Monday, 9 November 2009

Yet more fun with sis

As promised, the weekend did indeed give some very interesting things to write about (and almost gave rise to something very unexpected, but I'll get to that in time).

I had originally planned on visiting Jen this weekend (we're missing each other quite a bit and while it'd still wonderful to talk to her over the phone or via Skype - it can't quite replace the amazing feeling and taste of her soft pussy lips in my mouth). Mmm, getting wet now just thinking about her - can't get *too* wet though as I'm writing this at my desk over lunch. I slipped my remote control egg in myself just before lunch and have it on a low setting and I can feel it pulsing away inside me as I write. I don't know how far I'll get with this today, but I'm hoping to make it to the bit where I need to turn the egg up to high :)

Anyway, I had planned on visiting Jen before we got the invite to this party that I mentioned before (the sex party). We've been trying to get an invite since we overheard people talking about it in one of the bars on campus (it really is worth listening in on other people's conversations sometimes - people assume that others can't hear or aren't paying attention, but some words just tend to get my attention!). We were really excited about it and I've been fantasising about taking part in a mass orgy for months now (we don't know exactly what happens at the parties, but I like fantasising!) At least, we assumed that we would get the chance to see other people fucking/sucking/eating/fingering/wanking and would be able to do the same in view of them.

A number of people online have warned us about attending such a party unless we were really ready for it (you may have seen some of these conversations in the comments). What it boiled down to was that in the end, we decided to spend a little more time thinking about exactly how far we wanted to go with things (what we would really be prepared to do in front of others, whether we would want other people to be involved / join in, whether we would want to do things with other people...). As I've said before - while my writings on here are about my sex life with Mike (and now Jen), our realtionships are much more than just being about cumming. I love him dearly and want to spend the rest of my life with him (and I'm pretty sure he feels the same way too). Of course I love Jen dearly too and don't want to lose her so I'm not sure how that will work out unless we end up living in an episode of 'Three's company' :)

So - we decided not to attend this party and I was going to visit Jen again when we thought that it might be a good idea to try some further experimemtation in preparation for the next party (which I'm hoping we'll be able to wrangle another invite for). Jen was a bit upset, but Mike made a deal with her to pay for a weekend away (just Jen and I) and she agreed to forgoe the weekend with me. We've been talking with Sue a lot more recently (I can't imagine why, it's almost as if our relationship has changed in some way!) and Mike asked her at the end of last week if she was available for us to visit her.

She seemed quite keen on the idea and so we set off to visit her on Friday afternoon. The train was too busy to do anything of much interest (only a little fingering with Mike's hand hidden by my coat being on my lap) and we got to her at about 10.30. Sue's staying in new halls this year (well, new to us anyway) so we had to meet her at one of the places we did know and get her to take us to her room. We dumped our bags and were heading out when Sue noticed that Mike was looking at the single bed.

"Don't worry, I've got some duvets for the floor to make up a big bed" she said.

"Oh, okay - we'll take the floor and you can have the bed" replied Mike.

Sue's expression was really funny - it was obvious what she was thinking (and I'm suprised she didn't just say it). Mike didn't leave her for long before he gave her a hug and said "Don't worry, of course you're joining us - I'm not going to miss the chance to spend the night with my imouto". (Back to the anime references). While we were on the way down the stairs, he turned around and said "Better check if you're wearing panties". He slid his hand up her dress and 'checked', spending a bit more time than was really required. He decided that she was and slid his other hand up her dress to pull them off. Sue didn't try to stop him , just leant back against the railing and pushed her hips forwards and I saw a black g-string slide down her legs (and I thought she would have learned how to seduce him by now - he much prefres white panties and hates g-strings).

He played with her for a little while longer until we heard a door open at the bottom of the stairwell and Sue quickly picked up her panties and stuffed then into her bag. It was already quite late by this point (and by late I mean about 11 - but I guess I'm getting old). In a way I was quite glad as I didn't want to have too much to drink - and I really didn't want Sue to have too much to drink so that if anything happened I would know she was making a reasoned decision).

We met up with her friends and chatted for a bit - some of them we had met before but I didn't really remember them (well, I remembered the cute ones). We arranged to go out with them properly the following night and headed home not long after midnight. Sue would normally have stayed out with them much later and gone on dancing, but as I've said before - my lil sis seems to be almost as horny as I am and I think she wanted to get back to her room to get things started.

Walking back up the stairs, Sue and I were in front and I felt Mike slide his hand up my skirt and onto my pussy - I looked over and saw that he had done the same to Sue. We stopped walking and I felt his fingers rubbing around my pussy and clit and I assumed he was doing exactly the same to her. We let him continue to do this for a while (like we were about to stop it!) and then carried on upstairs. On her corridor, we saw one of her neighbours and when we did, Sue put an arm around Mike - it became clear later on why.

I was really looking forwards to having access to University halls again (both Sue and Jen are living in this year) and I had already started thinking of the fun we could have (mmm, late night kitchen fucks). I brought my mind back to the present as we had a task to perform. Once inside her room, Sue quickly shed her coat and we followed suit. She pulled some duvets out from her wardrobe and spread them out on the floor - I didn't imagine that it was going to be as comfortable as a bed, but at least it was bigger than her single.

While she was kneeling down spreading out the last duvet, Mike knelt down behind her and started running his hands over her ass (through her dress). She seemed to like this and pressed it back against him and so he sat up a bit to press his cock (still in his jeans) against her. I quickly got undressed while watching them play and then told Mike it was time to get Sue naked. They both stood up and Mike kissed her while running his hands over (and under) her dress. I reached around and unbuttoned her dress to allow Mike to push it off her and it slid down her body.

I could see Mike's hands rubbing her ass and dipping between her legs and ended up taking one of them and guiding it to my pussy. I obviously had to stand right behind Sue so he could reach and so I thougt I may as well undo her bra while I was there. As I undid it, I remember thinking how strange this would have seemed just a little while ago and yet now the thought of helping to undress my sister didn't seem odd at all (I guess when you've seen someone cum a few times, simple nudity isn't such a big deal).

Once Sue was naked, I decided it was my turn for some attention and pulled Mike round to me. I told Sue to undress him and he played with me while she did this. He was soon mostly naked (apart from his jeans around his ankles) and I could feel his cock pressing against me. Sue's hand worked its way between our bodies and I felt her stroking him and then pushing his cock down so it could slide between my legs.

I felt incredibly wet and his cock easily slipped along my cunt lips (still being helped by Sue's hand which I could sometimes feel a little on my skin). I decided that I really couldn't take any more waiting (remember that he'd been playing with me on the train and so I had been horny for quite a while). I reached down and pushed the head of his cock into me and moved against him so he was inside me properly. It felt wonderful - Sue was no longer touching his cock, but she was still standing behind so I could easily see her watching what we were doing.

I thought we should put on a nice show for her again so I moved over towards the bed and sat down on it (Mike popped out of me on the way over - I think it's only in films that you can only move across a room while fucking!). I pulled a pillow down and lay across the bed with my legs spread and Mike slid back into me. Sue had moved over beside us and was watching his cock working on my cunt (and I was watching her fingers rubbing herself).

We (Mike and I) had spent quite a while discussing what we were going to do but I really didn't care too much at this point - I wanted to cum really badly and pulled my legs up so he could get deep into me. I told him to fuck me and to let Sue see him cum in me and so he started asking her if she wanted to watch him fill my cunt with his cum (she did). He asked her if she wanted to feel his cum on her body (she did) and if she would let me stand over her so his cum could drip out of me onto her (she did - which I was a bit suprised about as we hadn't planned that, but he was intending on really enjoying the night).

A few times he reached over and rubbed her pussy or slid a finger or two into her and either sucked his fingers after or rubbed them on my nipples. I'm not sure why, but I really felt on fire that time and he could have probably got away with doing anything to me (so it's probably as well he didn't know that or I know he would have been trying to get Sue to sit on my face - which also wasn't in the plan!)

I came reasonably quickly and even though I was a bit tender, I got him to keep fucking me until he came in me. He lay on top of me and we kissed and then he streached over and started licking Sue (she lay down quickly enough when she realised what he was going to do). He alternated between kissing her cunt and kissing me and having tasted her juices before I didn't really mind (plus I knew how much of a turn on for him it was and I wanted him back in the game as quickly as possible!)

He didn't really go soft, but after a few mintes, I felt his cock getting harder again and knew that it was finally time. He told Sue to lie on the floor (on the duvets) and pulled out of me. I covered my pussy with my hand to keep his cum in me while he moved over to Sue and offered his cock to her mouth. She had no problem with it just having beein inside me and licked it clean while Mike played with her pussy. Once he was clean, he got me to throw him the pillows from the bed and shoved them under Sue's ass before moving down between her legs and starting to lick her.

He indicated to me to come and join us and I had an idea of what he wanted me to do. I stood over Sue and spread my cunt lips, allowing his cum to drip out onto her body. Some ran down my legs, but a fairly large blob fell onto her breasts and he told me to go higher. I slowly moved backwards until it was dripping onto her face. She was clearly enjoying what Mike was doing to her pussy, but kept her mouth closed until Mike told her that if she tasted his cum out of me, he would give her a nice present.

She said "Okay" and opened her mouth, so I knelt down a little lower to aim better. I didn't get much in her mouth, but she did wipe the bits off her face and eat them so I think she put a good effort on. When I moved away to sit down beside them, she asked what her present was going to be given he had already promised to buy her a nice flippy skirt (which I'd forgotten about).

Mike just replied by eating her really quickly and it was clear that Sue was getting quite close and Mike pulled his face away from her cunt and kissed his way up her body. Sue wasn't used to being teased and begged him to make her cum, but he told her she would have to wait. She tried rubbign against him, but he hadn't moved up far enough for his cock to be rubbing against her. He started kissing her nipples (which we know she loves), but this just made things worse.


End of lunch - I didn't really get as far as I'd hoped, but there are too many people around now to leave this document up. I'm incredibly horny so will have to decide whether I should try to quietly cum with just the egg in me or go somewhere else and use fingers...


  1. This was extra HOT! Thanks for sharing ;)

  2. Yet another sexy story... I don't even mind that you're leaving me hanging.

  3. Be careful, Andi, you don't want you sister falling in love with your boyfriend !

  4. I think she's been in love with him for ages (as I said before, he's played the part of older brother since she was about 15 and since then she's fancied him).

  5. Wow, you're so brave. I have to tell you, I started reading your blog because I was kind of in the same position- had a boyfriend but always wanted to try things with girls. So it's crazy that all these things are actually happening to you !

  6. The best advice I can give is to give whatever you want to try a go (try to not get arrested doing it though!) I've ended up doing far more than I ever thought I would dare to do (or get the chance to do). I guess we got here by just taking things a little at a time and getting bolder with what we try.

  7. I think im going to really really enjoy this story. I cant wait to finish it. I really wish there were some pics in your blog to help with the imagination process.

  8. It was an incredible weekend (as was my last one) - no more pics though (for now at least) as I do have to worry about getting jobs soon.