Monday, 14 September 2009

Returning to normal

Things are slowly returning to normal now - mum is back home and I'm back at work (still popping home at the weekends though). Both Mike and Jen have been a great support for us and the one (single) positive thing about what happened is that both mum and sis met Jen in a way that allowed them to see how much we care about each other and that she is a really nice girl (as well as being damn good in bed!).

Once we knew that everything was going to be okay (and I was no longer as worried), my sex drive returned to normal fairly quickly. I'm sure Sue got a good listen to my sessions with both Mike and Jen - I had Jen during the week and she used the spare room over the weekend when Mike was down. About the only use me made of the opportunity was to have sex out in the garden - I know Sue watched when it was Mike and I fucking but she says she didn't watch when Jen and I did things out there (but I think she might have at least had a little peep).

Mike was quite keen for Sue to come and watch us last weekend (well, he actually wanted her to join us and I think that I would have let him do at least a little to her as a reward for how suportive he's been for us both over the past few weeks). Unfortunately for him, Sue didn't say anything about wanting to watch this time so he had to make do with just me - I tried my best to ensure that he wasn't too disappointed and let him cum in both my cunt and ass.

Sue also wanted to have a bit of fun and so we liberated one of Sue's hairbrushes from the bathroom one evening last week and I pretty much fucked Jen senseless with it while I licked her clit. I think she came three times - while this seemed to satisfy her, she wanted to do a bit more the next day so we went into Sue's room (while she was out) and shared her vibe between us (Jen wanted to use it last so it was left covered in her juices).

I'm now back in York for the week and Jen came back with me so it's back to taking turns having nights with Mike or her. She is now being a lot more affectionate in from of Mike (which he clearly enjoys) - she is kissing up the inside of my thigh while I'm sitting on the sofa typing this and Mike is encouraging her to kiss (and eat) my pussy instead of just teasing me.


  1. mmmmm Jen is very naughty for licking inside your thighs!

  2. Is sue your sister? I have such a hard time remembering all the dynamics of the people and how they are related to one another. I wish you would type that up.

  3. It's all very simple - I'm Andi (hi), mike is my bf, Jen is my gf and Sue is my sister who now gets to play with us.