Friday, 20 November 2009

Heading off soon

I’ve got a number of emails about our adventures with Sue and thought I should quickly clarify our sexual practices. She has assured us that she has usually used condoms whenever she’s done things with her boyfriends (apart from a few times with the first boy who she had sex with). Mike has had a serious ‘older brother’ (not the anime kind of older brother he was being when we visited, but the concerned older brother) conversation with her about making sure she is sensible when she has sex and always uses protection. She has assured us that she will be careful but given what we’ve done already she ‘hoped that she would be able to feel her onii-chan’s cum’ again (her words, not mine!)

We do feel a little bit guilty about how far we pushed her – I tried to figure out how long it took us to try out all the things we got her to do and I think it was about a year so she did pretty well in just 2 days, but if we repeat things I think we will have to tame them down a bit. The really good thing is that I now know how much I enjoyed watching someone be fucked (and how much I enjoyed really showing myself off to someone) so we’re a lot more sure that we are ready for the next party.

Mike has still been showing his gratitude to me and I may have to give him a little rest or I think I might wear his tongue out. I’ve had him eat me a couple of times each night and once (more at the weekend) each morning. This is of course in addition to whatever we would normally do or else it wouldn’t count towards the 100 extra orgasms I was promised! It does mean that I know I’m going to be eaten as soon as I get in (or as soon as Mike gets in if he’s late) so I’ve been feeling pretty wet on my journeys home for the past week and a bit.

I tried wearing the crotchless tights (we’ve had a few quite cold days) and while it was really nice to be warm(er) and still have access to bits to play with, I’m not that keen on the way they look. I know I enjoy acting in a very slutty manner, but I don’t like dressing like a slut and the tights really look that way to me. After playing with Sue in her black stockings, Mike has been enjoying my opaque tights (on me that is, not him wearing them!). It’s actually quite nice having him cum in me just before I put them on as they then rub it around my pussy as it runs out of me during the day. I might suggest that Sue tries it seeing as she didn’t like having it run down her legs.

I’m heading off to my posh weekend with Jen later on tonight (which is why I’m kinda zoning out on work now and writing this – I wasn’t really concentrating enough to get anything worthwhile done as it feels like it’s been sooo long since I’ve seen her. As much as I enjoyed watching Sue’s pussy be violated by Mike, I can’t wait until I get to be the one doing the violating (to Jen’s pussy, not Sue’s!) I’ve got our toys packed, a new dress picked out for dinner and my swimsuit for the spa. Jen is really looking forwards to it to as I think she felt a bit left out from our group activities (which Mike had repeatedly told her she is welcome to join, so according to him, it’s her own fault J

Seriously, I know that she would really like to try things out with Sue (Mike’s not the only one who has a thing for being with two sisters at once) and so she approves of the fact that he’s trying to convince Sue to give it a try. Of course, the danger would be that it would be far more difficult to know who you were touching in the heat of things (it’s really not that difficult to tell the difference between a cock and a cunt, but I’m not sure I’d know the difference between two shaved pussies y touch alone). This is of course exactly what Mike wants, but I actually think he hasn’t thought it through properly – just imagine how difficult it would be for him if he had to sleep alone while listening to Jen Sue and I sharing a bed!

Mike gave me a very thorough shave last night – very hot water before, simple shaving gel, new razor and then oil once he’d finished. Because of the oil he didn’t do his usual tongue test to see how smooth I was, but rubbed his cock against me and declared I felt good. I had thought he would want to cum in me seeing as he wouldn’t see me for the weekend, but he said I should be clean for Jen (which she appreciates). He did tease me on and off for quite a while. Nothing too extreme - I wasn’t begging to cum or anything, but I was very turned on by the time we went to sleep (which didn’t help with sleeping). I was tempted to play with myself once he fell asleep, but Jen knew the state he had got me into and liked the idea of me waiting for her to make me cum so I restrained myself (just). That is another reason why I feel so aroused now and writing all this is only making things worse – help!

I’ve got a few things planned for the weekend but I can’t write about them in case Jen happens to read this before setting off for the hotel. We’re actually meeting at a train station (assuming our connections are on time) and Jen has promised (or threatened) that if the train is empty enough she will tease me for the remainder of the journey. Given how I already feel, I think this is going to be the one time that I hope the train is busy - got to go home now and grab my stuff.


  1. It was a good weekend - I'll work on getting the posts out, but I've got a few lunchtime seminars this week so won't have as much time to write.

  2. I don't know how I found your blog but I'm very happy that I did. I think I first read one of the middle posts and decided it was so hot I had to start at the biginning.

    I have been reading it at work during my lunchtime, a great way to pass the time :) and every day I end up with a stiff cock.

    I'm so pleased that you relented on Mike fucking Sue and that you enjoyed your close-up view.

    Cheers, John

  3. Well if you keep reading you'll find many more adventures with Sue and Jen's growing infatuation with her as well.