sue or I were in much of a state to look after outselves and Mike got all the shopping and cooking sorted and continued to help us through the time we couldn't be at the hospital. Of course we slept in the same bed (Mike and I, not Sue) but I wasn't eactly in the mood to do very much. A few nights we just snuggled up together with him inside me and holding me tight. We made love a couple of times like this - very gently and it really seemed to help me.

A couple of nights, Sue Mike and I cuddled up together on the sofa (fully clothed). He had to go back to work at the start of last week though and Jen came down to stay with me. This wasn't really the way that I had wanted her to meet Sue or mum, but I think it made Sue realise how we feel for each other. Up until then I had the feeling that they (my family) thought I was just having a bit of fun with her.

When we finally found out that everything was going to be okay, we were obviously very relieved.and the mood became a lot better. That night, Jen and I were snuggled up in bed kissing and I started crying as I felt I was finally able to relax. Jen kissed me better and then started kissing my neck. I could feel the passion building in me and even though I love having my neck played with, I pushed her down my body. She knew exactly what I wanted and kissed her way down my body under the covers. I didn't want her to hide away and pulled the covers off to the side so I cold see her settling in between my legs.

I hadn't been licked down there for a while (I know Mike would have done it if I'd asked, but I had really wanted him to hold me over the previous week). When Jen's tongue touched me I felt a wonderful wave of pleasure course through my pussy and up my body. I let out a fairly loud moan and arched myself so that my cunt pressed againstt her mouth. Jen put a hand on either side of my pussy, spread it apart and then slid her tongue deep inside me. As I've mentioned before, her tongue is fairly long and she lapped away inside me and I think she got fairly close to my g spot.

I could feel that I wasn't going to hold out for very long but didn't really want to try to draw things out so I reached down and pulled her head tighter against me. I kept telling her how good it felt (between gasps and moans!) and could feel my orgasm getting very close. Jen had hardly touched my clit during this time (well, not directly, obviously her lips and face had been brushing against it, but her tongue had been mostly inside me). Her hair was wrapped around my hands and I pushed back and rubbed against her face as I came.

I'd had cum a few times over the previous week, but those orgasms had been nothing like this one. It felt incredible as it pulsed through me and Jen somehow managed to keep her face glued to my cunt and her tongue wiggling inside me through most of it. I don't know exactly where she was licking, but it definitely did the job. Jen said I let out a very strange high pitched 'caw' in the middle of it.

Jen licked me for a little while longer but not for so long that it was too intense and then crawled back up to kiss me. She told me that I didn't need to do anything to her and she had wanted to give me a present to celebrate the news that things were going to be okay. I actually started crying again when she said that and held her really tight and kept telling her how much I love her. I had no intention of stopping though and managed to work a leg between hers and ran my hands down her back to her ass.

Only when I was in position did I tell her that she wasn'r going to get off that easily and kissed her back with a lot more force. Jen didn't seem to object and started to slide against my leg while my fingers reached across her ass and played with her pussy. Things got very heated again in a short period of time and we were whispering a fairly filthy conversation to each other. Jen asked me what I was going to do with her and I told her I was going to fuck her hard and make her cum.

We rolled over so I was on top and I moved down so I could suck her nipples while sliding two fingers into her. She pushed my head against her breasts and I sucked harder, which elicited a nice moan from her. I told her to tell me what she wanted and she kept telling me to suck harder and press deeper into her. I tried to add a third finger, but she is still too tight for that to easily work (and I wanted her to enjoy things, not hurt her!). I was suprised how much fun Jen seemed to be having seeing as we were just getting started and I gave her nipple a little nip with my teeth (not too hard, but a lot harder than just sucking). I had thought that this would make her jump or squeal, but she actually gasped and pushed against me harder.

Now I know that I don't like having my nipples sucked too hard so I stopped and asked Jen if she had liked that and she said she did. I lowered my head to her other breast and gave it a much harder suck than usual and Jen arched her back to press against my mouth. I don't know if I was imagining it, but it felt as if her pussy was getting wetter as I sucked harder and so I gave another bite (still not too hard). I had clearly found something new to play with here and spent a little while lashing her nipples with my tongue and biting down on them until they were fairly red (still not leaving teeth marks or anything that hard).

Jen was being quite vocal about how this felt and this was having an effect on me and I wanted to make good on my promise and give her a good fucking. The hand that had been working on her pussy was pretty soaked and I knew I definitely wanted to have a quick taste of her before moving on to other things. We'd moved on from nice gentle lovemaking and I grabbed her ass and raised it in the air. Jen helped by sliding her legs up and offered her cunt to me. I dived in and had a good taste of her (I kind of forgot about the 'quick' part). and then pulled her back down and pressed my cunt against hers in the scissor position.

I started rubbing against her, at first I was sliding my cunt agsinst hers, applying more and more pressure and then started humping against her so that our pussies were slappign against each other. Jen looked really beautiful and was beginning to get flushed and I told her to play with her nipples (which were still nice and erect from my sucking). I was getting a bit carried away and our cunts were really slapping hard together so the bed was rocking more than when Mike and I fuck. I reached across Jen's body and took the closest nipple in my hand and pulled on it fairly hard. I kept a hold of her nipple for a little while but it was hard to hump against her so in the end I had to release it and move back to my earlier position.

Jen came fairly soon after I started pumping against her again and I kept going until I came as well - she is still improving in the amount of noise she makes and I thought I would add a little to the mix (there was no chance that Sue hadn't heard us already and she confirmed this the next morning with some sarcastic comments in the kitchen!)


  1. Oh, gawd, I'd love to watch you two sometime. I'd love to see you scissors together.

    Do you 2 get into rimming at all? I hadn't really hear you mention it, but the way you had moved Jen around, it seems that might cum into play also, no?

  2. A few times yes. I've mentioned it in previous posts (Mike did it to me the first time he wet down on me so I've actually mentioned it since the first post).

    Jen and I do it to each other too - she likes having it done but I don't think she likes doing it to me as much (but she still does it sometimes).

    I've come to love the taste of her cunt now though so I kind of get distracted by it whenever I'm in that general area :)

  3. the four of you alone and your first session was with only 1 other person? As they say opportunity only knocks once.

  4. Another great story. But I MUST ask, when are we going to get back into the Slumber Party stories?

  5. Hi! Hope things're ok still, thoughts go out to you & your fam! :-)

  6. I'll get back to the slumber party story soon I hope - I can't quite figure out how fast I want the girls to take things, but have thought up lots of good storylines that I can use.


    We did indeed have the house to ourselves, but apart from the fact we had other things on our minds (I do think about things other than sex you know!), Jen still isn't about to do anything with Mike and Sue isn't likely to do anything with Jen :)

  7. Wow Andi that was really hot. I have to admit I dont keep up with your blog like I should. Actually I am going to sit for hours and read everything from this post to the newest post today, I promise. I love your stories, so expect a lot of comments from me.