Monday, 30 November 2009

Hotel Stay - Part 4

I’ve still got the problem that whenever I have a weekend away, I have to work twice as hard when I get back to make up for it. This is the final part of the hotel stay entry and it tool longer than I thought it would simply due to lack of time.


It didn’t take much to convince me and we want up, kissing lightly on the way up in the lift. When we got to the room, Jen told me to wait outside for a minute and closed the door behind her. I was intrigued as I had thought she had wanted me out of the room earlier so she could surprise me with the wonderful dress she wearing. After a couple of minutes, I felt my egg start to buzz and asked if that was a sign for me to enter – Jen called out that it was and I went into the room.

The only lights on were the table lamps and the bed was covered with rose petals. Jen was lying on the bed with her dress off but a white lacy bra and panties set and her stockings on. I had thought she looked good in the dress, but this really took my breath away. Despite the fact that what she was wearing was damn sexy, it actually seemed to make her look younger and cuter at the same time. She beckoned me over and I eagerly crawled onto the bed with her and we kissed. A part of me wanted to tear off our clothes and give her as many orgasms I as could and another part wanted to take things slowly. Given I could always move to the rampant fucking at any time, I went with the slow approach.

I’m sure you’re all aware that I usually much prefer seeing Jen nude, but she looked so sexy that I really enjoyed playing with her outfit. After we had kissed, I licked around the edges of her bra and slowly worked one breast free so I could play with it. I only kissed it for a bit before I licked down over her stomach and licked around the edge of her panties – able to smell her pussy, but not taste it. Jen raised the leg I was crouched over so it pressed against my crotch and I let myself gently rub against her while I missed my way back up her body to play with her other breast.

I stopped to slip off my dress and bra so I could feel her against me properly and then returned to kissing her nipples – I pressed one of my thighs against her panties and we gently humped each other while I made her nipples harder. I was getting really turned on now and the nipple play had been having its usual effect on Jen so I moved back down between her legs and started kissing her panties. She pressed her crotch against my mouth and I could faintly taste her though the material so kept kissing and licking until they were fairly wet (not just with my saliva). I couldn’t wait any longer and pulled the crotch to the side and tasted her properly. I noticed that the egg was no longer in her, but that didn’t matter as I wanted to make her cum myself and licked up the length of her slit tasting all the juices that had built up.

Jen moaned when I did this and I realised that she was more aroused than I had thought. I asked her what she wanted and she just said she wanted to feel me inside her. I pushed my tongue into her (still with her panties on) and licked around her cunt while pressing my face against her. She seemed to really like this so I tried as hard as I could to get as deep as I could. I wanted her to cum and so when my tongue started to ache, I returned to lapping away at her pussy and clit. She was already making mewing sounds and I knew she was close so I pulled her panties fully to the side and fastened my mouth to her. I alternated between thrusting into her cunt and sucking and flicking her clit until she came. She held my head against her pussy and moved around under my face as her orgasm went through her. I was glad that I’d managed to get such a good response out of her body (the mewing became very high pitch by the end and she was panting when she finished) but was now really turned on myself and desperately wanted to cum but thought she would need to rest.

Jen seemed to have other ideas though and much sooner than I thought she would, she pulled me up to her, kissed me and told me to get the dildo. I quickly pulled the egg out of my pussy, slipped the dildo into myself and asked her to take her panties off. She slipped them down her legs and I positioned myself so I could get the dildo into her (which slid easily into her). It was easy to get it completely buried in us so I could rub against her. We used the same scissor position as earlier, but with the added feeling of the dildo it felt even nicer. Jen was still quite sensitive from her last orgasm, but didn’t want to stop (and I liked the fact that every time I moved, she felt it so intensely). I was sliding up the dildo and then slamming back against her by this point and getting close and could see than Jen was really getting into it again. She kept telling me to cum, to fuck her cunt and to let her feel me cum against her and I was eager to give her what she wanted! I sort of realised that she could probably cum again, but I wasn’t really able to hold myself back and wait for her and I kept smashing my cunt into hers until I came. It wasn’t as strong as I had hoped, but I made up for it by continuing to pump against her much longer than I usually would have done. I certainly felt satisfied by the time I finished and the extra time had helped move Jen closer to cumming again.

I wasn’t able to move much more as I felt rather sore, but I pressed up against Jen and let her grind against me (given she had let me fuck her while she was sensitive, it was the least I could do). She rubbed against me in short rapid movements and I reached down to rub her clit and she managed her second orgasm before falling back into the bed. In order to kiss her, I had to climb off the dildo (we decided that we now want to get a longer one so we can have it bent round to be in both our pussies while one of us in on top of the other). She still had her bra on (not really covering anything anymore) and the material rubbed against my nipples as we kissed.

Jen told me that she loved me and really didn’t want to spend Christmas away from me. I could see this causing problems, but I promised her that I would find a way for us to be together. I’m still not sure of the best way to achieve this, but Mike has promised that if she is prepared to be naked all day, she would be welcome in York J (She is of course welcome in York, but I might get in trouble if I don’t go home).

Back to the hotel room... Jen explained that she had brought candles along to light the room with but the room had smoke or heat detectors so she hadn’t lit them. Having read a story ages ago about two girls ‘wearing’ candles to school, I instantly thought about having some fun with them, and then remembered that I had brought the wine bottle up to the room. I told Jen that she wasn’t getting away with only cumming twice (that evening) and that she was going to have a very tender pussy by the time she was allowed to go to sleep.

The problem with this is that Jen is stronger than me, so she stacked me and started to tickle me. I’m more ticklish than she is, but not by much and so I retaliated in kind. We rolled around on the bed for a while (tickling) until I got a chance to grab her legs, push my head between them and start to eat her. This stopped the tickling and even though she pretended to try and get free, she wasn’t putting much effort into escaping. I had her held tight now and told her to hand me the wine bottle but instead of giving it to me, she pushed it into my cunt. It was quite cold and a bit of a shock, but it slowly warmed up as she continued to slide it into me. It was one of the bottles with the tapered neck so as it got deeper, by pussy was stretched wider. All I could really do was continue to eat her (I did ask for a candle to use on her, but she ignored my requests).

I decided the best way to break free would be to distract her so I pressed a thumb up against her ass and started furiously licking her clit. She held on quite well, but it was soon clear that I was winning as she slowed her actions with the bottle. I kept going until I could roll over and get on top at which point I planted my pussy on her face and grabbed the bottle.

I am aware than Jen’s pussy is tighter than mine, so i was careful, but I still slid it into her and pumped it in and out until her lips were stretched around it. Being on top, it was fairly easy to rub her clit at the same time and even though she was trying to eat me, I knew I had won this round.

I positioned my hand on the neck of the bottle so I could slam it into her without it going deep enough to hurt her and continued to rub her clit. I could feel her shiver every time I pushed it into her and soon felt her moaning into my pussy as she came. Even though I only had a partial view of her pussy, it looked amazing watching her lips grasp the neck of the bottle and I thought I would put on a little show for her. While she was recovering, I sat at the end of the bed on a few pillows, spread my legs and fucked myself with the bottle – getting it as deep into myself as I could (we’re not talking about having it in really far, but enough to feel nicely filled). I rubbed my clit at the same time and looked straight at her as I came, telling her that she was the only girl i wanted to ever do things with.

It turns out that was the wrong thing to say as it led to a while conversation about how much I had enjoyed having sex and cumming with Sue watching. I had to admit that she was right, but that I hadn’t actually *done* anything *with* Sue and wasn’t going to. Jen wasn’t willing to let it go though and while she stroked my pussy she kept asking if I would be part of a threesome with her and Sue and what I would do if Mike convinced Sue to eat me. Jen started kissing and licking my neck as she did this and describing how she would eat me while Sue lowered her pussy onto my mouth and how Jen would make me cum so hard that I would forget what I was doing and eat Sue.

I couldn’t resist the neck kissing and enjoyed another really warm orgasm – even though Jen kept up the images of me eating or being eaten by Sue (it was almost like being back with Mike!) When I had recovered (which took a while as I was now quite tired) I returned the favour and made Jen cum while describing what Sue’s pussy was like and how it tasted. Jen came while I was describing Sue sitting over her face with Jen’s long tongue sliding between Sue’s cunt lips and me eating Jen (I should have thrown in Mike fucking Sue’s ass for good measure I guess as then Jen could have got covered with his cum as well!)

We were well and truly spent after this and curled up together to sleep. Jen kept teasing me about the fact that I actually know what Sue tastes like (I tried pointing out that Jen had tasted her as well at the train station, but that didn’t really count as Sue isn’t Jen’s sister!). Despite the teasing, we snuggled up together and fell asleep – I had considered trying to make Jen cum once more but really didn’t have the energy.

We woke up fairly stiff the following morning and had to limber up in the shower before breakfast. I challenged Jen to go down in her shortest skirt and she accepted the challenge. This barely covers her ass and is just about okay when she is standing or walking, but not so much when bending over or sitting. Of course I had to follow suit, but my shortest skirt isn’t quite as revealing as Jen’s and I’m used to wearing it without panties, whereas Jen isn’t. We went down to the restaurant and got a number of stares, but we were leaving soon so it didn’t matter. When Jen was sitting down, her skirt barely covered her pussy and she spent most of breakfast blushing and keeping her legs firmly together. On the way back to the room, we walked up the stairs with a number of people behind us. I whispered to her to not look round but to just imagine their eyes on her ass and what it would be like to be stripped naked by them and have them all watch her cum. Jen isn’t into this fantasy as much as I am, but she played along and whispered back that if she was going to be stripped, I had better be naked too and helping to make her cum for them.

Our train wasn’t until early afternoon so we had time for one last bit of playing – we decided to return to the pool and sauna and grabbed our things. We ran over (it was still raining) and quickly changed. It was perfect – there was hardly anyone else there other than a few people in the pool and so we quickly ducked into the steam room. To be fair, I took Jen’s position from last time and sat against her, facing out into the room. She started nuzzling my neck and rubbing my nipples and I told her to not worry about exposing me. She pushed my bikini up over my breasts and I pushed one of her hands down to my pussy. She slid it into my bikini bottoms and I opened my legs to make it easier for her. Things worked out perfectly (other than having the room full of people to watch I guess) – I was having my neck, nipple and pussy rubbed and knew that someone could walk in at any time. As I got closer to cumming, I got her to remove her hand from my pussy, pulled my bikini down a bit and got her to start rubbing again. If someone came in I knew there was no way I could cover myself in time and so I just let the feelings build as quickly as possible and came slightly louder than I had intended (I think the steam muffled it). I wanted to do the same to Jen, but she wasn’t willing to take as big a risk as I just had, so she lay on the bench and I stood between her pussy and the door and fingered her. The plan was that if someone came in, I could start to rub her leg and pretend I was just giving her a massage, but I cheated a bit and used her Sue fantasy to get her worked up. When she came I had one hand on her pussy and one rubbing her breasts (which were partly exposed).

We managed to finish up and leave the steam room without being interrupted. We considered going for a quick swim but we knew from the previous day that the pool had way too much chlorine in it and so didn’t bother. We showered naked again and returned to our room (getting rained on as we went). It would have been nice to wear our very short skirts for the train, but we decided it was too cold outside and British trains have very variable temperatures so we went for a safer (and warmer) option. The train was fairly busy on the way back anyway so we wouldn’t have been able to do anything (although it would have been fun to just see the looks we got on the train).

We were going our separate ways at Glasgow on the way back – I could have got a train almost as soon as I arrived, but Jen had to wait about an hour for her train so I stayed until she had gone and then headed back to York. We sat up in the central bar (where it was warm) and had a hot chocolate. The problem with a weekend like that is that we didn’t want it to end, but I promised that I would go visit Jen soon and Christmas isn’t too far away so we won’t be apart too long.

Friday, 27 November 2009

Hotel stay - Part 3

Jen was a bit miffed at the fact that I had put her on display to a random man (but not as miffed as Mike was when he found out as he says he should have been the one who got to see it). The rain was incredibly heavy (not as bad as some parts of the country where places flooded though) and we were drenched as soon as we were outside. It was cold, but not too bad and Jen said she wanted to have some fun her way to make up for being show off (given I was pretty sure I could have made her cum if we hadn’t been interrupted, I didn’t think she was really upset, but I was happy to let her do whatever she wanted if she enjoyed it).

We ducked around the back of the pool building and found a semi-private spot. I say semi-private as we couldn’t be seen by anyone close to us, but there was a view out over a part of the town so we could have been seen from below (if anyone had a telescope pointing up at us). She slipped off her shoes, lifted her skirt and started rubbing herself (through her bikini bottoms). It was so wet that I had to ask her if she was peeing (and she was). She kept rubbing and then pulled her panties aside and started fingering herself. It was clearer when she did that that she was still peeing and she said that doing it in the rain was wonderful as she didn’t have to worry about getting herself wet as the rain would hide it.

She continued this until she had finished peeing and was clearly enjoying it enough that I was feeling left out slipped a hand under my skirt and started playing with myself. She noticed what I was doing so I lifted my skirt so she could watch. We would have loved to stay out and play longer, but the rain was cold enough that it was beginning to get to us so we decided to go back to our room and continue. I did love the fact that we were in a spot overlooking such a large area though and couldn’t resist stripping off completely (and getting Jen to do the same). We were already soaked through by this point, so it wasn’t as if it would make things any worse and it was such a thrill to be able to hold Jen’s wet naked (and cold) body against mine where half a town could look up at us..

We were now getting very cold and so quickly got dressed (just t-shirts and skirts – no bikinis) and went back into the hotel. We would have put a wet t-shirt competition to shame – our clothes were stuck to our bodies and it was clear we were naked underneath, but the rain was so heavy that nobody could complain (it wasn’t as if we had done it on purpose). We went straight up to our room anyway and had a quick shower to warm up. Once we had towel dried each others’ hair and tied it up, we returned to the bed. We had to choose whether we would do things then or go for lunch and I decided on a compromise by calling Mike and asking if he minded if we ordered room service (it wasn’t cheap and he was paying for the weekend).

Jen cheated a bit and said that she would call him – she sat over me and asked me to eat her for a bit and only when she was well on the way to cumming did she call. He wasn’t at home, but she got him on his mobile and said something along the lines of:

“Hi Mike, thanks for a wonderful weekend, we’re having a great time here. I’m, currently sitting on Andi’s face and about to cum – would you mind if we ordered room service instead of stopping and going for lunch in the restaurant?”

Mike was out with some friends so he couldn’t get her to describe what we were doing in any more detail, but he agreed to the room service as long as we didn’t completely cover ourselves up when it arrived (he didn’t know about the display Jen had put on in the steam room at this point). Jen agreed to this (for both of us) and hung up. I stopped eating her as I was quite hungry and needed something a bit more substantial than she could provide and she told me about the deal. While we chose our lunch, I thought about the best way to keep our end of the bargain up and got Jen to agree to answer the door in her robe (her own light one, not the big hotel fluffy ones) and to leave it undone.

She agreed to this and ordered the food – I started licking her again while she was ordering and didn’t let her swat me away. I wasn’t so cruel as to try and make her cum, but had her nicely squirming by the end of the conversation. We were told it would be 20-30 minutes and I thought I may as well make good use of the time. I got Jen to sit over me again and describe some of her early orgasms – what she did, where, how it felt... while I licked her. She played with me while she did this – at first with her fingers, then a vibe and then the double ended dildo (being longer, it was easier to use while sitting up over me). I told Jen I didn’t want either of us to cum until lunch arrived and so we licked and fucked with varying pressure and speed to keep each other close, but not too close. I actually had quite a hard time holding back as the images of Jen playing with her young body were incredibly arousing.

We heard a knock on the door and Jen climbed off me looking quite flushed (I felt the same way). She slipped her robe on and held the front together and moved towards the door. She asked me what I was going to do and I just slid one of my feet up towards my ass and kept my legs spread. It really seemed to shock her that I was going to be that bold and I think I must have been in the ‘holiday’ mindset where anything you do can’t really matter as you’re not in your own country. I nodded towards the door and Jen opened it slightly, looked out and then opened it fully, allowing the front of her robe to open as she did so. She asked the waiter to bring it in and as he entered I could see him eying her up (not very subtly). He asked where she wanted it and she pointed over by the bed and then he looked over at me. I was still uncovered, one leg drawn up, legs spread and the dildo sticking out of my cunt.

I loved the feeling (it was similar to when I let Rob watch me masturbate) and almost (very almost) touched myself, but a part of me realised that might have been going a bit too far. He left the trolley and said that if we wanted anything else (he said ‘anything’ twice) to call again. Once he had gone, Jen said she couldn’t believe that I had shown that much off and I reminded her that she had been standing with half of her front exposed to him. She actually blushed at this and it was so sweet that I just started kissing her – given what we’d been doing, the kissing didn’t remain innocent for long and I proposed that we should cum quickly before lunch. Jen was certainly up for this and sat back over my face and resumed using the dildo on me. I imagined the waiter standing watching us and wondered what he would have done if we had asked him to join us... I was in the middle of my fantasy when Jen started to cum and so concentrated a bit more on the person who was actually there with me as opposed to the one I was imagining.

She kept pumping the dildo into me (a little too hard at the end and I had to tell her to ease off a bit – but she was distracted so I forgave her). I kept licking until she had finished and then encouraged her to make me cum as quickly as possible. She could now play with my clit at the same time as using the dildo on me so it took hardly any time. This was another reasonably strong orgasm and I was glad that we had a break for food afterwards as I needed time to recover.

Over lunch, we discussed what we had done so far and what else we had planned. Jen informed me that I had to wait for her at the bar before dinner and she would join me. I wasn’t sure what she had in mind, but given how the weekend had gone so far I was looking forwards to finding out. She admitted that she had actually enjoyed the steam room and that she would have happily let me make her cum. She seemed a bit less sure if she would have been happy for me to strip her bikini off so our watcher could have seen everything, but she didn’t rule it out so I’m hopeful in future J

We thought that we would have a bit of a rest (we had planned on going for a walk into Dunblane and exploring, but the rain was still torrential so we stayed in). Even with the bleak Scottish weather we still had a really nice view from our window over the town. It was dark enough that with our lights off, we could stand naked in front of the windows (we didn’t want to be too obvious in case children came along and looked up). We took turns standing so one of us was in front looking out and the other was holding them from behind and gently stroking various parts. We did this for quite a while as we talked about things and while it felt nice (or very nice, depending on which bits were being stroked), it was almost as if it wasn’t sexual.

It started to get very dark around 4 and we returned to the bed and had a very gentle session. We kissed and fondled each other – I sucked Jen’s nipples and she stroked and kissed my neck. We rubbed our pussies together in a scissor position until we were fairly close and then she lay on top of me so we could kiss again. We each had a hand on the others’ pussy and stroked away until we were really close. We wanted to cum together so I eased off my pressure on Jen’s clit (she was closer than I was) and let her bring me along. We put quite a bit of effort into the timing and after a number of near misses, we managed to cum about as close together as is possible. While we’ve cum at roughly the same time before, this was something really different as it felt like we each knew exactly what the other was feeling for the whole thing. From the point we said “Now” until we had finished cumming , Jen’s mouth was covering mine and our tongues were moving together. I held her tight against me (as tight as I could and still get my hand to her pussy anyway).

We kept our bodies pressed against each other well beyond when we had finished cumming and it was an incredible time. We kept kissing and saying silly romantic things and dozing off until we woke up and realised that we were lying in almost complete darkness (other than the external lights from the hotel). We’d booked a relatively early dinner so had to start getting ready (we’re girls – it takes a while). We showered together (not doing anything other than washing each other) and did hair and makeup while mostly naked. As it got closer to dinnertime, Jen told me I had to go down to the bar and wait for her (she did at least allow me to put my dress on first). Before I left, I pulled out two remote eggs (my old one and the one I brought back from the weekend with Sue). I gave Jen the choice as to which one she wanted and (as I had expected) she liked the idea of using the one that had been inside Sue. I slipped it into her and let her do the same for me. I gave her the remote for my egg and headed on down to the bar, wondering what she had planned that I had to be out of the room for.

When I got to the bar I ordered some drinks for us. I waited about 10 minutes and felt a bit silly sitting there by myself (and wished that the remote control I had would work with my egg). I was just wondering what I would do if the waiter that brought us room service appeared when Jen appeared in another long dress. This one was split up the side to the top of her thigh. I could see through the gap that she had white stockings on and a beautiful pair of heels (that made her tower over me even more). She looked absolutely stunning and I was really looking forwards to the rest of the evening. We sat and had our drinks and I experimented with the egg inside her – even though I had told her it was a bit stronger than my egg, the desire to get the one Sue had used in her had won her over and she was realising that I could make her squirm by using it on high power. She also hadn’t thought about the fact that the remote I had for her egg is black while the remote she had for my egg is bright pink and therefore I could play with her much more openly without people noticing.

I didn’t tease her too much though and turned it off as we headed into dinner. We walked in, arm in arm, and I’m sure a few of the men looked round at us. Our table wasn’t located quite as well as the previous evening and we were surrounded by people so our conversation was a bit more subdued. This wasn’t really a problem though as after our afternoon session, we were more in the mood for a nice romantic meal anyway. (Well, mostly, there was a very cute waitress serving one of the tables near us and we did have a discussion about whether we should invite her back to the room with us and what we could do to her if she came. Just in case you didn’t guess, we didn’t ask her!)

The food was good (if expensive, but Mike was paying) and we had a nice bottle of wine. The eggs got turned on a few times during the meal and I found that one of the pulse settings really seemed to work on Jen and managed to get her nipples to show slightly (she had a bra on so I was impressed I could see anything).

When we finished, she got up and pulled out my chair for me (given I’m the one who usually fucks her, I’m not sure why she took the ‘male’ role!) and we walked out together. We had almost finished the wine, but I took the bottle with us as I had plans for it. I allowed my hand to wander over her ass as we walked towards the lift and suggested we return to the bar for another drink, but Jen wanted to go up to the room.

It didn’t take much to convince me and we want up, kissing lightly on the way up in the lift. When we got to the room, Jen told me to wait outside for a minute and closed the door behind her. I was intrigued as I had thought she had wanted me out of the room earlier so she could surprise me with the wonderful dress she wearing. After a couple of minutes, I felt my egg start to buzz and asked if that was a sign for me to enter – Jen called out that it was and I went into the room.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Hotel stay - Part 2

We didn’t get up very early on the Saturday (we actually had a proper lie in, it wasn’t because we were doing anything). Even though we felt a bit sticky from the previous night’s activities, we just stayed curled up together and dozed until we realised that we would miss breakfast unless we hurried. We had a quick shower together (still didn’t do anything – or at least not enough to slow us down) and got in just in time before the restaurant closed. We were both fairly hungry but a lot of the food had gone. There was enough for us to eat though and we had a selection of toast, cereal, fruit and yoghurt to rebuild our energy levels.

We planned on going back to the room to experiment with the shower (it really was quite powerful) but thought we should go for a walk outside and explore. The weather was rather poor (to say the least – torrential rain and severe weather warnings), so we did have to return to our room and get coats. Suitably attired, we wandered over to the pool and went in to have a look round. They have a decent pool, sauna and steam room and a Jacuzzi and we planned on visiting later on to take advantage of the facilities, but thought we would finish what we had started with the shower earlier.

We returned to the room, pulled off our wet clothes and got the shower running again. It wasn’t a fancy shower head with pulse settings but the water pressure was really high (if only I’d taken our shower head with me we could have had an even better time!). We cleaned each other off properly (we hadn’t really had time during our mad dash to breakfast) and had a nice time soaping each other up and then rinsing the soap off. Once we were properly clean, Jen leant against the wall and spread her legs so I could use the shower on her pussy. By wiggling it around, I found I could create a nice variable pressure with it and she seemed to be enjoying it. Things got better for her when I spread her pussy lips to fully expose her clit and aimed the spray directly at it.

Jen asked me to finger her so I got her to hold her lips open (so I could continue to get her clit with the water) and I started to use a couple of fingers to slide into her pussy. She said that she wanted to pee while cumming (which I had been expecting) and so I told her to go ahead if she wanted. I started pumping my fingers into Jen a bit faster and harder two fingers is still plenty for her) and this, combined with the water jet, managed to make her cum. As her orgasm started, she started to piss herself and I continued to pump into her. It was a bit messier than before as it was spraying over me due to my fingers being in the way but I didn’t mind too much as I knew she loved it (and I would be able to shower straight after).

When she had cum, I stood up and we kissed while I rubbed myself against her leg. I got quite a good rhythm going and it apparently soon became clear that I was getting myself quite worked up. We stop kissing and Jen got me to stand against the wall so she could try the shower out on me. It felt nice (the jet was very powerful), but without the pulsing, it wasn’t doing enough for me to make me cum so Jen started rubbing my clit. This certainly did something and I had to brace myself against the wall as I came – the hot water running over my slit while Jen rubbed me really added something. We stood under the water and kissed again for a while and started to plan our Christmas break together. This will be slightly tricky as she wants to come and stay – while I have no problem with this, obviously Mike will be there too and I’m not too sure how Mum is going to react to having them both there (but I think the fact they both helped out when she came out of the hospital will make a difference!). Jen suggested that she and Mike could alternate sleeping in Sue’s room but I can’t really see that making the situation any better:

“Hi mum – yes I know that Mike’s my boyfriend but I want Jen to visit me too... No, don’t worry, it will be fine, they’ve agreed that whoever isn’t sleeping with me will be fucking my baby sister instead so they won’t be bored...”.

Somehow, I can’t see her going for that J - so we decided that we’d probably spend most of the holiday in York.

Anyway – we kissed and chatted until we were horny again (why on earth would two naked girls in a shower, rubbing against each other get horny – hmm?) We decided that we should try things elsewhere and dried off before moving onto the bed. I pulled out the selection of toys I had brought with me and laid them out to choose from. Jen had wanted to try the heat gel so I put a little on her nipples and a tiny drop on her clit and left it to warm up while we kissed. She enjoyed the feeling on her nipples, but wasn’t so keen with her hot clit so I licked it clean (and kept licking, just to make sure). I then added some of the tingle gel to her clit and asshole, along with a bit more of the heat gel on her nipples. It certainly seemed to have a positive effect on her as her little nipples weren’t really that little anymore. They were nice and hard and very sensitive (even more so than they usually are).

I added some of the tingle gel to my nipples and pussy and Jen said she would do my ass. She thought I would enjoy the heat gel and while I was a bit worried about it, it actually felt quite nice (which was a mistake to tell her as she added another blob and pushed it inside me). I climbed on top of her and we made out, sliding against each other and moving so we could kiss each other’s nipples. Jen’s were getting really sensitive and she seemed to be in heaven when I sucked on them. I had a plan and didn’t want to get too carried away myself (or we would just spend the day in bed) so I finally moved down between Jen’s legs and started teasing her with the toys. I started with the slim vibe, just running it from her asshole, over her pussy and onto her clit before sliding it into her. I added the egg on her clit and watched her play with her nipples while I got her close to cumming.

Before she came, I told her I wanted to fuck her (and she liked the idea of this) so I swapped the thin vibe for our double ended dildo and once I had it inside her, I mounted the other end of it and worked it into myself until our pussies were touching. Jen was loving it but I was still trying hard to not get too caught up in things (which was difficult as I watched her squirming around on the bed getting more and more turned on). I could feel that I was about to lose control and really start fucking her so I slid off and said that we should go and explore the pool properly. Jen called me a bitch for teasing her, but I just kissed her and promised that I would make it worth her while. She reluctantly got up and started fishing around for her swim stuff.

While she was bent over I went up behind her and started rubbing her ass but she said if I wanted her to go with me that I had to stop teasing her or she’d pin me down and make me fuck her. This was a very appealing thought, but I resisted and went to gather up my things. We couldn’t decide on bikini or all-in-one swimsuits so took both along with us. It was still raining heavily and even though the pool is only a minute away from the hotel, we were soaked by the time we got there. We went to change and decided we would start in the pool so put on our swimsuits and - wow – Jen looked really hot. I don’t think I’ve seen Jen in a swimsuit before and it might have to (somehow) enter into our sex play. Her nipples were no longer as hard I think the drenching in the rain had seen to that), but the suit hugged every curve of her beautiful body and I was tempted again to head back to the hotel room and lock ourselves in for the day.

Once again, I resisted – but I did reach up (Jen was standing almost in front of me while I was sitting on the bench) and rub her pussy when nobody was looking. I could smell her from where I was sitting and I was thrilled to see that as I pushed her swimsuit against her pussy, the material started to get slightly wet with her juices. By the time I finished there was a little wet spot – not really enough for anyone to notice though. We headed out to the pool and dived in – the water had far too much chlorine in it, so after the initial dive we tried to keep our eyes out of the water. We swam for a little bit and then moved into the Jacuzzi area. There were a few other people in there, but we managed to get to sit together and under the cover of the bubbles, I slid my hand up Jen’s leg and onto her pussy.

She gave me a sly smile and spread her legs slightly – it was still difficult to do very much to her, but I could at least rub her a bit more and ended up pressing her swimsuit between her pussy lips. After a little while, the other people left and we had a bit more freedom. We moved round so that we were on the more sheltered side and Jen opened her legs a bit further. I managed to pull the crotch of her suit slightly to the side – just enough to be able to play with her pussy lips and after a bit of fiddling, to rub her clit. I was sitting over one of the bubble jets and pulled my suit aside to let it blow directly over my pussy. I had been expecting a bit more from it (I guess I’ve read too many stories about girls having orgasms while sitting over these). It certainly felt nice, but nowhere near nice enough to cum.

The restricted position we were in meant that I couldn’t do much more than tease Jen (but it seemed to be getting her going a bit at least). We decided that we would investigate the sauna and steam room and got out of the Jacuzzi. We returned to the changing room and stripped off our swimsuits and went to have a shower. Most of the people we saw still had something on, but another person did come in naked at one point so we didn’t stand out too much, but it was still nice to be able to stand there naked with other people around. We changed into our bikinis and walked over to the sauna. Jen still looked incredible, but there was something about her swimsuit that even her bikini couldn’t match.

We went into the solarium and sat down (on towels as the wood was roasting). We were soon soaked with sweat and I really wanted the other people to leave so we could make good use of the sweat to lubricate things, but nobody seemed to be moving. We left with the intention of exploring the steam room and stopped off to have a refreshing bucket of freezing water doused over us. Now much refreshed (and slightly shocked) we went to the steam room. There was only one other person in there (still one too many) and we sat back and enjoyed the heat again. I decided that I really wanted to show off my girl again and after a few minutes, asked Jen if she would like a rub down.

She agreed to this (and later said she thought I meant it innocently as we weren’t alone). I scooched to the back of the bench and she sat in front of me. She bent her head forwards so I could easily massage her neck and shoulders and I got to work. I ran my hands over her shoulders, neck, arms and sides – over time I started running my hands around her front and across her stomach. As I slowly worked my hands higher, I guess she figured out what I was doing as I felt her tense up slightly. I leant forwards and very quietly whispered to her to let me continue, and given she didn’t say anything, I assumed she was allowing me to do so.

I had been careful to not look directly at the guy on the other side of the room, but from the quick glances, I guessed he was in his 30s or 40s (I’m not too good with ages). I ran my hands higher up Jen’s front until I was rubbing the bottom of her breasts (through her bikini). I slipped one hand under it, directly onto a breast and played with her nipple – gently at first, but then pulling and tweaking a lot more (just how she likes it). As I slid my other hand under and onto her other breast, her top slid up a little – not enough to fully expose her breasts, but enough for them to be seen. Jen seemed to sometimes forget how sensitive her breasts are and I managed to get her sufficiently aroused that she didn’t seem to mind that she was being watched. I moved my right hand out from under her top and slid it down to her panties. She automatically spread her legs a little and I managed to cup her pussy before she reacted and closed them again.

I was already in now though and kept teasing her left nipple while I stroked her clit through her panties. I think Jen knew she had lost as her thighs weren’t pressed as tightly together and I managed to slip a finger under the material and rub her directly. I doubt our watcher could see this as her legs were still mostly closed, but it made a difference to how I could touch her. I thought it was time to look up and acknowledge our audience and gave him a smile. He had a towel over his lap and made a motion to come over and join us. I shook my head at him and just mouthed ‘watch’.

I pushed Jen’s bikini top up, fully exposing her left breast and tweaked her nipple more. Jen quietly said “No fair”, which was the only thing anyone said during all this, but she didn’t stop me so I pushed my finger deeper into her pussy. Even though he still probably couldn’t see anything, it must have been very clear what I was doing to her. I kept this up for a minute or so and would have been able to make her cum but someone opened the door and I quickly pulled my hand away from her and straightened up her top. I would have happily kept going with a larger audience (and she admits that I had got her far enough along that she wouldn’t have stopped me) but I knew there were children around. It was a father and son that came into the room so I was glad that I had neatened her up (I think children should remain innocent for as long as possible).

The good thing about being in the steam room was that it didn’t look at all odd that Jen was flushed. We left to get a drink and Jen’s nipples were back to being very prominent. She wanted to get back to the room and play some more (seeing as we couldn’t find anywhere private other than one of the toilets). We had been aware that it was raining heavily (large roof with torrential rain makes a fair amount of noise) so didn’t worry about drying off before we put our clothes on.


Ran out of time so will have to stop here. I’m fairly busy for the next few days so you may have to wait a bit for the next chapter.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Hotel stay - Part 1

Mmm – another wonderful weekend (for me at least, which has somewhat killed Mike as he didn’t get to be a part of it this time. I think Sue would have happily come up to keep him company (in a purely platonic way of course!) but we decided to stick to our earlier decision of only doing things with other people when we were both there. He did enjoy talking to her on the phone a few times and says that he continued trying to train her but didn’t make much progress (although did get her to cum a few times, and if he is managing to associate the feelings of her orgasms with thinking about another girl then he’ll be getting somewhere – I’m the proof of that).

But enough about him – this was Jen and my weekend and we certainly enjoyed it. Our trains were on time and we met up at Edinburgh and got our final train together. Mike had splashed out and got us a nice room at the Hilton in Dunblane (he found a special offer, but that didn’t make the place any less nice). Jen was really taken with the hotel (it’s quite a pretty building situated on top of a big hill overlooking the town) – there is a new part that isn’t as nice, but our room was in the old part.

It was the first time we had really gone anywhere as a couple. It was so nice being able to walk up to the desk holding hands and check in. Jen said it almost felt like this was the first time we were a real couple (which I almost found a bit upsetting as I wouldn’t have done any of the things I’ve done to her if we hadn’t been a couple). She explained what she meant though and I sort of understood (and really understood when we walked in to dinner together later on that evening).

We had to unpack first though and went up to our room. It was very traditionally decorated (heavy carpets and curtains and a big bed (king size I think). We had a big bath in the en-suite and I was a bit disappointed to find that we didn’t have a proper shower (only one linked to the bath), but I tested it and found it had amazing pressure so I was soon much happier about it. We hadn’t done much on the train other than a few little touches and light kissing (it’s so easy to distract men – I think we made a few other passengers very happy!). Given how I’d been feeling earlier on Friday, I was now in a state of extreme arousal and when Jen kissed me and slipped her hand under my skirt I found it very difficult to resist her. I just about managed it though and pulled away from her and said I wanted to wait until later.

Apart from anything else, we had to get down to dinner if we were going to get fed as they stopped serving at 10. We quickly freshened up and changed into something more suitable (it’s quite a posh restaurant) and headed down. I did get quite distracted when Jen stripped off and then slipped a long straight satin dress on without any underwear (lucky girls with small breasts). It was too long to be able to fondle her pussy without pulling it up and creasing it, but fortunately Jen’s nipples are still very sensitive so a few quick tweaks meant that we headed out with them showing rather prominently. I also had a long dress on, but it wasn’t as tight as Jen’s one and the bottom flowed out quite nicely as I walked.

We got a table by the window and had a nice meal – nothing too heavy, but enough to satisfy our appetite. The restaurant was loud enough that we could say pretty much anything we wanted to each other and nobody else could hear (apart from one time when our waitress came over without us noticing, but she didn’t comment on our plans for the weekend!) We spend the meal getting each other worked up even more – describing what we were going to do when we got back to our room and some of the idea for the following days. Jen got to the point where she said she felt so wet that she thought she was leaking and that she really wanted to head up straight away. I managed to convince her to have a drink at the bar first as I wanted to show off my girl (and make sure she was as horny as I could get her).

We sat at the bar and made it fairly clear that we were a couple – nothing too overt (it would have probably been frowned upon), but we kissed a little bit and continued our conversation about what we were going to do (but whispering now). By the time our drinks were finished, neither of us could wait any more and walked to the lift with our arms around each other. Once we were in the lift, we started kissing properly and hands were pulling up dresses. The lift is rather slow, but still quick enough that we didn’t have time to even fondle each other before we got to our floor. We were now beyond behaving well and ran to our room, slamming the door behind us.

I had planned a nice romantic gentle night of lovemaking but had realised on the train that things weren’t going to work out that way. As soon as the door was shut, we stripped each other naked and fell onto the bed. We rolled around, kissing and fondling – generally rubbing whatever we could against each other and trying to get our fingers into whatever part of the other person we could. Jen hadn’t been joking about how wet she was – she could hardly get any friction against me as her pussy just slid over my skin leaving a trail of her juices. I managed to get my fingers into her and get a good rhythm going and she started to rub back against my hand. She was on top of me at this point and while I could rub against her thigh a little, I couldn’t get enough pressure to do much so I just concentrated on making her cum (she looked so damn hot that I really wanted to see her cum anyway, so it wasn’t that big a sacrifice).

It didn’t take long at all before she started to cum. She was bucking against my hand (which felt like it was soaked with her juices by this point) and she kept making her little mewing noises (mixed with panting) for what seemed like ages. She lay down on top of me and kissed me when she had finished, but I hadn’t finished with her. I desperately wanted to see if she was as wet as she felt and I rolled her over and moved down between her legs. The whole area was shining with her juices and I allowed myself a lick before I started rubbing my neck against her pussy. This wasn’t easy to do with her lying down so I just gathered up some of her juices and rubbed them onto myself before crawling back up her body kissing her.

She was recovering by this point and I wanted to cum so I told her to do whatever she wanted to me (as long as it made me cum). I felt her fingers go to my pussy and slide into me and I pressed back against them. I was desperate to cum, but I also knew that my first orgasm would probably be quite strong so I willed myself to draw it out. We kissed and told each other how much we had hated being apart. As hard as I tried to hold back, I had built up too much pressure and Jen’s fingers felt so wonderful that I had to give in. I held her tightly and told her how much I loved her and wanted her forever as I came. She moved one hand round to my ass and pressed a finger against my asshole – just enough to slide into me and that sent another wave through me. Jen told me that she loved me too and I know it’s really cliché, but I felt so incredibly close to her at that point.

My orgasm wasn’t as powerful as I had thought it would be, but it was very very deep and I felt very satisfied afterwards (the fact I was still hugging Jen might have had something to do with that as well though). We kissed for quite a while and explored each others’ bodies with our hands until we felt we were ready to start things again. I knew I wanted to taste Jen while she was still very wet (there is something so sensual about being covered in her juices and knowing that I reek of her). I adapted our plans for dinner the following night accordingly, but I doubt I’ll get to that in this posting...

Jen went on top and we 69’d. I let her rub herself all over my face, neck and breasts between sessions of eating her. She tasted slightly different than I remembered but I’m only really beginning to learn how her taste changes through the month (she actually tastes best around the time of her period (not actually during it – we haven’t got into licking blood yet – and I really can’t imagine that we’re going to!) She was eating me at the same time and also tried rubbing her breasts against my cunt (but this works better when I’m on top). I started really attacking her – pulling her pussy wide open and lapping away inside her, sucking and licking her clit and licking around her ass.

I had decided that Jen would cum at least as many times over the weekend as I did and the easiest way to do this was to try and make her cum first each time and she didn’t stand a chance of making me cum before she did with the way I was licking her. She did quite a good job of continuing to lick me until she got close and then just fingered me. I’m not sure exactly what I did that was different to usual (other than I was really licking hard and fast) but Jen made noises very different to her usual mewing ones (more like ‘unngggg’) which became quite long as she came. I kept going until she had finished cumming (spending less time on her clit as I didn’t want to make her too sensitive) and ended up by licking the inside of her cunt fairly gently.

She was covered in sweat and I just stroked her back while she recovered and then felt her start to finger and kiss around my pussy again. Between licks, she said her orgasm had felt wonderful and that the way I had done things felt a lot more intense than usual (it was probably just the fact that she’d built herself up so much that even after her first orgasm she still really needed to cum). She wanted to return the favour and pretty much replicated what I did to her. I ended up on top of her and she attacked me. While Jen is quite happy to indulge in a bit of ass play, I don’t think that she enjoys it as much as I do, but she certainly didn’t hold back this time.

I could feel my cunt lips pulled wide apart and her nice long tongue thrusting into me and then sucking on my clit. She had a finger in my ass and then removed it and started pushing her tongue into me in its place. She’s licked me there before, but never really rimmed me properly and she later said that she felt very uninhibited and just wanted me to enjoy things. Of course, the attention she gave to my cunt and clit was what really made me cum, but I was happy that she really seemed to let go and give everything a try.

I licked her and continued to get covered in her juices for a part of the session before settling back (still with my face on top of her pussy) to enjoy my orgasm. I think I had done enough to get Jen going again as she was rubbing herself against my face and I ended up holding onto her ass to help her do this while I came. I wasn’t really eating her, but I did moan into her pussy quite a bit (which she really enjoys) and I kept myself in this position until I couldn’t take her licking anymore. I pulled myself away from her mouth and told her it was enough and lay on top of her to recover.

I wanted to try something else that night and so continued to gently stroke Jen to keep her interested (who am I kidding, her sex drive doesn’t need any help!). Once I was ready to move again I started rubbing my pussy over her breasts. Her nipples were still hard and when I got the movement right, I could feel them pressing against my clit and then popping between my cunt lips. I did this to both breasts, alternating between them. I don’t get as wet as Jen, but after a while I was happy that she was fairly well covered in my juices and I moved down her body and rubbed myself along each of her legs. I told her we should go for a walk and she said that we were a mess (to which I replied that that was the whole point).

We combed our hair, but didn’t clean up in any other way and went out just wearing the wonderful fluffy white bathrobes that the hotel provided. We went for a walk to explore of the hotel (not any of the outside bits as it was too cold) and ended up in the bar downstairs. They had stopped serving drinks and couldn’t convince the barman to serve us (I think his boss was around). It was obvious that everyone could smell what we’d been up to and we got quite a bit of interest from the men in the room (and it was fun watching them trying to watch us without their partners noticing!)

We ended u on a sofa in the corner of the room, with a group of people opposite us. I sat on the sofa and Jen lay on it with her legs across my lap so I could stroke them. My hand was under her robe and didn’t get any higher than the middle of her thigh, but there was a lot of interest in us and I did notice a few bulges in trousers on the way out. On the way to the lift I whispered to Jen that I was going to eat her on the way up no matter what (okay, so I don’t know what I would have done if there had been someone else in the lift). As soon as we got into the lift, I opened her gown, knelt down and started to lick her – I was determined that I would continue to do this even when the doors opened and lifted one of her legs over my shoulder so that there was really no turning back.

After the teasing during and after my last orgasm and me stroking her thigh in the bar, she was in no state to resist and let me openly eat her. I felt her tense up when the lift stopped, but I continued going and heard the doors open behind me. Nobody said anything so I assumed we were in the clear and I continued for a minute or so, pressing the door open button to keep the lift from moving. It wasn’t the most comfortable position so we didn’t stay there to finish off but returned to our room. I lay Jen down on the bed so her legs were over the edge, knelt between then and ate her (much more gently this time) until she came.

It was getting late by this point so we snuggled up together under the covers and went to sleep (maybe with just a *little* bit of touching going on J

Friday, 20 November 2009

Heading off soon

I’ve got a number of emails about our adventures with Sue and thought I should quickly clarify our sexual practices. She has assured us that she has usually used condoms whenever she’s done things with her boyfriends (apart from a few times with the first boy who she had sex with). Mike has had a serious ‘older brother’ (not the anime kind of older brother he was being when we visited, but the concerned older brother) conversation with her about making sure she is sensible when she has sex and always uses protection. She has assured us that she will be careful but given what we’ve done already she ‘hoped that she would be able to feel her onii-chan’s cum’ again (her words, not mine!)

We do feel a little bit guilty about how far we pushed her – I tried to figure out how long it took us to try out all the things we got her to do and I think it was about a year so she did pretty well in just 2 days, but if we repeat things I think we will have to tame them down a bit. The really good thing is that I now know how much I enjoyed watching someone be fucked (and how much I enjoyed really showing myself off to someone) so we’re a lot more sure that we are ready for the next party.

Mike has still been showing his gratitude to me and I may have to give him a little rest or I think I might wear his tongue out. I’ve had him eat me a couple of times each night and once (more at the weekend) each morning. This is of course in addition to whatever we would normally do or else it wouldn’t count towards the 100 extra orgasms I was promised! It does mean that I know I’m going to be eaten as soon as I get in (or as soon as Mike gets in if he’s late) so I’ve been feeling pretty wet on my journeys home for the past week and a bit.

I tried wearing the crotchless tights (we’ve had a few quite cold days) and while it was really nice to be warm(er) and still have access to bits to play with, I’m not that keen on the way they look. I know I enjoy acting in a very slutty manner, but I don’t like dressing like a slut and the tights really look that way to me. After playing with Sue in her black stockings, Mike has been enjoying my opaque tights (on me that is, not him wearing them!). It’s actually quite nice having him cum in me just before I put them on as they then rub it around my pussy as it runs out of me during the day. I might suggest that Sue tries it seeing as she didn’t like having it run down her legs.

I’m heading off to my posh weekend with Jen later on tonight (which is why I’m kinda zoning out on work now and writing this – I wasn’t really concentrating enough to get anything worthwhile done as it feels like it’s been sooo long since I’ve seen her. As much as I enjoyed watching Sue’s pussy be violated by Mike, I can’t wait until I get to be the one doing the violating (to Jen’s pussy, not Sue’s!) I’ve got our toys packed, a new dress picked out for dinner and my swimsuit for the spa. Jen is really looking forwards to it to as I think she felt a bit left out from our group activities (which Mike had repeatedly told her she is welcome to join, so according to him, it’s her own fault J

Seriously, I know that she would really like to try things out with Sue (Mike’s not the only one who has a thing for being with two sisters at once) and so she approves of the fact that he’s trying to convince Sue to give it a try. Of course, the danger would be that it would be far more difficult to know who you were touching in the heat of things (it’s really not that difficult to tell the difference between a cock and a cunt, but I’m not sure I’d know the difference between two shaved pussies y touch alone). This is of course exactly what Mike wants, but I actually think he hasn’t thought it through properly – just imagine how difficult it would be for him if he had to sleep alone while listening to Jen Sue and I sharing a bed!

Mike gave me a very thorough shave last night – very hot water before, simple shaving gel, new razor and then oil once he’d finished. Because of the oil he didn’t do his usual tongue test to see how smooth I was, but rubbed his cock against me and declared I felt good. I had thought he would want to cum in me seeing as he wouldn’t see me for the weekend, but he said I should be clean for Jen (which she appreciates). He did tease me on and off for quite a while. Nothing too extreme - I wasn’t begging to cum or anything, but I was very turned on by the time we went to sleep (which didn’t help with sleeping). I was tempted to play with myself once he fell asleep, but Jen knew the state he had got me into and liked the idea of me waiting for her to make me cum so I restrained myself (just). That is another reason why I feel so aroused now and writing all this is only making things worse – help!

I’ve got a few things planned for the weekend but I can’t write about them in case Jen happens to read this before setting off for the hotel. We’re actually meeting at a train station (assuming our connections are on time) and Jen has promised (or threatened) that if the train is empty enough she will tease me for the remainder of the journey. Given how I already feel, I think this is going to be the one time that I hope the train is busy - got to go home now and grab my stuff.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Sister fuck - part 6

Finally finished it - just as well we don't get up to this much every weekend or I'd never keep up to date (plus we'd die of exhaustion!)


It was actually Sue who woke up first on Sunday and she woke Mike up on her way back from the toilet. They spooned for a little while and he kept telling her how hot it would be to see her eating another girl and that he was sure that Jen would be willing to train her if she was interested (which she would be). Given how long it took to get me to come round to the idea, I’m surprised he was being so persistent but then again, I guess he has less time to make the association of cumming and being with another girl as we don’t see Sue that often.

They were still spooning when I woke up and I chastised them for starting without me but then realised I really needed to pee so had to dash off to the bathroom. I couldn’t find the dressing gown so had to just grab a t-shirt (I could hear people moving about so I thought that going naked might not be a good idea). When I returned, Sue was putting on her dressing gown (which had been hiding under her desk) and Mike was getting dressed. I objected to the fact they had not only started without me but finished without me and the assured me that they hadn’t done anything more and just needed some food for energy. I was also feeling quite peckish, so we headed to the kitchen and started to put breakfast together.

I wasn’t really dressed for this as the t-shirt I had grabbed only just covered my ass, but as long as I was careful I remained covered. There were some other people in the kitchen (including the cute blonde towel girl – although she was now wearing PJs) and while none of them said anything about my clothing, I noticed a few glances. There was only one guy in there (not Rob) and I didn’t think he was that attractive so I didn’t try to tease him, but did notice him staring at my thighs a few times. He, along with one of the girls left and cute blonde girl started washing some things up. We sat at the table and ate and I allowed my legs to open slightly and enjoyed the air on my pussy. I thought about what we could do in the remaining few hours we had before we had to get the train and could feel myself starting t tingle when Rob walked in.

He sort of started to nod a hello at me but then went all shy and sort of ignored me. I didn’t say anything and made sure I wasn’t looking at him (but was watching him out of the corner of my eye) and saw him looking over at me a few times. I spread my legs a little more and saw that he noticed so I lifted one foot up onto the chair so I could hug my knee while talking. I think it looked natural (or would have if my t-shirt had been longer) and I knew I was on display and felt the tingling get stronger. Both Mike and Sue had noticed what I was doing and Mike gave me a little nod so I announced that I was going to go and take a shower. Mike says that Rob almost followed me out of the room (I thought he would have at least pretended to make breakfast first) – he must have waited a little while though as I didn’t hear him leave behind me.

I went back to Sue’s room and quickly grabbed a towel and dashed over to the shower. I didn’t see Rob about anywhere and didn’t know if he had taken the bait, but thought I may as well shower anyway as bits were a bit messy from the previous night’s activities. I left the shower door unlocked again and started to wash myself. After a short while, I heard the bathroom door open and I quickly turned around so my back was to the cubicle door. I continued to wash myself and found I could (sort of) see the reflection of the door in the rail holding the shower up. It wasn’t much, but enough that I could tell that someone was looking at me and so I started my show. I ran a hand down between my legs and started stroking along my pussy right back to my ass (so my watcher could see I was playing with myself) and gradually stuck my ass out so my whole pussy would be visible.

Given I was under the shower, it was difficult to tell how wet I was, but I know I was really enjoying giving the show and I ended up working two fingers into my cunt and would have gone all out and used my other hand on my ass if I hadn’t needed it to keep myself balanced. I didn’t know if it would scare him off or not, but I wanted him to know that I knew he was watching so I looked round. He had opened the door quite a bit more and there was no way he could have moved fast enough to hide and he just froze. His hand had been rubbing his cock through his trousers and I looked him directly in the eye, smiled and kept fingering myself. He seemed to realise that I wasn’t mad at him and he slowly opened the door a bit more and moved a little closer.

I turned around (which made him freeze again) and picked up my shampoo bottle and started rubbing it against my pussy (it was a slender travel bottle - I’m still not big enough for a full sized one!) The look of shock on his face was priceless as I spread my lips and slipped it inside me. His hand was rubbing his (still covered) cock again and I started to rub my nipples with my other hand. The bathroom door opened and he quickly stepped fully into the shower area and closed the cubicle door behind him. I was a bit concerned for a moment, but given there was someone else in the room, that I could have shouted loud enough for Mike to hear if he tried anything and that I was pretty sure that I was the one in control anyway, I kept going.

I stepped out of the shower towards him and put his free hand on my breasts. He was so nervous he was shaking and I pressed up against him so I could feel his bulge on my stomach. Other than kneading my breast, he wasn’t doing anything else to me and I realised that I would have to get things going so I stepped back, sat on the little bench and spread my legs so he could watch me fuck myself. The other person in the room was now in the other shower so I quietly told him to come closer. I wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to do (I didn’t have any condoms so I wasn’t going to blow him), but that turned out not to matter anyway. I had made it as far as opening his trousers and rubbing my breasts against his shorts when he gasped and I felt my breasts getting slightly damp. I looked down and saw that he had cum in his shorts. I moved back and rubbed the wet patch and then spread it over my breasts (I didn’t get a lot of cum on my hand, but wanted him to see me do that) and then (with my other hand) continued to use the bottle on myself.

I had hoped that he would watch me cum and that I might even be able to get him going again so he could cum over me, but as soon as he had recovered, he quickly pulled up his trousers and hurried out of the cubicle (without even saying goodbye). I had considered calling something out after him, but didn’t manage to think of anything before he was out of the room. I considered continuing with the shampoo bottle, but the mood had been broken and I thought I should return to Mike and Sue (where I was fairly certain I would be taken care of!) I cleaned off the little bit of Rob’s cum, dried myself off and went back to her room (wearing the t-shirt).

I had to hunt them out in the kitchen – Mike had told Sue what I had intended to do and he seemed surprised I was back so quickly. We were the only ones in the kitchen so I relayed the story to them (and managed to shock Sue once more). I pointed out that Mike had been fucking her all weekend whereas I had only intended to show myself to Rob (and let him cum on me). I complained that I was now really horny and so we returned to her room. I slipped off my t-shirt and Mike pulled off Sue’s gown once we were inside and then quickly stripped off his own clothes. We ended up rolling around on the floor and at one point, Mike managed to get my fingers inside Sue’s pussy (I don’t think she realised it was my fingers, and they were only there for a few seconds). He asked Sue to get all her vibes out and got her to lie back while he used one on her pussy and another on her ass. I ended up joining in and holding the working egg against one nipple and another vibe against the other one while Mike alternated between licking her clit and using the vibrating part of the dildo on it.

She came quite quickly and while she was recovering Mike got me to kneel over her so she could watch him fuck me. I was ready to cum any way I could and he managed to convince me to hold the vibe in her pussy (not to fuck her with it, just to keep it from falling out – although I know he would have preferred to see me using it on her!). He fucked me hard and used his thumb on my ass (thinking about it, I could have handed him one of 3 vibes to use there, but I was caught up in the moment). He got Sue to describe exactly what she could see and coached her until she was saying things like “I can see your cock sliding into my sister’s cunt” and “I can see her cunt lips spreading around you”. Knowing I’m being watched that closely really does something to me and I started telling Mike to fuck me and fill me with his cum (Sue asked him to save some for her).

He reached around me and pulled my pussy lips open so Sue could really see everything and rubbed my clit with a couple of fingers. He slipped out of me at one point and pressed up against my ass (which I initially thought was on purpose and he intended to let Sue watch him fuck my ass but he slid back into my pussy). He rubbed my clit faster and I came while wondering what it would have been like to whip out Rob’s cock and jerk him off until he came over me. (I wonder if he would have run away as quickly?) Mike kept thrusting inside me for a while and then pressed deep into me as he came. He seemed to be really enjoying himself and had wanted to let his cum leak out onto Sue, but only a little came out while I was still crouched over her (it did run down my leg when I stood up properly though!) Mike wanted Sue to lick my thighs clean, but had to settle for wiping some of it onto her breasts instead.

Sue wanted him to take her in her favourite position – her lying on her front and him on top of her with his full weight on her. He wasn’t quite ready to do things again (I’m amazed he managed so well over the weekend and we didn’t break him between us) so he lay on top of her and kissed around the back of her neck. This didn’t do much for her, but we did discover that her ears are quite sensitive. We’re not talking about ‘able to make her cum’ sensitive, but enough for her to really enjoy it. I think what he was whispering to her was helping matters and also seemed to get him back in the mood and he started rubbing against her ass.

He asked her if she had ever been double penetrated (she hadn’t – but neither have I if you discount dildos). As he slid into her, he kept telling her to imagine being surrounded by a group of men and letting them use her as they wanted. He described how they would fuck her mouth, ass and cunt at the same time and as each one of them came, another would take his place, how others would be standing around watching and cumming over her until she was covered and all her friends would be watching the whole thing. I think she found the idea a bit odd at first, but I’m pretty sure that this is where my love of this fantasy came from and I *think* that by the time she got close to cumming that she was beginning to slightly enjoy the idea (or maybe it was just Mike’s hand under her rubbing her clit!)

Sue came, but Mike didn’t and when she asked why he said it was because he wanted to enjoy one last fuck with her before we had to go. They went into the bathroom and started the shower running. There was someone else in the bath (so they presumed it was one of the girls) and Mike started fondling Sue as they showered. She knelt and sucked him clean (which he said he could have let her do until he came, but after enjoying it for a bit, went back to the original plan and pulled her up so he could slide into her. He says he actually lifted her up so she could sit on his cock and he held her against the wall like that. They could still hear the person moving around in the bath and he quietly asked her how she liked having her older brother fuck her little cunt. He says she seemed nervous about someone overhearing at first, but he started fingering around her ass at the same time and she either relaxed or seemed to realise that the easiest way would be to play along quietly so she started answering him.

They ended up with her bent over and him taking her from behind (but leaning over so they could still whisper to each other) and Mike fucked her as deep as he could while he told her he would leave her filled with his cum. Some other girls came in chatting and Sue seemed to try to hold back, but Mike is very good with his fingers and rubbed her until she came and then slammed into her until he came. He whispered to her that she had just come while surrounded by her friends and asked how it felt – she admitted it felt exciting, but also very scary. This was the only time they had sex while I wasn’t around and I didn’t like the idea of them doing it that much so we have come to an agreement that we will only do things when we are all there (the same goes for me with anyone else – excluding Jen of course!)

It was getting very close to leaving time so we quickly got dressed (I had dried my hair while they were in the shower). Mike asked Sue to get her school uniform cleaned for her next visit and she said that she would have to come up with a new surprise for him. I left the working egg with Sue and told her to make sure she used it properly (in public) and she promised that she would try. She wore her new flippy skirt to accompany us to the station which meant she got a goodbye pussy rub. Bit of Mike’s cum had run out of her pussy, but she didn’t seem to mind as much that time.

We were desperate to talk about everything on the train on the way back (and needed to make the notes so I could write this) but had to be quiet as it was pretty crowded. Even so, we managed to go over most of the weekend and as soon as enough people got off, I got Mike to finger me. I spread my legs, put one foot up on the seat and we kissed while his fingers worked in my cunt and on my clit. I ended up with a large wet patch on my skirt by the time he finished but I really didn’t care.

Oh – and in case you’re wondering what I traded for letting Mike have fun with Sue – it was 10 orgasms for every time he fucked her. He ended up saying that he had such a good time that he offered 100 orgasms (which we’re working our way through), some new sex toys and the nice weekend away with Jen (which is this weekend coming).

Our phone conversations with Sue have changed once again and Mike is trying our remote training – encouraging her to (safely) try things out in public. He’s hoping to get her to masturbate in a lecture at some point this term but I don’t know if he’ll get quite that far! Apparently Rob has been a lot nicer to her than he used to be but he hasn’t said anything to her about what happened (I wonder if he knows I told her?)

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Sister fuck - Part 5

I managed to get this written over lunchtime but I think I've lost a page of notes somewhere. I'm going to have to hunt for them as they might just make enough sense to someone to figure out who wrote them!


There was nobody around on the corridor, but they could hear people on the stairs and Sue dashed into the kitchen (which was also empty). She could either wrap the towel around herself to cover her breasts or pussy (but not both) or hold it the other way round and mostly cover herself but leave a gap the whole way up. She figured out how to best hold it so the gap was at her side but she dropped the towel a few times while she got the tea ready. While they were waiting for the kettle to boil Mike stood behind her and slipped a hand onto her pussy and started to play with her. Sue complained that it wasn’t fair to do that but Mike continued to stroke and tweak them until she started pressing her ass back against him. Sue doesn’t yet know how to deal with him at times like this so Mike was pretty much completely in control of the situation and slipped his other hand around her and onto her pussy. This lifted the towel up, exposing her ass and he took advantage of the fact that he could press against her more.

He says that Sue seemed to be enjoying what he was doing to her, but was nervous about being caught so he continued to distract her. He moved his hand from her pussy to her other breast (pushing the towel up her body as he did so. She was still holding it around herself, but she was now exposed from the bottom half of her back down. While he played with her, he tried to convince her to lick me while he fucked her and tried to bribe her with pretty much anything she wanted, but she wasn’t going for it (I would have been surprised if she had agreed).

He used the fact that she gets aroused fairly quickly when her nipples are played with and soon had her in a state where he could do a bit more with her. He returned a hand to her pussy and started playing with her clit properly while he knelt down behind her and kissed her ass. I don’t think Sue is really sure about that yet, but he encouraged her to lean against the counter and stick her ass out so he could lick it properly while he rubbed her clit. She dropped the towel at one point but he didn’t let her pick it up until she had let him lick her for a while. He thought she had become a bit more relaxed about being exposed by this point and so let her cover herself up (as best she could) and said they should return to the room. She asked him about the tea she was meant to have been making (they had only got as far as boiling the kettle) and he told her that she didn’t need to bother as long as she returned to the room in the state she would be in if she was carrying 3 cups of tea. Sue didn’t quite get it at first but when he told her to pretend she was carrying a tray, she realised that she couldn’t hold her towel and carry anything at the same time. Mike says that he didn’t actually have to convince her (I don’t know if she had just given up protesting or was starting to get a feel for it) and she handed him the towel and walked out into the corridor naked. As she got to her room, Mike stopped her and turned her around so she was facing the door to the main stairwell and went back to rubbing a nipple with one hand and her clit with the other.

He knocked on her door so I went to answer it and found them as I’ve just described – I felt that I had recovered enough by this point and wanted to join in the exhibitionism (I guess it isn’t really exhibitionism if nobody is around, but it was still a ‘public’ place so it counts in my book). I leant against the wall and took the hand that Mike was using on Sue’s breasts and guided it to my pussy. Mike isn’t as dexterous with his left hand, but it still felt nice. He kept this up for a while and I was just considering undoing his jeans so that he could fuck Sue when we heard what sounded like a large group of people coming up the stairs (okay, so I’d been considering undoing his jeans for a while, but it would have involved moving and he wouldn’t have been able to finger me so I hadn’t done it). It was enough to startle Sue and she went back into her room. I wanted to take a bit more of a risk and started to kiss Mike and rub up against him (remember that half the point of this weekend was to see if we were ready for the party)

He pressed me up against the wall but I turned us around so he was against it and I felt really exposed. I ground against him and he kneaded my ass as we kissed, his fingers just brushing between my legs and onto my pussy. Un(?)fortunately the group continued on past our floor and I presume they didn’t look through the glass in the door on the way. We decided to join Sue as I really wanted to cum by that point. I was going to leave the door open, but Mike whispered that he had something else in mind so I shut it behind us and we joined her on the floor-bed. She couldn’t believe what she (and we) had just done but Mike assured her that we would teach her a lot more and started to eat her. I thought of something to try and got Mike and Sue to lie on their sides while he ate her so I could slip his cock into me. It felt nice, but he couldn’t move very much so it didn’t do a great deal for me (from what I could hear, Sue was enjoying things a lot more that I was).

I told him I wanted to do things properly so he lay on his back and I mounted him while Sue sat over his face – after a minute or so he stopped eating her and asked her to put her white socks on again and when she had done this he resumed his fantasy position. I was actually still fairly sensitive from earlier but managed to find a way of moving that didn’t feel too intense (but was intense enough to help build an orgasm). I told Mike how hard to press against me and he did what he was told well enough for me to cum a little (it really was only a little, but probably about as much as I could take).

I hadn’t really been paying attention, but he had been teasing Sue – eating her, but not enough to get her very close to cumming. She looked like she was beginning to get a bit frustrated and I climbed off him as I assumed she would want a good fucking. Almost as soon as I moved, she pounced forwards and had him inside her cunt (I didn’t even get a chance to watch him slide in) and she started riding him. She was facing away from him and he pushed a finger into her ass which she didn’t seem to mind (from the look on her face, she actually quite enjoyed it) and Mike started to pump back against her. He continued to keep setting the pace so that she couldn’t get too worked up and she was soon almost begging to cum (I both love and hate it when he does this!). He said he wanted to finish what they started earlier and got her to put on her (somewhat stained) uniform again. She didn’t bother with bra or panties and her nipples were pretty clear through her blouse. I decide to join in whatever he had planned and slipped on a pair of the new white socks and white panties, along with Sue’s gown (I’d figured out that we would be leaving the room).

It was actually pretty late by now and the place was fairly quiet as we headed down the corridor. We went out to the main stairs and climbed to the top floor (I still don’t know if it was the 6th or 7th floor). Mike leant Sue against the banister (facing him), lifted her skirt and knelt down to lick her. Her ass was exposed to the whole stairwell and Mike thought that he had teased her for long enough that she wouldn’t care, but she chickened out and pulled her skirt down. I think this is the same technique he used to ‘train’ me (but then again, we spent a lot longer developing what we dared to do and we had pushed Sue quite far in a single weekend. I know he had been quite cruel, but he does actually care about her (she’s been his little sister for the best part of 5 years now) so he didn’t try to do anything else and said that they could finish things off later on.

I think Sue thought we were going to head straight back to her room, but I didn’t want to waste the opportunity (and neither did Mike) and so we thought we should give Sue a view to remember. (I would have thought that she would be remembering the weekend for quite a while, but she had been having most of the fun and I wanted some so I opened my robe and stroked my panties (I love the feel of a pair of new white cotton panties – that’s about the only time you’ll hear me say anything good about wearing panties!) Sue moved over to the wall to watch (she does seem to have quite a strong voyeuristic trait) and Mike moved over to me and we started kissing. He pushed a couple of fingers into my pussy and started fucking me with them but quickly undid his jeans and pulled his cock out. I still had the panties on and we couldn’t get him inside me while I was facing him so I turned around and presented my ass to him. He pulled the crotch aside and slipped into me and it felt *good*.

I looked back at Sue who was raptly watching us and I was surprised she wasn’t playing with herself, but didn’t really care too much. My hands were on the rail, but I was a little distance from the banister so edged forwards to allow me to get a better grip and look down the stairwell. It wasn’t wide enough to see the stairs the whole way down, but I could see 3-4 floors down and my breasts were hanging out of the gown. Mike was already sliding in and out of me with a nice rhythm and had reached around to play with my clit. This was somewhat difficult because of the panties and so he pulled out of me, slipped them down (just a little, so I could still spread my legs) and pushed back into me. He could now get to my clit and started to rub it and I started to get really lost in the feelings. Given we were in public, I wasn’t making too much noise, but Sue later said I was whimpering quite a bit. He rubbed me harder and I didn’t think it was going to take long for me to cum so I pressed back against him with each stroke until he was slapping into me (and I’m certain that noise would have carried down the stairwell!).

Nobody had come along during this time so I thought we should go for broke and I told Mike to take off my gown. He did this and dropped it on the floor (and it nearly slid over the edge, but he caught it with his foot in time). I slipped the panties off and put them on the gown, pulled my socks up as far as I could and leaned over the banister so my breasts were pressed up against it (I would have preferred to lean over it so they were dangling down, but I’m nowhere near tall enough for that!) Mike started fucking and rubbing me again and encouraged Sue to come and kneel beside us to watch properly. She seemed to have overcome some of her earlier nerves (but then again, she was still dressed so didn’t have anything to be nervous about) and she kneeled down to watch. She said that she couldn’t believe that we would actually do something this public and that she would never have the nerve to go through with it, but she did have a hand under her skirt (I don’t think she was actually fingering herself, but she was possibly gently stroking herself).

She looked very cute kneeling there and I was looking forward to seeing how she would behave after further ‘training’ but was mostly too distracted by the fact I was about to cum to pay much attention to her. It was a much stronger orgasm than the weak one I had had earlier and I made a bit more noise that I had intended to when I came (still not a great deal though) and Mike continued to fuck me until I had finished. I knew he was close from the way he was moving and thought he was going to finish off inside me, but he pulled out and started wanking himself while aiming at Sue. He asked her to open her blouse and she slowly started to but only got a button undone by the time he came. Given his activities over the weekend, it was a reasonably large load (not quite the porno cum-shower I referred to earlier), but enough to get spurts on Sue’s face, neck, arms (where she was undoing the buttons) and blouse and have it drip down onto her skirt. He said he would have liked to cover her legs too, but he isn’t a horse so he couldn’t keep cumming long enough to completely cover her.

The amount seemed to take Sue by surprise and she let out a yelp and tried to wipe her face clean (which just made it run onto her blouse) and she dripped a little on the floor when she stood up. I picked up the gown and forgot the panties were on it so they went through the banister and went fluttering down the stairwell and landed right at the bottom. Sue was really keen to get back to her room so that nobody saw her covered in cum (and because she wanted Mike to finish her off). She decided to go down the back stairs (less chance of being seen) and I said I would go fetch the panties. I had kind of been hoping that someone would catch us while we had been playing and so walked downstairs with my gown still undone. The material was a bit too heavy to billow out behind me properly as I walked, but it was open enough that it wasn’t hiding anything. Unfortunately nobody came in and I didn’t get to walk past a group of people letting the all see me, so I just picked up the panties and went back to Sue’s room.

She was on the bed, still wearing her cum stained uniform (but her blouse was open and she was playing with her nipples while Mike licked her). Her feet were up on the bed so her pussy was framed by her white socks (when I described this to Jen she said she really wanted to see the view). They’d clearly started as soon as they had got back to the room as Sue was already moaning and encouraging him to make her cum. He said he would have loved to fuck her again, but was pretty much spent and just continued to eat her until she came. She didn’t seem to care that I was standing holding the door open (but there was still nobody around as it was after 3) and he left her to recover on the bed while he got ready to go to bed. We didn’t do anything else that night (Mike wasn’t even inside one of us as we went to sleep) and I slept very soundly.