Monday, 26 October 2009

Sue's train fun

The first part of this post isn't about Mike and I (well, not directly, although we are sort of involved), but it's the story that I promised about Sue's trip home (which now seems like ages ago).

As I've already posted, Mike gave Sue a little goodbye fingering at the station which got her nice and excited (and reasonably wet from the look of his fingers afterwards). After we got home, he got a call from Sue saying that she was bored and wished that she was still up in York with us.

Mike, with his mind in the gutter (as usual, but that's where I like it!) asked her if she liked her 'going away' present. She said that she did, but that now she was feeling wet and horny (she whispered the last part). Mike asked how many people were on the train with her and she said that there were a few, but it wasn't too busy (which I think is the perfect amount - there has to be some risk of being caught, but you need enough privacy to be able to finish things off). He asked her if she was in a private enough area to play with herself (he had told her about the times I've done this and I've given up any pretence of being a nice girl around her given what we've done, so I didn't mind her knowing).

Sue was a bit nervous as she had never played with herself on a train before (although she has of course done things in 'public' places). He gave her a little encouragement and said that we would listen in and help her out. Sue decided that she was wiling to give it a try, but that said she would have to be quiet as there were people only a few seats in front of her.

Mike told her to slip her panties off (see, there is a good reason for not weaaring them(. She put the phone down and it seemed to take a little while before she picked it up again. She had been wearing a tight(ish) skirt and so had had a little troble getting her panties off while sitting down (again, there is a reason I mostly wear pleated skirts - much easier access!).

Mike told her to spread her legs and just gently stroke herself which she did. She was talking very quietly down the phone (which we had on speakerphone and Jen and I were huddled around Mike to listen in). He continued to tell her what to do to herself, mostly just getting her to tease herself at first. Sue seemed to be enjoying herselff, but kept compaining that she couldn't easily touch herself because of her skirt. I told her to unzip it, but to leave it fastened at the waist (yes, I've had to figure out how to do things in a tight skirt before) and this made life a lot easier for her. She could now open her legs enough to easily get ger fingers into herself and it was obvious from the change in her voice that it felt much better.

Mike told Sue to check if the coast was clear and slide her skirt round so the opening was directly above her pussy - she did this and told us that she now had a couple of fingers in her cunt (okay, she said 'pussy', but we're still working on her dirty talk). We had to wait while an announcement was made (we couldn't hear her above the speaker), but Mike continued to tell her what to do and Sue continued to work on herself while everyone else on the train was distracted. When we could hear her again, she said she was getting close (I know, these young people have no idea how to hold back and enjoy the moment). To be fair, Sue *was* enjoying the moment, but just not for as long as I would have done so.

What always seems to happen to me at this point is the guard or trolly services comes along and I have to wait, but Sue wasn't interrupted. Even though she was still whispering to us, we could all hear the passion in her voice.

Mike told her to put her feet up on the seat either side of her so that her pussy was completely exposed and to cum as fast as she could. She had reached that nice (but dangerous) place where she was close enough to cumming that she was prepared to take a bigger risk and did as he said.

Mike kept telling her to fuck herself, to finger her cunt, make herself cum... and then she was in the final build up. Mike only asked her questions she could answer yes or no to (so she didn't have to concentratr on being as quiet) and after a few 'are you nearly there' questions, she just replied with an 'mmmm'.

Once she had recovered, Sue said that it had felt great and wished we had been there to help out (now a threesome on a train would certainly be something to try!). She asked if it had had any effect on us and I told her that Mike's jeans had a nice bulge in them which seemed to please her). She said she needed to get herself straightened up and so we finished the chat and let her sort herself out.

I had thought that was the end of it, but about 30 minutes later, she called us back She said she was still bored and still horny and wondered if we wanted to do something else with her. Mike asked what she had in mind and she said that we could do something at the same time as her - I asked if she meant Jen and I or Mike and I and she chose Mike and I (what a surprise).

Jen didn't mind too much (as long as we reported back what happened to her afterwards) and so Mike and I went up to our room. We put Sue on speakerphone again and started to get undressed, telling her what we were doing. I was just slipping off my skirt when Mike said that he wanted the schoolgirl look.

I told him (mostly for Sue's benefit) that he was being a naughty boy but went and got out my tartan skirt, white blouse and long white socks. I put my hair up in bunches and while I was getting dressed, Sue agreed that Mike was very naughty, but that she liked him like that and would give him a treat next time she visited. She asked if he was realy to play and I told her that he was sitting naked on the bed stroking his cock (she took this as a yes). A few people had got off the train between phone calls and her carriage was now a bit emptier. Sue said she was going to put headphones in so she could hear us and have both hands free. I advised her not to do this (it's never good being 'deaf' while partly naked somewhere you shouldn't be - I like the idea of my lil' sis enjoying herself, but I'd rather not have her be arrested!). She settled for using one earpiece and told us she had undone her skirt again.

As soon as I pulled on the second sock, Mike pulled me onto the bed and I let out a squeal. Sue asked what we were doing and I grabbed the phone to tell her that Mike had pulled my legs apart and was busily licking away at my pussy. She said again that she wished she was still with us so he could do that to her and I reminded her that he was my boyfriend and I was just letting her borrow him while she was here. Sue told me (quietly - I had to ask a second time what she said) to start sucking him off, so I put the phone down under his cock (he was lying on his side) and started to noisily slurp away at him.

She said she liked the sound of it and that she was starting as well. Without one of us asking her what she was doing, we had to just imagine, but given my personal experience (and the distraction of Mike's tongue), it wasn't too difficult to enjoy things anyway. We were pretty much putting on the show for Sue this time so she could listen and so once I'd sucked Mike for a bit, I sat over his face and described to her what we were doing.

I told her that Mike had his face under my skirt and was eating me, that I could feel his tongue sliding over and into my pussy and that I was just playing with his cock. I asked her of she wanted to join in with us and help me to make him cum (she wanted this a lot). I told her she could rub herself against his cock again if she wanted and asked her to describe how it felt when she did it (but she didn't want to do this while on the train in case someone heard). I switched tack and went for the yes/no questions and asked her if she liked feeling his cock rubbing between her pussy lips and liked the feeling of his cum being rubbed into her cunt.

She seemed to be getting close quite quickly (again) and so I told her to hold back a bit and we would see if we could get Mike to help us both cum at the same time. He'd been listening in and started to eat me harder and spend more time on my clit. I could feel that his face was very wet and told Sue this and she said she wished she could see us.

I was getting quite close myself now and told her to get ready and then described Mike's cock to her in detail, how it was waiting there for her to come and suck and rub against (I almost told her she could fuck it, but didn't want to encourage that too much, even as a fantasy for her).

I could of course make a lot more noise than Sue could and told her to listen to how close I was getting and to imagine she was there with us and Mike was eating her as well. I think I actually came first, but my moans made it quite clear to her that I was cumming and by the time I had finished, she was gently moaning into the phone.

When we had both recovered, she said she wanted to talk to Mike and help make him cum (I'd obviously have the larger part in this). I lifted myself off his face (which was, as I had thought, very wet with my juices, and slid onto his cock. He let out a moan when I did this and started describing to Sue what he could feel. He told her he couldn't wait for her to visit again and that he would make her cum as much as she wanted and cover her in his cum - and then make both her and I cum over and over again.

I have no doubt that he could do this (he's very patient when it comes to making me cum) and was quite enjoying the idea and could feel him thrusting harder and faster into me. He let Sue listen to our bodies slapping together and just before he came he told her he wanted to see her cunt leaking his cum.

I wanted him to cum over me and quickly climbed off him and knelt by the bed - I had left it a bit late and the first squirt came out before he could scramble over to me, but the next few landed square on my breasts (I'd opened my blouse while we were fucking).

Sue told us that while we had been fucking, someone had walked past her and she still had her skirt unzipped. She didn't think they had seen her pussy, but they must have got a good view high up her inner thighs as the open section was still over her lap. She said she had to get 'decent' again but Mike told her that as payment for the entertainment, she had to leave it unzipped until she got home (without panties on obviously).

She agreed, as long as she could move the zip to the side and Mike promised her that the next time she came up, we would go out and get her a suitable flippy skirt so she could do things like this more easily.

She liked the idea of him buying her some clothes (as long as he buys me some too it's okay!) and we chatted for a little bit longer about some of the joys of clothes shopping (I don't know if she's cum in a changing room before so I have something else to teach her).

When she had gone again, Mike put on a dressing gown and we went downstairs (I still had my blouse open and Mike's cum on me). Jen seemed to like the slutty schoolgirl look and I got dragged upstairs with her straight away so she could punish me for being naughty. I was getting a little bit tired by this point, but she has a way of encouraging me to find more energy :)


  1. Steaming hot blogposts like these require steaming hot pics. Hope you 3 are listening ;)

  2. That's very hot. Sounds like it was an enjoyable trainride for everyone.

  3. James is right, how about some new shots of your hot nude body, Andi? It's ok, we've seen it before and liked what we saw. (I guess a shot of Sue or Jen, even without their face showing, would be too much to ask for.)

  4. I considered putting some more pics up but have gotten a lot of advice from other readers who say that given the amount of other information relating to me on here that it would be a bad idea.

    I know that the first few sets of pics I posted are still online - and I'm not stupid enough to think that I could ever get them removed from 'The Internet' so I'm happy for them to be viewed (actually, still very happy when I get a comment from someone who came to them), but I think - for now at least - that there won't be any more.