Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Hotel stay - Part 2

We didn’t get up very early on the Saturday (we actually had a proper lie in, it wasn’t because we were doing anything). Even though we felt a bit sticky from the previous night’s activities, we just stayed curled up together and dozed until we realised that we would miss breakfast unless we hurried. We had a quick shower together (still didn’t do anything – or at least not enough to slow us down) and got in just in time before the restaurant closed. We were both fairly hungry but a lot of the food had gone. There was enough for us to eat though and we had a selection of toast, cereal, fruit and yoghurt to rebuild our energy levels.

We planned on going back to the room to experiment with the shower (it really was quite powerful) but thought we should go for a walk outside and explore. The weather was rather poor (to say the least – torrential rain and severe weather warnings), so we did have to return to our room and get coats. Suitably attired, we wandered over to the pool and went in to have a look round. They have a decent pool, sauna and steam room and a Jacuzzi and we planned on visiting later on to take advantage of the facilities, but thought we would finish what we had started with the shower earlier.

We returned to the room, pulled off our wet clothes and got the shower running again. It wasn’t a fancy shower head with pulse settings but the water pressure was really high (if only I’d taken our shower head with me we could have had an even better time!). We cleaned each other off properly (we hadn’t really had time during our mad dash to breakfast) and had a nice time soaping each other up and then rinsing the soap off. Once we were properly clean, Jen leant against the wall and spread her legs so I could use the shower on her pussy. By wiggling it around, I found I could create a nice variable pressure with it and she seemed to be enjoying it. Things got better for her when I spread her pussy lips to fully expose her clit and aimed the spray directly at it.

Jen asked me to finger her so I got her to hold her lips open (so I could continue to get her clit with the water) and I started to use a couple of fingers to slide into her pussy. She said that she wanted to pee while cumming (which I had been expecting) and so I told her to go ahead if she wanted. I started pumping my fingers into Jen a bit faster and harder two fingers is still plenty for her) and this, combined with the water jet, managed to make her cum. As her orgasm started, she started to piss herself and I continued to pump into her. It was a bit messier than before as it was spraying over me due to my fingers being in the way but I didn’t mind too much as I knew she loved it (and I would be able to shower straight after).

When she had cum, I stood up and we kissed while I rubbed myself against her leg. I got quite a good rhythm going and it apparently soon became clear that I was getting myself quite worked up. We stop kissing and Jen got me to stand against the wall so she could try the shower out on me. It felt nice (the jet was very powerful), but without the pulsing, it wasn’t doing enough for me to make me cum so Jen started rubbing my clit. This certainly did something and I had to brace myself against the wall as I came – the hot water running over my slit while Jen rubbed me really added something. We stood under the water and kissed again for a while and started to plan our Christmas break together. This will be slightly tricky as she wants to come and stay – while I have no problem with this, obviously Mike will be there too and I’m not too sure how Mum is going to react to having them both there (but I think the fact they both helped out when she came out of the hospital will make a difference!). Jen suggested that she and Mike could alternate sleeping in Sue’s room but I can’t really see that making the situation any better:

“Hi mum – yes I know that Mike’s my boyfriend but I want Jen to visit me too... No, don’t worry, it will be fine, they’ve agreed that whoever isn’t sleeping with me will be fucking my baby sister instead so they won’t be bored...”.

Somehow, I can’t see her going for that J - so we decided that we’d probably spend most of the holiday in York.

Anyway – we kissed and chatted until we were horny again (why on earth would two naked girls in a shower, rubbing against each other get horny – hmm?) We decided that we should try things elsewhere and dried off before moving onto the bed. I pulled out the selection of toys I had brought with me and laid them out to choose from. Jen had wanted to try the heat gel so I put a little on her nipples and a tiny drop on her clit and left it to warm up while we kissed. She enjoyed the feeling on her nipples, but wasn’t so keen with her hot clit so I licked it clean (and kept licking, just to make sure). I then added some of the tingle gel to her clit and asshole, along with a bit more of the heat gel on her nipples. It certainly seemed to have a positive effect on her as her little nipples weren’t really that little anymore. They were nice and hard and very sensitive (even more so than they usually are).

I added some of the tingle gel to my nipples and pussy and Jen said she would do my ass. She thought I would enjoy the heat gel and while I was a bit worried about it, it actually felt quite nice (which was a mistake to tell her as she added another blob and pushed it inside me). I climbed on top of her and we made out, sliding against each other and moving so we could kiss each other’s nipples. Jen’s were getting really sensitive and she seemed to be in heaven when I sucked on them. I had a plan and didn’t want to get too carried away myself (or we would just spend the day in bed) so I finally moved down between Jen’s legs and started teasing her with the toys. I started with the slim vibe, just running it from her asshole, over her pussy and onto her clit before sliding it into her. I added the egg on her clit and watched her play with her nipples while I got her close to cumming.

Before she came, I told her I wanted to fuck her (and she liked the idea of this) so I swapped the thin vibe for our double ended dildo and once I had it inside her, I mounted the other end of it and worked it into myself until our pussies were touching. Jen was loving it but I was still trying hard to not get too caught up in things (which was difficult as I watched her squirming around on the bed getting more and more turned on). I could feel that I was about to lose control and really start fucking her so I slid off and said that we should go and explore the pool properly. Jen called me a bitch for teasing her, but I just kissed her and promised that I would make it worth her while. She reluctantly got up and started fishing around for her swim stuff.

While she was bent over I went up behind her and started rubbing her ass but she said if I wanted her to go with me that I had to stop teasing her or she’d pin me down and make me fuck her. This was a very appealing thought, but I resisted and went to gather up my things. We couldn’t decide on bikini or all-in-one swimsuits so took both along with us. It was still raining heavily and even though the pool is only a minute away from the hotel, we were soaked by the time we got there. We went to change and decided we would start in the pool so put on our swimsuits and - wow – Jen looked really hot. I don’t think I’ve seen Jen in a swimsuit before and it might have to (somehow) enter into our sex play. Her nipples were no longer as hard I think the drenching in the rain had seen to that), but the suit hugged every curve of her beautiful body and I was tempted again to head back to the hotel room and lock ourselves in for the day.

Once again, I resisted – but I did reach up (Jen was standing almost in front of me while I was sitting on the bench) and rub her pussy when nobody was looking. I could smell her from where I was sitting and I was thrilled to see that as I pushed her swimsuit against her pussy, the material started to get slightly wet with her juices. By the time I finished there was a little wet spot – not really enough for anyone to notice though. We headed out to the pool and dived in – the water had far too much chlorine in it, so after the initial dive we tried to keep our eyes out of the water. We swam for a little bit and then moved into the Jacuzzi area. There were a few other people in there, but we managed to get to sit together and under the cover of the bubbles, I slid my hand up Jen’s leg and onto her pussy.

She gave me a sly smile and spread her legs slightly – it was still difficult to do very much to her, but I could at least rub her a bit more and ended up pressing her swimsuit between her pussy lips. After a little while, the other people left and we had a bit more freedom. We moved round so that we were on the more sheltered side and Jen opened her legs a bit further. I managed to pull the crotch of her suit slightly to the side – just enough to be able to play with her pussy lips and after a bit of fiddling, to rub her clit. I was sitting over one of the bubble jets and pulled my suit aside to let it blow directly over my pussy. I had been expecting a bit more from it (I guess I’ve read too many stories about girls having orgasms while sitting over these). It certainly felt nice, but nowhere near nice enough to cum.

The restricted position we were in meant that I couldn’t do much more than tease Jen (but it seemed to be getting her going a bit at least). We decided that we would investigate the sauna and steam room and got out of the Jacuzzi. We returned to the changing room and stripped off our swimsuits and went to have a shower. Most of the people we saw still had something on, but another person did come in naked at one point so we didn’t stand out too much, but it was still nice to be able to stand there naked with other people around. We changed into our bikinis and walked over to the sauna. Jen still looked incredible, but there was something about her swimsuit that even her bikini couldn’t match.

We went into the solarium and sat down (on towels as the wood was roasting). We were soon soaked with sweat and I really wanted the other people to leave so we could make good use of the sweat to lubricate things, but nobody seemed to be moving. We left with the intention of exploring the steam room and stopped off to have a refreshing bucket of freezing water doused over us. Now much refreshed (and slightly shocked) we went to the steam room. There was only one other person in there (still one too many) and we sat back and enjoyed the heat again. I decided that I really wanted to show off my girl again and after a few minutes, asked Jen if she would like a rub down.

She agreed to this (and later said she thought I meant it innocently as we weren’t alone). I scooched to the back of the bench and she sat in front of me. She bent her head forwards so I could easily massage her neck and shoulders and I got to work. I ran my hands over her shoulders, neck, arms and sides – over time I started running my hands around her front and across her stomach. As I slowly worked my hands higher, I guess she figured out what I was doing as I felt her tense up slightly. I leant forwards and very quietly whispered to her to let me continue, and given she didn’t say anything, I assumed she was allowing me to do so.

I had been careful to not look directly at the guy on the other side of the room, but from the quick glances, I guessed he was in his 30s or 40s (I’m not too good with ages). I ran my hands higher up Jen’s front until I was rubbing the bottom of her breasts (through her bikini). I slipped one hand under it, directly onto a breast and played with her nipple – gently at first, but then pulling and tweaking a lot more (just how she likes it). As I slid my other hand under and onto her other breast, her top slid up a little – not enough to fully expose her breasts, but enough for them to be seen. Jen seemed to sometimes forget how sensitive her breasts are and I managed to get her sufficiently aroused that she didn’t seem to mind that she was being watched. I moved my right hand out from under her top and slid it down to her panties. She automatically spread her legs a little and I managed to cup her pussy before she reacted and closed them again.

I was already in now though and kept teasing her left nipple while I stroked her clit through her panties. I think Jen knew she had lost as her thighs weren’t pressed as tightly together and I managed to slip a finger under the material and rub her directly. I doubt our watcher could see this as her legs were still mostly closed, but it made a difference to how I could touch her. I thought it was time to look up and acknowledge our audience and gave him a smile. He had a towel over his lap and made a motion to come over and join us. I shook my head at him and just mouthed ‘watch’.

I pushed Jen’s bikini top up, fully exposing her left breast and tweaked her nipple more. Jen quietly said “No fair”, which was the only thing anyone said during all this, but she didn’t stop me so I pushed my finger deeper into her pussy. Even though he still probably couldn’t see anything, it must have been very clear what I was doing to her. I kept this up for a minute or so and would have been able to make her cum but someone opened the door and I quickly pulled my hand away from her and straightened up her top. I would have happily kept going with a larger audience (and she admits that I had got her far enough along that she wouldn’t have stopped me) but I knew there were children around. It was a father and son that came into the room so I was glad that I had neatened her up (I think children should remain innocent for as long as possible).

The good thing about being in the steam room was that it didn’t look at all odd that Jen was flushed. We left to get a drink and Jen’s nipples were back to being very prominent. She wanted to get back to the room and play some more (seeing as we couldn’t find anywhere private other than one of the toilets). We had been aware that it was raining heavily (large roof with torrential rain makes a fair amount of noise) so didn’t worry about drying off before we put our clothes on.


Ran out of time so will have to stop here. I’m fairly busy for the next few days so you may have to wait a bit for the next chapter.

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