Friday, 27 November 2009

Hotel stay - Part 3

Jen was a bit miffed at the fact that I had put her on display to a random man (but not as miffed as Mike was when he found out as he says he should have been the one who got to see it). The rain was incredibly heavy (not as bad as some parts of the country where places flooded though) and we were drenched as soon as we were outside. It was cold, but not too bad and Jen said she wanted to have some fun her way to make up for being show off (given I was pretty sure I could have made her cum if we hadn’t been interrupted, I didn’t think she was really upset, but I was happy to let her do whatever she wanted if she enjoyed it).

We ducked around the back of the pool building and found a semi-private spot. I say semi-private as we couldn’t be seen by anyone close to us, but there was a view out over a part of the town so we could have been seen from below (if anyone had a telescope pointing up at us). She slipped off her shoes, lifted her skirt and started rubbing herself (through her bikini bottoms). It was so wet that I had to ask her if she was peeing (and she was). She kept rubbing and then pulled her panties aside and started fingering herself. It was clearer when she did that that she was still peeing and she said that doing it in the rain was wonderful as she didn’t have to worry about getting herself wet as the rain would hide it.

She continued this until she had finished peeing and was clearly enjoying it enough that I was feeling left out slipped a hand under my skirt and started playing with myself. She noticed what I was doing so I lifted my skirt so she could watch. We would have loved to stay out and play longer, but the rain was cold enough that it was beginning to get to us so we decided to go back to our room and continue. I did love the fact that we were in a spot overlooking such a large area though and couldn’t resist stripping off completely (and getting Jen to do the same). We were already soaked through by this point, so it wasn’t as if it would make things any worse and it was such a thrill to be able to hold Jen’s wet naked (and cold) body against mine where half a town could look up at us..

We were now getting very cold and so quickly got dressed (just t-shirts and skirts – no bikinis) and went back into the hotel. We would have put a wet t-shirt competition to shame – our clothes were stuck to our bodies and it was clear we were naked underneath, but the rain was so heavy that nobody could complain (it wasn’t as if we had done it on purpose). We went straight up to our room anyway and had a quick shower to warm up. Once we had towel dried each others’ hair and tied it up, we returned to the bed. We had to choose whether we would do things then or go for lunch and I decided on a compromise by calling Mike and asking if he minded if we ordered room service (it wasn’t cheap and he was paying for the weekend).

Jen cheated a bit and said that she would call him – she sat over me and asked me to eat her for a bit and only when she was well on the way to cumming did she call. He wasn’t at home, but she got him on his mobile and said something along the lines of:

“Hi Mike, thanks for a wonderful weekend, we’re having a great time here. I’m, currently sitting on Andi’s face and about to cum – would you mind if we ordered room service instead of stopping and going for lunch in the restaurant?”

Mike was out with some friends so he couldn’t get her to describe what we were doing in any more detail, but he agreed to the room service as long as we didn’t completely cover ourselves up when it arrived (he didn’t know about the display Jen had put on in the steam room at this point). Jen agreed to this (for both of us) and hung up. I stopped eating her as I was quite hungry and needed something a bit more substantial than she could provide and she told me about the deal. While we chose our lunch, I thought about the best way to keep our end of the bargain up and got Jen to agree to answer the door in her robe (her own light one, not the big hotel fluffy ones) and to leave it undone.

She agreed to this and ordered the food – I started licking her again while she was ordering and didn’t let her swat me away. I wasn’t so cruel as to try and make her cum, but had her nicely squirming by the end of the conversation. We were told it would be 20-30 minutes and I thought I may as well make good use of the time. I got Jen to sit over me again and describe some of her early orgasms – what she did, where, how it felt... while I licked her. She played with me while she did this – at first with her fingers, then a vibe and then the double ended dildo (being longer, it was easier to use while sitting up over me). I told Jen I didn’t want either of us to cum until lunch arrived and so we licked and fucked with varying pressure and speed to keep each other close, but not too close. I actually had quite a hard time holding back as the images of Jen playing with her young body were incredibly arousing.

We heard a knock on the door and Jen climbed off me looking quite flushed (I felt the same way). She slipped her robe on and held the front together and moved towards the door. She asked me what I was going to do and I just slid one of my feet up towards my ass and kept my legs spread. It really seemed to shock her that I was going to be that bold and I think I must have been in the ‘holiday’ mindset where anything you do can’t really matter as you’re not in your own country. I nodded towards the door and Jen opened it slightly, looked out and then opened it fully, allowing the front of her robe to open as she did so. She asked the waiter to bring it in and as he entered I could see him eying her up (not very subtly). He asked where she wanted it and she pointed over by the bed and then he looked over at me. I was still uncovered, one leg drawn up, legs spread and the dildo sticking out of my cunt.

I loved the feeling (it was similar to when I let Rob watch me masturbate) and almost (very almost) touched myself, but a part of me realised that might have been going a bit too far. He left the trolley and said that if we wanted anything else (he said ‘anything’ twice) to call again. Once he had gone, Jen said she couldn’t believe that I had shown that much off and I reminded her that she had been standing with half of her front exposed to him. She actually blushed at this and it was so sweet that I just started kissing her – given what we’d been doing, the kissing didn’t remain innocent for long and I proposed that we should cum quickly before lunch. Jen was certainly up for this and sat back over my face and resumed using the dildo on me. I imagined the waiter standing watching us and wondered what he would have done if we had asked him to join us... I was in the middle of my fantasy when Jen started to cum and so concentrated a bit more on the person who was actually there with me as opposed to the one I was imagining.

She kept pumping the dildo into me (a little too hard at the end and I had to tell her to ease off a bit – but she was distracted so I forgave her). I kept licking until she had finished and then encouraged her to make me cum as quickly as possible. She could now play with my clit at the same time as using the dildo on me so it took hardly any time. This was another reasonably strong orgasm and I was glad that we had a break for food afterwards as I needed time to recover.

Over lunch, we discussed what we had done so far and what else we had planned. Jen informed me that I had to wait for her at the bar before dinner and she would join me. I wasn’t sure what she had in mind, but given how the weekend had gone so far I was looking forwards to finding out. She admitted that she had actually enjoyed the steam room and that she would have happily let me make her cum. She seemed a bit less sure if she would have been happy for me to strip her bikini off so our watcher could have seen everything, but she didn’t rule it out so I’m hopeful in future J

We thought that we would have a bit of a rest (we had planned on going for a walk into Dunblane and exploring, but the rain was still torrential so we stayed in). Even with the bleak Scottish weather we still had a really nice view from our window over the town. It was dark enough that with our lights off, we could stand naked in front of the windows (we didn’t want to be too obvious in case children came along and looked up). We took turns standing so one of us was in front looking out and the other was holding them from behind and gently stroking various parts. We did this for quite a while as we talked about things and while it felt nice (or very nice, depending on which bits were being stroked), it was almost as if it wasn’t sexual.

It started to get very dark around 4 and we returned to the bed and had a very gentle session. We kissed and fondled each other – I sucked Jen’s nipples and she stroked and kissed my neck. We rubbed our pussies together in a scissor position until we were fairly close and then she lay on top of me so we could kiss again. We each had a hand on the others’ pussy and stroked away until we were really close. We wanted to cum together so I eased off my pressure on Jen’s clit (she was closer than I was) and let her bring me along. We put quite a bit of effort into the timing and after a number of near misses, we managed to cum about as close together as is possible. While we’ve cum at roughly the same time before, this was something really different as it felt like we each knew exactly what the other was feeling for the whole thing. From the point we said “Now” until we had finished cumming , Jen’s mouth was covering mine and our tongues were moving together. I held her tight against me (as tight as I could and still get my hand to her pussy anyway).

We kept our bodies pressed against each other well beyond when we had finished cumming and it was an incredible time. We kept kissing and saying silly romantic things and dozing off until we woke up and realised that we were lying in almost complete darkness (other than the external lights from the hotel). We’d booked a relatively early dinner so had to start getting ready (we’re girls – it takes a while). We showered together (not doing anything other than washing each other) and did hair and makeup while mostly naked. As it got closer to dinnertime, Jen told me I had to go down to the bar and wait for her (she did at least allow me to put my dress on first). Before I left, I pulled out two remote eggs (my old one and the one I brought back from the weekend with Sue). I gave Jen the choice as to which one she wanted and (as I had expected) she liked the idea of using the one that had been inside Sue. I slipped it into her and let her do the same for me. I gave her the remote for my egg and headed on down to the bar, wondering what she had planned that I had to be out of the room for.

When I got to the bar I ordered some drinks for us. I waited about 10 minutes and felt a bit silly sitting there by myself (and wished that the remote control I had would work with my egg). I was just wondering what I would do if the waiter that brought us room service appeared when Jen appeared in another long dress. This one was split up the side to the top of her thigh. I could see through the gap that she had white stockings on and a beautiful pair of heels (that made her tower over me even more). She looked absolutely stunning and I was really looking forwards to the rest of the evening. We sat and had our drinks and I experimented with the egg inside her – even though I had told her it was a bit stronger than my egg, the desire to get the one Sue had used in her had won her over and she was realising that I could make her squirm by using it on high power. She also hadn’t thought about the fact that the remote I had for her egg is black while the remote she had for my egg is bright pink and therefore I could play with her much more openly without people noticing.

I didn’t tease her too much though and turned it off as we headed into dinner. We walked in, arm in arm, and I’m sure a few of the men looked round at us. Our table wasn’t located quite as well as the previous evening and we were surrounded by people so our conversation was a bit more subdued. This wasn’t really a problem though as after our afternoon session, we were more in the mood for a nice romantic meal anyway. (Well, mostly, there was a very cute waitress serving one of the tables near us and we did have a discussion about whether we should invite her back to the room with us and what we could do to her if she came. Just in case you didn’t guess, we didn’t ask her!)

The food was good (if expensive, but Mike was paying) and we had a nice bottle of wine. The eggs got turned on a few times during the meal and I found that one of the pulse settings really seemed to work on Jen and managed to get her nipples to show slightly (she had a bra on so I was impressed I could see anything).

When we finished, she got up and pulled out my chair for me (given I’m the one who usually fucks her, I’m not sure why she took the ‘male’ role!) and we walked out together. We had almost finished the wine, but I took the bottle with us as I had plans for it. I allowed my hand to wander over her ass as we walked towards the lift and suggested we return to the bar for another drink, but Jen wanted to go up to the room.

It didn’t take much to convince me and we want up, kissing lightly on the way up in the lift. When we got to the room, Jen told me to wait outside for a minute and closed the door behind her. I was intrigued as I had thought she had wanted me out of the room earlier so she could surprise me with the wonderful dress she wearing. After a couple of minutes, I felt my egg start to buzz and asked if that was a sign for me to enter – Jen called out that it was and I went into the room.


  1. Dear Andi,
    I'm sorry I haven't commented for some months now, but I have been following your posts and now I'm waiting with baited breath for the next instalment of this exciting story (and I'm not trying to imply that it's fiction).

  2. Hmm – I know that I could have made a number of changes to the ‘stories’ if they didn’t have to be real :) I’m sure that Sue would have ended up in a foursome with Mike Jen and I by now (how to get Mike to die from happiness in 3 easy steps...)

    I’m also fairly certain that either the waiter would have joined us or that something would have happened in the steam room with a group of people... mmm. I wonder, would people be interested in more fantasy or ‘what if’ stories where things could get really exciting? I know I’m still meant to be continuing the slumber party series, but I can’t actually figure out how to as I want it to seem realistic and can’t get it so it feels right.