Monday, 19 October 2009

Exploring the House - Part 2

We had a fun night ouit but I'mm try to post about Sue's train journey home before I write about it. Back to the tale...


Well, the plan had been to go into town and get some shopping done, but on the way up to get ready, we had a bit of an accident with a wine bottle. I 'slipped' and somehow managed to 'fall' on one of the bottles and it managed to find its way into my pussy. I was clearly being very careless as whenever I tried to get up again, I fell on it - almost as if I was trying to fuck it :) We moved onto the sofa and Mike sat between my legs and continued to pump the bottle into me while I played with my clit. The bottle had a tapered neck so he could push it quite a way inside me (I'm still nowhere big enough to fit the wide part inside me, which Mike is grateful for!).

As I rubbed myself, he wiggled the neck inside me and I think managed to get some pressure on my g-spot. When I had cum, I licked the bottle clean and rested while he went upstairs. He returned with the egg and a pair of long white socks (which I donned). I stayed on the sofa with my legs pulled up and Mike returned to sitting between my legs. He teased me with the egg for quite a while until I was ready to cum again and then started working on me more seriously. I had my clit attacked with the egg while he ate mu cunt and ass and had a rather powerful orgasm (I had to move the egg off my clit and let him just lick me).

We then went back to bed and had a bit of a rest to recovered a bit (I'm getting old now so can't quite manage to cum 36 times a day - although it would be fun to try that again sometime soon! Maybe another time Jen is up so that I don't break Mike :)

Of course, we rested in or favourite position - spooning. Mike wasn't even inside me for the first part (given he wasn't even hard then being inside me would have been difficult). When I started squirming my ass against him, he got hard soon enough though and started pressing his cock between my ass cheeks. I had thought he was going to try to fuck my ass and had even reached over for the gel, but instead he turned me over and lay on top of me. I could feel his cock pressing from my cunt up to my belly as he put his weight on me and I tried to rub myself against him (which I managed a little, but couldn't move too much so decided to wait to see what he wanted to do).

We kissed for a while, which became rather passionate, he was kneading my ass with one hand and was occasionally brushing over my cunt with it. We were rocking around on the bed quite a bit considering we weren't even fucking yet but soon he sat up over me, lifted my legs and slipped into me. The build up had certainly got me ready for him and feeling my pussy engulf him, from the head down the length of his shaft was heavenly. He lifted my legs up high so my ankles were by his head and pressed deep into me.

This is one of the deepest positions I know of and it always works wonders. I'm not sure exactly how deep into me he gets, but I think he hits my cervix from time to time at the deepest thrusts (that doesn't feel quite as good, but we generally avoid it). I pulled my legs down towards me (keeping them over his shoulders) and he leant forwards, allowing his weight to push his cock fully inside me. I let out a moan and he told me to describe what I was feeling. I know this is always a prelude to a noisy session so I got to it and started telling him how I could feel the veins on his cock rubbing against my cunt walls and his body slapping against my clit.

MIke was right on top of me now and my legs were almost up around my own head (I'm not quite flexible enough to get them right up), but it was enough for him to be buried in me everytime he pumped into my cunt. I was moaning with appreciation and with a bit of a strain, we could kiss while moving like this. The kisses were very wet, but we were already working up a bit of a sweat, so a bit of extra moisture wasn't really going to worry us.

I felt Mike working a thumb into my ass and told him I wanted to try the little vibe instead. He told me to ask a bit louder (which I did) and he said I needed to be louder. I knew exactly what he wanted and so I shouted "I want you to work my ass with the vibe while you fuck my cunt and fill me with your cum". It wasn't quite a 'at the top of my voice' shout, but it was certainly loud enough that someone outside could have heard it and so he pulled out of me and quickly rummaged for the vibe.

He coated it with the tingle gel and then squirted another load of the gel into his hand. He rubbed it over his cock, over my cunt and then cleaned his hand off on my left breast. He slid his cock into me first and then pushed the vibe into my ass - given it is a fairly small one (and was covered with lube), it went it easily and he turned the dial to set it buzzing. We resumed our earlier position so Mike was completely curied in me and he could feel the vibe buzzing through from my ass. We didn't move too much for a minute or so to let the gel start to work but once it did - WOW.

Between Mike's cock, the vibe and the gel, it felt like everything inside me was being stimulated (along with my clit where he'd also smeared gel). I had to reach down a few times to ensure the vibe stayed in my ass, but Mike was holding my legs up and using long powerful strokes into me. Nomatter how much noise I made, he kept telling me to be louder - I could tell I wasn't going to take too long to cum and was shouting at him to keep fucking me, keep pumping into my cunt, push harder, deeper... As I got closer to cumming, I wasn't making as much sense, but Mike kept telling me to be louder and I was almost screaming at him - mostly moans apparantly, but with the odd 'fuck, cunt, cum, cock...' amongst them.

As I came, Mike started fucking me faster, each stroke slamming into me hard enough to push me up the bed a bit, It's been a while since we've had a really hard fuck like that and I was trying to slam myself up against him for as long as I could. I managed to keep going for a little while after I had finished cumming, but I was soon tired and ended up just holding my head away from the headboard while he finished off in me. He pulled me towards him so even without my help, he was still pounding into me and then slammed into me four or five times hard as he came.

I was feeling very tender after this and we had expended enough energy that we ended up dozing off again for a little while more. I must have drifted into a deeper sleep as I woke up with Mike licking away between my legs - not to hard, just gentle teasing (which is generally enough to get me excited enough to do more).

He said we should have something to eat and disappeared, telling me to wait on the bed. I had a fair idea what he has going to do and wasn't surprised when he returned with a towel, choclate sauce, cream and a banana (we didn't have any strawberries).

I set the towel out on the bed and crawled on top of it and let him drizzle the cream and chocolate onto my pussy and lick me clean. I returned the favour, smearing his cock with choclate and sucking him clean - paying special attention to the glans of course. I tried copying some of the things that Sue did to him (she is apparantly quite good at this) and he seemed to enjoy it.

I ended up kneeling over him so we could 69 and he slid the banana into me - he couldn't quite get into a position where he could fuck me with it and lick my clit at the same time, but he took turns and I ended up having to climb off of him as I wasn't really concentrating enough to do much to him anyway.

The banana didn't end up being right to make me cum (not sure why as I've cum with one before - maybe it was more bent :) We ended up using my rabbit, with the vibrating head pointing down to my ass so Mike could lick my clit. Just before I came, he dumped a load of cold cream over my cunt and licked it off me (and worked it into me with the vibe).

When I had finished, both my cunt and ass were pretty much covered in cream and we had to make another trip to the shower (no playing with the shower this time). I made sure Mike was nice and clean as well andstarted to jack him off while we showered - I didn't do this for long as we were going to get some food and so I was a bit surprised when we were having our final rinse when he started really pressing up against my ass. Given he'd made me cum, it was only fair, so I braced myself against the wall and felt him work his cock into my ass while he rached a hand around to play with my clit. He only stayed in me for a few minutes and explained that oit was 'just enough to ensure I needed to cum again soon'.

We dried off and went down for some proper food before retiring to the sofa to watch some porn we had downloaded (the internet is wonderful!). We started off with a series of clips of young (not too young - college age) girls maserbating in front of their webcams. After that we moved on to a longer video with a group of foreign students having an orgy. There was one really cute girl in particular who looked very sweet and innocent, but ended up being eaten by another girl, then being fucked while she sucked off another guy. We watched her intently and imagined having her eat me while Mike fucked her.

We had started off sitting beside each other, but I soon ended up on Mike's lap facing the TV so he could move inside me and play with my clit or nipples. We finished off with a video of a girl being fucked by a whole group of guys. Regular readers of this blog will know that (other than the obvious risk of getting a hundred different diseases), this is my favourite fantasy. The girl was sucking off one or two cocks at a time while being fucked, then each guy would cum over her until she was completely covered.

Of course, if it *had* been me, I would have much rather let half of them cum in my cunt and ass - but apparantly most guys don't like fucking a cunt filled with someone else's cum :)

I ended up bouncing up and down on Mike's cock until we had both cum and then Mike dared me to run to the other side of the street. His house (well, our house now) is at the end of the street and I did like the idea of being naked outdoors for at least a little bit (it had been too cold to do anything properly outside).

I slipped on my trainers, turned off the lights and opened the door. The door itself in slightly in the shade so it was safe to stand there. He gave me a nudge and I dashed across the street to another patch of shade. Even though it was a bit chilly, it wasn't too bad and I always love exposing myself, so I took a much more casual walk back to the house (but still ready to run if I saw anyone). I got back to the door and he rubbed my clit (my whole pussy was rather wet with his cum) and asked me if I wanted to be fucked.

This is something I rarely say no to, and the added consideration that there wouldn't be much longer we could do things outside before winter overrode the general tiredness from the days activites. He said I should bend over and hold myself up on the little wall in the front garden and he slipped into me from behind. This area is most definitely not in the shade and we could have been seen from a fair distance down the street, which made it a lot more fun (if nerve wracking). We weren't able to finish off outside as Mike hadn't put any shoes on and so literally got cold feet. To make up for it, we went back in, moved a chair in front of the open window and finished off in the warm.

For some reason, we didn't do anything when we went to bed that night (I think we're getting old). I wonder if Jen had still been here if I would have had the energy to let her lick me clean?

She did say that she was quite jealous when we told her about the day - I'm going to have to devote a day to doing similar things with her at some point. She is living in halls this year so that will help bring back some nice memories when i go visit her :)

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  1. I love your creativeness in your sex life with Mike. Kudos to both of you!