Monday, 16 November 2009

Sister fuck - Part 4

This is taking a lot longer to write than I had thought (but it was an incredible weekend where we got up to a huge amount). I'll try to get a post a day out until I've got it done...


Sue wasn’t as keen on having wet thighs as I am and kept stopping to wipe Mike’s cum up as it ran down her leg. As (once again) he’d cum in me first, she didn’t have too much to worry about. We walked into town (only about a 10 minute walk so it wasn’t worth waiting for a bus) and started hunting out a suitable skirt for Sue. We went round a number of shops before she settled on a beautiful semi-pleated cream skirt. It was a little longer than the ideal length for easy access (the less material you have to pull up, the less conspicuous it is when you have a hand under it), but she really liked it and so Mike got it for her. (For those of you who are interested, I also found a really cute top that would look decidedly not cute when paired with a wonderbra!)

We decided it was time to go for lunch and I gave Sue the criteria for where we should eat. Good food (obviously), not too expensive and finally (and most importantly) somewhere on the 2nd or 3rd floor of a shopping centre with a glass barrier so she could show off her newly shaved pussy. We found somewhere and got lunch and after waiting a few minutes, managed to get a table by the side of the restaurant. I think it was on the 3rd floor, and we were overlooking a large open area with the lifts and escalators. Mike sat in the middle and Sue and I took the chairs by the glass barrier. We ate and talked in whispers (there were children around and while I don’t mind being a hussy and enjoying myself, I don’t want to corrupt little kids!).

I raised one of my legs and rested my foot on the seat so I could hug my knee as we kept talking – this allowed my skirt to ride a bit higher and while I couldn’t see it myself, I knew my pussy would have been visible to anyone (levitating) on the other side of the glass. With a bit of encouragement, Sue tried to copy me but her skirt was too tight so she skipped off (literally) to the bathroom to change into her new one. While she was gone, Mike’s hand rested on my thigh and with a bit of maneuvering, he could just about brush his fingers against my pussy. By the time Sue returned, he had slid his hand slightly further up which allowed him to gently pull on one of my pussy lips and half open me. I was contracting the muscles inside me and it was beginning to feel quite nice and I was wishing I had brought my egg with me.

Now dressed in her new skirt (which did look very nice and I might have to convince Mike to buy one for me), Sue could now easily lift up a leg as I was doing but Mike instead encouraged her to sit cross legged and he slowly pushed her skirt higher and higher up her thighs (just a little at a time). He didn’t get it high enough for either of us to see anything (if he had, other people in the cafe would have been able to see), but she said she could feel the air on her pussy and felt really exposed to the people down below. We didn’t stay much longer as we had finished eating and people were waiting for tables, but as we walked around the shopping centre (or mall for you Americans), we did keep standing by the railings to ensure that anyone looking up would get a good view.

I had decided that I was missing my egg too much and asked Sue if there were any good sex shops around. After discounting Ann Summers, she said she knew of one (not that she had ever gone to it, but she had walked past it a few times...) It was about a 10 minute walk away from where we were and Sue led us down some quiet alleys which were a shortcut. Not being one to miss an opportunity, I guided Mike’s hand to my ass so he could fondle me (under my skirt) as we walked. When Sue realized what we were doing, she wanted to join in and so we walked side my side, with Mike following, fondling us both. At a relatively sheltered point, he told us to stop and I felt a finger slide into me (not a lot, but definitely inside) and he rubbed us briefly. Sue was getting impatient and wanted a bit more. We knew it wasn’t really a safe enough place to do much but he got her to lean against a wall, pulled up her skirt and rubbed her properly. I knew that he would only tease her and as soon as she really started to get into it, he said we should go on. Sue tried pouting but she just had to put up with being horny for a while longer.

Now, you know how they say you should never do your food shopping when you are hungry – well, the same goes for visiting a sex shop when being horny. The intention had just been for me to buy another egg (which I may have left for Sue), but we ended up spending far more money that we could really afford. I had a conversation with the guy about which the most powerful unit was and got to try a few out (on my hand) before settling on one. While I had been doing this, Mike and Sue had been looking round and had picked up some of the tingle gel and the heat gel from the same company. They were looking at costumes when I returned to them and while most of them were cheap things (£20 PVC gimp suit...), they had a selection of crotchless tights that have been recommended to me. It’s coming up to winter and I always hate having to wear tights all the time to keep warm so ended up buying a couple of pairs to try them out to see if I could manage a winter without panties!

Beside the tights, they had some long socks and this had led Mike to quiz Sue about her school uniform. She said that she had it with her (and had been planning on bringing it over the next time she came to visit – this was the surprise she had referred to a while ago). She only had black tights so he bought her a few pairs of long white socks (and we later went and bought a pack of white cotton panties for her to complete the outfit). Mike went to pay for everything and came back with a second egg. I was a bit concerned at how much he had spent, but I guess it would have been a bit unfair to just have one for me. Once outside, I tried to open the eggs, but they were in the blister packs that are impossible to open without scissors and in the end Mike had to attack them with some keys and eventually freed our new toys.

I slipped my egg into myself and Mike slid the other one into Sue (we’d gone back into the alley to do this!) It turned out that both eggs could be operated from a single remote control and we were soon happily buzzing away. After checking we were still alone, Mike took the tingle gel and squirted a little into his hand before rubbing it over Sue’s pussy – he then did the same thing to me with the heat gel. It felt okay at first but then ended up feeling too hot so I wasn’t too sure about it – he offered to top me up with tingle gel but I thought I should wait for the heat to wear off first. Now I wanted the egg setting to be high, but Sue wanted it on one of the pulse patterns (which don’t do a lot for me). After a bit of experimentation, we found out how far apart we had to be to let the remote operate one egg at a time and when we were set we headed back out. This is when we went to buy the white panties and I ended up getting a few new pairs myself (there’s nothing better for slutty schoolgirl play!)

The eggs were frustratingly good – not quite enough to cum with, but enough to really get us going (it seemed to affect Sue even more so than me). We decided to head back and would have walked, but saw a bus pull up that went right by Sue’s digs so we were lazy and got on. As it drove through town, it got busier and we ended up pretty crushed. I had been pressing back against Mike for a while and had been enjoying the feeling of his hard cock on my ass and was feeling really horny so I unzipped my skirt and guided his hand to my hip. He figured out what I’d done and slipped his hand into my skirt and started rubbing my clit. The heat gel had either worn off or just cooled enough to be nice and I was rather wet from the egg. I didn’t think it would take much for me to cum and I pressed my ass back against him harder. My breasts were pressing against the person in front of me and I concentrated on the feeling of the egg buzzing in my cunt and Mike’s fingers playing with my clit. It must have been clear from my face how I was feeling as I saw someone looking at me through the crowd and was going to try to control myself and then thought about the aim of the weekend – to try new daring things.

I didn’t try to put on any porn star ‘ooh – ahh’ looks, but I didn’t hide what I was feeling and I hope I didn’t look too stupid. Knowing I was being watched, I came very quickly and gave my watcher a direct look and a smile as I recovered. Mike says he knew I was being watched but Sue had no idea until we told her (after we had left the bus). She said she would never have the nerve to do that (discounting what’s done abroad of course) and I think Mike saw that as a challenge! I was feeling a bit sensitive by this point and wanted to turn off my egg, but that of course meant that it changed the program on Sue’s egg so she had to run on ahead to get clear of the signal.

We got back to the halls and quickly went upstairs – Sue was tiring of the teasing the egg was giving her (or more likely, she just really needed to cum) and asked if she could be fucked again. I didn’t mind as we had already crossed pretty much every barrier that exists (short of having her fuck a horse or something like that) and so settled down to watch. Mike said that he would need something to help really get him in the mood (although he’s pretty much as bad as I am as is almost always in the mood). He pulled out the white socks and panties from our shopping and asked Sue to get her school uniform out. She told him to turn around so she could get changed which seemed rather odd at first but she explained that she had planned on surprising him by turning up in it the next time she visited us so didn’t want him to see her in it until she was completely dressed. He agreed to this and went over to start looking at some of her anime magazines while he waited – unlike Mike, she hasn’t got any porno ones but they both like a number of things so he found something to keep himself amused.

Sue pulled her uniform out of the cupboard and quickly changed into it. She slipped the egg out of her pussy and put it on the side (I just pulled the battery out of mine so she could turn hers off) and then put the panties and socks on. She was going to tell Mike she was ready when I stopped her and whispered to her that she should put her hair up either in a ponytail or bunches (she went for bunches after asking what Mike’s favourite was). I’ll admit she looked quite cute (but nowhere near as cute as Jen when she’s in her uniform) and I presented her to Mike. He certainly seemed to like what he saw and pulled her onto the bed with him. She straddled him and this was pretty much the only time over the weekend that I felt a bit jealous – not so much about the fact that she was going to fuck him (it was a bit late to be jealous about that!), but about the fact that they were going to have a schoolgirl session which is our thing.

I wasn’t going to sit and do nothing though – I was fairly certain that they would put on an intense show and planned to enjoy it. Sue had cum more times than me that day (I think the score was 3-2) and I intended to catch up.

Sue was kissing Mike and he had his hands under her skirt rubbing over her panties and kneading her ass. He soon had her blouse open and breasts pulled out from her bra so he could suck on her nipples and he asked for the gel bottles over. He put the heat gel on one nipple (I advised him to only use a little bit) and the tingle gel on the other and they went back to kissing while the gel started to work. As I’d said – I had no intention of being left behind so I stripped off and sat up on the desk (on a cushion). From here I could see out the window (but I was mostly looking over at the bed). Things were progressing well – Mike was now only wearing his boxers and Sue was humping against him – she was now naked above the waist and I loved the way her bunches swayed as she moved. I decided that for his birthday we would do a schoolgirl double team and see how many times we could get him to cum in a day – he likes this idea but thinks it might kill him in the process!

Anyway – I had put Sue’s egg back in my pussy (I hadn’t put mine back together yet) and has rubbed some of the tingle gel over my clit and nipples. Sue said that the warm gel felt nice on her nipple, so Mike licked the tingle gel off the other one and added more of the heat gel in its place - I wasn’t quite brave enough to try it again quite yet.

Mike slipped his boxers off and Sue moved around so she was sitting over his face. I know he loves pulling the panties to the side to lick me in this position and I was imagining being in Sue’s place and feeling him spreading my cunt wide open and eating me. Sue was busily slurping away at his cock (she is actually very good at giving blowjobs) and tried adding a bit of the heat gel – Mike wasn’t that keen on it either (I think the words were “Ow it burns!”) so she sucked it off and continued without any flavouring. Mike returned to working away under her skirt and I couldn’t really see much of what he was doing (and given I usually leave the skirt on during these games I realised that I probably wouldn’t see too much for the whole session).

I decided to call Jen so she could enjoy the event ‘live’. Sue looked up when she heard me on the phone but I told her it was Jen and she returned to her cocksucking. I told Jen that Mike had finally fucked Sue (she had known that was the plan for the weekend) and described to her the scene in front of me. Jen said she wished she was there to see it (I think more for Sue than for Mike!) and then started telling me what she would do to me if she was there. Of course, this involved her eating me while Sue ate her (which I can’t imagine Sue going for, but if she ever wants to experiment, she would only have to ask and Jen would be there I’m sure!)

I saw the panties being pulled off and more of the tingle gel being applied to Sue’s pussy and asked her to hold up her skirt as she mounted him. I described the view of Jen as her little bald cunt swallowed his cock and he started pumping into her – Jen had started to play with herself and I could hear that she was getting a bit breathless already and I didn’t want to be left behind by everyone so I put her on speakerphone and reassembled my egg to use on my clit.

I moved over to the bed to join them and managed to scrunch myself up on the end so I could see. Jen wanted all the details – exactly what kind of white socks Sue had on – what her pussy looked live shaved (it was a bit weird describing this, but I guess the situation was far from normal anyway!) Sue was facing me (away from Mike) and I asked him to lift her skirt so I could see and then started attacking my clit with the second egg. I did wonder about trying to get both of them inside me at the same time, but thought it would do a better job on my clit (and I was a bit short of space to move around anyway).

I could have easily cum like that but in the end I decided that I wasn’t to be a part of the fun so I climbed off the bed and climbed on over Mike’s face. I still had the second egg inside me and having him lick me while it kept buzzing felt really good. This is where I got a bit carried away (still no real incest sex, sorry). I had wanted to see them fucking so had lifted up Sue’s skirt and encouraged her to lean forwards, giving me a wonderful view. I still had the second egg in my hand and I squirted a generous blob of tingle gel onto it and rubbed the egg around Sue’s asshole. I didn’t push it into her or anything, so it’s not like I’ve now butt-fucked my sister, but it was certainly more than I had ever intended to do to her.

Jen was still on speakerphone and when I told her what I was doing she went wild and asked why Sue would let me do that to her and she couldn’t. I don’t think Sue had realised it was me doing it as she did quickly look round when I told Jen, but she didn’t stop me (from the look on her face I think she was so far gone that Rob could have burst into the room and started fucking her ass and she wouldn’t have been able to resist). It was actually that look of passion that sent me over the edge (so even though I had an egg in my cunt and Mike was eating me, technically, it was Sue who made me cum!)

I was not quiet, and made sure that people 3 floors up knew I was cumming (and how much I was enjoying it). I told Mike and Sue to cum as fast as they could and kept telling her to be as loud as she could (just for Mike and Jen’s sake of course!) I continued to use the egg on Sue’s ass although now I wasn’t in the build up to my orgasm, it felt a bit odd – but I thought it would be unfair to take it away from her when she was so close to cumming. I had lifted myself off Mike’s face when I had cum and was going to (somehow) get the egg out of me, but he just said “I’m close” and pulled me back down onto his mouth. I had intended to catch up with them so I let him keep licking me (more like attacking me) and I did what I could to keep the egg pressed against Sue’s ass while she bounced up and down on his cock.

Sue came, with a whole series of “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck...” and I continued to tell her to be louder and more explicit and she is slowly improving – she finished by shouting something like “Yes, fuck me, fill my cunt with your cum” (which I was quite proud of).

Mike had managed to hold out in his usual way, but he came fairly quickly after Sue had finished – I think the fact he kept pounding into her was a bit much for her to handle as she returned to chanting “Oh fuck” until he finally came in her (okay, I kept the egg held against her until he finished which may not have helped things – I guess I thought that as we had already broken that barrier I may as well make the most of it!)

It transpired that Jen had cum at some point in the proceedings and thought that we had put on a really good show (she had been having a boring afternoon). Mike had stopped licking me when he came but his licking had already had an effect on me (coupled with Sue’s orgasm) and I asked him to keep going. I concentrated on the feelings he was giving me and watched closely as Sue climbed off him and could feel another orgasm building quite quickly. I bent forwards and licked Mike clean (it mostly tasted of his cum, but I could taste a bit of Sue’s juices). He seemed quite sensitive and didn’t want me to suck him so I just lapped around the shaft and head until he was clean. While I did this, he took the egg I’d used on Sue and held it against my ass – the tingle gel had all rubbed off but it still felt nice and I described to Jen what he was doing and let her hear me cum again. It was a bit too intense and as soon as I’d cum I needed to get the egg out of me. I think I might have pushed myself a bit too far as my pussy lips looked really red and swollen and were very tender so I had to go and put some cold water on them (I think it was the heat gel that did it). I only wore Sue’s gown while I went over to the bathroom but didn’t bump into anyone so it didn’t really matter.

Sue had curled up on the floor to rest while Mike had been finishing me off and she was pretty much recovered and ready to go again by the time I returned. She was looking somewhat disheveled, her skirt was stained with cum and her thighs were glistening (which she apparently doesn’t mind if she’s not walking somewhere. The whole room stank of our juices and I thought it would be a good idea to get cleaned up and decide what we were doing that night (we’d been invited out with Sue’s friends).

We decided that we would go out and join them (I didn’t think I’d be able to do anything for a while and I know Mike has his limits too!). Mike and I went back to the bathroom to shower together and he thanked me for a wonderful weekend and very gently washed me down (taking special care around my still sensitive pussy). When we had finished, Sue went over and showered and we dared her to not lock the shower door (she accepted the dare, but didn’t get caught). Mike put on his nice black shirt and a new pair of jeans, Sue wore her new flippy skirt with a new pair of black hold up stockings (and white panties – which kind of defeated the point of buying the flippy skirt) and I had a long flowing blue dress (without panties of course). We stopped off at the student canteen and had an uninspiring meal and then went to a bar to have a few drinks to kill time while waiting for people. I wished I had tried the new crotchless tights I’d bought as my legs were a little cold on the way to the bar, but it was okay once we got inside.

Because it was early, the place was fairly quiet and we found a nice little corner – I was recovering, but still wasn’t really ready to have much done to me so I let Mike stroke Sue’s legs, watching his hand just disappearing under the hem and tickling her. Sue is fairly ticklish (as am I) so whenever he tickled her she squirmed around and he managed to get his hand a little higher. She didn’t really put up much of a fight and after checking that nobody was watching, she let him reach up to her panties and stroke her. I pointed out that this is why she should have gone commando. Just before her friends were due to turn up, he reached into his pocket and pulled out an egg (I hadn’t known he had brought one along). He slid it up Sue’s thigh and reached under with his other hand to pull her panties aside and slid it into her. She was desperately checking that nobody was watching, but didn’t try to stop him (she actually spread her legs quite wide to help him). He then took out one of the remotes and put it on the table in front of me – I wondered why he had given it to me until he took out the second remote and I realised that he wanted us to both tease her.

I thought this was a little cruel, but that wasn’t going to stop me (she had been fucking my boyfriend after all so I deserved a bit of fun at her expense!) I didn’t know what order the vibration modes came in so it was going to be a bit of a lottery as to what w did to her, but at least we could turn the egg off and on at will. We managed to finish another drink before anyone else actually turned up and were nicely sozzled. Everyone chatted for a while (and we drank a bit more) and headed off to another place. It was a nice evening, but nothing like the afternoon had been. The only sexual thing that happened was later on in a club when some of the girls had guys attempting to pull them. They were laughing at the lame chat up lines and one of them (I think she was called Jenny – you think I would remember with a name like that, but I was reasonably drunk) said to Mike that Sue had been boasting that she could pull him if she wanted. This is what Sue had referred to earlier in the weekend and I wondered if anyone was going to tell then just how much she could get him to do to her.

Sue leant over and kissed him and they all seemed shocked that she would do that in front of me but I just shrugged and said that we were close and shared everything (which was now pretty much true). A couple of the girls egged him on and Sue leant against him and guided his hands over her body – he didn’t actually touch her breasts or pussy, but came fairly close and got a few cries of appreciation from her friends.

We hadn’t actually used the egg yet and I reached into my bag and pressed the button a few times and noticed Sue jump a bit (so I assumed it had started). They were still encouraging him to do something real and so he cupped her breasts and played with her nipples (through her top) – she pushed his hand back down again and I think he would have rubbed her pussy if she hadn’t guided it to her side. I pressed the button on the control again but I still didn’t know what setting I was changing it to or from so I’m not sure it made a lot of difference. Sue’s friends seemed a bit more convinced that she could get the older man (remember Mike is about 9 years older than Sue) and gave her (or him) a round of applause. We headed off to dance (I took Mike back for this as even though he isn’t that keen on dancing, I wanted him to hold me so they didn’t think I’d just given him to Sue!. A couple of the girls pulled and went home with random men (which we later tried to stress to Sue that she shouldn’t do) and we ended up heading home not too much after midnight. On the way home, Sue told us that the batteries in her egg had died and so Mike lifted her skirt, pulled her panties down a bit and fished it out of her. We weren’t in a particularly private place and even though a few people could see what he was doing, Sue didn’t seem to mind (I can’t figure out how adventurous or prudish she actually is!)

To be fair, I think it was because she was a bit drunk – we went in to the halls via the main door and halfway up to her room, she let him pull her panties down and take them off. There wasn’t anyone else on the stairs at the exact moment he did it, but there had been people there just a few seconds before. I didn’t want to be outdone so turned around and lifted my dress so Mike could check how my pussy way looking. As I did this, someone came in the door at the bottom of the stairs and I dropped my dress but I think they saw I had been holding it up – we ran up to Sue’s floor giggling and quickly went into her room. Sue collapsed on the floor in fits of laughter and kept laughing for far longer than I thought was reasonable so in the end I pounced on her and started to tickle her so she really had something to laugh about. Mike liked the idea of us rolling around together and he decided to ‘help’ by stripping off Sue’s clothes while I tickled her. Dong her bottom half was easy enough, but it took him a while to get her top off and he just pulled her bra off without undoing it. I had a fair idea of what he was going to do once she was naked and he didn’t disappoint me when he started to fiddle with the buttons on my dress and he pulled it off. I continued to tickle Sue until she went a shade of pink that she shouldn’t really be and then went to stand up.

She just lay there on the floor gasping (she really is quite ticklish) and I had a very mean idea. I opened the door and grabbed her legs and told Mike to get her arms. Now Mike did something similar to me when I was at Uni so he figured out what I had planned and helped to lift her out to the corridor. She started to object loudly until I pointed out that if she made lots of noise, people might come and see and she shut up quickly. I ran back into her room and found a small towel – almost enough to cover her but not enough to wrap around her and gave he a choice: she could either sit in the hallway and masturbate (until she came of course) or she could take the towel and go to the kitchen and make us some tea. She said this wasn’t fair but I said it was the payment for the fun she was having with Mike. She tried pouting at Mike to get him to help her but he said it would be fun and told her that he’d made me do the same thing before.

Sue couldn’t really decide which option to take and started to rub herself but then grabbed the towel and tried to wrap it around herself. Once she realised it didn’t fit, she pulled it shut as best she could and went to the kitchen. I went back into her room and Mike followed her down there so the next bit is just on his report...


  1. Well if thats all required to take part in your games, I'll make Mike, Sue, Jen and yourself tea all day long. :)

  2. Heh - I think Jem is getting a bit worried about what I might try to get her to do the next time I visit her :) (and rightly so - I don't see why she should get away with things!)

  3. It was a much more intense weekend than we had thoght it would be (despite the fact we had planned to push things). Sue is still talking to us so I'm sure she had a good time too :)