Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Sister fuck - part 6

Finally finished it - just as well we don't get up to this much every weekend or I'd never keep up to date (plus we'd die of exhaustion!)


It was actually Sue who woke up first on Sunday and she woke Mike up on her way back from the toilet. They spooned for a little while and he kept telling her how hot it would be to see her eating another girl and that he was sure that Jen would be willing to train her if she was interested (which she would be). Given how long it took to get me to come round to the idea, I’m surprised he was being so persistent but then again, I guess he has less time to make the association of cumming and being with another girl as we don’t see Sue that often.

They were still spooning when I woke up and I chastised them for starting without me but then realised I really needed to pee so had to dash off to the bathroom. I couldn’t find the dressing gown so had to just grab a t-shirt (I could hear people moving about so I thought that going naked might not be a good idea). When I returned, Sue was putting on her dressing gown (which had been hiding under her desk) and Mike was getting dressed. I objected to the fact they had not only started without me but finished without me and the assured me that they hadn’t done anything more and just needed some food for energy. I was also feeling quite peckish, so we headed to the kitchen and started to put breakfast together.

I wasn’t really dressed for this as the t-shirt I had grabbed only just covered my ass, but as long as I was careful I remained covered. There were some other people in the kitchen (including the cute blonde towel girl – although she was now wearing PJs) and while none of them said anything about my clothing, I noticed a few glances. There was only one guy in there (not Rob) and I didn’t think he was that attractive so I didn’t try to tease him, but did notice him staring at my thighs a few times. He, along with one of the girls left and cute blonde girl started washing some things up. We sat at the table and ate and I allowed my legs to open slightly and enjoyed the air on my pussy. I thought about what we could do in the remaining few hours we had before we had to get the train and could feel myself starting t tingle when Rob walked in.

He sort of started to nod a hello at me but then went all shy and sort of ignored me. I didn’t say anything and made sure I wasn’t looking at him (but was watching him out of the corner of my eye) and saw him looking over at me a few times. I spread my legs a little more and saw that he noticed so I lifted one foot up onto the chair so I could hug my knee while talking. I think it looked natural (or would have if my t-shirt had been longer) and I knew I was on display and felt the tingling get stronger. Both Mike and Sue had noticed what I was doing and Mike gave me a little nod so I announced that I was going to go and take a shower. Mike says that Rob almost followed me out of the room (I thought he would have at least pretended to make breakfast first) – he must have waited a little while though as I didn’t hear him leave behind me.

I went back to Sue’s room and quickly grabbed a towel and dashed over to the shower. I didn’t see Rob about anywhere and didn’t know if he had taken the bait, but thought I may as well shower anyway as bits were a bit messy from the previous night’s activities. I left the shower door unlocked again and started to wash myself. After a short while, I heard the bathroom door open and I quickly turned around so my back was to the cubicle door. I continued to wash myself and found I could (sort of) see the reflection of the door in the rail holding the shower up. It wasn’t much, but enough that I could tell that someone was looking at me and so I started my show. I ran a hand down between my legs and started stroking along my pussy right back to my ass (so my watcher could see I was playing with myself) and gradually stuck my ass out so my whole pussy would be visible.

Given I was under the shower, it was difficult to tell how wet I was, but I know I was really enjoying giving the show and I ended up working two fingers into my cunt and would have gone all out and used my other hand on my ass if I hadn’t needed it to keep myself balanced. I didn’t know if it would scare him off or not, but I wanted him to know that I knew he was watching so I looked round. He had opened the door quite a bit more and there was no way he could have moved fast enough to hide and he just froze. His hand had been rubbing his cock through his trousers and I looked him directly in the eye, smiled and kept fingering myself. He seemed to realise that I wasn’t mad at him and he slowly opened the door a bit more and moved a little closer.

I turned around (which made him freeze again) and picked up my shampoo bottle and started rubbing it against my pussy (it was a slender travel bottle - I’m still not big enough for a full sized one!) The look of shock on his face was priceless as I spread my lips and slipped it inside me. His hand was rubbing his (still covered) cock again and I started to rub my nipples with my other hand. The bathroom door opened and he quickly stepped fully into the shower area and closed the cubicle door behind him. I was a bit concerned for a moment, but given there was someone else in the room, that I could have shouted loud enough for Mike to hear if he tried anything and that I was pretty sure that I was the one in control anyway, I kept going.

I stepped out of the shower towards him and put his free hand on my breasts. He was so nervous he was shaking and I pressed up against him so I could feel his bulge on my stomach. Other than kneading my breast, he wasn’t doing anything else to me and I realised that I would have to get things going so I stepped back, sat on the little bench and spread my legs so he could watch me fuck myself. The other person in the room was now in the other shower so I quietly told him to come closer. I wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to do (I didn’t have any condoms so I wasn’t going to blow him), but that turned out not to matter anyway. I had made it as far as opening his trousers and rubbing my breasts against his shorts when he gasped and I felt my breasts getting slightly damp. I looked down and saw that he had cum in his shorts. I moved back and rubbed the wet patch and then spread it over my breasts (I didn’t get a lot of cum on my hand, but wanted him to see me do that) and then (with my other hand) continued to use the bottle on myself.

I had hoped that he would watch me cum and that I might even be able to get him going again so he could cum over me, but as soon as he had recovered, he quickly pulled up his trousers and hurried out of the cubicle (without even saying goodbye). I had considered calling something out after him, but didn’t manage to think of anything before he was out of the room. I considered continuing with the shampoo bottle, but the mood had been broken and I thought I should return to Mike and Sue (where I was fairly certain I would be taken care of!) I cleaned off the little bit of Rob’s cum, dried myself off and went back to her room (wearing the t-shirt).

I had to hunt them out in the kitchen – Mike had told Sue what I had intended to do and he seemed surprised I was back so quickly. We were the only ones in the kitchen so I relayed the story to them (and managed to shock Sue once more). I pointed out that Mike had been fucking her all weekend whereas I had only intended to show myself to Rob (and let him cum on me). I complained that I was now really horny and so we returned to her room. I slipped off my t-shirt and Mike pulled off Sue’s gown once we were inside and then quickly stripped off his own clothes. We ended up rolling around on the floor and at one point, Mike managed to get my fingers inside Sue’s pussy (I don’t think she realised it was my fingers, and they were only there for a few seconds). He asked Sue to get all her vibes out and got her to lie back while he used one on her pussy and another on her ass. I ended up joining in and holding the working egg against one nipple and another vibe against the other one while Mike alternated between licking her clit and using the vibrating part of the dildo on it.

She came quite quickly and while she was recovering Mike got me to kneel over her so she could watch him fuck me. I was ready to cum any way I could and he managed to convince me to hold the vibe in her pussy (not to fuck her with it, just to keep it from falling out – although I know he would have preferred to see me using it on her!). He fucked me hard and used his thumb on my ass (thinking about it, I could have handed him one of 3 vibes to use there, but I was caught up in the moment). He got Sue to describe exactly what she could see and coached her until she was saying things like “I can see your cock sliding into my sister’s cunt” and “I can see her cunt lips spreading around you”. Knowing I’m being watched that closely really does something to me and I started telling Mike to fuck me and fill me with his cum (Sue asked him to save some for her).

He reached around me and pulled my pussy lips open so Sue could really see everything and rubbed my clit with a couple of fingers. He slipped out of me at one point and pressed up against my ass (which I initially thought was on purpose and he intended to let Sue watch him fuck my ass but he slid back into my pussy). He rubbed my clit faster and I came while wondering what it would have been like to whip out Rob’s cock and jerk him off until he came over me. (I wonder if he would have run away as quickly?) Mike kept thrusting inside me for a while and then pressed deep into me as he came. He seemed to be really enjoying himself and had wanted to let his cum leak out onto Sue, but only a little came out while I was still crouched over her (it did run down my leg when I stood up properly though!) Mike wanted Sue to lick my thighs clean, but had to settle for wiping some of it onto her breasts instead.

Sue wanted him to take her in her favourite position – her lying on her front and him on top of her with his full weight on her. He wasn’t quite ready to do things again (I’m amazed he managed so well over the weekend and we didn’t break him between us) so he lay on top of her and kissed around the back of her neck. This didn’t do much for her, but we did discover that her ears are quite sensitive. We’re not talking about ‘able to make her cum’ sensitive, but enough for her to really enjoy it. I think what he was whispering to her was helping matters and also seemed to get him back in the mood and he started rubbing against her ass.

He asked her if she had ever been double penetrated (she hadn’t – but neither have I if you discount dildos). As he slid into her, he kept telling her to imagine being surrounded by a group of men and letting them use her as they wanted. He described how they would fuck her mouth, ass and cunt at the same time and as each one of them came, another would take his place, how others would be standing around watching and cumming over her until she was covered and all her friends would be watching the whole thing. I think she found the idea a bit odd at first, but I’m pretty sure that this is where my love of this fantasy came from and I *think* that by the time she got close to cumming that she was beginning to slightly enjoy the idea (or maybe it was just Mike’s hand under her rubbing her clit!)

Sue came, but Mike didn’t and when she asked why he said it was because he wanted to enjoy one last fuck with her before we had to go. They went into the bathroom and started the shower running. There was someone else in the bath (so they presumed it was one of the girls) and Mike started fondling Sue as they showered. She knelt and sucked him clean (which he said he could have let her do until he came, but after enjoying it for a bit, went back to the original plan and pulled her up so he could slide into her. He says he actually lifted her up so she could sit on his cock and he held her against the wall like that. They could still hear the person moving around in the bath and he quietly asked her how she liked having her older brother fuck her little cunt. He says she seemed nervous about someone overhearing at first, but he started fingering around her ass at the same time and she either relaxed or seemed to realise that the easiest way would be to play along quietly so she started answering him.

They ended up with her bent over and him taking her from behind (but leaning over so they could still whisper to each other) and Mike fucked her as deep as he could while he told her he would leave her filled with his cum. Some other girls came in chatting and Sue seemed to try to hold back, but Mike is very good with his fingers and rubbed her until she came and then slammed into her until he came. He whispered to her that she had just come while surrounded by her friends and asked how it felt – she admitted it felt exciting, but also very scary. This was the only time they had sex while I wasn’t around and I didn’t like the idea of them doing it that much so we have come to an agreement that we will only do things when we are all there (the same goes for me with anyone else – excluding Jen of course!)

It was getting very close to leaving time so we quickly got dressed (I had dried my hair while they were in the shower). Mike asked Sue to get her school uniform cleaned for her next visit and she said that she would have to come up with a new surprise for him. I left the working egg with Sue and told her to make sure she used it properly (in public) and she promised that she would try. She wore her new flippy skirt to accompany us to the station which meant she got a goodbye pussy rub. Bit of Mike’s cum had run out of her pussy, but she didn’t seem to mind as much that time.

We were desperate to talk about everything on the train on the way back (and needed to make the notes so I could write this) but had to be quiet as it was pretty crowded. Even so, we managed to go over most of the weekend and as soon as enough people got off, I got Mike to finger me. I spread my legs, put one foot up on the seat and we kissed while his fingers worked in my cunt and on my clit. I ended up with a large wet patch on my skirt by the time he finished but I really didn’t care.

Oh – and in case you’re wondering what I traded for letting Mike have fun with Sue – it was 10 orgasms for every time he fucked her. He ended up saying that he had such a good time that he offered 100 orgasms (which we’re working our way through), some new sex toys and the nice weekend away with Jen (which is this weekend coming).

Our phone conversations with Sue have changed once again and Mike is trying our remote training – encouraging her to (safely) try things out in public. He’s hoping to get her to masturbate in a lecture at some point this term but I don’t know if he’ll get quite that far! Apparently Rob has been a lot nicer to her than he used to be but he hasn’t said anything to her about what happened (I wonder if he knows I told her?)


  1. what a deliciously sexy wonderful weekend you had... And a perfectly hot retelling. I think I will read again as I am ready for round two. Thanks.

  2. Again, fucking hot!
    Andi, tell us more about how Mike got you to finger her.

  3. Well I finally got to finish the story. I dont know how you all can cum and fuck so much, it seems like your bits would be worn out and too sensitive for any kind of fun so bravo to you! I really enjoy the stories you write and I know you will continue with them. The fact Sue doesnt know about this blog is exciting to me too. Makes me wonder if you will ever show her. Anyway, as I said before I wish there were more pictures.

  4. Well we have considered showing it to her - given the thing I was worried about her finding out was that we had known she was watching us and that we had used her vibe without her knowing, I somehow think we're a bit past that now!

    I'm still not completely sure I want her to know all the things I've got up to - she might well disapprove of some of the dirtier things.