Friday, 30 October 2009

Pub flash

I know I'm still behind on posts, but I haven't had time to get up to many new things so most of our sex has been more run of the mill stuff. In a few weeks, we're probably going to get to go to one of the sex parties I mentioned a few months ago (hopefully, anyway) and if they are as good as we think, I should have an amazing post following that :)

In an earlier post, I mentioned that I had to stop writing as we were heading out - we had a really fun night and I let a few of my friends see a bit of my 'real' personality (the one that all of you on here know about). It was another schoolgirl evening (for some reason, none of the men in our group of friends seem to tire of us all going out dressed as schoolgirls - hmm, I wonder why?). I had my usual red tartan skirt on (I tend to save my real school skirt for playing with Mike, but he also liked the red tartan one), long white socks, white blouse (with bra - I can't easily get away without one when I'm out) and no panties.

We had had a nice little fuck before we went out as I had wanted to feel Mike's cum leaking out of me throughot the night and while we were waiting at the bar for everyone to turn up I was enjoying rubbing my thighs together and smearing the wetness around. Not all of us do the schoolgirl thing properly, but we were getting the usual amount of appreciative stares (Jo always looks incredibly cute even in a normal outfir so I forgive her for not joining in fully. Rach had been running late and she hadn't bothered dressing up either, but as a whole, we were looking pretty good.

Vicky had outdone herself - she had an incredibly short school skirt on (she is reasonably tall anyway so a lot of skirts can look quite short on her, but thi was very short). She had a pair of opaque black tights on under it (another of Mike's fettishes, and because I know what he does when I wear them, I love them too!). She also had her hair up in bunches and had tied her blouse up in a knot to show off her amazing stomache.

Cindy had dressed up in a much more conservative way (but still damn cute). She had knee high black socks on with her school skirt and had her hair down. Clare, Anna, Holly and Lis had all put on skirts that could have been from a school uniform, but hadn't really dressed up. Some of the men had also dressed up, but I'm not that bothered by the schoolboy look so I didn't realy care about that.

Anyway, despite the way we looked (do have some wonderful fantasies involving my friends dressed up like that, but they're only fantasies), there wasn't really anything that amazing that happened during the first part of the evening. We chatted, got reasonably drunk and had a good time. It was a bit later on in the evening when Mike and i were chatting to Vicky that his fetish for opaque tights came up (we can't remember exactly how, but we guess Vicky caught him looking at her legs). I was complimenting her on being daring enough to wear such a short skirt and she mentioned that her boyfriend seemed to really like it.

Cindy had been telling Vicky that she had her Snoopy panties on (I have no idea how that conversation came up) and Vicky told us she had her strawberry panties on which she thought were really cute and therefore went with the schoolgirl look (Mike has watched an anime series that is just about a schoolgirl with strawberry panties so he seemed to really like knowing that she had a similar pair on). Now Vicky knows that I take my schoolgirl outfir seriously so I wasn't really surprised when she asked what I had on under my skirt. I was thinking if I should just tell her I had a pair of plain white cotton panties on when Mike leaned in and told her I was naked.

Vicky's face lit up in a wicked grin and I felt myself going red - despite the number of things I've got up to over the past few years, my friends don't know about the vast majority of them so I still get embarressed when they find out. Vicky didn't seem to believe him and playfully pulled at the bottom of my skirt as if she was going to flip it up and check. I made the mistake of believing that she wasn't going to really pull it up so I didn't try to stop her - to be fair, she didn't pull it up, but Mike reached around and quickly flipped it up so she got a flash of my pussy.

I quickly covered myself and when I looked back up at V, she still had a devilish grin on and said that she had done stuff like that before (she hadn't really realised that having a bare pussy is my native state of being!). She told us a story of when she was in 6th form (when she was 17-18 - I didn't ask which year) and she went to meet her boyfriend at the train station. She wore a long raincoat and nothing underneath it and let him fondle her up against a wall while they had people around them. Mike blurted out that we had done things similar to that and it was quite nice to know that some of my friends could be adventurous. (I've since thought that I should have mak Vicky the star of the slumber party stories now I know a bit more about her - I think the train station event will feature should I ever get back to writing them).

Vicky said that to be fair, she would have let us seen her strawberry panties if she could (while her skirt was short enough to see her crotch, the tights hid the pattern on her panties). I had been sitting on Mike's lap while we had been talking and while he had been hard for quite a while, I was fairly sure that he'd got even harder (or been pressing against me more) while this conversation had been going on so I squirmed back against him a few times before I got off his lap. It had the desired effect and he had a noticeable bulge in his jeans so he had to wait a little while before he could get up and follow me to the bar.

Vicky had got up with me and said I had been very cruel to him by doing that (she had clearly noticed his erection). a part of me wanted to ask her not to tell the others that I was naked, but another part a) didn't mind them knowing and b) was hoping that it might get some admissions of similar behaviour out of them so I said nothing. As it turns out, the only person she mentioned it to was Cindy. It was later on in another pub when Vicky got Cindy to show me her Snoopy panties (the three of us were in a corner chatting and Cindy had her back t the room. She didn't seem to mind at all and I got a good look at them (she had amazingly firm and beautiful thighs which I *may* have thought about nestling my head in between a few times since!)

Vicky then told her that I wasn't wearing panties I had assumed that I was safe as Mike wasn't around but then Vicky grabbed the bottom of my skirt and flipped it up. I had been sitting with my right lef bent up and my ankle under my left knee so when my skirt went up I was properly exposed and there was no doubt that I was completely shaved. I had been enjoying the feel of the air on my wet pussy as I still had a little of Mike's cum leaking out of me, but I don't think they got a long enough look to notice that.

Cindy just let out a gasp and put her hands over her mouth (not really shocked at what she'd seen, just shocked that Vicky had done that in public). I grabbed my skirt out of Vicky's hand and pulled it back down to cover myself. I started off pretending to be offended, but then gave up on that and just told her not to do that again in public (I phrased it very carefully, but I don't know if either of them picked up on it).

Unfortunately I didn't ever get to see Vicky's nice strawberry panties, but as I said, we've used the view I got of Cindy's (covered) crotch and thighs during our sessions. Jen has of course met her before and agrees with me that a chance to go down on her would be wonderful (especially if we could both do it to her at the same time :)


Sorry that my posts are a bit less frequent at the moment - I'm really busy at work again trying to finish up an experiment. I'll do my best to write a bit more frequently, but it may be difficult for a few weeks.


  1. Andi, I'm not to sure if everyone agrees with this point of veiw, but I like your posts being irregular. The longer the intervals the more enjoyable the read, does that sense to you? I suppose it's a bit like you holding off on an orgasm. Thanks again for sharing your life.

  2. If you have any qualms about him having penetrative sex with other women I STRONGLY ADVISE AGAINST attending a sex party.
    Even if you set the ground rules before hand 1) Things may still get beyond that point (You can not monitor everyone all the time) 2) You would be relegating him to the role of an observer only which may make not only him but others uncomfortable as well 3) Generally it is considered bad form to limit a participants role unless it is in some form of BDSM relationship.
    I say this not to frighten but to inform that if this remains an issue a party of that nature (Or progressing the Sue thing much further) very likely will tear the relationship apart. Know what you are getting into and realize that in situations such as a sex party he will be having intercourse with other women. I speak from experience both personally and from accounts by friends as well.

  3. Thanks for the advice - we have been discussing it and decided that we would progress with things a little more slowly than we had originally planned.

    There was a party this weekend that we were going to go to, but a few people (online) have given similar advice so we thought that we would experiment a little more in a 'controlled' environment first.

    Just to be clear - I'm actually not entirely against Mike having sex with someone else - I just wasn't too sure about things with Sue at first. I'm hoping that this weekends experiments will lead to some interesting postings though...