Thursday, 5 November 2009

More train fun

Well, not really in the same league, but...

I was on the train on Tuesday Morning and ended up sitting with a bunch of schoolkids. I think they were from a private school (they were all smartly dressed and well behaved) and after a while I noticed that one of the girls must have had an incredibly short skirt on as I couldn't see any sign of in (she had her blouse untucked so I assumed the skirt was hidden by the blouse).

It was only when she stood up to get off the train that I saw that she had nothing on at all over her tights. Fortunately I'm not into girls *quite* that young (I've got Jen as my cute young girl, even though she is no longer a teenager, she does just fine!). Given the girl had black opaque tights on, I'm not sure Mike could have been quite as restrained if he'd been there though :)

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