Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Sister fuck - Part 5

I managed to get this written over lunchtime but I think I've lost a page of notes somewhere. I'm going to have to hunt for them as they might just make enough sense to someone to figure out who wrote them!


There was nobody around on the corridor, but they could hear people on the stairs and Sue dashed into the kitchen (which was also empty). She could either wrap the towel around herself to cover her breasts or pussy (but not both) or hold it the other way round and mostly cover herself but leave a gap the whole way up. She figured out how to best hold it so the gap was at her side but she dropped the towel a few times while she got the tea ready. While they were waiting for the kettle to boil Mike stood behind her and slipped a hand onto her pussy and started to play with her. Sue complained that it wasn’t fair to do that but Mike continued to stroke and tweak them until she started pressing her ass back against him. Sue doesn’t yet know how to deal with him at times like this so Mike was pretty much completely in control of the situation and slipped his other hand around her and onto her pussy. This lifted the towel up, exposing her ass and he took advantage of the fact that he could press against her more.

He says that Sue seemed to be enjoying what he was doing to her, but was nervous about being caught so he continued to distract her. He moved his hand from her pussy to her other breast (pushing the towel up her body as he did so. She was still holding it around herself, but she was now exposed from the bottom half of her back down. While he played with her, he tried to convince her to lick me while he fucked her and tried to bribe her with pretty much anything she wanted, but she wasn’t going for it (I would have been surprised if she had agreed).

He used the fact that she gets aroused fairly quickly when her nipples are played with and soon had her in a state where he could do a bit more with her. He returned a hand to her pussy and started playing with her clit properly while he knelt down behind her and kissed her ass. I don’t think Sue is really sure about that yet, but he encouraged her to lean against the counter and stick her ass out so he could lick it properly while he rubbed her clit. She dropped the towel at one point but he didn’t let her pick it up until she had let him lick her for a while. He thought she had become a bit more relaxed about being exposed by this point and so let her cover herself up (as best she could) and said they should return to the room. She asked him about the tea she was meant to have been making (they had only got as far as boiling the kettle) and he told her that she didn’t need to bother as long as she returned to the room in the state she would be in if she was carrying 3 cups of tea. Sue didn’t quite get it at first but when he told her to pretend she was carrying a tray, she realised that she couldn’t hold her towel and carry anything at the same time. Mike says that he didn’t actually have to convince her (I don’t know if she had just given up protesting or was starting to get a feel for it) and she handed him the towel and walked out into the corridor naked. As she got to her room, Mike stopped her and turned her around so she was facing the door to the main stairwell and went back to rubbing a nipple with one hand and her clit with the other.

He knocked on her door so I went to answer it and found them as I’ve just described – I felt that I had recovered enough by this point and wanted to join in the exhibitionism (I guess it isn’t really exhibitionism if nobody is around, but it was still a ‘public’ place so it counts in my book). I leant against the wall and took the hand that Mike was using on Sue’s breasts and guided it to my pussy. Mike isn’t as dexterous with his left hand, but it still felt nice. He kept this up for a while and I was just considering undoing his jeans so that he could fuck Sue when we heard what sounded like a large group of people coming up the stairs (okay, so I’d been considering undoing his jeans for a while, but it would have involved moving and he wouldn’t have been able to finger me so I hadn’t done it). It was enough to startle Sue and she went back into her room. I wanted to take a bit more of a risk and started to kiss Mike and rub up against him (remember that half the point of this weekend was to see if we were ready for the party)

He pressed me up against the wall but I turned us around so he was against it and I felt really exposed. I ground against him and he kneaded my ass as we kissed, his fingers just brushing between my legs and onto my pussy. Un(?)fortunately the group continued on past our floor and I presume they didn’t look through the glass in the door on the way. We decided to join Sue as I really wanted to cum by that point. I was going to leave the door open, but Mike whispered that he had something else in mind so I shut it behind us and we joined her on the floor-bed. She couldn’t believe what she (and we) had just done but Mike assured her that we would teach her a lot more and started to eat her. I thought of something to try and got Mike and Sue to lie on their sides while he ate her so I could slip his cock into me. It felt nice, but he couldn’t move very much so it didn’t do a great deal for me (from what I could hear, Sue was enjoying things a lot more that I was).

I told him I wanted to do things properly so he lay on his back and I mounted him while Sue sat over his face – after a minute or so he stopped eating her and asked her to put her white socks on again and when she had done this he resumed his fantasy position. I was actually still fairly sensitive from earlier but managed to find a way of moving that didn’t feel too intense (but was intense enough to help build an orgasm). I told Mike how hard to press against me and he did what he was told well enough for me to cum a little (it really was only a little, but probably about as much as I could take).

I hadn’t really been paying attention, but he had been teasing Sue – eating her, but not enough to get her very close to cumming. She looked like she was beginning to get a bit frustrated and I climbed off him as I assumed she would want a good fucking. Almost as soon as I moved, she pounced forwards and had him inside her cunt (I didn’t even get a chance to watch him slide in) and she started riding him. She was facing away from him and he pushed a finger into her ass which she didn’t seem to mind (from the look on her face, she actually quite enjoyed it) and Mike started to pump back against her. He continued to keep setting the pace so that she couldn’t get too worked up and she was soon almost begging to cum (I both love and hate it when he does this!). He said he wanted to finish what they started earlier and got her to put on her (somewhat stained) uniform again. She didn’t bother with bra or panties and her nipples were pretty clear through her blouse. I decide to join in whatever he had planned and slipped on a pair of the new white socks and white panties, along with Sue’s gown (I’d figured out that we would be leaving the room).

It was actually pretty late by now and the place was fairly quiet as we headed down the corridor. We went out to the main stairs and climbed to the top floor (I still don’t know if it was the 6th or 7th floor). Mike leant Sue against the banister (facing him), lifted her skirt and knelt down to lick her. Her ass was exposed to the whole stairwell and Mike thought that he had teased her for long enough that she wouldn’t care, but she chickened out and pulled her skirt down. I think this is the same technique he used to ‘train’ me (but then again, we spent a lot longer developing what we dared to do and we had pushed Sue quite far in a single weekend. I know he had been quite cruel, but he does actually care about her (she’s been his little sister for the best part of 5 years now) so he didn’t try to do anything else and said that they could finish things off later on.

I think Sue thought we were going to head straight back to her room, but I didn’t want to waste the opportunity (and neither did Mike) and so we thought we should give Sue a view to remember. (I would have thought that she would be remembering the weekend for quite a while, but she had been having most of the fun and I wanted some so I opened my robe and stroked my panties (I love the feel of a pair of new white cotton panties – that’s about the only time you’ll hear me say anything good about wearing panties!) Sue moved over to the wall to watch (she does seem to have quite a strong voyeuristic trait) and Mike moved over to me and we started kissing. He pushed a couple of fingers into my pussy and started fucking me with them but quickly undid his jeans and pulled his cock out. I still had the panties on and we couldn’t get him inside me while I was facing him so I turned around and presented my ass to him. He pulled the crotch aside and slipped into me and it felt *good*.

I looked back at Sue who was raptly watching us and I was surprised she wasn’t playing with herself, but didn’t really care too much. My hands were on the rail, but I was a little distance from the banister so edged forwards to allow me to get a better grip and look down the stairwell. It wasn’t wide enough to see the stairs the whole way down, but I could see 3-4 floors down and my breasts were hanging out of the gown. Mike was already sliding in and out of me with a nice rhythm and had reached around to play with my clit. This was somewhat difficult because of the panties and so he pulled out of me, slipped them down (just a little, so I could still spread my legs) and pushed back into me. He could now get to my clit and started to rub it and I started to get really lost in the feelings. Given we were in public, I wasn’t making too much noise, but Sue later said I was whimpering quite a bit. He rubbed me harder and I didn’t think it was going to take long for me to cum so I pressed back against him with each stroke until he was slapping into me (and I’m certain that noise would have carried down the stairwell!).

Nobody had come along during this time so I thought we should go for broke and I told Mike to take off my gown. He did this and dropped it on the floor (and it nearly slid over the edge, but he caught it with his foot in time). I slipped the panties off and put them on the gown, pulled my socks up as far as I could and leaned over the banister so my breasts were pressed up against it (I would have preferred to lean over it so they were dangling down, but I’m nowhere near tall enough for that!) Mike started fucking and rubbing me again and encouraged Sue to come and kneel beside us to watch properly. She seemed to have overcome some of her earlier nerves (but then again, she was still dressed so didn’t have anything to be nervous about) and she kneeled down to watch. She said that she couldn’t believe that we would actually do something this public and that she would never have the nerve to go through with it, but she did have a hand under her skirt (I don’t think she was actually fingering herself, but she was possibly gently stroking herself).

She looked very cute kneeling there and I was looking forward to seeing how she would behave after further ‘training’ but was mostly too distracted by the fact I was about to cum to pay much attention to her. It was a much stronger orgasm than the weak one I had had earlier and I made a bit more noise that I had intended to when I came (still not a great deal though) and Mike continued to fuck me until I had finished. I knew he was close from the way he was moving and thought he was going to finish off inside me, but he pulled out and started wanking himself while aiming at Sue. He asked her to open her blouse and she slowly started to but only got a button undone by the time he came. Given his activities over the weekend, it was a reasonably large load (not quite the porno cum-shower I referred to earlier), but enough to get spurts on Sue’s face, neck, arms (where she was undoing the buttons) and blouse and have it drip down onto her skirt. He said he would have liked to cover her legs too, but he isn’t a horse so he couldn’t keep cumming long enough to completely cover her.

The amount seemed to take Sue by surprise and she let out a yelp and tried to wipe her face clean (which just made it run onto her blouse) and she dripped a little on the floor when she stood up. I picked up the gown and forgot the panties were on it so they went through the banister and went fluttering down the stairwell and landed right at the bottom. Sue was really keen to get back to her room so that nobody saw her covered in cum (and because she wanted Mike to finish her off). She decided to go down the back stairs (less chance of being seen) and I said I would go fetch the panties. I had kind of been hoping that someone would catch us while we had been playing and so walked downstairs with my gown still undone. The material was a bit too heavy to billow out behind me properly as I walked, but it was open enough that it wasn’t hiding anything. Unfortunately nobody came in and I didn’t get to walk past a group of people letting the all see me, so I just picked up the panties and went back to Sue’s room.

She was on the bed, still wearing her cum stained uniform (but her blouse was open and she was playing with her nipples while Mike licked her). Her feet were up on the bed so her pussy was framed by her white socks (when I described this to Jen she said she really wanted to see the view). They’d clearly started as soon as they had got back to the room as Sue was already moaning and encouraging him to make her cum. He said he would have loved to fuck her again, but was pretty much spent and just continued to eat her until she came. She didn’t seem to care that I was standing holding the door open (but there was still nobody around as it was after 3) and he left her to recover on the bed while he got ready to go to bed. We didn’t do anything else that night (Mike wasn’t even inside one of us as we went to sleep) and I slept very soundly.

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