Thursday, 12 November 2009

Sister fuck - Part 2

It's lunchtime again so time to have another go at writing... I was in quite a bad way yesterday after finishing writing. I tried to concentrate on work but after about half an hour I had to go to the toilet and finger myself . There was someone else there when I actually came - but I'm still good at cumming silently so they had no idea. I don't often cum at work and it kind of felt like I was back at school (not that I ever did that when I was at school - although if I'd known what it felt like it would probably have occupied most of my lunchtimes :)

Anyway, because I'm very stupid, I've got my egg inside me again and expect fully to have to take care of myself when I finish writing this...

Note: It actually took two lunchtimes to write and then I forgot to post it last night, so here goes...


Mike was kissing Sue's nipples and she was squirming around underneath him. He told her he was going to teach her how good it could feel to be teased and i told him not to be cruel to her. He asked me if I was sure and I told him yes. Sue was in agreement that the teasing was bad (which wasn't really what we had been talking about) and so he slowly kissed his way up from her breasts to her neck. The end of his cock was now bumping against her cunt and she was trying to hump agaisnt him and get some friction. He moved further up and nestled the length of his cock along her pussy and agaisnt her clit and pressed against her. Sue seemed to love this and started sliding against him.

Mike told her that she would have to slow down and help him catch up with her and they rolled over so he was on his back. Even though things were happening quite quickly, they also seemed to be taking ages and the wait was getting to me - even though I'd just cum (quite nicely), I could feel my pussy tingling once more and thought about sitting over Mike so he could eat me. As much as I wanted this, I also wanted to see everything that happened so I asked Sue if she had a vibrator I could use. She actually seemed a bit shocked that I had asked (it's nice to see she is still at least a little bit sweet and innocent, even if she happened to be humping against my boyfriends cock while being sweet and innocent!) but pointed to a drawer.

I had expected to find just the one that we knew she had (the one that we found and used in her bedroom a while back) but she had expanded her collection since then. I chose a bright pink one and brought it over to them 'bed' , sat near Mike's head, spread my legs and started to use it on myself. It wasn't as powerful as my rabbit, but did a nice job (especially when combined with the view i had). Sue was on top of Mike rubbing her cunt against his cock the same way she had last time she visited. I could see her pussy lips spreading on either side of the shaft and she was sliding up and down his body so that her clit rubbed against his cock.

I guess that even though I had been pretty sure about what we were going to do, it was only at that point that I really *knew* I wanted to watch and I gave Mike a nudge. He pulled Sue down on top of him and slowly edged her further up his body each time she slid over him. I guess she just thuoght that he wanted more pressure applied to the head of his cock as she was a good girl and didn't try anything (she is better at following rules than I am). I moved down the bed so I had a nice view of Sue's ass and Mike's cock. He was pretty much covered with her juices and I reached over and rubbed his balls and the base of his cock. Sue jumped a little bit when she felt my hand bump against her pussy as she slid back, but Mike kept a hold of her and then spread her ass cheeks and pulled her up a little more.

I took his cock and rubbed the head of it around Sue's pussy - she was still trying to rub against him and he had to hold her a bit tighter to get her to be still. We had agreed that I would be the one to put his cock into her - that way he could be sure that I was really okay with it and it was fairly clear I was about to do it so he said:

"I'm going to slide my cock into yout hot little twat and fuck you."

I couldn't see her face, but Mike said it lit up (I knew she had a thing for him - clearly - but hadn't realised quite how big a thing it was).

She replied "Yes, fuck me, please".

He asked her if he should put a condom on (I'd noticed that they were in the drawer with her sex toys) and she said he didn't have to. I was a bit concerned about this as she had told us she always used them but fortunatly Mike had the same thought and asked her about that.

Sue replied by saying that she did use condoms, but that surely she didn't have to with her onii chan (I'm not sure I get the whole anime older brother/younger sister thing, but Mike does as I felt his cock pulse when she said that). I held his cock at the entrance to Sue's pussy and he slowly slid her down onto it. Now of course I've seen cocks being swallowed by pussies many (many) times in porn, and I've watched Mike's cock enter me lots of times, but this was the first time I'd seen it happening with real people (when I wasn't one of them).

I got a much better view that in a rushed porn scene and I could see Sue's lips being pushed into her as she slid further down his cock. Because they had both been so wet, she made it pretty much the whole way down his cock on the first slide. I thought the view had been nice with her sliding onto him, but when he started pulling her slowly back up, it got even better - her lips were now grasping at his cock and it looked as if her cunt was trying to keep his inside of her. As his cock emerged, it was shining with her juices and I was having some very unsisterly thoughts.

Mike kept telling Sue to keep things slow as he wanted to enjoy the feeling of her and she certainly seemed to be enjoying feeling him in her. Afte a few strokes, he was completely inside her and they started moving a little faster. Unfortunately, it was much harder to see her grasping at him like this, but it was still such a wonderful sight with his cock being swallowed by her cunt as she bounced up and down on him. I returned to playing with the vibe as I coould almost feel Mike pushing into me each time he slid into her and I couldn't take much more.
Either Sue has got a lot better at controlling herself, or Mike was being very good at not letting things get too quick because I came before they did. I could feel it building up quickly and ended up with my face as close to the action as I could get without being in the way. I could smell Sue's juices and remember wishing that we'd done this years ago (obviously not *too* many years ago as she's only 20). In a more reasoned light, it would have clearly been a bad idea as I think we needed to get to the right place to do this, but I still remember wishing we'd all been fucking since Sue was 16!

I wasn't quiet when I came, so they knew when it happened. Mike reached around and spread Sue's ass cheeks so I had the best possible view and I continued to watch while I was recovering. They continued for a little while and Sue said she needed to cum. Mike started to slam into her harder - pushing her down onto him with each stroke and Sue started letting ot her little 'mmm, mmm' sounds. These soon developed into almost yelp like sounds and I decided I wanted to watch them cum so I moved back to sitting beside Mike's head. It didn't take much longer and Sue let out a little squeal (which grew to be a bigger squeal as Mike kept slamming into her). She was quite flushed by the time he finished and pulled her against him and I was pretty much ready to jump him as soon as she got off (but expecting him to manage 3 times in a row without a rest might have been a bit much!)

I managed to get myself calmed down (I've certainly been learning from Mike!) and just gently played with myself - not enough to get me really worked up again, just something to do while they recovered. Sue rolled off Mike and lay beside him and said "I thought I wasn't meant to have sex with you".

Mike just replied with "We changed our minds - it didn't seem fair to not let you join in properly." He moved down between her legs and started to gently kiss and lick around her clit. I wasn't prepared to let him make her cum again before I got a bit more attention so I lay down beside her and asked him to eat me. He moved over and started licking around my pussy properly. He slid a couple of fingers into me and kept licking until I was getting quite excited once more (third time that night) and then asked Sue to kneel over my face to let his cum run out of her pussy onto me (as I had done for her).

I hadn’t expected her to do this as willingly as I had, but to my surprise, she knelt over me and I watched his cum drip out of her and felt it land on my chin. I’m still not a great lover of the taste of cum so I didn’t try to taste it, but when Sue leant forwards to get a better view of what Mike was doing to me, her pussy brushed against my face and I so nearly stuck out my tongue (to be fair, I was getting pretty close to cumming so wasn’t really thinking straight and the only other pussy I’ve had that close to my mouth is Jen’s so I’m used to eating when offered!). I actually think that Sue was teasing me as she kept moving her ass around just over my face and I felt Mike’s cum drip out of her from time to time (he came a lot less in her as I had gotten the first shot of the night).

Mike later said that from the way I looked (he could glimpse my face underneath Sue), he thought I was about to eat her, which explained why he started really going at me. He spread my lips apart and licked deep inside me (well, as deep as he can lick – Jen’s tongue is longer than his!) I knew that Sue was watching closer than she had done before (her face must have been right above my pussy) and I came harder than when Mike had been fucking me. I actually grabbed Sue’s ass and held her against me as I came (not against my face) and only let go once I had recovered. I had actually rubbed her pussy against my neck a little, but I don’t think she noticed as she was paying attention to Mike eating me.

It was getting really late by now and while I think Sue could have gone another round, we thought that we should rest and continue in the morning. We crawled under the (slightly cum stained) duvet and curled up together. Mike slipped into me and we were going to fall asleep like that (with Sue on the other side of him) until she started whining that it wasn’t fair and I always got to have him in me. I was going to point out that I was the one he was dating and she was just borrowing him, but I was too tired to argue (and I knew he’d love the chance to spoon with her) so I let him slide into her and I spooned against his back. I could feel him moving gently in her and if I’d been more awake might have missed the feeling, but the travel and our session had exhausted me so I fell asleep fairly quickly. Mike says that Sue and he continued gently fucking for a little bit, but soon also drifted off.


  1. Wow too, Finally Mikie gets it. Will he fuck Jen then too?

    this was a great story

  2. Beautiful. And Sue has a secret admirer in the states :)

  3. Hot, but...he's your love. what if she really falls for him :[ i'm a little scared

  4. Doesn't sound like there is any danger in that. Sounds like they talked it over and was well informed and knew what was happening. Mostly when people fall for the third person it happens because the third person is invited at spur of moment decisions without people thinking of the repercussions.

  5. She knows he is mine and I don't mind if she loves him - it's not as if he's falling for her (and even then, I love Jen as well as loving him).

  6. No - Mike won't be getting to fuck me!

  7. Nice post Andi, you have inspired me to do some blogging, I hope mine will become as good as yours. Mwacks, take care.