Wednesday, 7 October 2009

More family fun - last part (finally)

This will be a bit difficult to write as it was a while ago now and with Sue around it wasn't possible to make my usual notes to remind me of the order of events. As such, Mike nd I have pieced the evening together as best we can.

The following night, I was back with Mike (which meant that Sue could join us again). She was much bolder thas time (but given she knew what would be likely to happen, there wouldn't have been much point in being shy!)

She had been flirting with Mike throughout the day and also seemed a lot more comfortable doing this around Jen than she had before. By the time we went up to bed, she was almost hanging off him and I did feel a bit jealous, but was also looking forward to the remainder of the evening.

Even while we were getting ready and brushing our teeth, she was sticking her ass out and wriggling it against his crotch like a dog on heat. Maybe it's jsut that most of my friends here are fairly conservative and so I don't see other people behaving like that often, but it was a bit of a shock.

And before anyone calls me a hypocryte, I know that I do things that are much worse - the only defence I have (for noth of us I guess) is that it must be genetic. Hmm - that has given rise to some very unpleasant thoughts - I wonder if mum had the same whild steak that we both seem to? Whatever the case, she certainly isn't going to get to shrare Mike with me!

Mike was quite happy to play along with this and was pressing back against her unti he was effectively dry-humping her ass.I wanted to join in a bit so while standing behind him I undid his belt and worked his jeans down past his cock so I couldstroke him. It didn't quite work out the way I had intended (but then again I hadn't really thought ahead) and he flipped up Sue's dress and told me to press his against her crotch while he moved against her.

She still had her tights on (she knows about Mik's opaque tights fetish and so I assume that's why she was wearing them) so I wasn't actually pressing his against her pussy directly, , but I did have a little play around the area through her tights as I helped him apply pressure to her.

Mike was playing with my pussy with one hand while he did this - he wasn't really paying much attention to what he was doing, but the advantage of having been with someone for a number of years is that you know what they like, and so even in the half-hearted way he was working on me, it felt nice.

Sue was leaning against the sink properly by this time and her Mike had undone most of the buttons on her dress and had worked it almost up to her breasts while having also pulled the top down to uncover her bra.

I could see that things were moving along quite quickly and I wasn't going to be left behind so I quickly slipped my skirt off and shed my top while Mike worked on undoing her bra. He went back to rubbing his cock between her legs, but was now also fondling her breasts and playing with her nipples (the fact that she had been playing with them the previous time hadn't escaped his attention).

He worked her tights down to about mid-thigh level and guided my hand back to his cock to press it against her panties as he moved. I could feel the warmth coming from her pussy even through her panties and when I looked at her face I could tell exactly what she was feeling (I feel the same whenever I get really turned on).

I was glad of Mike's seeminging endless ability to hold back, but thought I should still remind him I was there and knelt down and guided his cock into my mouth. I think Sue looked back and watched as I sucked him and I saw her hand working in her panties. I was giving a very wet BJ (intentionally so as Mike was rubbing against her panties I thought he would want to help get them wet). He had other ideas though - he said that he wanted to see what Sue was doing with her fingers and he grabbed her panties and snapped each side of them before throwing them away

I now had a perfect view of Sue's fingers sliding into her little pussy and I knew exactly what Mike wanted to do - I let his cock slide out of my mouth and just said "Remember, not inside her".

Mike reached around and pulled her pussy lips apart and nestled the length of his cock between them. He told me to press it against her again and I only paused for a few seconds before I moved my hand to his cock and pressed it up against her cunt. As he slid back and forth against her, it didn't take long before his cock was covered with her juices and these were soon covering my hand as well. I was mostly touching Mike, but a few times he moved almost completely ot of the way and I had my finders on Sue's pussy - I didn't exactly do anything to her, but I did allow myself a little bit of a feel around to se how similar she was to me (pretty similar). Mike only slipped into her once (and only a little).

After a few minutes of this, it was clear that they were both getting pretty worked up and wouldn;t be able to do much more in this position (not safely anyway) so I suggested we go to bed. I had already decided that I was going to have a quick taste of Sue from my hand but as Mike pulled out from between her legs, he offered me his cock and so I took it and had a proper taste of her.

I'm still not very experienced in the way pussy tastes, but I would say that Sue tastes somewhere between the way that Jen and I taste (and no, I'm still not going to taste her directly!) We quickly threw off our remaining clothes and got onto the bed - I tohught I would guide things for a little bit and got Mike to lie on his back and climbed over his face. I was going to give him the closest thing he could get to his fantasy and told Sue to sit over his cock and rub against him.

She knew exactly what I meant (it tuens out that she used to do with with one of her exes before they had got to the point of screwing). I was feeling a bit behind so I wriggled by pussy against Mike's face and he took the hint by spreading my lips and diving in to my cunt. I watched Sue rock back and forth, her lips wrapping around Mike's cock. She certainly seemed to know what she was doing and was sliding along the whole length, from his balls up to his glans. A few times I thought he might be inside her, but when she slid back, his cock reappeared.

Mike was making good progress on me and the view I had was once again helping things along. He was mainly working on my clit, but was also flicking his tongue over my ass and licking deep inside me. After a little while, Sue slid her cunt down to his balls and picked up his cock. She started jerking him off while she seemed to just hump against the base of his cock (it's kind of difficult to explain).

What it meant though, was that his cock was pointing up a bit towards me and so I leant forwards and sucked on the very tip of it ( didn't really want SUe punching me in the face as she wanked him). He seemed to like this a lot and I felt his tongue go crazy on my clit (actually, he later said that he really loved it and wished I'd kept licking him for longer).

I didn't stay in that position for long though as I thought that Sue was getting close to cumming (I need to find out exactly what she was doing as it didn't look like much, but clearly felt good). I sat back up and Sue once again started rubbing her cunt up against the length of Mike's cock. I was surprised when I saw Mike cum (as I mentioned, he said having two girls working on his cock at once felt really good). The first squirt shot up his chest and then Sue moved her cunt up to cover the glans and she wiggled around on it.

I could actually feel Mike moaning into my cunt and I could see his cum leaking out from underneath Sue’s pussy - once he had stopped cumming, she leant forwards a bit (I presume to get more pressure on her clit) and quickly rubbed up and down his cock until she came. Any shyness on her part had certainly gone and she had a wonderfully unashamed orgasm with me watching. I wriggled against Mike to let him know I was ready and he went back to licking my clit quickly and I came soon after.

Once I had recovered, I moved down Mike's body and rubbed myself against his cock (Sue had got off him while I was recovering). He was a bit of mess between his cum and Sue's juices, but I thought I should put my mark on him too. Given he'd been the first to cum, he had partly recovered by the time I was doing this and he started to thrust back against me and managed to get his cock inside me. I was still a bit tender, but he wasn’t moving too quickly so it wasn’t too intense.

Although I had enjoyed the time two nights before, I was still a bit wary about how things would progress (and especially about things simply getting out of hand in the heat of the moment). I still can't really explain why but I just don't want Mike to end up screwing Sue. It's not that I think he would run off with her or anything and it's not that I don't want to see her having sex (seeing as she;s already been with moew men that I have!), but whatever the reason, I felt that I should try to take charge and reign things in a little.

I told Sue to watch us and reminded her about the toys in the bedside drawer. I started to squeeze Mike's cock with my pussy and he quickened his pace, thrusting into me a bit harder. Sue had a rummage around and ended up choosing my rabbit (the girl clearly knows a good vibe!)

She positioned herself somewhere up at the top of the bed (behind me as I was still facing away from Mike) and Mike says she started to fuck herself with it while watching me slid up and down Mike's cock. Mike was enjoying a double show of my pussy engulfing his cock and the vibe sliding in and out of Sue (okay, so he couldn't see both things at the same time, but hey, you can't have everything!)

Now I do like the position we were using (I think it's called reverse cowgirl?), but it's not good for a long time for someone with breasts the size of mine so after a while, I had to stop moving. I was going to turn around and lie on top of Mike so he could quickly pound into me (which I like), but before I could remount him, he got up.

He told me to lie on the bed, face down and then slipped into me from behind. While doing this, he kept asking Sue if this was her favourite position (she had told us a while ago that she really liked fucking like this)..

Sue seemed to enjoy the show and Mike got her to lift her leg closest to us out of the way so he could watch what she was doing to herself. He kept asking her if she liked having a cock pound into her tight little cunt and feeling someone slapping against her ass (and she said she did). He also tried to get her to describe what having sex was like and she made a fair attempt, but hasn't really got the hang of talking dirty yet.

It did feel really nice, feeling Mike's body gainst mine, but he couldn't get too deep into me.while I was flat on the bed so I started arching my ass up to meet his thrusts. He know what I wanted and knelt up behind me (without pulling out, although he did stop thrusting while getting into position - we may be well practiced, but not quite porn stars who can change position without a hitch yet!). He pulled my waist up until I was kneeling and then started to thrust back into me, a lot harder than before. This was definitely what I needed and I pushed back in time with his thrusts (mostly) and he slap of his skin on my ass was very satisfying.

We now had a much better view of Sue and she seemed to be really enjoying the fact that we were watching her. Mike told her he wanted to shave her (she still had the little patch of hair on her mons) and she said she would let him. He was pounding into me really quite hard (much more so than usual) and at first I thought it was just that he was enjoying having both of us on the bed - only after a little while did I realise that every time he pushed in to me, I slid slightly forwards and my face got a bit closer to Sue's cunt.

I still had no plans of doing anything to her, but I thought I'd let Mike enjoy the idea that I might so I didn't try to resist and I ended up with my head against her thigh (close enought o smell her pussy). I knew I wasn't going to be there for long anyway as I was getting quite close to cumming (he really was pounding into me quite hard). Looking back (I was distracted at the time), I am actually quite aurprised that Sue didn't flinch away or say anything - admittedly she was quite far gone by this point, but even so, I'm not sure how I would have reacted if it had been her face (almost) in my crotch.

Mike told me to tell him how close I was (which I kneow meant that he was close) so I kept him appraised of what I was feeling. Given his ability to hold back from cumming, we manage to cum together Or at least close) a fair number of times (we call it our Hollywood cum) and I thought it would be good to show it to Sue.

Mike was encouraging her to cum - she was already fairly flushed and her hand was pumping away with the dildo while she rubbed her clit with the other one, so it obviously wasn't going to be long, but I couldn't hold back any more (there is just something about having a cock ramming really hard into you). I told him I was about to cum and he thrust right into me a few times. I think I started to cum first, but Mike wasn't far behind - unfortunately his orgasm was fairly strong so he had to stop moving a bit before I would have liked, but it was still a fairly intense cum. I think I was kissing/licking or moaning into Sue's thigh (still not her pussy!) and she came not too long after we did.

It was probably the best view of a pussy cumming I've ever had (my face is usually buried in Jen's, so I can't see too much when she cums - but I did make a note to experiment with her). Sue had the vibe pushed deep into herself and I could see the balls rotating on it. Mike thrust into me a few more times while we watched, but I wasn't letting him move me any closer to her and he gave up when he realised this.

I moved out of the way and Sue moved down the ned a bit to relax - Mike gave her pussy a quick kiss as he moved up between us and we gave up for the night. I woke up in the night with him moving inside me - not actually having sex, but just gently sliding in and out of me - it feels really nice waking up like that and it can either turn into a quick fuck, or (as it did this time), just kept going until we dozed off again.

In the morning, I woke up with his mouth on my pussy and spread my legs for him. I looked over to see if Sue was still asleep and found that she was already lying on her back with her legs spread (he'd started on her). This would be her last day with us (she needed to get back to get ready for her new term at Uni) so I let Mike have his final bout of fun. He licked me for a while, then went back to Sue and alternated between us. I actually came first, (but I do cum fast and often) and he then concentrated on Sue. I think this was the first time he'd licked her ass as it certainly got an interesting response from her. At first she flinched away from his tongue, then got used to it and finally seemed to really enjoy it. He says he didn't spear her ass, but put quite a bit of pressure onthe licks by the end. Of course, to actually make her cum, he ate her cunt, licking inside her and sucking on her clit. She was reasonably loud and Jen commented on it at breakfast, but Sue didn't seem to mind that she heard and just told her it was a wonderful way to be woken up.

She headed off about midday and we all escorted her to the station. A few minutes before her train left, Mike gave her a going away present by reaching under her skirt and working his hand into her panties. We were standing in a corner and netween Mike, Jen and myself, we shielded her fairly well and he managed to rub her clit for a minute or so. She didn't cum, but he was happy that he had got her so worked up before putting her on her train. While she was straightening herself up, Mike offered Jen a taste of his fingers and so now Sue has seen Jen taste her - I still doubt she'll do anything with Jen, but both Jen and Mike enjoyed it (and yes, so did I!)


Okay, I'm now weeks behind, but I've been so busy catching up with work I haven't really had time to play around too much. Jen has also left (to go back to Uni) and we're mostly having regular vanilla sex (well, maybe with just a bit of chocolate and strawberry :)


  1. Wow, that was HOT. I think it is time to let Mike go "all the way" with Sue. Since you have allowed her to participate so much.

    Can't wait to hear more of these great adventures.

  2. Thank you for the awesome story. I look forward to you catching up!

  3. wow! Keeps getting better and better!!!
    Pee with sis? :P

  4. We'll see hoe far Mike gets to go with Sue - I think he is actually happy with what has been done.

    I doubt there will be any watersports with Sue - as I've said before, I do it with Jen as she really likes it, it isn't really my thing.

  5. I'm sure Mike is well satisfied with what you've allowed him to do with Sue ... and I doubt that Sue is complaining either.

    But don't be surprised if, in the heat of the moment with Mike and Sue, something "slips" and winds up impaled deeply in ... umm, something else.

    It might not even be intentional, but if it should happen, you could hardly blame Mike for leaving it inside and pounding away for a little while. (Hey, be fair ... remember what it felt like to have someone else's fingers inside you? Bet you didn't want that to end anytime soon either.)

    -- Doug

  6. We've been in 'negotiations'. There is something I really want to try and I may be willing to let him have some fun with Sue in return...

  7. I'm sure everyone would love to know what that "something" is! (But you'll probably decide to surprise us.)

    I just think it's going to be difficult for Mike and Sue to hold off indefinitely. It's just too easy for a certain male body part to slip into a certain female body part ... especially when they're rubbing against each other.

    Then again, I'm sure Mike will continue to play by your rules if you insist.

    -- Doug