Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Exploring the house

Well, Mike and I have had the place to ourselves for a while as both Jen and Sue have gone back to Uni. Things were rather intense (as you may have gathered from previous posts) and I think it is a good thing that we have a bit of a break and have time to just enjoy each other for a little while.

Hmm, that didn't quite come out as I had intended - I was really only talking about Sue leaving, I don't want Jen to think that I wanted her gone too :)

Mike certainly enjoyed his experience with Sue and says that his fantasy (having girls ride his cock and face at the same time) was as good as he had imagined it would be and he says when Sue was running her pussy against his cock he was very tempted to slide into her, but still loved cumming between her pussy lips. I really don't know what would have happened if she had been here for a few weeks - I imagine that things may have developed in a direction that could have been very strange...

As much as I love licking Jen's pussy, and I did like the taste of Sue (when I tasted her off Mike), I have no desier to start eating my little sister (nomatter how much Mike would like to see that happening!) Disturbingly, I think Jen would like to see that happen as well (oka, Jen would like to join in with it).

Anyway, the one good thing about Jen having left is that we get to use the whole house to do things in again and can spend the whole day naked and cumming in different places. During last week, our sex life has been somewhat subdued to me trying to catch up with work so we thought that we should spend some time at the weekend to enjoy ourselves.

We started with a nice gentle morning fuck - I woke up with Mike spooning inside me and stroking my neck. I don't know how long he had been doing things to me, but I was quite horny already and ended up reaching down to stroke my clit as I really needed to cum quickly. Once I was satisfied, I scooted under the covers and started to suck away at Mike's cock, tasting my juices off him. After a few minutes, I had to pull the covers off as I was overheating, but I went back to work, using my hand to jerk him off and sucking on the head.

Befor he came, I had an idea and led him into the bathroom - we got into the shower together and started kissing. Mike was pressing against me and when I turned around to adjust the shower, he slipped into me. This wasn't what I had planned, but I allowed him to enjoy the heat of my cunt for a few minutes (which of course I didn't enjoy one bit :) I then pulled away from him and knelt down in front of him and started to suck his cock again (one more covered with my pussy juice).

I got him to hand the shower down to me, set it to the pulse jet and aimed it at his glans (note, don't try to suck someone while pointing a shower at the cock - too much water!!) I ended up jacking him off and playing the water over his cock. When he said he was getting close, I stopped using my hand and just aimed the jet at his glans and kept it there. It took a few minutes, but he said it felt wonderful as he could feel his orgasm building very slowly. I had expected to see him squirt cum out, but when he came, three lots just dribbled out.

When this had stopped, Mike told me to suck him again (which I did) and then to jerk him off once more. I kept pumping him this time (also using the shower spray) and he came again - not much cum, but he said it felt quite powerful. I tried to suck him again, but he was too sensitive so I just used the shower spray on him which he could just about take.

Once he had recovered a bit, he said he would return the favour - I sat on the ledge and spread my legs for him and he used the shower to stimulate me. I ended up pulling my outer lips completely open and fully exposing my clit to the spray (which I can't do if I'm by myself) and he tuened up the heat so it was as hot as I could take. I don't know of any other way to describe it as a very warm orgasm - it felt like the heat of the water was radiating out from my clit, through my cunt and into my body.

As soon as I had finished cumming, he turned off the water and planted his head between my legs and started eating me. I thought I would be too sensitive, but it felt nice and I lifted my feet up so they were on the ledge beside me and pushed my pussy forwards to give him access. He licked inside me, over my ass and (of course) over my clit and I came again fairly quickly. This was a sharper orgasm and I knoew I'd need a little time to recover so Mike used this time to shave me. I've gone back to completely bald now (I think I mentioned that before) - I still really like the feel of a smooth pussy (or fingers/tongue/cock or another pussy on my smooth pussy!)

We dried off and went downstairs for some food. If it had been a bit earlier in the year, I think we would have eaten outside (which would have led to being eaten outside) but it was too cold so we sat on the sofa and had breakfast. Mike was playing with my pussy with his foot (not inside, just rubbing around it) and this soon turned into me lying on top of him and us kissing. His hands were kneading my ass and then started pulling me back and forth so I was rubbing against his cock. We got into the same position that he and Sue had been in - my lips either side of his cock sliding up and down it. While we did this, we were talking about the 'threesome' - Mike grabbed my hips and pushed me down so that he slipped inside me and asked if I would have liked to see him fuck Sue.

He described how he would slide into her and feel her little cunt engulf him while I watched. (Yes, I know what he's trying to do, but it was quite a hot fantasy and I wanted to play along with it.) We continued and I told him how I would help guide her as she slid up and down on his cock and watch as he came in her and his cum started to leak out of her. He was getting close to cumming now and I sent him over the edge by telling him that we would switch positions (in the fantasy) and he would start to fuck me while Sue climbed over my face and I ate his cum out of her.

He came in me (in real life) and tried to keep moving, but was pretty much spent. He was still inside me and I tried to grind myself against him to get as much pressure on my clit as possible. It felt nice, but in the end I had to sit up and let him rub my clit before I could cum. When I did, it was worth waiting for and I was vocal enough to let him know that. I lay back on top of him and we kissed and spent a bit of time relaxing (until we got a bit cold and had to go up to bed).

We dozed off for a bit and woke up in the early afternoon - lunch was our main priority, but we put the heating on so that we could remain naked. We knew we had to get into town to get someting for dinner so didn't spend too much time playing over lunch (I nearly wrote 'wasted too much time' then - how on earth could sex ever be wasted time?) As I knew we were about to go out, I did want to have some cum in me though, so as we cleared up after lunch, I wiggled my ass at Mike until he took the hint and slipped into me. Apart from leaning on a different counter, we did a similar thing to the time that Jen interrupted us - a hard fast fuck with Mike pressing deep into me and reaching around to rub my clit. I came a fair bit before he did, but I didn't mind that as it meant I was getting worked up again by the time he came in me. He was going to eat me and make me cum again, but I wanted to feel horny when we went out so I stopped him.


Hmm - I'm just about to go out tonight for a drink with the girls so I'll stop here for now - I'm pretty much in the same position today, filled with cum and no intention of wearing panties. I don't know where we're going to go, I think we might end up in Pivo and then head off elsewhere later on...

I have one other brief post about Sue's train journey back home, but I'll finish this one first.

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  1. Just a general comment, what makes your stories even more erotic is the fact that you & Mike seem truly commited to each other.

    You seem to be quite lucky, hope things aren't too, "sticky" for you after writing that latest blog.:-) Take care!