Friday, 30 October 2009

Pub flash

I know I'm still behind on posts, but I haven't had time to get up to many new things so most of our sex has been more run of the mill stuff. In a few weeks, we're probably going to get to go to one of the sex parties I mentioned a few months ago (hopefully, anyway) and if they are as good as we think, I should have an amazing post following that :)

In an earlier post, I mentioned that I had to stop writing as we were heading out - we had a really fun night and I let a few of my friends see a bit of my 'real' personality (the one that all of you on here know about). It was another schoolgirl evening (for some reason, none of the men in our group of friends seem to tire of us all going out dressed as schoolgirls - hmm, I wonder why?). I had my usual red tartan skirt on (I tend to save my real school skirt for playing with Mike, but he also liked the red tartan one), long white socks, white blouse (with bra - I can't easily get away without one when I'm out) and no panties.

We had had a nice little fuck before we went out as I had wanted to feel Mike's cum leaking out of me throughot the night and while we were waiting at the bar for everyone to turn up I was enjoying rubbing my thighs together and smearing the wetness around. Not all of us do the schoolgirl thing properly, but we were getting the usual amount of appreciative stares (Jo always looks incredibly cute even in a normal outfir so I forgive her for not joining in fully. Rach had been running late and she hadn't bothered dressing up either, but as a whole, we were looking pretty good.

Vicky had outdone herself - she had an incredibly short school skirt on (she is reasonably tall anyway so a lot of skirts can look quite short on her, but thi was very short). She had a pair of opaque black tights on under it (another of Mike's fettishes, and because I know what he does when I wear them, I love them too!). She also had her hair up in bunches and had tied her blouse up in a knot to show off her amazing stomache.

Cindy had dressed up in a much more conservative way (but still damn cute). She had knee high black socks on with her school skirt and had her hair down. Clare, Anna, Holly and Lis had all put on skirts that could have been from a school uniform, but hadn't really dressed up. Some of the men had also dressed up, but I'm not that bothered by the schoolboy look so I didn't realy care about that.

Anyway, despite the way we looked (do have some wonderful fantasies involving my friends dressed up like that, but they're only fantasies), there wasn't really anything that amazing that happened during the first part of the evening. We chatted, got reasonably drunk and had a good time. It was a bit later on in the evening when Mike and i were chatting to Vicky that his fetish for opaque tights came up (we can't remember exactly how, but we guess Vicky caught him looking at her legs). I was complimenting her on being daring enough to wear such a short skirt and she mentioned that her boyfriend seemed to really like it.

Cindy had been telling Vicky that she had her Snoopy panties on (I have no idea how that conversation came up) and Vicky told us she had her strawberry panties on which she thought were really cute and therefore went with the schoolgirl look (Mike has watched an anime series that is just about a schoolgirl with strawberry panties so he seemed to really like knowing that she had a similar pair on). Now Vicky knows that I take my schoolgirl outfir seriously so I wasn't really surprised when she asked what I had on under my skirt. I was thinking if I should just tell her I had a pair of plain white cotton panties on when Mike leaned in and told her I was naked.

Vicky's face lit up in a wicked grin and I felt myself going red - despite the number of things I've got up to over the past few years, my friends don't know about the vast majority of them so I still get embarressed when they find out. Vicky didn't seem to believe him and playfully pulled at the bottom of my skirt as if she was going to flip it up and check. I made the mistake of believing that she wasn't going to really pull it up so I didn't try to stop her - to be fair, she didn't pull it up, but Mike reached around and quickly flipped it up so she got a flash of my pussy.

I quickly covered myself and when I looked back up at V, she still had a devilish grin on and said that she had done stuff like that before (she hadn't really realised that having a bare pussy is my native state of being!). She told us a story of when she was in 6th form (when she was 17-18 - I didn't ask which year) and she went to meet her boyfriend at the train station. She wore a long raincoat and nothing underneath it and let him fondle her up against a wall while they had people around them. Mike blurted out that we had done things similar to that and it was quite nice to know that some of my friends could be adventurous. (I've since thought that I should have mak Vicky the star of the slumber party stories now I know a bit more about her - I think the train station event will feature should I ever get back to writing them).

Vicky said that to be fair, she would have let us seen her strawberry panties if she could (while her skirt was short enough to see her crotch, the tights hid the pattern on her panties). I had been sitting on Mike's lap while we had been talking and while he had been hard for quite a while, I was fairly sure that he'd got even harder (or been pressing against me more) while this conversation had been going on so I squirmed back against him a few times before I got off his lap. It had the desired effect and he had a noticeable bulge in his jeans so he had to wait a little while before he could get up and follow me to the bar.

Vicky had got up with me and said I had been very cruel to him by doing that (she had clearly noticed his erection). a part of me wanted to ask her not to tell the others that I was naked, but another part a) didn't mind them knowing and b) was hoping that it might get some admissions of similar behaviour out of them so I said nothing. As it turns out, the only person she mentioned it to was Cindy. It was later on in another pub when Vicky got Cindy to show me her Snoopy panties (the three of us were in a corner chatting and Cindy had her back t the room. She didn't seem to mind at all and I got a good look at them (she had amazingly firm and beautiful thighs which I *may* have thought about nestling my head in between a few times since!)

Vicky then told her that I wasn't wearing panties I had assumed that I was safe as Mike wasn't around but then Vicky grabbed the bottom of my skirt and flipped it up. I had been sitting with my right lef bent up and my ankle under my left knee so when my skirt went up I was properly exposed and there was no doubt that I was completely shaved. I had been enjoying the feel of the air on my wet pussy as I still had a little of Mike's cum leaking out of me, but I don't think they got a long enough look to notice that.

Cindy just let out a gasp and put her hands over her mouth (not really shocked at what she'd seen, just shocked that Vicky had done that in public). I grabbed my skirt out of Vicky's hand and pulled it back down to cover myself. I started off pretending to be offended, but then gave up on that and just told her not to do that again in public (I phrased it very carefully, but I don't know if either of them picked up on it).

Unfortunately I didn't ever get to see Vicky's nice strawberry panties, but as I said, we've used the view I got of Cindy's (covered) crotch and thighs during our sessions. Jen has of course met her before and agrees with me that a chance to go down on her would be wonderful (especially if we could both do it to her at the same time :)


Sorry that my posts are a bit less frequent at the moment - I'm really busy at work again trying to finish up an experiment. I'll do my best to write a bit more frequently, but it may be difficult for a few weeks.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Sue's train fun

The first part of this post isn't about Mike and I (well, not directly, although we are sort of involved), but it's the story that I promised about Sue's trip home (which now seems like ages ago).

As I've already posted, Mike gave Sue a little goodbye fingering at the station which got her nice and excited (and reasonably wet from the look of his fingers afterwards). After we got home, he got a call from Sue saying that she was bored and wished that she was still up in York with us.

Mike, with his mind in the gutter (as usual, but that's where I like it!) asked her if she liked her 'going away' present. She said that she did, but that now she was feeling wet and horny (she whispered the last part). Mike asked how many people were on the train with her and she said that there were a few, but it wasn't too busy (which I think is the perfect amount - there has to be some risk of being caught, but you need enough privacy to be able to finish things off). He asked her if she was in a private enough area to play with herself (he had told her about the times I've done this and I've given up any pretence of being a nice girl around her given what we've done, so I didn't mind her knowing).

Sue was a bit nervous as she had never played with herself on a train before (although she has of course done things in 'public' places). He gave her a little encouragement and said that we would listen in and help her out. Sue decided that she was wiling to give it a try, but that said she would have to be quiet as there were people only a few seats in front of her.

Mike told her to slip her panties off (see, there is a good reason for not weaaring them(. She put the phone down and it seemed to take a little while before she picked it up again. She had been wearing a tight(ish) skirt and so had had a little troble getting her panties off while sitting down (again, there is a reason I mostly wear pleated skirts - much easier access!).

Mike told her to spread her legs and just gently stroke herself which she did. She was talking very quietly down the phone (which we had on speakerphone and Jen and I were huddled around Mike to listen in). He continued to tell her what to do to herself, mostly just getting her to tease herself at first. Sue seemed to be enjoying herselff, but kept compaining that she couldn't easily touch herself because of her skirt. I told her to unzip it, but to leave it fastened at the waist (yes, I've had to figure out how to do things in a tight skirt before) and this made life a lot easier for her. She could now open her legs enough to easily get ger fingers into herself and it was obvious from the change in her voice that it felt much better.

Mike told Sue to check if the coast was clear and slide her skirt round so the opening was directly above her pussy - she did this and told us that she now had a couple of fingers in her cunt (okay, she said 'pussy', but we're still working on her dirty talk). We had to wait while an announcement was made (we couldn't hear her above the speaker), but Mike continued to tell her what to do and Sue continued to work on herself while everyone else on the train was distracted. When we could hear her again, she said she was getting close (I know, these young people have no idea how to hold back and enjoy the moment). To be fair, Sue *was* enjoying the moment, but just not for as long as I would have done so.

What always seems to happen to me at this point is the guard or trolly services comes along and I have to wait, but Sue wasn't interrupted. Even though she was still whispering to us, we could all hear the passion in her voice.

Mike told her to put her feet up on the seat either side of her so that her pussy was completely exposed and to cum as fast as she could. She had reached that nice (but dangerous) place where she was close enough to cumming that she was prepared to take a bigger risk and did as he said.

Mike kept telling her to fuck herself, to finger her cunt, make herself cum... and then she was in the final build up. Mike only asked her questions she could answer yes or no to (so she didn't have to concentratr on being as quiet) and after a few 'are you nearly there' questions, she just replied with an 'mmmm'.

Once she had recovered, Sue said that it had felt great and wished we had been there to help out (now a threesome on a train would certainly be something to try!). She asked if it had had any effect on us and I told her that Mike's jeans had a nice bulge in them which seemed to please her). She said she needed to get herself straightened up and so we finished the chat and let her sort herself out.

I had thought that was the end of it, but about 30 minutes later, she called us back She said she was still bored and still horny and wondered if we wanted to do something else with her. Mike asked what she had in mind and she said that we could do something at the same time as her - I asked if she meant Jen and I or Mike and I and she chose Mike and I (what a surprise).

Jen didn't mind too much (as long as we reported back what happened to her afterwards) and so Mike and I went up to our room. We put Sue on speakerphone again and started to get undressed, telling her what we were doing. I was just slipping off my skirt when Mike said that he wanted the schoolgirl look.

I told him (mostly for Sue's benefit) that he was being a naughty boy but went and got out my tartan skirt, white blouse and long white socks. I put my hair up in bunches and while I was getting dressed, Sue agreed that Mike was very naughty, but that she liked him like that and would give him a treat next time she visited. She asked if he was realy to play and I told her that he was sitting naked on the bed stroking his cock (she took this as a yes). A few people had got off the train between phone calls and her carriage was now a bit emptier. Sue said she was going to put headphones in so she could hear us and have both hands free. I advised her not to do this (it's never good being 'deaf' while partly naked somewhere you shouldn't be - I like the idea of my lil' sis enjoying herself, but I'd rather not have her be arrested!). She settled for using one earpiece and told us she had undone her skirt again.

As soon as I pulled on the second sock, Mike pulled me onto the bed and I let out a squeal. Sue asked what we were doing and I grabbed the phone to tell her that Mike had pulled my legs apart and was busily licking away at my pussy. She said again that she wished she was still with us so he could do that to her and I reminded her that he was my boyfriend and I was just letting her borrow him while she was here. Sue told me (quietly - I had to ask a second time what she said) to start sucking him off, so I put the phone down under his cock (he was lying on his side) and started to noisily slurp away at him.

She said she liked the sound of it and that she was starting as well. Without one of us asking her what she was doing, we had to just imagine, but given my personal experience (and the distraction of Mike's tongue), it wasn't too difficult to enjoy things anyway. We were pretty much putting on the show for Sue this time so she could listen and so once I'd sucked Mike for a bit, I sat over his face and described to her what we were doing.

I told her that Mike had his face under my skirt and was eating me, that I could feel his tongue sliding over and into my pussy and that I was just playing with his cock. I asked her of she wanted to join in with us and help me to make him cum (she wanted this a lot). I told her she could rub herself against his cock again if she wanted and asked her to describe how it felt when she did it (but she didn't want to do this while on the train in case someone heard). I switched tack and went for the yes/no questions and asked her if she liked feeling his cock rubbing between her pussy lips and liked the feeling of his cum being rubbed into her cunt.

She seemed to be getting close quite quickly (again) and so I told her to hold back a bit and we would see if we could get Mike to help us both cum at the same time. He'd been listening in and started to eat me harder and spend more time on my clit. I could feel that his face was very wet and told Sue this and she said she wished she could see us.

I was getting quite close myself now and told her to get ready and then described Mike's cock to her in detail, how it was waiting there for her to come and suck and rub against (I almost told her she could fuck it, but didn't want to encourage that too much, even as a fantasy for her).

I could of course make a lot more noise than Sue could and told her to listen to how close I was getting and to imagine she was there with us and Mike was eating her as well. I think I actually came first, but my moans made it quite clear to her that I was cumming and by the time I had finished, she was gently moaning into the phone.

When we had both recovered, she said she wanted to talk to Mike and help make him cum (I'd obviously have the larger part in this). I lifted myself off his face (which was, as I had thought, very wet with my juices, and slid onto his cock. He let out a moan when I did this and started describing to Sue what he could feel. He told her he couldn't wait for her to visit again and that he would make her cum as much as she wanted and cover her in his cum - and then make both her and I cum over and over again.

I have no doubt that he could do this (he's very patient when it comes to making me cum) and was quite enjoying the idea and could feel him thrusting harder and faster into me. He let Sue listen to our bodies slapping together and just before he came he told her he wanted to see her cunt leaking his cum.

I wanted him to cum over me and quickly climbed off him and knelt by the bed - I had left it a bit late and the first squirt came out before he could scramble over to me, but the next few landed square on my breasts (I'd opened my blouse while we were fucking).

Sue told us that while we had been fucking, someone had walked past her and she still had her skirt unzipped. She didn't think they had seen her pussy, but they must have got a good view high up her inner thighs as the open section was still over her lap. She said she had to get 'decent' again but Mike told her that as payment for the entertainment, she had to leave it unzipped until she got home (without panties on obviously).

She agreed, as long as she could move the zip to the side and Mike promised her that the next time she came up, we would go out and get her a suitable flippy skirt so she could do things like this more easily.

She liked the idea of him buying her some clothes (as long as he buys me some too it's okay!) and we chatted for a little bit longer about some of the joys of clothes shopping (I don't know if she's cum in a changing room before so I have something else to teach her).

When she had gone again, Mike put on a dressing gown and we went downstairs (I still had my blouse open and Mike's cum on me). Jen seemed to like the slutty schoolgirl look and I got dragged upstairs with her straight away so she could punish me for being naughty. I was getting a little bit tired by this point, but she has a way of encouraging me to find more energy :)

Monday, 19 October 2009

Exploring the House - Part 2

We had a fun night ouit but I'mm try to post about Sue's train journey home before I write about it. Back to the tale...


Well, the plan had been to go into town and get some shopping done, but on the way up to get ready, we had a bit of an accident with a wine bottle. I 'slipped' and somehow managed to 'fall' on one of the bottles and it managed to find its way into my pussy. I was clearly being very careless as whenever I tried to get up again, I fell on it - almost as if I was trying to fuck it :) We moved onto the sofa and Mike sat between my legs and continued to pump the bottle into me while I played with my clit. The bottle had a tapered neck so he could push it quite a way inside me (I'm still nowhere big enough to fit the wide part inside me, which Mike is grateful for!).

As I rubbed myself, he wiggled the neck inside me and I think managed to get some pressure on my g-spot. When I had cum, I licked the bottle clean and rested while he went upstairs. He returned with the egg and a pair of long white socks (which I donned). I stayed on the sofa with my legs pulled up and Mike returned to sitting between my legs. He teased me with the egg for quite a while until I was ready to cum again and then started working on me more seriously. I had my clit attacked with the egg while he ate mu cunt and ass and had a rather powerful orgasm (I had to move the egg off my clit and let him just lick me).

We then went back to bed and had a bit of a rest to recovered a bit (I'm getting old now so can't quite manage to cum 36 times a day - although it would be fun to try that again sometime soon! Maybe another time Jen is up so that I don't break Mike :)

Of course, we rested in or favourite position - spooning. Mike wasn't even inside me for the first part (given he wasn't even hard then being inside me would have been difficult). When I started squirming my ass against him, he got hard soon enough though and started pressing his cock between my ass cheeks. I had thought he was going to try to fuck my ass and had even reached over for the gel, but instead he turned me over and lay on top of me. I could feel his cock pressing from my cunt up to my belly as he put his weight on me and I tried to rub myself against him (which I managed a little, but couldn't move too much so decided to wait to see what he wanted to do).

We kissed for a while, which became rather passionate, he was kneading my ass with one hand and was occasionally brushing over my cunt with it. We were rocking around on the bed quite a bit considering we weren't even fucking yet but soon he sat up over me, lifted my legs and slipped into me. The build up had certainly got me ready for him and feeling my pussy engulf him, from the head down the length of his shaft was heavenly. He lifted my legs up high so my ankles were by his head and pressed deep into me.

This is one of the deepest positions I know of and it always works wonders. I'm not sure exactly how deep into me he gets, but I think he hits my cervix from time to time at the deepest thrusts (that doesn't feel quite as good, but we generally avoid it). I pulled my legs down towards me (keeping them over his shoulders) and he leant forwards, allowing his weight to push his cock fully inside me. I let out a moan and he told me to describe what I was feeling. I know this is always a prelude to a noisy session so I got to it and started telling him how I could feel the veins on his cock rubbing against my cunt walls and his body slapping against my clit.

MIke was right on top of me now and my legs were almost up around my own head (I'm not quite flexible enough to get them right up), but it was enough for him to be buried in me everytime he pumped into my cunt. I was moaning with appreciation and with a bit of a strain, we could kiss while moving like this. The kisses were very wet, but we were already working up a bit of a sweat, so a bit of extra moisture wasn't really going to worry us.

I felt Mike working a thumb into my ass and told him I wanted to try the little vibe instead. He told me to ask a bit louder (which I did) and he said I needed to be louder. I knew exactly what he wanted and so I shouted "I want you to work my ass with the vibe while you fuck my cunt and fill me with your cum". It wasn't quite a 'at the top of my voice' shout, but it was certainly loud enough that someone outside could have heard it and so he pulled out of me and quickly rummaged for the vibe.

He coated it with the tingle gel and then squirted another load of the gel into his hand. He rubbed it over his cock, over my cunt and then cleaned his hand off on my left breast. He slid his cock into me first and then pushed the vibe into my ass - given it is a fairly small one (and was covered with lube), it went it easily and he turned the dial to set it buzzing. We resumed our earlier position so Mike was completely curied in me and he could feel the vibe buzzing through from my ass. We didn't move too much for a minute or so to let the gel start to work but once it did - WOW.

Between Mike's cock, the vibe and the gel, it felt like everything inside me was being stimulated (along with my clit where he'd also smeared gel). I had to reach down a few times to ensure the vibe stayed in my ass, but Mike was holding my legs up and using long powerful strokes into me. Nomatter how much noise I made, he kept telling me to be louder - I could tell I wasn't going to take too long to cum and was shouting at him to keep fucking me, keep pumping into my cunt, push harder, deeper... As I got closer to cumming, I wasn't making as much sense, but Mike kept telling me to be louder and I was almost screaming at him - mostly moans apparantly, but with the odd 'fuck, cunt, cum, cock...' amongst them.

As I came, Mike started fucking me faster, each stroke slamming into me hard enough to push me up the bed a bit, It's been a while since we've had a really hard fuck like that and I was trying to slam myself up against him for as long as I could. I managed to keep going for a little while after I had finished cumming, but I was soon tired and ended up just holding my head away from the headboard while he finished off in me. He pulled me towards him so even without my help, he was still pounding into me and then slammed into me four or five times hard as he came.

I was feeling very tender after this and we had expended enough energy that we ended up dozing off again for a little while more. I must have drifted into a deeper sleep as I woke up with Mike licking away between my legs - not to hard, just gentle teasing (which is generally enough to get me excited enough to do more).

He said we should have something to eat and disappeared, telling me to wait on the bed. I had a fair idea what he has going to do and wasn't surprised when he returned with a towel, choclate sauce, cream and a banana (we didn't have any strawberries).

I set the towel out on the bed and crawled on top of it and let him drizzle the cream and chocolate onto my pussy and lick me clean. I returned the favour, smearing his cock with choclate and sucking him clean - paying special attention to the glans of course. I tried copying some of the things that Sue did to him (she is apparantly quite good at this) and he seemed to enjoy it.

I ended up kneeling over him so we could 69 and he slid the banana into me - he couldn't quite get into a position where he could fuck me with it and lick my clit at the same time, but he took turns and I ended up having to climb off of him as I wasn't really concentrating enough to do much to him anyway.

The banana didn't end up being right to make me cum (not sure why as I've cum with one before - maybe it was more bent :) We ended up using my rabbit, with the vibrating head pointing down to my ass so Mike could lick my clit. Just before I came, he dumped a load of cold cream over my cunt and licked it off me (and worked it into me with the vibe).

When I had finished, both my cunt and ass were pretty much covered in cream and we had to make another trip to the shower (no playing with the shower this time). I made sure Mike was nice and clean as well andstarted to jack him off while we showered - I didn't do this for long as we were going to get some food and so I was a bit surprised when we were having our final rinse when he started really pressing up against my ass. Given he'd made me cum, it was only fair, so I braced myself against the wall and felt him work his cock into my ass while he rached a hand around to play with my clit. He only stayed in me for a few minutes and explained that oit was 'just enough to ensure I needed to cum again soon'.

We dried off and went down for some proper food before retiring to the sofa to watch some porn we had downloaded (the internet is wonderful!). We started off with a series of clips of young (not too young - college age) girls maserbating in front of their webcams. After that we moved on to a longer video with a group of foreign students having an orgy. There was one really cute girl in particular who looked very sweet and innocent, but ended up being eaten by another girl, then being fucked while she sucked off another guy. We watched her intently and imagined having her eat me while Mike fucked her.

We had started off sitting beside each other, but I soon ended up on Mike's lap facing the TV so he could move inside me and play with my clit or nipples. We finished off with a video of a girl being fucked by a whole group of guys. Regular readers of this blog will know that (other than the obvious risk of getting a hundred different diseases), this is my favourite fantasy. The girl was sucking off one or two cocks at a time while being fucked, then each guy would cum over her until she was completely covered.

Of course, if it *had* been me, I would have much rather let half of them cum in my cunt and ass - but apparantly most guys don't like fucking a cunt filled with someone else's cum :)

I ended up bouncing up and down on Mike's cock until we had both cum and then Mike dared me to run to the other side of the street. His house (well, our house now) is at the end of the street and I did like the idea of being naked outdoors for at least a little bit (it had been too cold to do anything properly outside).

I slipped on my trainers, turned off the lights and opened the door. The door itself in slightly in the shade so it was safe to stand there. He gave me a nudge and I dashed across the street to another patch of shade. Even though it was a bit chilly, it wasn't too bad and I always love exposing myself, so I took a much more casual walk back to the house (but still ready to run if I saw anyone). I got back to the door and he rubbed my clit (my whole pussy was rather wet with his cum) and asked me if I wanted to be fucked.

This is something I rarely say no to, and the added consideration that there wouldn't be much longer we could do things outside before winter overrode the general tiredness from the days activites. He said I should bend over and hold myself up on the little wall in the front garden and he slipped into me from behind. This area is most definitely not in the shade and we could have been seen from a fair distance down the street, which made it a lot more fun (if nerve wracking). We weren't able to finish off outside as Mike hadn't put any shoes on and so literally got cold feet. To make up for it, we went back in, moved a chair in front of the open window and finished off in the warm.

For some reason, we didn't do anything when we went to bed that night (I think we're getting old). I wonder if Jen had still been here if I would have had the energy to let her lick me clean?

She did say that she was quite jealous when we told her about the day - I'm going to have to devote a day to doing similar things with her at some point. She is living in halls this year so that will help bring back some nice memories when i go visit her :)

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Exploring the house

Well, Mike and I have had the place to ourselves for a while as both Jen and Sue have gone back to Uni. Things were rather intense (as you may have gathered from previous posts) and I think it is a good thing that we have a bit of a break and have time to just enjoy each other for a little while.

Hmm, that didn't quite come out as I had intended - I was really only talking about Sue leaving, I don't want Jen to think that I wanted her gone too :)

Mike certainly enjoyed his experience with Sue and says that his fantasy (having girls ride his cock and face at the same time) was as good as he had imagined it would be and he says when Sue was running her pussy against his cock he was very tempted to slide into her, but still loved cumming between her pussy lips. I really don't know what would have happened if she had been here for a few weeks - I imagine that things may have developed in a direction that could have been very strange...

As much as I love licking Jen's pussy, and I did like the taste of Sue (when I tasted her off Mike), I have no desier to start eating my little sister (nomatter how much Mike would like to see that happening!) Disturbingly, I think Jen would like to see that happen as well (oka, Jen would like to join in with it).

Anyway, the one good thing about Jen having left is that we get to use the whole house to do things in again and can spend the whole day naked and cumming in different places. During last week, our sex life has been somewhat subdued to me trying to catch up with work so we thought that we should spend some time at the weekend to enjoy ourselves.

We started with a nice gentle morning fuck - I woke up with Mike spooning inside me and stroking my neck. I don't know how long he had been doing things to me, but I was quite horny already and ended up reaching down to stroke my clit as I really needed to cum quickly. Once I was satisfied, I scooted under the covers and started to suck away at Mike's cock, tasting my juices off him. After a few minutes, I had to pull the covers off as I was overheating, but I went back to work, using my hand to jerk him off and sucking on the head.

Befor he came, I had an idea and led him into the bathroom - we got into the shower together and started kissing. Mike was pressing against me and when I turned around to adjust the shower, he slipped into me. This wasn't what I had planned, but I allowed him to enjoy the heat of my cunt for a few minutes (which of course I didn't enjoy one bit :) I then pulled away from him and knelt down in front of him and started to suck his cock again (one more covered with my pussy juice).

I got him to hand the shower down to me, set it to the pulse jet and aimed it at his glans (note, don't try to suck someone while pointing a shower at the cock - too much water!!) I ended up jacking him off and playing the water over his cock. When he said he was getting close, I stopped using my hand and just aimed the jet at his glans and kept it there. It took a few minutes, but he said it felt wonderful as he could feel his orgasm building very slowly. I had expected to see him squirt cum out, but when he came, three lots just dribbled out.

When this had stopped, Mike told me to suck him again (which I did) and then to jerk him off once more. I kept pumping him this time (also using the shower spray) and he came again - not much cum, but he said it felt quite powerful. I tried to suck him again, but he was too sensitive so I just used the shower spray on him which he could just about take.

Once he had recovered a bit, he said he would return the favour - I sat on the ledge and spread my legs for him and he used the shower to stimulate me. I ended up pulling my outer lips completely open and fully exposing my clit to the spray (which I can't do if I'm by myself) and he tuened up the heat so it was as hot as I could take. I don't know of any other way to describe it as a very warm orgasm - it felt like the heat of the water was radiating out from my clit, through my cunt and into my body.

As soon as I had finished cumming, he turned off the water and planted his head between my legs and started eating me. I thought I would be too sensitive, but it felt nice and I lifted my feet up so they were on the ledge beside me and pushed my pussy forwards to give him access. He licked inside me, over my ass and (of course) over my clit and I came again fairly quickly. This was a sharper orgasm and I knoew I'd need a little time to recover so Mike used this time to shave me. I've gone back to completely bald now (I think I mentioned that before) - I still really like the feel of a smooth pussy (or fingers/tongue/cock or another pussy on my smooth pussy!)

We dried off and went downstairs for some food. If it had been a bit earlier in the year, I think we would have eaten outside (which would have led to being eaten outside) but it was too cold so we sat on the sofa and had breakfast. Mike was playing with my pussy with his foot (not inside, just rubbing around it) and this soon turned into me lying on top of him and us kissing. His hands were kneading my ass and then started pulling me back and forth so I was rubbing against his cock. We got into the same position that he and Sue had been in - my lips either side of his cock sliding up and down it. While we did this, we were talking about the 'threesome' - Mike grabbed my hips and pushed me down so that he slipped inside me and asked if I would have liked to see him fuck Sue.

He described how he would slide into her and feel her little cunt engulf him while I watched. (Yes, I know what he's trying to do, but it was quite a hot fantasy and I wanted to play along with it.) We continued and I told him how I would help guide her as she slid up and down on his cock and watch as he came in her and his cum started to leak out of her. He was getting close to cumming now and I sent him over the edge by telling him that we would switch positions (in the fantasy) and he would start to fuck me while Sue climbed over my face and I ate his cum out of her.

He came in me (in real life) and tried to keep moving, but was pretty much spent. He was still inside me and I tried to grind myself against him to get as much pressure on my clit as possible. It felt nice, but in the end I had to sit up and let him rub my clit before I could cum. When I did, it was worth waiting for and I was vocal enough to let him know that. I lay back on top of him and we kissed and spent a bit of time relaxing (until we got a bit cold and had to go up to bed).

We dozed off for a bit and woke up in the early afternoon - lunch was our main priority, but we put the heating on so that we could remain naked. We knew we had to get into town to get someting for dinner so didn't spend too much time playing over lunch (I nearly wrote 'wasted too much time' then - how on earth could sex ever be wasted time?) As I knew we were about to go out, I did want to have some cum in me though, so as we cleared up after lunch, I wiggled my ass at Mike until he took the hint and slipped into me. Apart from leaning on a different counter, we did a similar thing to the time that Jen interrupted us - a hard fast fuck with Mike pressing deep into me and reaching around to rub my clit. I came a fair bit before he did, but I didn't mind that as it meant I was getting worked up again by the time he came in me. He was going to eat me and make me cum again, but I wanted to feel horny when we went out so I stopped him.


Hmm - I'm just about to go out tonight for a drink with the girls so I'll stop here for now - I'm pretty much in the same position today, filled with cum and no intention of wearing panties. I don't know where we're going to go, I think we might end up in Pivo and then head off elsewhere later on...

I have one other brief post about Sue's train journey back home, but I'll finish this one first.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

More family fun - last part (finally)

This will be a bit difficult to write as it was a while ago now and with Sue around it wasn't possible to make my usual notes to remind me of the order of events. As such, Mike nd I have pieced the evening together as best we can.

The following night, I was back with Mike (which meant that Sue could join us again). She was much bolder thas time (but given she knew what would be likely to happen, there wouldn't have been much point in being shy!)

She had been flirting with Mike throughout the day and also seemed a lot more comfortable doing this around Jen than she had before. By the time we went up to bed, she was almost hanging off him and I did feel a bit jealous, but was also looking forward to the remainder of the evening.

Even while we were getting ready and brushing our teeth, she was sticking her ass out and wriggling it against his crotch like a dog on heat. Maybe it's jsut that most of my friends here are fairly conservative and so I don't see other people behaving like that often, but it was a bit of a shock.

And before anyone calls me a hypocryte, I know that I do things that are much worse - the only defence I have (for noth of us I guess) is that it must be genetic. Hmm - that has given rise to some very unpleasant thoughts - I wonder if mum had the same whild steak that we both seem to? Whatever the case, she certainly isn't going to get to shrare Mike with me!

Mike was quite happy to play along with this and was pressing back against her unti he was effectively dry-humping her ass.I wanted to join in a bit so while standing behind him I undid his belt and worked his jeans down past his cock so I couldstroke him. It didn't quite work out the way I had intended (but then again I hadn't really thought ahead) and he flipped up Sue's dress and told me to press his against her crotch while he moved against her.

She still had her tights on (she knows about Mik's opaque tights fetish and so I assume that's why she was wearing them) so I wasn't actually pressing his against her pussy directly, , but I did have a little play around the area through her tights as I helped him apply pressure to her.

Mike was playing with my pussy with one hand while he did this - he wasn't really paying much attention to what he was doing, but the advantage of having been with someone for a number of years is that you know what they like, and so even in the half-hearted way he was working on me, it felt nice.

Sue was leaning against the sink properly by this time and her Mike had undone most of the buttons on her dress and had worked it almost up to her breasts while having also pulled the top down to uncover her bra.

I could see that things were moving along quite quickly and I wasn't going to be left behind so I quickly slipped my skirt off and shed my top while Mike worked on undoing her bra. He went back to rubbing his cock between her legs, but was now also fondling her breasts and playing with her nipples (the fact that she had been playing with them the previous time hadn't escaped his attention).

He worked her tights down to about mid-thigh level and guided my hand back to his cock to press it against her panties as he moved. I could feel the warmth coming from her pussy even through her panties and when I looked at her face I could tell exactly what she was feeling (I feel the same whenever I get really turned on).

I was glad of Mike's seeminging endless ability to hold back, but thought I should still remind him I was there and knelt down and guided his cock into my mouth. I think Sue looked back and watched as I sucked him and I saw her hand working in her panties. I was giving a very wet BJ (intentionally so as Mike was rubbing against her panties I thought he would want to help get them wet). He had other ideas though - he said that he wanted to see what Sue was doing with her fingers and he grabbed her panties and snapped each side of them before throwing them away

I now had a perfect view of Sue's fingers sliding into her little pussy and I knew exactly what Mike wanted to do - I let his cock slide out of my mouth and just said "Remember, not inside her".

Mike reached around and pulled her pussy lips apart and nestled the length of his cock between them. He told me to press it against her again and I only paused for a few seconds before I moved my hand to his cock and pressed it up against her cunt. As he slid back and forth against her, it didn't take long before his cock was covered with her juices and these were soon covering my hand as well. I was mostly touching Mike, but a few times he moved almost completely ot of the way and I had my finders on Sue's pussy - I didn't exactly do anything to her, but I did allow myself a little bit of a feel around to se how similar she was to me (pretty similar). Mike only slipped into her once (and only a little).

After a few minutes of this, it was clear that they were both getting pretty worked up and wouldn;t be able to do much more in this position (not safely anyway) so I suggested we go to bed. I had already decided that I was going to have a quick taste of Sue from my hand but as Mike pulled out from between her legs, he offered me his cock and so I took it and had a proper taste of her.

I'm still not very experienced in the way pussy tastes, but I would say that Sue tastes somewhere between the way that Jen and I taste (and no, I'm still not going to taste her directly!) We quickly threw off our remaining clothes and got onto the bed - I tohught I would guide things for a little bit and got Mike to lie on his back and climbed over his face. I was going to give him the closest thing he could get to his fantasy and told Sue to sit over his cock and rub against him.

She knew exactly what I meant (it tuens out that she used to do with with one of her exes before they had got to the point of screwing). I was feeling a bit behind so I wriggled by pussy against Mike's face and he took the hint by spreading my lips and diving in to my cunt. I watched Sue rock back and forth, her lips wrapping around Mike's cock. She certainly seemed to know what she was doing and was sliding along the whole length, from his balls up to his glans. A few times I thought he might be inside her, but when she slid back, his cock reappeared.

Mike was making good progress on me and the view I had was once again helping things along. He was mainly working on my clit, but was also flicking his tongue over my ass and licking deep inside me. After a little while, Sue slid her cunt down to his balls and picked up his cock. She started jerking him off while she seemed to just hump against the base of his cock (it's kind of difficult to explain).

What it meant though, was that his cock was pointing up a bit towards me and so I leant forwards and sucked on the very tip of it ( didn't really want SUe punching me in the face as she wanked him). He seemed to like this a lot and I felt his tongue go crazy on my clit (actually, he later said that he really loved it and wished I'd kept licking him for longer).

I didn't stay in that position for long though as I thought that Sue was getting close to cumming (I need to find out exactly what she was doing as it didn't look like much, but clearly felt good). I sat back up and Sue once again started rubbing her cunt up against the length of Mike's cock. I was surprised when I saw Mike cum (as I mentioned, he said having two girls working on his cock at once felt really good). The first squirt shot up his chest and then Sue moved her cunt up to cover the glans and she wiggled around on it.

I could actually feel Mike moaning into my cunt and I could see his cum leaking out from underneath Sue’s pussy - once he had stopped cumming, she leant forwards a bit (I presume to get more pressure on her clit) and quickly rubbed up and down his cock until she came. Any shyness on her part had certainly gone and she had a wonderfully unashamed orgasm with me watching. I wriggled against Mike to let him know I was ready and he went back to licking my clit quickly and I came soon after.

Once I had recovered, I moved down Mike's body and rubbed myself against his cock (Sue had got off him while I was recovering). He was a bit of mess between his cum and Sue's juices, but I thought I should put my mark on him too. Given he'd been the first to cum, he had partly recovered by the time I was doing this and he started to thrust back against me and managed to get his cock inside me. I was still a bit tender, but he wasn’t moving too quickly so it wasn’t too intense.

Although I had enjoyed the time two nights before, I was still a bit wary about how things would progress (and especially about things simply getting out of hand in the heat of the moment). I still can't really explain why but I just don't want Mike to end up screwing Sue. It's not that I think he would run off with her or anything and it's not that I don't want to see her having sex (seeing as she;s already been with moew men that I have!), but whatever the reason, I felt that I should try to take charge and reign things in a little.

I told Sue to watch us and reminded her about the toys in the bedside drawer. I started to squeeze Mike's cock with my pussy and he quickened his pace, thrusting into me a bit harder. Sue had a rummage around and ended up choosing my rabbit (the girl clearly knows a good vibe!)

She positioned herself somewhere up at the top of the bed (behind me as I was still facing away from Mike) and Mike says she started to fuck herself with it while watching me slid up and down Mike's cock. Mike was enjoying a double show of my pussy engulfing his cock and the vibe sliding in and out of Sue (okay, so he couldn't see both things at the same time, but hey, you can't have everything!)

Now I do like the position we were using (I think it's called reverse cowgirl?), but it's not good for a long time for someone with breasts the size of mine so after a while, I had to stop moving. I was going to turn around and lie on top of Mike so he could quickly pound into me (which I like), but before I could remount him, he got up.

He told me to lie on the bed, face down and then slipped into me from behind. While doing this, he kept asking Sue if this was her favourite position (she had told us a while ago that she really liked fucking like this)..

Sue seemed to enjoy the show and Mike got her to lift her leg closest to us out of the way so he could watch what she was doing to herself. He kept asking her if she liked having a cock pound into her tight little cunt and feeling someone slapping against her ass (and she said she did). He also tried to get her to describe what having sex was like and she made a fair attempt, but hasn't really got the hang of talking dirty yet.

It did feel really nice, feeling Mike's body gainst mine, but he couldn't get too deep into me.while I was flat on the bed so I started arching my ass up to meet his thrusts. He know what I wanted and knelt up behind me (without pulling out, although he did stop thrusting while getting into position - we may be well practiced, but not quite porn stars who can change position without a hitch yet!). He pulled my waist up until I was kneeling and then started to thrust back into me, a lot harder than before. This was definitely what I needed and I pushed back in time with his thrusts (mostly) and he slap of his skin on my ass was very satisfying.

We now had a much better view of Sue and she seemed to be really enjoying the fact that we were watching her. Mike told her he wanted to shave her (she still had the little patch of hair on her mons) and she said she would let him. He was pounding into me really quite hard (much more so than usual) and at first I thought it was just that he was enjoying having both of us on the bed - only after a little while did I realise that every time he pushed in to me, I slid slightly forwards and my face got a bit closer to Sue's cunt.

I still had no plans of doing anything to her, but I thought I'd let Mike enjoy the idea that I might so I didn't try to resist and I ended up with my head against her thigh (close enought o smell her pussy). I knew I wasn't going to be there for long anyway as I was getting quite close to cumming (he really was pounding into me quite hard). Looking back (I was distracted at the time), I am actually quite aurprised that Sue didn't flinch away or say anything - admittedly she was quite far gone by this point, but even so, I'm not sure how I would have reacted if it had been her face (almost) in my crotch.

Mike told me to tell him how close I was (which I kneow meant that he was close) so I kept him appraised of what I was feeling. Given his ability to hold back from cumming, we manage to cum together Or at least close) a fair number of times (we call it our Hollywood cum) and I thought it would be good to show it to Sue.

Mike was encouraging her to cum - she was already fairly flushed and her hand was pumping away with the dildo while she rubbed her clit with the other one, so it obviously wasn't going to be long, but I couldn't hold back any more (there is just something about having a cock ramming really hard into you). I told him I was about to cum and he thrust right into me a few times. I think I started to cum first, but Mike wasn't far behind - unfortunately his orgasm was fairly strong so he had to stop moving a bit before I would have liked, but it was still a fairly intense cum. I think I was kissing/licking or moaning into Sue's thigh (still not her pussy!) and she came not too long after we did.

It was probably the best view of a pussy cumming I've ever had (my face is usually buried in Jen's, so I can't see too much when she cums - but I did make a note to experiment with her). Sue had the vibe pushed deep into herself and I could see the balls rotating on it. Mike thrust into me a few more times while we watched, but I wasn't letting him move me any closer to her and he gave up when he realised this.

I moved out of the way and Sue moved down the ned a bit to relax - Mike gave her pussy a quick kiss as he moved up between us and we gave up for the night. I woke up in the night with him moving inside me - not actually having sex, but just gently sliding in and out of me - it feels really nice waking up like that and it can either turn into a quick fuck, or (as it did this time), just kept going until we dozed off again.

In the morning, I woke up with his mouth on my pussy and spread my legs for him. I looked over to see if Sue was still asleep and found that she was already lying on her back with her legs spread (he'd started on her). This would be her last day with us (she needed to get back to get ready for her new term at Uni) so I let Mike have his final bout of fun. He licked me for a while, then went back to Sue and alternated between us. I actually came first, (but I do cum fast and often) and he then concentrated on Sue. I think this was the first time he'd licked her ass as it certainly got an interesting response from her. At first she flinched away from his tongue, then got used to it and finally seemed to really enjoy it. He says he didn't spear her ass, but put quite a bit of pressure onthe licks by the end. Of course, to actually make her cum, he ate her cunt, licking inside her and sucking on her clit. She was reasonably loud and Jen commented on it at breakfast, but Sue didn't seem to mind that she heard and just told her it was a wonderful way to be woken up.

She headed off about midday and we all escorted her to the station. A few minutes before her train left, Mike gave her a going away present by reaching under her skirt and working his hand into her panties. We were standing in a corner and netween Mike, Jen and myself, we shielded her fairly well and he managed to rub her clit for a minute or so. She didn't cum, but he was happy that he had got her so worked up before putting her on her train. While she was straightening herself up, Mike offered Jen a taste of his fingers and so now Sue has seen Jen taste her - I still doubt she'll do anything with Jen, but both Jen and Mike enjoyed it (and yes, so did I!)


Okay, I'm now weeks behind, but I've been so busy catching up with work I haven't really had time to play around too much. Jen has also left (to go back to Uni) and we're mostly having regular vanilla sex (well, maybe with just a bit of chocolate and strawberry :)