Monday, 30 November 2009

Hotel Stay - Part 4

I’ve still got the problem that whenever I have a weekend away, I have to work twice as hard when I get back to make up for it. This is the final part of the hotel stay entry and it tool longer than I thought it would simply due to lack of time.


It didn’t take much to convince me and we want up, kissing lightly on the way up in the lift. When we got to the room, Jen told me to wait outside for a minute and closed the door behind her. I was intrigued as I had thought she had wanted me out of the room earlier so she could surprise me with the wonderful dress she wearing. After a couple of minutes, I felt my egg start to buzz and asked if that was a sign for me to enter – Jen called out that it was and I went into the room.

The only lights on were the table lamps and the bed was covered with rose petals. Jen was lying on the bed with her dress off but a white lacy bra and panties set and her stockings on. I had thought she looked good in the dress, but this really took my breath away. Despite the fact that what she was wearing was damn sexy, it actually seemed to make her look younger and cuter at the same time. She beckoned me over and I eagerly crawled onto the bed with her and we kissed. A part of me wanted to tear off our clothes and give her as many orgasms I as could and another part wanted to take things slowly. Given I could always move to the rampant fucking at any time, I went with the slow approach.

I’m sure you’re all aware that I usually much prefer seeing Jen nude, but she looked so sexy that I really enjoyed playing with her outfit. After we had kissed, I licked around the edges of her bra and slowly worked one breast free so I could play with it. I only kissed it for a bit before I licked down over her stomach and licked around the edge of her panties – able to smell her pussy, but not taste it. Jen raised the leg I was crouched over so it pressed against my crotch and I let myself gently rub against her while I missed my way back up her body to play with her other breast.

I stopped to slip off my dress and bra so I could feel her against me properly and then returned to kissing her nipples – I pressed one of my thighs against her panties and we gently humped each other while I made her nipples harder. I was getting really turned on now and the nipple play had been having its usual effect on Jen so I moved back down between her legs and started kissing her panties. She pressed her crotch against my mouth and I could faintly taste her though the material so kept kissing and licking until they were fairly wet (not just with my saliva). I couldn’t wait any longer and pulled the crotch to the side and tasted her properly. I noticed that the egg was no longer in her, but that didn’t matter as I wanted to make her cum myself and licked up the length of her slit tasting all the juices that had built up.

Jen moaned when I did this and I realised that she was more aroused than I had thought. I asked her what she wanted and she just said she wanted to feel me inside her. I pushed my tongue into her (still with her panties on) and licked around her cunt while pressing my face against her. She seemed to really like this so I tried as hard as I could to get as deep as I could. I wanted her to cum and so when my tongue started to ache, I returned to lapping away at her pussy and clit. She was already making mewing sounds and I knew she was close so I pulled her panties fully to the side and fastened my mouth to her. I alternated between thrusting into her cunt and sucking and flicking her clit until she came. She held my head against her pussy and moved around under my face as her orgasm went through her. I was glad that I’d managed to get such a good response out of her body (the mewing became very high pitch by the end and she was panting when she finished) but was now really turned on myself and desperately wanted to cum but thought she would need to rest.

Jen seemed to have other ideas though and much sooner than I thought she would, she pulled me up to her, kissed me and told me to get the dildo. I quickly pulled the egg out of my pussy, slipped the dildo into myself and asked her to take her panties off. She slipped them down her legs and I positioned myself so I could get the dildo into her (which slid easily into her). It was easy to get it completely buried in us so I could rub against her. We used the same scissor position as earlier, but with the added feeling of the dildo it felt even nicer. Jen was still quite sensitive from her last orgasm, but didn’t want to stop (and I liked the fact that every time I moved, she felt it so intensely). I was sliding up the dildo and then slamming back against her by this point and getting close and could see than Jen was really getting into it again. She kept telling me to cum, to fuck her cunt and to let her feel me cum against her and I was eager to give her what she wanted! I sort of realised that she could probably cum again, but I wasn’t really able to hold myself back and wait for her and I kept smashing my cunt into hers until I came. It wasn’t as strong as I had hoped, but I made up for it by continuing to pump against her much longer than I usually would have done. I certainly felt satisfied by the time I finished and the extra time had helped move Jen closer to cumming again.

I wasn’t able to move much more as I felt rather sore, but I pressed up against Jen and let her grind against me (given she had let me fuck her while she was sensitive, it was the least I could do). She rubbed against me in short rapid movements and I reached down to rub her clit and she managed her second orgasm before falling back into the bed. In order to kiss her, I had to climb off the dildo (we decided that we now want to get a longer one so we can have it bent round to be in both our pussies while one of us in on top of the other). She still had her bra on (not really covering anything anymore) and the material rubbed against my nipples as we kissed.

Jen told me that she loved me and really didn’t want to spend Christmas away from me. I could see this causing problems, but I promised her that I would find a way for us to be together. I’m still not sure of the best way to achieve this, but Mike has promised that if she is prepared to be naked all day, she would be welcome in York J (She is of course welcome in York, but I might get in trouble if I don’t go home).

Back to the hotel room... Jen explained that she had brought candles along to light the room with but the room had smoke or heat detectors so she hadn’t lit them. Having read a story ages ago about two girls ‘wearing’ candles to school, I instantly thought about having some fun with them, and then remembered that I had brought the wine bottle up to the room. I told Jen that she wasn’t getting away with only cumming twice (that evening) and that she was going to have a very tender pussy by the time she was allowed to go to sleep.

The problem with this is that Jen is stronger than me, so she stacked me and started to tickle me. I’m more ticklish than she is, but not by much and so I retaliated in kind. We rolled around on the bed for a while (tickling) until I got a chance to grab her legs, push my head between them and start to eat her. This stopped the tickling and even though she pretended to try and get free, she wasn’t putting much effort into escaping. I had her held tight now and told her to hand me the wine bottle but instead of giving it to me, she pushed it into my cunt. It was quite cold and a bit of a shock, but it slowly warmed up as she continued to slide it into me. It was one of the bottles with the tapered neck so as it got deeper, by pussy was stretched wider. All I could really do was continue to eat her (I did ask for a candle to use on her, but she ignored my requests).

I decided the best way to break free would be to distract her so I pressed a thumb up against her ass and started furiously licking her clit. She held on quite well, but it was soon clear that I was winning as she slowed her actions with the bottle. I kept going until I could roll over and get on top at which point I planted my pussy on her face and grabbed the bottle.

I am aware than Jen’s pussy is tighter than mine, so i was careful, but I still slid it into her and pumped it in and out until her lips were stretched around it. Being on top, it was fairly easy to rub her clit at the same time and even though she was trying to eat me, I knew I had won this round.

I positioned my hand on the neck of the bottle so I could slam it into her without it going deep enough to hurt her and continued to rub her clit. I could feel her shiver every time I pushed it into her and soon felt her moaning into my pussy as she came. Even though I only had a partial view of her pussy, it looked amazing watching her lips grasp the neck of the bottle and I thought I would put on a little show for her. While she was recovering, I sat at the end of the bed on a few pillows, spread my legs and fucked myself with the bottle – getting it as deep into myself as I could (we’re not talking about having it in really far, but enough to feel nicely filled). I rubbed my clit at the same time and looked straight at her as I came, telling her that she was the only girl i wanted to ever do things with.

It turns out that was the wrong thing to say as it led to a while conversation about how much I had enjoyed having sex and cumming with Sue watching. I had to admit that she was right, but that I hadn’t actually *done* anything *with* Sue and wasn’t going to. Jen wasn’t willing to let it go though and while she stroked my pussy she kept asking if I would be part of a threesome with her and Sue and what I would do if Mike convinced Sue to eat me. Jen started kissing and licking my neck as she did this and describing how she would eat me while Sue lowered her pussy onto my mouth and how Jen would make me cum so hard that I would forget what I was doing and eat Sue.

I couldn’t resist the neck kissing and enjoyed another really warm orgasm – even though Jen kept up the images of me eating or being eaten by Sue (it was almost like being back with Mike!) When I had recovered (which took a while as I was now quite tired) I returned the favour and made Jen cum while describing what Sue’s pussy was like and how it tasted. Jen came while I was describing Sue sitting over her face with Jen’s long tongue sliding between Sue’s cunt lips and me eating Jen (I should have thrown in Mike fucking Sue’s ass for good measure I guess as then Jen could have got covered with his cum as well!)

We were well and truly spent after this and curled up together to sleep. Jen kept teasing me about the fact that I actually know what Sue tastes like (I tried pointing out that Jen had tasted her as well at the train station, but that didn’t really count as Sue isn’t Jen’s sister!). Despite the teasing, we snuggled up together and fell asleep – I had considered trying to make Jen cum once more but really didn’t have the energy.

We woke up fairly stiff the following morning and had to limber up in the shower before breakfast. I challenged Jen to go down in her shortest skirt and she accepted the challenge. This barely covers her ass and is just about okay when she is standing or walking, but not so much when bending over or sitting. Of course I had to follow suit, but my shortest skirt isn’t quite as revealing as Jen’s and I’m used to wearing it without panties, whereas Jen isn’t. We went down to the restaurant and got a number of stares, but we were leaving soon so it didn’t matter. When Jen was sitting down, her skirt barely covered her pussy and she spent most of breakfast blushing and keeping her legs firmly together. On the way back to the room, we walked up the stairs with a number of people behind us. I whispered to her to not look round but to just imagine their eyes on her ass and what it would be like to be stripped naked by them and have them all watch her cum. Jen isn’t into this fantasy as much as I am, but she played along and whispered back that if she was going to be stripped, I had better be naked too and helping to make her cum for them.

Our train wasn’t until early afternoon so we had time for one last bit of playing – we decided to return to the pool and sauna and grabbed our things. We ran over (it was still raining) and quickly changed. It was perfect – there was hardly anyone else there other than a few people in the pool and so we quickly ducked into the steam room. To be fair, I took Jen’s position from last time and sat against her, facing out into the room. She started nuzzling my neck and rubbing my nipples and I told her to not worry about exposing me. She pushed my bikini up over my breasts and I pushed one of her hands down to my pussy. She slid it into my bikini bottoms and I opened my legs to make it easier for her. Things worked out perfectly (other than having the room full of people to watch I guess) – I was having my neck, nipple and pussy rubbed and knew that someone could walk in at any time. As I got closer to cumming, I got her to remove her hand from my pussy, pulled my bikini down a bit and got her to start rubbing again. If someone came in I knew there was no way I could cover myself in time and so I just let the feelings build as quickly as possible and came slightly louder than I had intended (I think the steam muffled it). I wanted to do the same to Jen, but she wasn’t willing to take as big a risk as I just had, so she lay on the bench and I stood between her pussy and the door and fingered her. The plan was that if someone came in, I could start to rub her leg and pretend I was just giving her a massage, but I cheated a bit and used her Sue fantasy to get her worked up. When she came I had one hand on her pussy and one rubbing her breasts (which were partly exposed).

We managed to finish up and leave the steam room without being interrupted. We considered going for a quick swim but we knew from the previous day that the pool had way too much chlorine in it and so didn’t bother. We showered naked again and returned to our room (getting rained on as we went). It would have been nice to wear our very short skirts for the train, but we decided it was too cold outside and British trains have very variable temperatures so we went for a safer (and warmer) option. The train was fairly busy on the way back anyway so we wouldn’t have been able to do anything (although it would have been fun to just see the looks we got on the train).

We were going our separate ways at Glasgow on the way back – I could have got a train almost as soon as I arrived, but Jen had to wait about an hour for her train so I stayed until she had gone and then headed back to York. We sat up in the central bar (where it was warm) and had a hot chocolate. The problem with a weekend like that is that we didn’t want it to end, but I promised that I would go visit Jen soon and Christmas isn’t too far away so we won’t be apart too long.

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