Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Sharing cum

Jen made Mike a very happy man yesterday (admittedly not as happy as she could have made him, but he certainly enjoyed it).

I was sitting on the sofa with Mike on one side and Jen on the other - we were watching some Scrubs (which Mike and I are introducing Jen to) and she started stroking my legs At first she was stroking my thighs through my skirt - her hand would slide up one leg and down the other, but avoiding my pussy. I spread my legs slightly to give her some encouragement and after a few minutes, her hand slipped down below the hem of my skirt and started stroking my skin directly. Mike says he noticed what she was doing, but pretended to keep watching TV (while watching out of the corner of his eye).

I slid my legs a bit further apart and Jen slowly worked her hand up my thigh under my skirt (which was sliding up my leg as she stroked further up). Mike gave up pretending to watch TV somewhere around here and moved around to get a better view. Jen's hand was still slowly working up towards my pussy and I pulled my legs apart to let her do whatever she wanted. Jen continued to keep stroking me, gently tracing little circles on my skin but it felt so good it almost felt like she was stroking my pussy directly.

Now this obviously wasn’t the first time Mike had seen me naked while Jen was around, but she hadn't done anything like this with him watching before and I could clearly see the outline of his cock which was bulging under his jeans (trapped down one leg). I lifted my feet up onto the sofa so my legs were completely open and my skirt slid up to my waist so my pussy was exposed. Jen's hand was near the top of my thighs, but still wasn't touching my pussy and I was getting impatient. I tried to push her hand onto (or into) me, but she resisted and told me to wait.

Mike moved to a seat so he could get a better view and Jen leaned over to kiss me. She started stroking my breasts through my top and while she was distracted doing this, I slid a hand to my pussy and rubbed it. I was rather wet and after playing with my clit for a few seconds, I slid a couple of fingers straight into myself before Jen noticed what I was doing and pulled my hand away. She told me off and rubbed my fingers on my thighs.

Jen knelt between my legs and using long firm licks, she licked the juices off my thighs. By this time, i wanted to grab ger head and press is against my cunt, but she clearly knew this and was holding my hands against the sofa so I couldn't do anything. I could see Mike adjusting his trousers to get his cock into a more comfortable position and wished he could help me out, but he clearly knew that Jen was only letting him watch if he didn't try to do anything.

Jen licked and nibbled around my pussy, but wouldn't do anything more to me - I did try pushig against her a few times, but the best I got was some brief contact between my cunt and her cheek.I was really going crazy by this point and told her I needed more and she said that we had to go upstairs. I knew that this would mean Mike couldn't see any more and I just said "Sorry" to him. Fortunately he seemed to understand and told me to go have fun.

I bounded up the stairs, pulling Jen behind me and didn't give her the chance to take control when we got to the bedroom - I stripped off my clothes, pushed her onto the bed and straddled her to hold her down while I pulled her clothes off. Once she was mosltly naked (apart from having her arms tangled up in her top) I moved my cunt onto her face and started sliding against her. To her credit, she did lick me as I face fucked her and as I got closer to cumming I wanted to taste her too. I tried to quickly switch position - the aim was to 69 with her with me on top, but I was in a bit too much of a hurry and ended up falling off he so we finally ended up on our sides.

I wasn't being at all delicate with her - I got a finger into her ass, pulled her pussy open with my other hand and was noisily slurping away at her while grinding my own pussy against her face. I think Jen must have enjoyed teasing me as much as I had been tortured by it as she was soon grinding back against my face and I didn't cum too long before she did. I was fairly loud (partly for Mike's benefit) and really wanted to collapse when I had finished, but I wanted to repay Jen.

I wrapped my arms around her and attacked her clit and cunt hard - she came quite quickly, but I kept licking away to teach her a lesson. The noises she made went from her nice mewing to panting and screaming until she begged me to stop. I rolled away from her and left her lying on the bed - fairly wet with sweat. I told her to wait exactly where she was and recover and I'd be back soon. I thought that Mike had been patient enough and ran downstairs (well, okay, maybe I didn't run, but I was a bit out of breath!).

He was back on the sofa and had his cock out already. I could tell that he wasn't far from cumming and walked over to him, knelt over his cock and let my cunt envelop it. Mike grabbed my hips and started guiding me up and down (I think I could have figured out what he wanted by myself!) and we kissed. He could taste Jen from my moth (and face, and pretty much anywhere on my top half!) and I told him to cum as quickly as he could. I've rarely known Mike to take so little time once he is inside me, but it was probably under a minute and he thrust really hard into me and pulled me down against his cock. I'm pretty sure I could feel his cum squirting into me and he definitely moaned quite a bit as he came (which is always a good sign I feel).

Mike collapsed back in the sofa and I thought my work with him was done for the time being. I carefully lifted myself off him, covered my pussy with a hand and carefully went back upstairs to Jen, She was still lying on the bed and had dozed off, but she woke up when I climbed onto the bed and knelt over her. I straddled her pussy and slightly opened the fingers on the hand covering my pussy to allow some cum to run out and drip onto Jen. With my free hand I rubbed it into her - at first I only rubbed it over her pussy, but then changed my mind, allowed a bit more to drip out and rubbed it into her cunt with two fingers. I waddled my way up her body (it's not easy walking on your knees while on a bed) letting cum drip over her as I went. I allowed a generous amount to fall over her breasts and rubbed it in so she was covered before finally planting myself over her face.

I had anticipated that I would only have a little of Mike's cum left in me by that point, but when I spread my lips, a fair amount dropped straight out onto Jen's face and ran into her hair. I had intended to plant myself back onto her mouth and have her eat me clean, but at the last minute I changed my mind, moved back down so I was between her legs and grabbed them. I lifted her up so that her cunt was in the air and I stood over her. I told Jen to spread her cunt and she reached up and pulled her lips apart. She asked me how much more of his cum I had in me and I just told her we would find out.

I pushed my cunt against hers and rubbed them together. I didn't move very quickly (it's even harder to stand up on a bed), but we were pressing together quite hard and it felt really nice. I don't know how much of the moisture we could feel was due to Mike, but out pussies slipped together very nicely and I definitely felt a few globs rub out of me while we did this. Some of it ran down her body, but I some slid into her cunt.

I wasn't intending to make her cum again straight away and after a few (wonderful) minutes I said we should go downstairs. I slipped on my dressing down and told Jen to wear one of her light dresses. She was still very wet from our combined juices, her sweat and Mike's cum and it showed in the way the dress clung to her. I called out on the way down and Mike said he was dressed again so I presented Jen to him and told him what we'd done. He thought this was very cruel (not what I did to Jen, just telling him about it as he’d just managed to get soft again).

She still had his cum on her face and some on her legs and Jen surprised me at this point by straddling him and rubbing against his cock (through his jeans). When she stood up, there was a clear wet patch and she just said she was returning some of his cum - the poor boy was still hard by the time we'd finished having dinner and I had to take him upstairs to give him some relief later on :)


  1. oh my god, i hope she is on the pill.
    my wife and i had a threesome some years ago, with a bi girlfriend and they done pretty much what you and jen have done.
    the girl got pregnant and i had to pay child support for years, with no contact with the child.
    she tracked me down two years ago and we now have full contact.

  2. You gotta let him fuck her, no question she wants to.

  3. Anon - don't worry, she is on the pill. I was a bit surprised when I first found out she was taking it (given I was under the impression she wasn't interested in guys!) but she takes it to help out with her period pains which used to get really bad.

    Clem - she reads this blog too and assures me that she isn't really that keen on fucking Mike (teasing him, yes!)

  4. Ah but a continuous tease is nothing more than just that, a tease.

  5. I know you're not into talking about her past, but I can't help thinking that was probably the first time she's ever had sperm inside her. Jen's a hottie, no doubt.

  6. She's had his cum in her once before when he came in my mouth and I went and licked it into her (but that was only a little bit).

    Jen is indeed far hotter than I deserve, but I'm not going to complain!

  7. Wow, this is easily one of your best stories. I enjoy the ones with Sue the most but this one takes the cake so far. Is Jen related to you or just a friend. I guess I didn't catch that.