Monday, 23 November 2009

Hotel stay - Part 1

Mmm – another wonderful weekend (for me at least, which has somewhat killed Mike as he didn’t get to be a part of it this time. I think Sue would have happily come up to keep him company (in a purely platonic way of course!) but we decided to stick to our earlier decision of only doing things with other people when we were both there. He did enjoy talking to her on the phone a few times and says that he continued trying to train her but didn’t make much progress (although did get her to cum a few times, and if he is managing to associate the feelings of her orgasms with thinking about another girl then he’ll be getting somewhere – I’m the proof of that).

But enough about him – this was Jen and my weekend and we certainly enjoyed it. Our trains were on time and we met up at Edinburgh and got our final train together. Mike had splashed out and got us a nice room at the Hilton in Dunblane (he found a special offer, but that didn’t make the place any less nice). Jen was really taken with the hotel (it’s quite a pretty building situated on top of a big hill overlooking the town) – there is a new part that isn’t as nice, but our room was in the old part.

It was the first time we had really gone anywhere as a couple. It was so nice being able to walk up to the desk holding hands and check in. Jen said it almost felt like this was the first time we were a real couple (which I almost found a bit upsetting as I wouldn’t have done any of the things I’ve done to her if we hadn’t been a couple). She explained what she meant though and I sort of understood (and really understood when we walked in to dinner together later on that evening).

We had to unpack first though and went up to our room. It was very traditionally decorated (heavy carpets and curtains and a big bed (king size I think). We had a big bath in the en-suite and I was a bit disappointed to find that we didn’t have a proper shower (only one linked to the bath), but I tested it and found it had amazing pressure so I was soon much happier about it. We hadn’t done much on the train other than a few little touches and light kissing (it’s so easy to distract men – I think we made a few other passengers very happy!). Given how I’d been feeling earlier on Friday, I was now in a state of extreme arousal and when Jen kissed me and slipped her hand under my skirt I found it very difficult to resist her. I just about managed it though and pulled away from her and said I wanted to wait until later.

Apart from anything else, we had to get down to dinner if we were going to get fed as they stopped serving at 10. We quickly freshened up and changed into something more suitable (it’s quite a posh restaurant) and headed down. I did get quite distracted when Jen stripped off and then slipped a long straight satin dress on without any underwear (lucky girls with small breasts). It was too long to be able to fondle her pussy without pulling it up and creasing it, but fortunately Jen’s nipples are still very sensitive so a few quick tweaks meant that we headed out with them showing rather prominently. I also had a long dress on, but it wasn’t as tight as Jen’s one and the bottom flowed out quite nicely as I walked.

We got a table by the window and had a nice meal – nothing too heavy, but enough to satisfy our appetite. The restaurant was loud enough that we could say pretty much anything we wanted to each other and nobody else could hear (apart from one time when our waitress came over without us noticing, but she didn’t comment on our plans for the weekend!) We spend the meal getting each other worked up even more – describing what we were going to do when we got back to our room and some of the idea for the following days. Jen got to the point where she said she felt so wet that she thought she was leaking and that she really wanted to head up straight away. I managed to convince her to have a drink at the bar first as I wanted to show off my girl (and make sure she was as horny as I could get her).

We sat at the bar and made it fairly clear that we were a couple – nothing too overt (it would have probably been frowned upon), but we kissed a little bit and continued our conversation about what we were going to do (but whispering now). By the time our drinks were finished, neither of us could wait any more and walked to the lift with our arms around each other. Once we were in the lift, we started kissing properly and hands were pulling up dresses. The lift is rather slow, but still quick enough that we didn’t have time to even fondle each other before we got to our floor. We were now beyond behaving well and ran to our room, slamming the door behind us.

I had planned a nice romantic gentle night of lovemaking but had realised on the train that things weren’t going to work out that way. As soon as the door was shut, we stripped each other naked and fell onto the bed. We rolled around, kissing and fondling – generally rubbing whatever we could against each other and trying to get our fingers into whatever part of the other person we could. Jen hadn’t been joking about how wet she was – she could hardly get any friction against me as her pussy just slid over my skin leaving a trail of her juices. I managed to get my fingers into her and get a good rhythm going and she started to rub back against my hand. She was on top of me at this point and while I could rub against her thigh a little, I couldn’t get enough pressure to do much so I just concentrated on making her cum (she looked so damn hot that I really wanted to see her cum anyway, so it wasn’t that big a sacrifice).

It didn’t take long at all before she started to cum. She was bucking against my hand (which felt like it was soaked with her juices by this point) and she kept making her little mewing noises (mixed with panting) for what seemed like ages. She lay down on top of me and kissed me when she had finished, but I hadn’t finished with her. I desperately wanted to see if she was as wet as she felt and I rolled her over and moved down between her legs. The whole area was shining with her juices and I allowed myself a lick before I started rubbing my neck against her pussy. This wasn’t easy to do with her lying down so I just gathered up some of her juices and rubbed them onto myself before crawling back up her body kissing her.

She was recovering by this point and I wanted to cum so I told her to do whatever she wanted to me (as long as it made me cum). I felt her fingers go to my pussy and slide into me and I pressed back against them. I was desperate to cum, but I also knew that my first orgasm would probably be quite strong so I willed myself to draw it out. We kissed and told each other how much we had hated being apart. As hard as I tried to hold back, I had built up too much pressure and Jen’s fingers felt so wonderful that I had to give in. I held her tightly and told her how much I loved her and wanted her forever as I came. She moved one hand round to my ass and pressed a finger against my asshole – just enough to slide into me and that sent another wave through me. Jen told me that she loved me too and I know it’s really cliché, but I felt so incredibly close to her at that point.

My orgasm wasn’t as powerful as I had thought it would be, but it was very very deep and I felt very satisfied afterwards (the fact I was still hugging Jen might have had something to do with that as well though). We kissed for quite a while and explored each others’ bodies with our hands until we felt we were ready to start things again. I knew I wanted to taste Jen while she was still very wet (there is something so sensual about being covered in her juices and knowing that I reek of her). I adapted our plans for dinner the following night accordingly, but I doubt I’ll get to that in this posting...

Jen went on top and we 69’d. I let her rub herself all over my face, neck and breasts between sessions of eating her. She tasted slightly different than I remembered but I’m only really beginning to learn how her taste changes through the month (she actually tastes best around the time of her period (not actually during it – we haven’t got into licking blood yet – and I really can’t imagine that we’re going to!) She was eating me at the same time and also tried rubbing her breasts against my cunt (but this works better when I’m on top). I started really attacking her – pulling her pussy wide open and lapping away inside her, sucking and licking her clit and licking around her ass.

I had decided that Jen would cum at least as many times over the weekend as I did and the easiest way to do this was to try and make her cum first each time and she didn’t stand a chance of making me cum before she did with the way I was licking her. She did quite a good job of continuing to lick me until she got close and then just fingered me. I’m not sure exactly what I did that was different to usual (other than I was really licking hard and fast) but Jen made noises very different to her usual mewing ones (more like ‘unngggg’) which became quite long as she came. I kept going until she had finished cumming (spending less time on her clit as I didn’t want to make her too sensitive) and ended up by licking the inside of her cunt fairly gently.

She was covered in sweat and I just stroked her back while she recovered and then felt her start to finger and kiss around my pussy again. Between licks, she said her orgasm had felt wonderful and that the way I had done things felt a lot more intense than usual (it was probably just the fact that she’d built herself up so much that even after her first orgasm she still really needed to cum). She wanted to return the favour and pretty much replicated what I did to her. I ended up on top of her and she attacked me. While Jen is quite happy to indulge in a bit of ass play, I don’t think that she enjoys it as much as I do, but she certainly didn’t hold back this time.

I could feel my cunt lips pulled wide apart and her nice long tongue thrusting into me and then sucking on my clit. She had a finger in my ass and then removed it and started pushing her tongue into me in its place. She’s licked me there before, but never really rimmed me properly and she later said that she felt very uninhibited and just wanted me to enjoy things. Of course, the attention she gave to my cunt and clit was what really made me cum, but I was happy that she really seemed to let go and give everything a try.

I licked her and continued to get covered in her juices for a part of the session before settling back (still with my face on top of her pussy) to enjoy my orgasm. I think I had done enough to get Jen going again as she was rubbing herself against my face and I ended up holding onto her ass to help her do this while I came. I wasn’t really eating her, but I did moan into her pussy quite a bit (which she really enjoys) and I kept myself in this position until I couldn’t take her licking anymore. I pulled myself away from her mouth and told her it was enough and lay on top of her to recover.

I wanted to try something else that night and so continued to gently stroke Jen to keep her interested (who am I kidding, her sex drive doesn’t need any help!). Once I was ready to move again I started rubbing my pussy over her breasts. Her nipples were still hard and when I got the movement right, I could feel them pressing against my clit and then popping between my cunt lips. I did this to both breasts, alternating between them. I don’t get as wet as Jen, but after a while I was happy that she was fairly well covered in my juices and I moved down her body and rubbed myself along each of her legs. I told her we should go for a walk and she said that we were a mess (to which I replied that that was the whole point).

We combed our hair, but didn’t clean up in any other way and went out just wearing the wonderful fluffy white bathrobes that the hotel provided. We went for a walk to explore of the hotel (not any of the outside bits as it was too cold) and ended up in the bar downstairs. They had stopped serving drinks and couldn’t convince the barman to serve us (I think his boss was around). It was obvious that everyone could smell what we’d been up to and we got quite a bit of interest from the men in the room (and it was fun watching them trying to watch us without their partners noticing!)

We ended u on a sofa in the corner of the room, with a group of people opposite us. I sat on the sofa and Jen lay on it with her legs across my lap so I could stroke them. My hand was under her robe and didn’t get any higher than the middle of her thigh, but there was a lot of interest in us and I did notice a few bulges in trousers on the way out. On the way to the lift I whispered to Jen that I was going to eat her on the way up no matter what (okay, so I don’t know what I would have done if there had been someone else in the lift). As soon as we got into the lift, I opened her gown, knelt down and started to lick her – I was determined that I would continue to do this even when the doors opened and lifted one of her legs over my shoulder so that there was really no turning back.

After the teasing during and after my last orgasm and me stroking her thigh in the bar, she was in no state to resist and let me openly eat her. I felt her tense up when the lift stopped, but I continued going and heard the doors open behind me. Nobody said anything so I assumed we were in the clear and I continued for a minute or so, pressing the door open button to keep the lift from moving. It wasn’t the most comfortable position so we didn’t stay there to finish off but returned to our room. I lay Jen down on the bed so her legs were over the edge, knelt between then and ate her (much more gently this time) until she came.

It was getting late by this point so we snuggled up together under the covers and went to sleep (maybe with just a *little* bit of touching going on J

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  1. So the count goes like this at this point:

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    Who will win this epic battle of erotic wills?

    Log on to Cumming of age tomorrow I guess. :-)