Friday, 13 November 2009

Sister fuck - Part 3

When I awoke in the morning, Mike was snuggled up against me (but not inside me as he was obviously no longer hard). Both he and Sue were asleep and I wondered if we would be able to get some fun in before she woke up. I wanted to be able to kiss him so I got up and went to brush my teeth. The hall that Sue is in doesn’t have en-suite rooms so I had to go across the corridor and decided that I wouldn’t bother doing up my (Sue’s) dressing gown. There was nobody else around (students on a Saturday morning!) and so I got my teeth done and was going to wander back when I decided to check out the rest of the floor first.

We had come up the back stairs the previous night and I found the main stairs through a door at the end of the corridor. They are a much larger open plan stairwell where you could see the whole way up the building. I was really missing having access to places like this and leant over the banister to look down (Sue is on the 3rd floor) and let my breasts hang out (my gown was still open). Some movement caught my eye and I realized there was a big window running up the full height of the stairwell that looked out onto a road and footpath and that people were walking past. What I didn’t know is that the glass is slightly mirrored and people walking past probably couldn’t have seen much without really trying. However, not knowing that, I covered my breasts (but still left my gown open) and went back to our room.

They were both still asleep and I slipped of my gown and crouched over Mike’s face. I’ve woke him up like this a few times before and he seems to enjoy it. I slowly rubbed myself against his face until he started to stir. He soon started to kiss and lick me and I leaned forwards so I could suck him at the same time. I was surprised that Sue hadn’t woken up, but I’d wanted him to myself for a bit so I wasn’t too bothered by it. We had both really been looking forwards to this weekend as the past few weeks have been really busy so our sex life has been somewhat subdued – not so much in frequency (I get cranky if I don’t cum at least twice a day!), but more in terms of variety and being adventurous (the colder weather is also partly to blame for that).

Given this, we had decided to be as wild as we could this weekend (or as wild as Sue wanted to be, but it didn’t seem like that was going to be a problem!) so I slowly removed myself from Mike’s face (it’s not easy to stand up when having your cunt eaten) and went over to the door. I still hadn’t heard anyone else around (it was about 9ish by this time and I realized that I must have woken up quite early (for a Saturday), but I still liked the idea of having the door open a bit in the hope that someone would walk past while we were having fun. Of course, I couldn’t just open the door a little bit, but I wandered out into the corridor and stood naked playing with myself for 30 seconds or so before running back in and pouncing on Mike.

I tried to do what Sue had been doing to him the night before (grinding my pussy against his cock) but I couldn’t figure out exactly what it is she did and while it felt nice, it didn’t seem to do as much as it did for Sue so I slipped him inside me and started riding him. Being on the floor made it a bit more difficult to get a good rhythm going (without the bounce of a bed), but he was thrusting back into me and things were coming along nicely. We weren’t being very quiet by this point and we finally managed to wake Sue up who ended up lying on her side so she could watch us. Not being one to miss out on his fantasy, Mike soon pulled her over to him and she straddled his face so he could eat her.

It’s a good job she is young (which I assume is why she can cum quickly like Jen) as I was pretty far gone by the time she got on board and soon felt a nice pulsing through by cunt as I came. I wasn’t overly loud, but certainly didn’t try to keep quiet and between licks, Mike was encouraging Sue to make noise. I had actually expected him to stop fucking me once I had cum and to switch positions so he could cum in Sue (which I was finding an even more exciting idea now I had seen it), but he kept pressing into me and so I started rocking back against him once I had recovered enough. Sue was getting fairly close to cumming and was making a bit more noise (but still not as much as I had) and I felt Mike jerk against me a few times before he stopped moving. I think Sue was too far gone to tell he’d cum, but he says that he started rubbing a finger around her asshole at this point (not actually in her, just over it fairly firmly). She seemed to like this (combined with the licking) and I watched her cum and then squirm around as Mike kept eating her. He held her firmly in place until she was really moaning and trying to get off him – when he finally let go, she rolled over and lay on the covers beside us panting.

She claims that she didn’t notice the door was open until that point (and she did act surprised) and I explained that it just made things a bit more fun. She didn’t seem upset by it and told us that she had actually boasted to some of her friends that she could get her sister’s older boyfriend to do things with her. I really couldn’t believe that she had told people about the things we got up to (because of course I wouldn’t ever tell people about Sue having sex would I? How do you spell hypocrite?) Mike said that in that case, he should just take her into the kitchen and fuck her on the table in front of everyone (but she wasn’t *quite* ready for that yet!)

I had climbed off Mike while we were chatting and had leaked a bit of cum onto his cock as I had done so. Sue had been idly stroking him (so he was still hard) and he asked if we would help clean him up. I knew what he wanted and moved down to his cock and started gently licking one side of it. Sue soon joined me and while we were fairly careful to concentrate on different areas, he got to feel what it was like to be licked by two girls at once. I had actually always imagined that if I did that, it would have been with Jen (seeing as she seems to like the taste of his cum) and I do like the idea of being able to kiss the other girl while licking him so maybe one day...

With two of us working on him, it didn’t take long to clean him up and while Sue would have happily sucked until he came again, he had other plans (which I could guess) and said we should get some breakfast. Sue only has the one dressing gown (at Uni) so I took that, she slipped on a long t-shirt and Mike had to put on his jeans and a top while we went to the kitchen. I still hadn’t heard anyone in the corridor (I’m not sure what time it was by this point, but it was certainly after 9.30) so I stepped out with the gown still undone. Sue noticed, but didn’t say anything, but she was distracted by the fact that Mike kept rubbing her breasts and ass through her t-shirt. We got to the kitchen and I said we should show Mike the main stairs (just through the door) and so wandered out there. Sue seemed a bit more nervous about the fact I was still half naked, but the place was still deserted so settled down quite quickly.

I leant against the banister and spread my legs a little and Sue was standing beside me (also facing into the stairwell). Mike was behind her and was still fondling her through her top which she seemed to be enjoying a bit more than before (it was certainly relaxing her more anyway). He told her to spread her legs (which she did) and I watched him run his hand down her front and lift her t-shirt. She grabbed his hand, but he already had his fingers on her pussy and was rubbing her clit. She soon stopped trying to pull his hand (and the t-shirt) back down and leant back against him. His other hand slid under her top and went to her breasts and I know if he had had a third hand, he would have lifted her top to expose her to the world (but unfortunately he only has two hands). Sue seemed to be really getting into the situation, spread her legs a bit more and pressed his hand into her pussy – he could probably have made her cum if we hadn’t heard a door open somewhere above us (it’s probably just as well it was on the same side of the stairwell as there were about 6 (or 7) doors on the other side that they could have come out of).

Sue jumped a bit, but Mike just slowly slid the hand playing with her breasts out and only then removed his other hand from her pussy. I had been doing up my gown while this was going on, and by the time the person appeared, we were all decent (discounting the bulges of Sue’s nipples through her top). When they had gone, we went into the kitchen to get some breakfast and Sue started going on about how it had felt being fingered ‘in public’. I reminded her of the episode on the beach and she went bright red but claimed it was different as it was abroad. She changed the subject to ask when we were going to buy her the skirt I had promised and asked what the additional present that Mike had promised her was. He pointed out that it was the fucking he gave her but if she wanted something else, he would get it but then they couldn’t screw again. Sue agreed that having him was quite nice and that it would be enough for her (but she added ‘for now’). Our conversation made its way back to doing things in public and we let on a few more of the places we had played around and Mike encouraged her to go without panties for as long as we had warm enough weather. He also said that he wanted to shave her bald (she still had the little patch of hair on her mons) and she agreed. Given she keeps her lips shaved anyway it wasn’t really that big a deal, but she seemed to like the idea of him shaving her.

We went back to her room and got our bath things. I wasn’t too keen on using a shared bathroom again, but it was reasonably clean and they had a wonderful large shower that the three of us could (just about) fit into. Washing wasn’t easy as there wasn’t much space to move, but I know Mike loved the feeling of two soapy girls rubbing against him. Someone else had come into the bathroom while we were showering (and left again). They couldn’t see anything as the shower, bath and toilets were all behind individual wooden doors – I assume they could tell that at least two people were in the shower and may have figured out that there were three voices.

Mike and Sue got out and dried off so that he could shave her. Mike put on Sue’s gown (pink doesn’t really suit him) and they put a towel down on one of the toilet seats for her to sit on. I didn’t bother re-locking the door to the shower and they left the toilet door open while Mike worked. He says he put another towel on the floor to kneel on (probably wise in student halls, even in a mostly female corridor) and it took hardly any time before he had her shaved bald (she had shaved the day before we arrived so it was only the little patch to remove). He went back to the sink, leaving her sitting exposed on the toilet and then rinsed her off with warm water before checking his work. I always like the way he checks as he is very thorough, and even though he didn’t shave all of her, he says he gave her a proper check, licking every part of her pussy. He pointed out that if someone walked in, at least they would know that she’d been telling the truth about him doing things with her. He says that this idea seemed to appeal to her for a little while, but then she said they should go back to her room.

He said he would stop if she went back naked and so she left her t-shirt for me. She gently opened the bathroom door and dashed across the corridor into her room while Mike followed. I had pretty much finished by this point and was drying off when someone opened the door to the shower and stood looking at me. It was almost like the setup from a porn movie as I had one leg up on the bench and I had been drying my thighs so my pussy was in full view (as well as my breasts, obviously). Now if it had been a porno, the bad music would have started, his cock (which would have been the size of a horse’s cock) would have sprung out and I would have ended up being fucked hard and getting a cum shower. This was real life though and so he looked a bit flustered, mumbled “sorry” and pulled the door shut behind him. I didn’t hear the bathroom door open so I assumed he was waiting to use the shower, so I finished up drying off and was going to slip the t-shirt on when I thought better of it. I didn’t see why Mike should have all the fun (and obviously I’d hated every moment of it up until then!), so I gave my pussy a quick rub, draped the towel and t-shirt over my arm and gathered up the shower things in my other arm. I pulled the shower door open with my foot and walked out to find him still waiting. He stared at me and I just said “The shower is all yours, but would you mind opening the door for me?” as I indicated to my full arms.

He quietly said “Sure” and opened the bathroom door and I slowly walked out. I ‘accidently’ dropped the sponge so I could bend over to pick it up (with my legs spread a bit more than was really needed). As I did this, I then really dropped the shampoo so decided that I should stop playing as I was standing naked in the middle of the corridor with one of Sue’s neighbors looking at my cunt and ass. I gathered up my things and went into Sue’s room without looking back (but I knew he hadn’t moved from the door). I later found out that he is called Rob and Sue doesn’t really get on with him (so it will be interesting to see if he acts any differently towards her now!)

Mike and Sue were on the (real) bed and he had continued to check if she was properly shaved. When I came in, he said it was time to prepare her to go out and he moved so he was sitting across the bed with his back to the wall and got Sue to crouch over his cock, facing away from him. He used this position as I had mentioned earlier how much I had enjoyed the view the previous night and I sat on the floor between his legs (as they dangled off the bed) and watched as they fucked. From this angle, I could see pretty much everything (certainly even more than the previous night). Sue’s cunt was stretched around Mike’s cock and her lips were pulled out as he slid out of her (just like when I use my rabbit on Jen). Sue’s clit was nicely exposed and the whole area looked really different without any hair. Mike reached around and started to rub her clit which was met with approval and I ended up having to visit her toy drawer to find something to play with.

I settled on the vibe that she had in her room at home for my pussy and rested the pink one from the previous night against my ass (not inside me though – even I think there are limits as to what you can do with someone else’s vibe!) The feeling of the two vibes was quite intense and I had to turn them down as I didn’t want to cum too much before they did this time. I had shut the bedroom door behind me so we could all be a bit louder and Mike was encouraging Sue to tell him what to do and asking what she could feel. She still doesn’t use the word ‘cunt’ that much, but she did keep saying how she loved the feel of his cock in her snatch and how she wanted him to fuck her twat.

Mike seemed to be a lot more controlled this time and he made her cum reasonably quickly, but kept moving inside her (not much, but enough that she would know he hadn’t finished). When she had recovered a bit, he started fucking her again while he played with her nipples. Sue’s pussy was looking quite red and puffy and from the noises she was making I guessed she was feeling rather turned on. Mike said he wanted to give her a really strong orgasm and asked me for one of her vibes. I was quite happy with the ones I had so I went back to her drawer and got the more powerful of the two remaining ones and handed it to him. He offered her the choice of nipple or clit (which one would she play with) and she opted to use a hand to play with one of her breasts while he played with the other one and used the vibe on her clit.

I actually think he could have easily got her to cum again without it, but he carried on anyway. I tried to hold back my own orgasm, but it wasn’t easy between the view of them fucking and the state that Sue was in. By the time she came, her pussy lips were bright pink and swollen and her nipples looked really hard and were also pink from the pulling they had been getting. Sue came with a much more guttural sound than I’d heard before and Mike held the vibe against her clit and kept telling her to cum for as long as she could while he kept fucking her. He managed to cum before she finished (or at least he managed to start cumming) and I could see the base of his cock pulsing as he shot his cum into her.

It took Sue a while to recover, but she stayed on his cock and leant back against him until she was ready to get up. I was very proud of myself for holding back and finally allowed myself to cum. I lay back on the duvets on the floor and worked the vibe in my pussy while pressing the other one harder against my ass (still not in me). It wasn’t as satisfying an orgasm as I had expected (or wanted given I’d waited), but I assumed it wouldn’t be my last of the day and at least it meant I hadn’t been tired out too much.

We all started to get dressed and Mike reminded Sue that she wasn’t meant to wear panties. She settled on a mid-thigh length skirt (not tight, but not flippy either) and black opaque hold up stockings (which I gather is another anime thing) along with a simple top. I opted for a slightly shorted (and flippy) skirt with longish (mid-high calf length) black socks. Once we were ready (and Mike had to wait for two girls to do make-up), we headed out. I was wondering if I would see Rob in the corridor, but we didn’t bump into him (but did say hi to a few of the girls that live there – one of whom is rather hot and was just wearing a towel).


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  1. Gotta love family bonding! :-)

    Seriously though, I guess Jen may be pleased about Mike & Sue getting..."closer", since now perhaps he'll be too busy to attempt "converting" Jen, even if she does seem to love the taste of his cum? LOL!

  2. Yeh - he won't be converting me anytime soon and I only really luv his cum when I'm eating it out of Andi

  3. sexy and beautiful yet again.

  4. Glad you liked it - and I hope you all appreciate the fact I've finally managed to get Jen to comment on here.

  5. Yes Andi, love hearing from the luscious Jen, who BTW said about Mike, "he won't be converting me anytime soon", she didn't say never. LOL! :-)

    I also love reading/hearing from your more often this week sexy.