Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Christmas at Home - Part 1

We had a wonderful Christmas at home – lots of wedding planning and too much to drink. Mum had another long chat with Mike about my relationship with Jen and what he wanted to happen in the future. She does seem rather confused about how I can want to marry him and also be in love with Jen. I get why she doesn’t understand but I just hope that she will accept it in time. Mike reassured her (once again) that he doesn’t have any problem with her and me.

So things were a bit strained at first, but the excitement of the engagement won through and by Christmas Eve, the planning was in full swing (which is quite impressive given we didn’t *actually* plan anything – at least not properly, but we have many ideas underway). I didn’t actually eat much over Christmas – partly as I now know I need to fit into a wedding dress and partly because I’m not having Sue weigh so much less than I do!

Anyway – I said that I wasn’t going to talk about wedding plans in this blog so I’ll get back to the things that you probably want to hear about more... As I posted earlier, it was a quiet Christmas as we thought we should be (relatively) good so Mike and I had my room, Sue was in her room and Jen slept in the room on the other side of the house by Mum’s room. I had almost forgotten how much larger my bed is than a double (I don’t know if it is Queen or King size, but it’s big enough that you could sleep in it with another person and not actually know it). We didn’t sleep in it in quite that way – I was fairly aware that Mike was there! On the first night we left the door slightly ajar so that Sue could watch us if she so desired. Even though that is fairly tame compared to what we’ve done already, there was a delicious feeling knowing that we were being ‘surreptitiously’ watched.

Mike had told her that if she wanted to watch, she had to make herself cum and she reported back to us the following day that she had stood in the hallway and fingered herself while we fucked. We tried to put on a good show for her while pretending that we didn’t know she was watching which apparently helped her along. Jen wishes that we had told her about this so she could have snuck to the bottom of the stairs and spy on her but I said it would probably be best for them to not push the thing with Sue for a while (plus I was having enough fun anyway J

We did (of course) have to do things in Sue’s room and thought that this time she should get to join us and so had a fun few hours one afternoon when Mum had gone out. Mike asked Sue to wear her little anime outfit again and I didn’t mind as it is rather cute. We started off fully clothed and after a bit of kissing and fondling, Mike and I slowly undressed (between more kissing and fondling). Of course, Sue ended up being fondled a bit more to make up for the fact that she had to remain dressed (or it would have spoiled the point of her wearing her costume).

I ended up lying on the bed with Sue kneeling over my stomach and Mike behind her, grinding his cock against the back of her panties while rubbing her pussy through them with a hand. He was pawing at her breasts with the other hand and Sue really seemed to be getting into it and reached round to grab his cock and pull it against her ass harder. He became a lot more forceful with her and reached down to her panties and tore them apart (from the anime I’ve seen, I think the idea was to tear them off completely but that doesn’t seem to be as easy in real life so she was left with the panties on, but they weren’t really covering anything).

Mike plunged his fingers into her pussy and then got her to lick them clean. He asked her if she wanted him to fuck her little cunt and she asked him to (she’s getting better at dirty talk). I watched him slide into her from behind and he started pumping into her while he rubbed her clit. I don’t know exactly what he was doing that was different, but she really seemed to love it and kept up the dirty talk pretty much the whole time they were fucking. He told her he was going to cum in her and that when they had finished, he wanted her to let his cum drip all over her nee-chan (which I’m told means big-sister) and she agreed.

I was certainly being affected by the show and ended up sliding a hand down to my pussy and started to play with myself. Sue started to cum and Mike slowed down his movements in her stopped playing with her clit. She begged him to fuck her but he waited until her mini-orgasm had faded before he started up again. She seemed to be a lot more sensitive now (and a lot more vocal – which I’m sure Jen appreciated as she was in my room listening in). There is really nothing sexier than a girl just about to cum and I really couldn’t wait any longer so fished around under the bed and pulled out Sue’s vibe. I worked it into myself, turned it on and did everything I could to catch up with them. Sue was too far ahead of me though and came (properly this time) with a squeal. Mike kept her sitting almost upright, riding up and down the length of his cock and I could see him sliding between her lips perfectly.

She finished cumming a bit before he came but he pushed her down to meet his thrusts and let out a series of moans. He stayed buried in her for a little while before sliding out of her and telling her to crawl up my body. I guess it was because they fucked with her upright, but his cum started to drip out straight away and hit my stomach, breasts and face as she moved up. I know Mike would have loved for me to pull her pussy to my mouth and eat her but I don’t think we’re quite ready for that yet!

I had eased off a bi with the vibe while watching them cum so that I could have a stronger orgasm, but didn’t want to wait any more for it. I asked Mike to eat me and he pulled my legs apart and started licking away. Sue was lying beside be and Mike took her vibe and slid it into her – she jumped a bit at first but it wasn’t turned on so it wasn’t too much stimulation for her and let him keep doing it. It took hardly any time before I was ready to cum and pulled his head tighter against my pussy and rubbed back against his face. Mike responded by licking faster until I came and as soon as I had finished, he crawled up my body and slid into me.

Sue had taken over with the vibe and was using it on herself (still turned off). She was still lying beside me and Mike leaned over and kissed her. His face was covered with my juices, but I don’t think that she noticed (or didn’t care) as they kissed for a fair time while he started to move inside me. Once he got going properly though, he left Sue alone and concentrated on me. Our session was much gentler (partly because Sue was lying beside us on the bed so we didn’t have room to do anything too wild). Even though we were kissing so I couldn’t see anything, I know Mike fingered Sue for a part of the time (or was at least rubbing her pussy). Given Sue had already cum we didn’t put on too much of a show for her – just enjoyed ourselves and screwed until we had both cum (me first as usual).

This had all somehow taken quite a while so we thought we should get cleaned up before Mum got back and I wandered into the bathroom to clean up. While I was gone, Mike got Sue to suck his cock clean and then managed to convince her to visit Jen in my room and show off her outfit – she didn’t lift her skirt, but Jen could see that Sue’s panties were in tatters and her thighs were covered in Mike’s cum (and she was fingering herself when I went to visit her while Sue was getting changed and cleaned up).

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Heading back to York

We're heading back to York later today - I've probably only got one post about Christmas at home and will try to get it out soon.

I hope you all had a good holiday.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Heading home

We're heading home today so will be having a few days of wholesome family fun (not the kind of family fun that Mike Sue and I have been having - more like Monopoly and mince pies).

I hope everyone has a good Christmas and I'll see you all soon.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Teasing Mike

I think that we might have pushed things a little too far with Sue the other day. I’m certain (‘cos she told me) that she enjoyed most of it – and with a bit of blushing we even got her to admit that she enjoyed having the dildo used on her DP style. She wasn’t so happy about me taking it into Jen for her to enjoy afterwards though.

I was aware that she was only playing along with Mike’s fantasy about her and Jen doing things to keep him happy, but I had thought that she was getting into it at least a little bit by the end (clearly I was wrong). As such, Mike and Jen have decided to back off (for a while at least). This doesn’t mean that they’re giving up, but I think *if* they manage to convince her to try things, it will take a lot longer.

She had told us how she felt when we woke up the following morning and after apologising to her, Mike went down on her to make up for it (which seemed to work for Sue). We all went into town for a few hours and it was nice but very cold (so there were no ‘games’).

I've had a few people mail to ask me why I could try to force Sue to do things with Jen - I want to make it very clear that I don't want to (and won't let them) force her to do anything. If she decided that she wants to give anything a try then I'm happy to let that happen, but I will look after my lil sis. I just don't see why she should be denied some of the pleasures that I've discovered over the past year (and I know it would make Jen very happy to have two sisters at once - she feels that if Mike gets to experience it then so should she!) I still don't think that Sue will go for it at all though - it took many years of association before the idea really started to appeal to me.

Jen decided to give Mike a treat last night (either that or she is torturing him, it's hard to decide which!). She gave him a viewing of the outfit she wore for me in Dunblane (the white lacy panties and bra that looked so cute). She had made a deal with Sue to see how much they could tease Mike and so Sue joined in (on the condition that she wasn’t going to be getting naked). Given that they were both in their underwear, I thought that I should join them. I don't have anything as fancy as Jen's outfit, so I just went with a plain white set. It was somewhat surreal - even though I'm quite used to being naked around them and around the house, having the three of us semi-clothed was something new.

Mike had to remain dressed (as per the terms of the Jen treaty!) but he did end up in his dressing gown to make having an erection for the whole evening a bit more comfortable! Sue seemed to enjoy playing the game and brushed up against him a fair number of times (as did I). Jen even seemed to get into the teasing quite a bit as I saw her press her ass up against him. By the end of things I think he was suffering a bit and was holding us against him and pressing back against us. Given it's usually him who is teasing me (or Sue) then I think it serves him right though so I don't really feel sorry for him (especially as it was fun).

Even Jen let him put his arms around her and pull her ass against his cock. I actually thought he was about to fondle her breasts (or bra) but she tells me that she reminded him that he could look but not touch and he behaved himself (although he did hold her against him a bit longer - but she didn't seem to mind this too much).

From what she's told me, Jen actually used to be fairly shy - especially around boys. She knew from a reasonably young age that she was interested in girls but didn't want anyone to know this and so never pursued any relationships with them. She was propositioned a number of times by boys and didn't know how to handle the situation so sort of retreated into herself. Since coming out, she certainly seems to be a lot more confident (if she was ever as shy as she claims to be - which given how forward she was on the night I met her I'm not *entirely* sure I believe!)

Anyway - the whole point of that aside was that she now seems to enjoy male attention (up to a point). I also think that having me tell her how beautiful and wonderful she is over the past year she now realises a bit more just how much power she can have over men (or bi/gay girls) and she enjoys using that power from time to time - especially to tease Mike :) I know he enjoys it though (which of course means that Jen knows that too).

The only problem with both Mike and Jen reading this blog is that I can't share any secrets with you all without them finding out - so I'm limited to secrets relating to Sue (although I'm still not allowed to know what they have planned for her in future). Something I can tell you though, is that we've planned a New Year's party here in York and in order to commemorate my anniversary (with Jen) it's school uniform themed. Jen and Sue brought theirs with them and I of course have mine as always. I'm really looking forwards to seeing my friends in their uniforms and it should give Jen and I a few fantasy sessions afterwards (I know she thinks Holly is really cute and Anna is even coming back for the night).

I'm probably not going to be able to get many entries written over Christmas (and it is somewhat difficult now with Sue around) so I'm not sure what the best way forwards is. I can either just keep my notes and write my usual long entries and take a while to catch up or just post briefly and keep relatively up to date. If you have any opinions on which would be best, let me know.

Mike decided that due to the teasing it was only fair that he got to have a go at me before I spent the night with Jen (any excuse to get his cum on her - even if it is second hand). Sue is now in the main bedroom and Mike is on the sofa (but that means he gets the fire to keep him warm and can watch anime on the TV so he's relatively happy).

Jen is now fingering me so that when she goes down on me she can taste me as well as Mike and it is getting very distracting so I think that will be all for this post - ooh, minty tingle gel as well now...

Monday, 21 December 2009

Anime Sue - Part 2

Mike put the blanket out on the sofa and Sue sat on it – holding her dress out of the way so it didn’t get stained. Jen and I sat on the rug by the fire and Mike quickly piled up the paper kindling and wood and got it lit. Jen moved a seat over and leant against it and told me to lie with my head in her lap. This meant I could stretch out in front of the fire so I was happy to oblige and we arranged ourselves in the most comfortable position. Mike returned to the sofa to sit beside Sue and we had another chat about random things. Jen very subtly started stroking around my neck and nipples and I didn’t realise what she was doing until I started to feel turned on. Now Jen has never made me cum in front of Mike before but I thought that she might be about to put on a show for him and Sue as part of their ‘plan’. Unfortunately I was only partly right. As time went on, she did continue to play with my nipples (and managed to get them surprisingly firm) and even reached down my body and stroked around my thighs a few times, but she didn’t do more than brush her fingers over my pussy.

Even so, I was getting very aroused and when I realised that she wasn’t going to help me, I thought I would help myself and slid a hand down to my pussy and started to rub myself. I had half expected Mike or Jen to tell me to stop (and I was planning of ignoring them unless they actually wrestled me and held me down) but Jen just continued to tease my nipples with one hand and gently stroke my neck with the other. While I was distracted, Sue said to Mike that she thought that Jen didn’t do things with me in front of him and he told her that this was new to him as well (technically she wasn’t really doing much to me – my fingers were what was going to make me cum). This was the first time that I would cum in front of them all at the same time and my exhibitionist side was spurring me on. I went from stroking myself, to sliding my fingers into my pussy and rubbing the juices over my clit, to fingering my clit while reaching under me with my other hand to finger my cunt. It was obvious that I was really enjoying what I was doing to myself so I thought I may as well do it properly and had a fairly loud orgasm. Looking up, I could see that I was having an effect on Jen as her nipples were clearly pointing out through her gown and her legs were squirming around underneath my head.

I looked over and saw that both Mike and Sue were watching me intently and I let Jen lick my fingers clean. Mike’s cock was making a little tent in his robe and I asked if he was ready for round two. He just nodded and he and Sue jumped up and scrambled upstairs. I kissed Jen and said I was sorry I had to leave her alone for the night, but she understood (and had had me to herself for the past 3 nights). As I stood up to leave, she (still sitting) pulled me to her and planted her face in my pussy. I was still a bit sensitive, but it felt nice and I let her lick away for a minute before saying that I really had to go up to join them. She spread her legs and asked if I wanted anything before I left and I pulled her up, pushed her onto the sofa and had a quick lick of her before running upstairs (leaving her to finish herself off which was a bit cruel, but hey...)

When I got up to the bedroom, Mike was sitting on the bed and Sue was knelt in front of him sucking him off. Her dress had been thrown onto the chair and she just had her bra on. Her ass was in the air and Jen would have loved the view – her pussy was peeking out from between her legs and was still soaked with cum. I considered giving her ass a good slap for starting without me, but didn’t really want her to bite Mike and have him out of action (but it did give me and idea for something to try later on). I climbed onto the bed and started kissing Mike who in turn started to finger me. Sue was noisily sucking away at him and we continued like this for a little while. Mike said he was going to cum again (I really think Sue is a better cocksucker than I am as I can’t get him to cum that quickly). He got Sue to sit up in front of him and he started to jack himself off. I reached over and put my hand over his and helped. He didn’t cum very much (which was hardly surprising given how much he seemed to cum in her earlier) – but there was one fairly good squirt which hit her chin and chest.

He then wanted to return the favour and got Sue to kneel up on the bed, her ass sticking out so she was completely exposed and started to run my rabbit over her pussy. She was still quite wet and he managed to get it inside her without any difficulty and guided the vibrating head to her clit. Sue really liked the way this felt (but wasn’t so keen when he turned on the rotating balls in the shaft so he returned it to just vibrate) and said he was going to make her cum again. He waited until she was really getting into it and then started licking around her ass and pressing his tongue against her asshole. She tensed up a little at first and slowly seemed to enjoy it a bit more. As usual, he talked while he made her cum, but this time it wasn’t about Jen – he kept asking her if she liked being fucked in the ass and she admitted that she had only done it a few times but didn’t mind it (I’m sure we’ve had this conversation with her before). As she got closer to cumming, he licked harder and faster and told her that he was going to slide his cock into her tight little ass later on. Sue was very close to cumming and he got her to ask him to fuck her ass and to fill it with his cum and he speared her with his tongue as her orgasm hit her.

Mike kept encouraging her to be louder and she was certainly getting there by the end. After she had finished cumming, he crawled up beside her and told her that Jen would have probably been fucking herself while listening to Sue cum. Sue told him that she didn’t care as it had felt wonderful. I really wanted some proper attention now but Mike said he needed a bit of a rest as his first orgasm had been quite strong and the second one had made him rather sensitive. I wasn’t in the mood to be put off though so said that he could eat me and I’d show Sue how to be properly loud enough to let Jen hear.

I moved to sit over his face and he told Sue to get an egg and the tingle gel out. I didn’t wait for her to do this though and planted my pussy on his mouth and slid back and forth in the same way Jen does with me. Mike didn’t seem to need any encouragement and suckled on my lips and clit (depending on which was closest to his tongue at the time). Sue handed him the gel and the wired egg (the most powerful one I have as it has batteries in a separate control unit) and he covered the egg with gel without looking (or stopping licking me). It was obvious where it was going so I lifted myself off his face and let him slide it into my pussy (and wipe his hands over the lips) and then sat back on his face. Mike reached out and got Sue’s hand (after a bit of random flailing – he couldn’t really see much with me on top of him) and he handed her the control unit. With his hands free, he could now spread my ass cheeks and push me away from him mouth slightly to allow him to talk so he told Sue to turn the egg on low.

She did this and I felt it start to buzz inside me and the buzz was slowly added to by the effect of the tingle gel. Mike had returned to licking me and I was loving all the different sensations going through my pussy. He pushed me away again and told her to turn it up before he started licking harder and I could certainly feel the combined difference. Mike knows me well enough to be able to tell how I was feeling and between licks he started talking dirty to me:

“You like that? Having your little cunt licked... feeling the egg deep inside you...”

I of course did like it and so he reminded me that I was meant to be showing Sue how to make noise (hey, I had been distracted). I told him that I really loved it and started to describe what I could feel:

“I can feel your tongue licking over my clit, my cunt lips being spread and the egg vibrating inside me. I can feel my pussy throbbing around it and tingling inside. I’m going to cum soon...”

He told Sue to turn it up to high and told me to keep going. He pulled me hard against his mouth and started to really lick me. I wanted Jen to be able to know how close I was getting so I started moaning and talking much louder, describing what his tongue was doing to me and how I wanted Sue to keep the egg going. The gel was working at full power now and my pussy felt like it was alternating between feeling hot and throbbing and almost cold and tingly. Mike teased me (just a little) and so I hovered close to cumming for just long enough to really make me want it and so I was shouting at him to eat me and make me cum. Fortunately he didn’t tease for very long and sucked my clit to take me over the edge. I continued to be vocal (but not as coherent – except maybe the odd swear!) and rode his mouth until I was too sensitive to take any more so pulled away.

I was still crouched over Mike, but with my ass raised to escape his mouth. I went to pull the egg out but Mike stopped me and asked Sue to remove it. I know he was hoping that she would gently fish it out of me and end up with her fingers in and on my pussy, but she just pulled the cord and the egg plopped out and whacked him on the chin. It seemed to hurt (him) a bit but Sue found it hilarious. She was still laughing by the time I had recovered and climbed off Mike and he decided that he wanted revenge on her. He wrestled her onto the bed, sat on top of her and tickled her while he told me to go get the new dildo. I ran in to Jen’s room and returned with it (Jen hadn’t been using it) and gave it to him.

Mike slid one end into her pussy and worked it into her as deep as it would go. Sue wasn’t really objecting to this so he pulled it out slightly, wrapped his hand around it and then started pumping it into her, getting harder and faster until his hand (the one wrapped around the dildo) was slapping against her cunt. Now I’ve been fucked like this before (both by Mike and Jen) and as long as the dildo isn’t pushed too deep, it can feel wonderful. Sue certainly seemed to be enjoying it and Mike kept pumping it into her until she was very flushed and I guessed quite close. He stopped moving the dildo and Sue tried to thrust her hips against it but he didn’t give her anything to push against and so she just ended up asking him to keep going.

He pulled the dildo out, added some gel to both ends and slid it back into her. She tried to push against it again, but he bent it round and pressed the other end up against her ass. I was very curious to see if she would let him continue, but Mike is a master of getting people (well, me) turned on enough that they (or rather, I) let him get away with almost anything. He was still moving the other end in her pussy (not hard, but enough to keep her interested) and she didn’t stop him as he pushed it into her ass. He didn’t put it too deep, maybe an inch or two but it seemed to help Sue along. He held it in her ass with one hand and went back to pumping the other end into her pussy until she came – it looked like a rather strong orgasm and she was left looking exhausted. Mike pulled the dildo out of her and told me to return it to Jen which I did (remembering which end was which).

I didn’t stay to watch, but I know that she tasted Sue from it (and Mike took great pleasure in telling Sue this). Sue may have been tired, but Mike was now in the mood to do more so we ended up spooning while Sue dozed off and we fell asleep with Mike in me (at least while he was still hard).

Anime Sue

I appear to have been bettered by my little sister (and she will pay for it!) But that is getting ahead of myself – on with the posting...

Sue arrived on Sunday to spend a few days here before we all go to mum’s place for Christmas. Despite being cold and wet by the time we got home, she was clearly glad to be here. We had all met her at the station and she gave us all a hug and kiss hello (Mike got a longer kiss than Jen or I did). When we got home, we sat and chatted over a drink. Mike was beside her and she nuzzled up to him for warmth (plus he was stroking her legs). Jen watched with interest and even though Sue was wearing jeans so Jen couldn’t see anything, she says she loved it when he ran his hand over her crotch.

Mike asked her if she had anything ‘more comfortable’ to change into and she went upstairs and returned in a dress that apparently is modelled after something that is worn in an anime they both watch. It had a white top with blue edging and a light blue skirt and she had long blue socks on with it. Mike was very impressed with it and I’ll admit that it was incredibly cute. She promised him that she had something even better, but that he would have to wait until alter to find out what it was. She gave us a twirl in it and Mike got up to have a closer look. He stood behind her and ran his hands up from her waist over her breasts and I could see that she was pressing her ass back against his crotch. He ran a hand down her side and onto the front of the skirt, pressing it in against her pussy. Sue gasped when he did this and glanced over at Jen. Mike noticed this and told her that it didn’t matter, given I had seen her naked (and a lot more) as well as the fact that Jen already knew about everything we had done and talked about. Sue went bright red at this and I didn’t realise the significance (so I won’t tell you yet).

He kept rubbing her pussy through the dress, just with a single finger and slowly pulled up the material until her panties were visible. She had white panties with a strawberry pattern on them (again – this is apparently a part of the outfit worn in the anime). Mike continued to talk quietly to Sue – telling her that Jen would love to see her little panties as well as what was inside them. I was curious as to how far he was going to take things but he stopped just when I thought he was going to slide his hand into her panties. Sue looked aroused enough that I think she might even have let him, but Mike says that Sue and he have a plan... (which I’m still not privy to).

The reason I was so surprised that he didn’t go further is that he had decided that he would refrain from cumming while I spent the few days with Jen. Now this may have only been 3 days, but we would usually have had sex quite a few times in that period and between listening to us and Jen’s teasing, he must have been close to bursting.

She seemed to realise the power that the outfit had over him and kept teasing him while we talked – I could see that Jen was appreciating the view and my mind was wandering to the possibilities of us having a foursome (or at the very least watching Jen and Sue together). Before too long had passed, we decided that we would go upstairs and resolve Mike’s ‘problem’ (which he explained to Sue by telling her that he had been saving his cum for her for the past 3 days).

We all went up – Mike, Sue and I into our room and Jen into her room. Both doors were left open and Mike explained to Sue that he wanted Jen to be able to hear her cum. Sue looked a bit embarrassed but he explained again that Jen knew everything (stressing the ‘everything’). She got as far as asking if that meant... and he just nodded. She went bright red again and I had to ask what they were talking about. I knew that Mike had been ‘training’ Sue over the phone (in the same way he did with me) by talking about girls when she was aroused or cumming. I didn’t know how far he had got with this as I often left them to chat together. The times I hadn’t been there, he had specifically been telling Sue how much he would enjoy seeing Jen and she together and he had got her to play along with a number of the scenarios. At first she was a little reticent, but had been going with it a bit more willingly the past few times. She insists that she is only doing it to make Mike happy – but then again that’s how things started with me so I’m intrigued to see where it will end up. Sue was so embarrassed as she hadn’t known that Mike had been telling Jen what they had talked about.

Now I would have thought that she might have been a bit angry with him (or at least a little bit annoyed), but I guess she really loves her onii-chan and so he got away with it. She did expect him to make up for it in other ways though and pulled him over to the bed. Mike got partly undressed and started to remove my clothes. I remember thinking again that it seemed really odd that this didn’t seem odd any more – it was only last summer on holiday that Sue and I were hiding under the covers in bed and masturbating when we thought the other one was asleep and now we were doing pretty much everything openly.

Mike switched between playing with Sue and undressing me until I was naked – I thought it was a bit odd that he hadn’t done anything to get her naked but he said he loved the outfit so much that he wanted her to keep it on. He removed the rest of his clothes and we climbed onto the bed – I knew he was doing to do things with Sue and I was pretty much there just to watch but he had held out for 3 days and let Jen have me so I thought he deserved it. I didn’t intend to be completely left out though and retrieved some toys from the bedside drawer to keep myself amused while I watched.

Mike was on his back and Sue was on top of him – she was rocking back and forth rubbing her panties against his cock and he looked like he was really enjoying it. She kept calling him onii-chan and he referred to her as Hiruku (no idea how to spell that) – the character she was apparently dressed as. Sue seems to have lost a fair amount of weight over the past few months – she’s nowhere near as slim as Jen, but she does look quite hot now and as I’ve said before, the outfit did look very cute. The disadvantage of her keeping the outfit on was that I couldn’t really see anything but Mike soon pulled her up so she was sitting over his face and he could eat her. Sue said he had pulled her panties aside and that he was very gently licking around her lips. I had my chance to do something now and bent over to give his cock a quick suck. He jumped when I did this and Sue said he started licking her faster. I decided that I would get involved properly – even if only for a minute and ended up mounting him. I told them that I would only be brief and that he could cum in Sue first and held my egg against my clit.

Mike got Sue to turn around (so she was facing me) and asked her to lift the front of her dress to expose her panties before he resumed eating her. The strawberry panties didn’t look quite as innocent pulled to the side and with his tongue lapping away at her cunt. I was beginning to enjoy myself a bit too much and started moving up and down until Mike pointed out that he only had so much self control. I reluctantly climbed off him and allowed Sue to scramble down from his face to his cock. While she was still kneeling over him (sort of in a 69 position) he reached up and pulled her panties down – it wasn’t the most elegant of manoeuvres, but with a bit of contortion, they managed to remove them completely while she stayed over him. He pulled her pussy to his face and had a quick (but rather intense eat) – he always was a sucker for a nicely shaved pussy!

I told Sue that he wanted her to be close to cumming (which turned out to be right – we haven’t been together for 5 years for nothing!) and she didn’t seem to mind the tongue lashing she was getting. When she started moaning a bit, he released her and she asked him to take her from behind.

She lay on her front and Mike slid the back of her dress up slightly before lying on top of her and nestled his cock against her cunt. I had put more attention into watching than playing with myself and so returned the egg to my clit and rubbed the rabbit against myself to get it wet. I watched Mike’s cock slide into Sue’s pussy and slid the rabbit into myself. I tried to move it in time with their movements and imagined that he was somehow fucking us both at the same time.

I was interrupted from my fantasy when he started talking to Sue and telling her that Jen had cum while fantasising about her. He told her how he would relate their (his and Sue’s) conversations to Jen and Jen would use them to help picture Sue eating her or her eating Sue. He asked her to imagine it now and that she could be quiet so that Jen couldn’t hear but Sue said that I would still hear her. Mike pointed out that I’ve eaten Jen many times so it wasn’t as if it would appear like a strange fantasy to me and with a bit of encouragement, Sue slowly (and quietly) started to play along.

She said that she would like to let Mike fuck her and then let Jen eat his cum out of her and that she could imagine Jen’s fingers and tongue on her nipples, on her clit and inside her. I didn’t know how much Sue was enjoying the fantasy, but knowing what those things felt like, I was certainly enjoying hearing it described! I thought I would give Mike a hand (and this was part of the payback for Sue finding an outfit that Mike liked even more than my schoolgirl outfit) so I told her just how good it felt when Jen did those things – how wonderful her touch was and how deep inside me she could get with her tongue (I came while talking about this and got bit carried away and said slightly more than I had intended to).

Sue was getting quite close to cumming from the sounds she was making and Mike asked me to describe what Jen tasted like. I did my best (it’s not an easy taste to describe) and described just how easy it was to get Jen wet (and when she was wet, just how wet she could get). Mike asked Sue to imagine the taste of Jen’s pussy – her juices in her mouth and covering her face as Sue licked her. To her credit, Sue played along with this part as well, but this was still the same method that had worked on me – Mike saved the more extreme parts of the fantasy for when I was closer to cumming.

He said that he was getting very close and wanted Sue to cum. She moved a hand down to her clit and started to stroke it and was panting within hardly any time. I knew what would happen next and I listened as Mike told her to imagine it was Jen’s fingers on her and then Jen eating her as she came.

She did actually say Jen’s name a few times as she came and Mike could finally let go. He wasn’t as close as I thought he would have been and pumped into her hard and fast. Sue had actually finished cumming when he finally let out a moan and pressed deep into her. He wasn’t really moving anymore, but with each moan he pressed into her hard and told her how much he was cumming in her. His orgasm seemed to be a good number of squirts and he finally just lay on top of her recovering.

He asked if she wanted to go and let Jen clean her pussy up and I almost expected her to say yes as she had been playing along so well, but she declined the offer and said she would rather have him. I told her that she didn’t know what she was missing, but at least now knew that she had just been playing along (to be fair, it took quite a while for him to get my interest in girls going and I assume that there must have been *something* there for him to work with.

Mike said that we should go back downstairs and resume later when he had recovered. Sue rolled off him and Mike and I pulled on our dressing gowns. I went to retrieve Jen from her room and was greeted with the beautiful sight of her naked on the bed in post-orgasmic bliss and told her we were going back downstairs. She put her thin gown back on and got me to remove my gown before we went down. I said it was a bit chilly, but she just said that the two of us could lie in front of the fire (once Mike had lit it). I liked this idea and we called in to the other room on the way past. Sue was still lying on the bed – her outfit now somewhat creased and her hair rather messy. Mike helped her stand up and she made halfway down the stairs when she grabbed her pussy as his cum had started to run out of her. He told her it was okay and with a bit of coaxing, she continued down. He must have cum a huge amount in her as by the time we had got to the bottom of the stairs, it had run down her thighs and socks.

Sue seemed somewhat embarrassed by this (I have no idea why she is still shy about such things) and Mike said to her again that if she wanted Jen could lick her clean. Sue went red again and Jen said nothing (but she did flash her wicked little grin).


More later - I keep being interrupted by Sue so I'll have to get Mike to distract her and write the second part...

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Filler post

Jen and I experimented with our new dildo last night and it worked out as well as I had hoped it would. We can now either use our old one that we can swallow completely between our pussies so we can sub together or the new one that allows us to lie on top of each other and kiss. It's a little tricky as we one of us has to reach around and hold it in or move it, but it's worth it to be able to see (and of course kiss) Jen's face as we do things.

Sue has arrived so that's why I'm not writing up last night as a proper entry, but given how the first part of the evenign went, I get the feeling that we're going to have plenty to write about over the next few days (more about that later)...

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Jen finally conviced

Jen arrived last night (edit: actually on Thursday night – it just took longer to write this than I thought it would) and once again, things didn’t go quite as I had expected. She turned up in the late afternoon and I left work a little early to meet her. Things didn’t seem quite the same at first, but we sat and talked (and cried) for a little while and I thought that by the end she knew that I still want her just as much as I ever have (both sexually and as a girlfriend). We decided we would hold off doing anything until we went to bed that night as Mike was going to be home fairly soon anyway (not that that would have really stopped us, it’s not as if he hasn’t heard us making each other cum many times already).

Just because we weren’t going to have sex, it didn’t mean that we weren’t going to touch each other at all and ended up kissing and fondling in front of the fire (Jen likes the idea of making love in front of an open fire, so we’re going to be doing that a lot more through winter). We got a little carried away and by the time Mike arrived, Jen was fingering me (just a little) and I was playing with her breasts under her top.

He came in and said we could continue if we wanted while he got dinner ready but we thought it would be rude to not go and talk to him while he worked. It was fairly easy for me to straighten myself up, but I had done something strange to Jen’s bra and she ended up taking it off (without removing her top, which I thought was quite impressive). She gave him a hug and congratulated him on getting me to marry him but got him to promise that I wasn’t going to take me away from her.

Mike assured her that he had no intention of doing that but that he would of course expect to be allowed to join in with our games in future (so no change in his approach there!). She would usually have made some sarcastic comment but didn’t say anything in return this time (I didn’t pick up on that at the time though). We ate dinner together and discussed random things of no importance. Jen seemed to still be slightly subdued but livened up a bit when Mike and she started to discuss some of the ideas that people have sent in relating to what they could do with (or to) Sue.

Mike was aware of how Jen had reacted to the news (obviously, given I posted about it on here!) and he and I had agreed that Jen would have a lot more of my time for a few days so when we finished dinner and moved back to the seats, I snuggled up with Jen on the sofa and Mike took a seat. We chatted for a bit while half watching TV (there was nothing worth really watching on so we were mostly chatting). Even with the excitement of getting engaged, I had missed Jen and kissed and gently fondled her throughout the evening. I hadn’t really realized it at the time as I was just happy to see her again, but she was letting me do more in front of Mike than usual – she still wasn’t naked or anything, but I had my hand up under her skirt and was stroking around the top of her thighs.

I had thought that she was enjoying it (and she later said that she had been up to a point), but she put her hand on top of her skirt and pressed my hand against her leg, stopping me from moving it and when I looked at her I could see she was upset. While I was thinking of what to say, she looked at Mike and asked him “Do you really want to see me and Andi having sex?”

Mike looked very interested and just answered that of course he did and the he couldn’t think of anything that would be sexier. Jen pulled my hand higher up under her skirt and started to spread her legs and she says that she was prepared to let him watch us do everything to each other at that point. Now I may have the same libido that Mike does and the idea of Jen and I putting on a show for him does really appeal to me (especially as it could lead to all sorts of interesting things), but I knew that it wasn’t what she really wanted (we have been together for almost a year now and our relationship isn’t *just* based on sex).

I put my hand on hers and told her she didn’t have to do anything and she started crying again. Mike finally stopped being male and realised that he wasn’t about to get his (other) fantasy and came over to join us on the sofa.

Jen explained again that she loved me and didn’t want us to split up and it took quite a while to get things calmed down again. Mike and Jen had a long chat about their relationship and he explained that while he certainly thought she was very beautiful and sexy, he knew that she was my girlfriend and had thought she knew that he was (partly) kidding when he teased her about letting him join us. In turn, Jen explained that she didn’t mind the comments, that she enjoyed flirting with him and even liked the attention he gave her. She said that she loved him because she knew that he took care of me and made me happy and had no problem sharing me with him (I didn’t get much of a say in this conversation as I was parcelled out!) but she as just scared that when we (Mike and I) were married that things would be different and that he might not want his wife shared with anyone (even another girl).

We (Mike and I again) explained to her that we had thought about some of the difficulties over the past week (mostly about what other people might think about me being married and having a girlfriend) and that we didn’t care. Mike cares about Jen for pretty similar reasons (she makes me happy) and he has no problem with her doing things with me (to put it mildly). She understands just how much he likes hearing us (either actually hearing during a session or hearing about after). She eventually seemed convinced and was a lot happier (I think actually hearing Mike tell her the same things I had really helped). She gave him a kiss, thanked him and snuggled up to me again.

He suggested that we (Jen and I) go upstairs and enjoy ourselves and we didn’t need to be told twice. We untangled ourselves from each other and quickly ran up to our room. Clothes were quickly lost and we fell onto the bed kissing and touching. It was quite a passionate session and we didn’t even get round to using any toys (just fingers and mouths. I wanted to make sure Jen came first – she was on top of me grinding her pussy against my leg and I was arching back against her to provide more pressure. As she got closer, I grabbed her ass and pulled it tight against my leg to give her as much friction as I could (although her copious juices were doing a good job at letting her slide over me).

I fingered around her ass as she came – moaning into my mouth. I wasn’t exactly far off cumming and continued rubbing my pussy against her. She pressed her leg harder against me and kept kissing me through my orgasm. As I recovered, I promised her that there was no way I would ever want to stop doing that with her. She gave me her cheeky grin, said “Better make sure” and crawled down between my legs. I was going to object and say that I wanted to 69, but she started eating me and I kind of forgot. It was just long enough after I’d cum to feel nice and Jen pushed her long tongue deep into me and licked around the inside of my cunt. I love it when she does this and lifted my ass up to give her better access. Jen pulled my lips apart and glued her face to my pussy – she kept licking deep inside me until I was almost crying (with pleasure). I begged her to eat me properly (although what she was doing was a lot closer to ‘eating’ than just licking my clit and labia) – she knew what I wanted and started alternating between licking inside me and sucking on my clit and I came while looking down at her, looking up at me. It was a strong cum and I ended up degenerating into a series of “Oh fuck, oh fuck yes, oh fuck...” as it hit me.

I’m not claiming it was so strong I passed out or anything, but I was certainly not quite with it by the time I had finished and didn’t realise that Jen had shifted me around on the bed slightly. I certainly noticed when she moved her pussy over my face and crouched down. It was about this time I realised that she had moved me so I was lying diagonally across the bed and I wondered why but then realised – she was sitting facing the window. Now I’ve done this many times and while there are only a few windows that can look in (and they aren’t too close) it is still enough to stir my exhibitionist side and I loved the fact that Jen was becoming more adventurous about this.

We hadn’t closed the curtains and I couldn’t see if any of upstairs rooms on the other side of the street had any lights on (on account of having a Jen on top of my face) but she later said that a couple of lights had been on (but she hadn’t seen anyone). I was determined to repay her for the orgasm she had just given me and to make sure to show her off should anyone look over while I was working on her. I tried to do the same thing to her that she had done to me – pushing my tongue deep into her. I can’t get as deep as she can, but given how wet she gets, I end up with a lot more of her juices covering my face (and down my throat).

Once I had her squirming around on me I decided to go in for the kill. I could see that she was playing with her nipples (always a good sign that she is ready for more) and so I moved my attention to her clit. I considered telling her that Mike would probably appreciate hearing her cum, but this was meant to be time for us so I didn’t bother and just continued to eat her. She started rubbing herself over my face and I had to grab her ass to keep her pussy within reach. Between the licking and her face fucking, she came. While she wasn’t as loud as she has in the past, her mewing was more like panting so I was satisfied that I had pleased her. I kept licking (a bit more gently) until she stopped moving around and then switched to kissing around her lips and gently licking (trying to clean up some of the mess as the whole area was as covered with her juices as my face).

She moved down my body and lay on top of me again so we could kiss and then said we should go back down to join Mike. I got up and slipped on my dressing gown and Sue put on a new robe (well, new to me anyway). It was very thin – not see through, but light enough that it looked as if it shouldn’t really hide anything. We headed down and I kissed Mike, letting him taste Jen (which he always likes). Between Jen and I, we were putting off a fairly strong smell of sex and this coupled with Jen’s attire certainly got Mike’s attention. Jen knows that Mike has a thing for legs (between the white socks and opaque black tight fetishes) so teased him a bit more by lying on the sofa with her legs across his and telling him that he could play with them if he wanted. She opened the bottom of her robe so he had access up to about the middle of her thighs (but kept her legs together) and he gently stroked up and down them (and tickled her a bit) while we talked.

I ended up working myself under Jen at the other end of the sofa so that her head was on my lap. I was surprised that Mike behaved himself so much given he’s always admired Jen’s legs, but he just gave them a gentle massage and didn’t try anything. Jen seemed to really like it and said that he could do it again as she could tell how much he was enjoying it (given her legs were lying across his, she could feel the bulge of his cock through his jeans).

So at least everything seems to be sorted out now and Jen is happy again (which is always a good thing). Just to reassure my readers – I have a fairly good idea why you are reading a blog like this and I don’t intend to turn it into Andi’s wedding planning blog. There will still probably be the odd mention of things and the occasional emotional crisis, but I hope to keep it focused on our sex lives (until I get married of course and then I never need to have sex again!)

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Upset Jen

Things haven’t gone quite as well as I’d hoped with the whole ‘getting married’ thing – or to be exact, with the way that Jen is taking it. Just to be clear, she knows that I’m posting this and is okay with it.

When I first told her on Saturday, she congratulated us and everything seemed okay. She has been really upset/worried since then though (without telling me at first), that this means that everything will change and that I won’t want (or Mike won’t want me) to see her anymore. We’ve had a few tearful conversations since then and I think she finally understands how I feel about her and that I have no intention of breaking up with her.

I think Jen was really worried that he would get possessive over me, but Mike has also assured her that he has no problem with a cute young student eating his future wife (surprise, surprise). I don’t think she feels at all threatened by the basic relationship I have with him (seeing as she’s always known I was dating him – well, from after our first fumble at the party anyway). She knows that she means something to me that Mike doesn’t (and can’t) and vice-versa.

She is skipping a few days at the end of term and going home to see her family early so she can come up to York earlier than planned. While we have sorted things out over the phone, it would certainly have been much easier if we could have actually been together to talk and both think that some extra time together will make her feel better about things.

Mike says it will give them more time to plan what they are going to do with Sue (I actually think that they don’t have any plans and are just teasing me, but some of the ideas that people have come up with are certainly interesting I had quite a strange dream involving some of those things, but don’t have time to post about it as I’m really trying to get ahead with work and thesis so that I have time to spend with everyone over Christmas and New Year.

Anyway, it will be great to see her sooner than expected and once she is reassured that I have no intention of stopping burying my face between her beautiful thighs, we can have a wonderful Christmas and celebrate. She will arrive either tomorrow or Friday so I'm getting things ready for her (fresh sheets on our bed) and I'll be freshly shaved tonight...

Monday, 14 December 2009


Now to explain the ‘woohooo!!!’...

I’m getting married! (To Mike, just in case anyone was wondering!) He proposed on Saturday night and I decided that I kind of liked him enough to say yes J

His original plan had been to wait until I had submitted my thesis, but I’m getting close and we won’t actually get married until after I’ve had my viva (hmm, writing up and planning a wedding at the same time...). I think he realised that he wasn’t likely to find anyone else who would share their little sister with him so he finally decide to take the plunge and ask me. (Sue was very excited as now she will really be able to call him Onii-chan).

He was going to do it over Christmas at my mum’s house (with everyone there). While I think it was a fairly safe bet I was going to say yes as we’ve been together for 5 years now and have managed to find a few things that we seem to enjoy spending time doing together – he thought it might be a bit daunting for him to interrupt Christmas dinner to ask me.

He was then going to wait until Jen and Sue were here but finally decided that it should really be something just between the two of us, so he got a nice candlelit dinner ready on Sat night and when we had finished we moved over to sit in front of the fire. I assumed we were going to do some food play when he went to the kitchen to get something but when he returned, he put his arms around me from behind and presented me with the ring.

I said yes (obviously, as I’ve told you that bit already) and we kissed. I was only wearing a cotton dress so that disappeared fairly quickly and we made love in front of the fire before I called anyone to tell them. I did tell Mum, Jen and Sue before I posted the woohoo post, but you lot found out (sort of) before most of my friends did – at least you could have guessed that *something* good had happened.

The conversation with mum was made somewhat more difficult as Mike kept playing with my clit and pussy while I was talking to her. I don’t mind if he does that while I’m talking to Jen or Sue, but I had to keep telling mum that I was out of breath as I was so excited. In the end I had to tell her I would call her back when he pulled my legs open and fastened his mouth to my cunt. I was going to wait for him to finish, but he got me to call Jen while he ate me (it’s hardly the first time she’s heard him make me cum). We then spooned while I called Sue and told her the news.

We slept in front of the fire that night (and had to throw a few more logs onto it in the middle of the night as we only had a blanket over us). I was a little stiff in the morning when I woke up, but still felt wonderful – even though I guess I’ve always assumed that this is where things would end up with us.

Saturday, 12 December 2009



:) :) :)

Trade old pictures?

We're looking through our rather large collection of porn pics and vids in order to delete the ones that we don't really want any more (we have somehow amassed over 50,000 pictures over the years). Most of them are being deleted, but instead of just getting rid of them (and yes, I know they are digital images) - I was wondering if anyone would want to take them.

We could upload them somewhere (probably in zip files) and you can find out the sort of things we like - mostly cute young girls (legally young, no pedo stuff here), lots of lesbian, close up pussy, masturbation, some fucking and some cumshots.

When we end up with the (much reduced - we're being quite ruthless) set of pictures, we would be prepared to put them up as well and hopefully some kind soul will be prepared to send some similar pictures our way to repay us for the effort we've gone to...

Friday, 11 December 2009

Bored at work

I’m very bored and the fact that I’m not really concentrating on my work is made worse by the fact that our alarm didn’t go off this morning so by the time we woke up, it was too late to do anything. I had to frantically cycle to work as I had a meeting with my supervisor first thing. I made it on time and at least the half hour discussion about timeframes for writing up put a damper on my libido for a while.

I’m considering visiting my store cupboard again – I don’t usually masturbate at work (well, not *too* often anyway) but think I might need to do so today. I’ve just got back from lunch with Cindy, Clare and Holly – I haven’t had a chance to catch up with Hol for ages so it was nice to see her. She is looking as cute as ever and things are going well with her boyfriend. Of course it’s always nice to see Clare and Cindy too (and we’ll probably use them in a fantasy tonight), but I see them quite often so I spent most of the time chatting with Hol.

She is considering moving in with him (which I think might be too soon). She hasn’t been with him for that long and I don’t want things to go wrong and her ending up being dumped out on the street (of course, we have a spare room, so she could always come and stay while she found somewhere new – it would be another chance to play with her vibe or get to see her dressed just in a towel!) Hmm, mind wandering already – no, hopefully things are going to work out for her – he seems like a nice bloke and certainly seems to know how to please her in bed from some of the things she has said.

I found out that she is considering allowing him to fuck her without using condoms – being her usual sensible self, they are going to go and get tested beforehand to ensure that neither of them have any hideous diseases. On questioning it turns out that they may have done a few things already that have involved exchanges of bodily fluids, but she wants to be sure if they are going to start doing things ‘properly’ (as she put it).

I brought Holly up to date with how things were between Mike and I (and Jen and I) have been going (not *all* the details of course). She was very jealous of the weekend away that Jen and I had and actually asked if Mike would pay for a weekend break for her if she slept with me. I didn’t reply with my first thought, but said that I was fairly sure she could convince him. The ‘new’ Holly is certainly a lot bolder than the old one (and yes, I’m sure she was only joking or I would have said what came into my head first!)

Anyway – the lunchtime conversation didn’t really help with how horny I was feeling, and writing it down for you to read is only making things worse (but then again I knew I’d be disappearing to take care of myself after I wrote this so I guess it just counts as foreplay). I think I’ll be imagining Holly doing things to me in the cupboard though (and possibly Cindy and Clare will join in and help!)


Mmm – that’s better. I didn’t have anything with me to use so I had to make do with fingers alone, but crouched down so I could reach around underneath me to slide two fingers into my pussy while still being able to rub my clit. It felt wonderful to finally cum after wanting to for so long and I had to actually try to keep quiet (I don’t think the storeroom is soundproof and I’d have a hard time explaining what I found so exciting in there!)


I really should get back to work now – I’ve spend far too much of the day being distracted by being horny and need to make up for it. I'll post this when I get home

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Christmas plans

We think we have Christmas sorted out now – Jen has permission from her family to spend it at my place (the first Christmas she will have been away from home). By ‘my place’ I mean my family house – we (Mike, Jen and I) are going to head along there on the 23rd or 24th and do the big family Christmas meal. We’ll probably be (fairly) well behaved while we are there – certainly I’ll be trying to not do anything to shock Mum too much!

On the 26th/27th, we’re all going to head back to York and spend time here. Mum seems quite happy that Sue is coming along as I think she (Mum) thinks that Sue being here will be a good influence on me and that I won’t get up to anything naughty (oh dear – possibly it’s a bit too late for that!). Mike still agrees that nothing will happen between Sue and him unless I’m joining in as well, so he’ll be on the sofa when I’m spending the night with Jen. Jen has agreed to the same thing but I think that Mike and she have some sort of arrangement to try to get Sue into bed with her (neither of them will tell me what it is though). As I said before – as long as she isn’t being forced into doing anything or being hurt, I’m happy to let her explore (or be explored!)

Jen will probably drop by here a few days before we have to leave (she’s going home first when term ends as she has to spend a little time with her family) so I’m looking forwards to seeing her. She can’t wait to try out our new longer dildo (and neither can I – it will be wonderful to be able to feel it sliding into me and knowing that she is feeling the same thing while we can actually kiss and hold each other. Mike has selflessly volunteered to help hold it in us both, but Jen thinks that we’ll manage fine by ourselves (she told him that she does admire his persistence though!)

Just a quick post today as there isn’t much else to report. I really want to be able to use the dildo while cycling to work, but Jen wants me to stop playing with it until she gets a turn. I did try a smaller one (with panties to hold it in) and it felt nice – but I think it was the fact that the long one moved ‘with my leg’ that made it so nice.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Cycle dildo

I tried out my idea with the new dildo today... I wore a longish skirt (knee length) and a pair of opaque tights with a suitable hole torn in them. I slid the dildo into the tights (going down my thigh) so it came out near my crotch - it was then bent around so that I could get it inside myself about as deep as it would go.

I tested walking, jumping (just to make sure) and going up stairs before I left the house and while it moved nicely around (especially on the stairs), it stayed firmly buried in my pussy. The end in my tights went a fair distance down my leg, but was on the inside of my thigh and was safely covered by my skirt so I felt quite safe leaving it in. I thought for a bit as to whether I should walk or cycle to work (I often cycle as I love the feeling of the air on my pussy and I've got quite good at controlling a short skirt while sitting on the bike). I was really enjoying the way that the dildo moved in me while I walked but I realised that I had spent so long getting ready that I really didn't have time so jumped on my bike.

I hadn't entirely thought it through, but I soon realized my mistake. While it had felt nice while I was walking around, it felt a little bit too nice as I cycled. I had to sit quite far forwards on the seat to allow the fact that the dildo was bending around from my pussy to my thigh and every time I moved my leg to pedal, it slid slightly in and out of me. It wasn't moving a lot, but enough that I could definitely feel it and because it was pushed right inside me, I could feel it for the whole length of my pussy.

Now by no means did this feel bad – the problem was the exact opposite. The steady rhythm of it pumping into me as I cycled felt very good very quickly (helped of course by the fact that I was feeling this while surrounded by people and cars. A few times when I had to stop at junctions, I pressed the dildo against the seat to ensure it stayed pressed deep into me and then when I started cycling again it felt even better. I got a bit greedy at one point and changed down to a very low gear so I had to pedal a lot more and could feel the dildo pumping into me much faster.

While I generally like having my clit stimulated to cum, I don’t always need it and can orgasm from vaginal stimulation alone (if it is strong enough). I got dangerously close to cumming and had to pull over to ‘rest’ for a bit as I really wasn’t sure how good I would be at staying on my bike through an orgasm. I must have looked somewhat flushed, but I guess people just thought I was unfit and out of breath. Once i had calmed down a bit, I resumed my journey to work in my usual higher gear – I was a bit more sensitive from my near-orgasm but I paced myself and made it in one piece (but did get very close a few more times).

I knew I would need to cum before I would be able to concentrate on work so went to one of the supply cupboards that I’ve found is very good for such situations. It’s reasonably large so I can hide around a corner from the door, giving me a few seconds to straighten myself up if anyone interrupts me. It was somewhat easier taking care of things this time as all I had to do was hike my skirt up, grab the dildo and pump it into me. Seeing as the dildo had done such a good job by itself, I thought I would spend a little longer and not touch my clit. My pussy was making a nice squelching sound as I came and I think if anyone had come in they may have noticed a certain smell, but I finished up and returned to my desk without incident.

I had a fair amount of work to do and so didn’t spend much time in the day trying to get myself excited, but did find that I was moving my legs or pressing my thighs together unconsciously a few times and had to restrain myself. The only time I really did anything was over lunch when a group of us were sitting chatting in one of the dining areas. I had my right food bent up so it was under my skirt and I could press the dildo into myself with my heel without it being obvious what I was doing. I didn’t get anywhere close to cumming, but it was still really nice to be able to play with myself in front of everyone (even without them knowing).

I had to go up and down the stairs a number of times in the afternoon and that felt good, but I would have had to find a fifty storey building to be able to cum while doing it (I guess it would be a fun way of keeping fit!). I did make a couple of trips more than I really needed to, but then got back to work as I knew I would have my ride home to look forwards to. I had been keeping Jen up to date with the experiment and she is keen to try it herself (but when the weather is a bit better).

My ride home was equally fun – especially as I didn’t have to worry about how I was feeling (or how obvious it was from how I looked) when I arrived. I set off in my usual gear and when I was about halfway home, I changed down to a low gear. I did feel slightly silly pedalling away like crazy and not moving very quickly, but the benefit I was getting from the dildo soon outdid any other feelings. I decided to really go for it on the home straight (it’s a quieter street so I wasn’t in as much danger of being knocked off) and pedalled as fast as I could (or as fast as was comfortable).

This didn’t work quite as well as I had hoped as the vibe didn’t really slide in and out of me properly so I quickly repositioned it and continued to cycle at the speed I had been. I was very very close by the time I got to the house and part of me considered turning around and going back up and down the street, but the impending orgasm was putting me a little off balance and so I stopped. I didn’t want to waste the way I was feeling though so I just propped the bike against the wall, crouched down and reached under my skirt. It was a little cold but I was too close to cumming for that to matter much (I know I wouldn’t be outside for long). I grabbed the dildo, pulled it out of my tights (tearing them even more in the process) and jammed it back into my cunt. I didn’t want to wait this time so I used fingers on my clit while I pounded the dildo into myself and came in no time at all.

While I was still crouching down, a car turned in to the road but it didn’t come too far down and I was partly hidden behind the little wall in front of the house (well, my legs were which is just as well as I had my skirt up to my waist so I could rub my clit and the dildo was still buried in me). I carefully removed the dildo and stood up (this was slightly tricky as my legs felt rather weak, but I had the wall to lean on to help me).

I certainly enjoyed my new toy (sorry Jen - *our* new toy) and if I can just figure out how to keep my balance on a bike while cumming, I may have a wonderful new way to keep myself occupied on the ride into work every day J

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Saturday afternoon of fun

Jen didn’t like the idea of me going to the party so we held off from this one while she thinks about it. While I am a little disappointed, I understand her reasoning. She wouldn’t be a part of it, so said that she would feel left out and more importantly, I don’t think that I would like the idea of random people doing things with her... (of course, I still love the idea of doing things with her, or just making her cum, in front of a group of people so that may be an option in future).

We didn’t set out to do anything specific today as we (or at least I) have had a few exciting weekends over the past month. Sue had wanted to come up and visit, but we had discouraged her due to the fact that we might have been going to the party and I’m not quite ready to introduce her to such things yet (not that we have actually been introduced to such things yet either...)

We did go for a walk into town and I wore my slutty crotchless tights. I still really don’t like the way they look (but given the temperature outside, I do like the fact that they keep me relatively warm while allowing access to bits). The place was packed and Mike took the opportunity to fondle me a few times while we were surrounded by people. We didn’t get a chance similar to the one we had on the bus with Sue (when he made me cum), but I got nicely wet.

Jen had also wanted to visit to ‘make up for stopping us going to the party’ as she put it. I think I would have been getting more out of the ‘making up’ than Mike would, and as much as I wanted to see her, I know she hasn’t got a huge amount of money so thought that we could wait another few weeks for the end of term. She got to listen in to a few of our antics today and came along with us so isn’t feeling too left out – and she’s still being really grateful to Mike for the weekend away.

We (Mike and I) actually ended up spending a bit more money that we had intended as Mike wanted to get a new dildo for us to use (having heard about our antics at the hotel). While we (Jen and I) really enjoy the double ended dildo we have, and purposely got one that wasn’t too long as we wanted to be able to swallow it completely in our pussies, we have wanted a longer one for a while. We really wanted one that was long enough to bend round and be in us both while we were lying face to face (so we could kiss and fuck properly).

We (Mike and I again) found ourselves at one of the private shops and went in for a look (given how busy town was it was nice to go somewhere quiet for a little while). As we looked around, Mike found the perfect thing - a long flesh coloured double ended dildo with a soft (silicon?) texture to it. I think (well, I know – but more on that in a minute) that it is the right length and it isn’t too thick (Jen is still fairly tight and I don’t want to hurt her). There were lots of other goodies in the shop that I got quite excited about (I think I may have given Mike a few ideas for Christmas presents).

A part of me wanted to wait for Jen to turn up to try the dildo out (Mike wanted to get Sue along to try it out with me, but he’s just desperate to see us do something together) but when I phoned Jen to tell her about our latest purchase, she said I could give it a test drive. (I’ve just thought of a really fun thing to try with it and will have to give it a go tomorrow or next week – no spoilers though so you’ll have to wait and find out what it is - and if it works!).

So after we got home (it was too cold to stay out for long), we decided to have a bash at reducing the number of orgasm Mike owed me for his weekend with Sue. We started a fire and settled down on the sofa to get warmed up (in many senses) and slowly lost our clothes. We didn’t rush things – just kissed, fondled and fingered until we were really ready to do more. We first tried calling Jen to see if she wanted to join in, but at this point, she was out with friends and had to listen to us asking if she wanted me to eat her and make her cum without being able to reply properly. She said she would call back later on (when she was alone) and we went back to our own little session. Mike was still sitting on the sofa and I had mounted him (facing him) while we were on the phone to Jen so we just continued in this position. I slid up and down his cock while he rubbed around my ass and then leant forwards so he could nuzzle my neck while I kept riding him.

This had the usual effect and I started to pump up and down a bit faster and harder. I didn’t want to cum too quickly as I love the feeling of my neck being kissed, but the problem is that I love the feeling of my neck being kissed so couldn’t really help myself! We weren’t going for crazy mad fucking at this point, so I didn’t make too much noise – just moaned about how good it felt as I came and then rested against Mike (after urging him to keep kissing my beck of course).

I decided I wanted to cum a dozen times (which was a pretty ambitious target given we hadn’t started until mid-afternoon). I didn’t really think that I’d actually cum that many times, but having a high target to aim for is good! Mike said that he would need some help in getting to twelve so went to fetch some toys from upstairs while I stretched out on the sofa. The fire had made the room nice and warm so the fact it was cold and wet outside had been forgotten.

Mike returned with an armful of toys and knelt on the floor to start using the on me. He started with a massage brush which is about the only mechanical thing that I like being used on my neck and then added the small vibe, which he teased my nipples with. This ended up moving down between my legs and he sucked my nipples in turn. I’ve been getting more used to having them played with and have also been enjoying it more (probably related to how much Jen enjoys having her nipples played with). I was soon lifting my ass in the air and rubbing myself against the vibe and had to ask him to switch to a more powerful one. Fortunately, he wasn’t in the mood to tease me and once I felt the stronger vibrations against my pussy and clit, I could feel my orgasm start to build. He didn’t put the vibe inside me, just kept rubbing it around my pussy (while still sucking my nipples and using the brush on my neck) and I had a nice deep orgasm that I could feel through my whole body (I guess because I was being stimulated in three different places – or four if you count each nipple!).

We snuggled up on the sofa while I rested and Mike suggested a few things we could try over Christmas. He wondered if Jen would be willing to stroke my neck and make me cum with him watching (she will, as long as we – or at least Mike and her – are clothed). He also thought that it might be possible to get Sue to stroke my neck and see if she can make me cum. I can’t remember if I’ve told her just how sensitive I am there, but his idea is to tell her that I find it really relaxing and while we’re watching TV or something, for me to lie with my head on her lap and get her to keep stroking it. I know I can cum quietly but I don’t know if I can hide it from someone looking directly at me – it could be interesting to try.

While we were talking about this, he’d been rubbing his cock against my ass and had started stroking my neck again. My neck was a bit sensitive from the use of the brush, but it still felt nice and that probably had something to do with me going along with another one of his fantasies about getting Sue to make me cum. He said he needed to calm down a bit so we moved so I was sitting on the sofa with me legs spread and he knelt on the floor to eat me. He is a bit more forceful than Jen (which isn’t better or worse – just different) and I came for the third time quite quickly (it had been a while since the last orgasm). He continued to lick me (gently) until I finished and then suggested we move over closer to the fire onto the sheepskin rug.

We spooned again but this time Mike was rubbing against me a lot harder and it was clear that he thought it was his turn to cum. I squirmed my ass back against his cock until he was positioned by my pussy and he slid into me. He was clearly enjoying it, but after a few minutes suggested we go back to the sofa. He sat on the sofa and asked me to mount him facing away from him. As I got into position, he guided me so that he was pressing against my ass and I relaxed to let him in. I think it’s a while since we’ve done anal and he explained that this would be a good position for the next time Sue was here – the idea being that if she sat in front of us, she could see my whole pussy laid open while he fucked my ass. This is something that she hasn’t seen us do so far (I think – I don’t remember doing it in front of her anyway) but she had admitted that she has done it before so I can’t imagine she would be disgusted by it.

Mike grabbed the new egg, slipped it into my pussy and turned it on high – he said he could feel it against his cock and that it felt really good (and that he wouldn’t take long to cum). He used the other egg on my clit and stroked my left nipple with his free hand (it was up to me to balance and move). I didn’t think I would be able to cum again so quickly, but he managed to hold off for long enough that I came before he did. It was very intense (a bit too intense) and I ended up sitting right down on his cock when he came so he was buried as deep in my ass as he could probably get. I actually couldn’t get the egg out of my pussy while his cock was in me and felt quite tender by the time I stood up and retrieved it.

I really needed a rest so we went up to have a shower – he was taking the twelve orgasm target seriously and tried to use the jet on my clit, but I couldn’t take it so we just cleaned off and went down for a snack. We batted around some ideas for Christmas (but we still need more suggestions). He quite likes the idea (when both Jen and Sue are here) of the three of us dressing up in sexy Santa costumes (the little fur lined outfits). It seems a bit strange to me, but I guess it could look cute. Jen is okay with it (with panties of course) and Sue will probably go for it given she did the school uniform thing for him.

While we were eating, Jen phoned back and said she had hurried home and was naked in her room. We had to tell her that we weren’t doing anything at that point in time, but she gave us a bit of encouragement and the last of the food was quickly eaten and we moved to the bedroom. I had wanted to at least wait until Jen was on the phone before trying out our new toy and we took it up with us. I described it to her and told her I was kneeling on the bed on all fours with my ass in the air. Mike slipped one end into mu pussy and described to her what he was doing and what he could see. I felt him bend it round and the other end nudging up against my ass. He added a bit of gel and pushed it into me (given he’d just fucked me there the dildo went in fairly easy). It felt very different than having two different things in me as the ends moved together. I reached behind and experimented with the best way to move it in me, but it felt better when mike did it as he could push one end in while pulling the other end out.

Jen was playing with herself and describing to me what she was doing. I pictured her lying naked on her bed and enjoyed the image of the two of us using the dildo together. (The image that actually slipped into my head was of Jen underneath me, sharing the dildo while Mike was buried in my ass). I really liked this idea and found my pussy tingling once more (but I think the gel was helping with that). I told Jen I wanted to be there and bury my face in her pussy and asked her to be as vocal as she could. I knew she was getting close and she put on a good show for us, asking me to lick her and making it very clear how close she was getting.. I pictured her body getting flushed as her mewing increased in volume and could almost smell her pussy as she came. I told Mike to fuck me harder with the dildo and I helped things along by rubbing my clit. I returned the favour and made sure Jen knew how I was feeling and ended up in a pile on the bed as I fell over while cumming.

Jen couldn’t believe that I’d cum five times since I’d phoned her the first time and she wanted to cum again to catch up a bit. I really needed a rest now though so told her that we would phone her back later on (but encouraged her to keep playing with herself in the meantime). I actually slept for a while and woke up in the early evening. Mike had rested with me for a bit and then gone to get some food for dinner so I woke up to an empty house (but he had left a note so I knew where he was).

I’d had some quite explicit dreams and wished he had been there to wake me up in his usual way (licking) and considered having a solo session, but guessed that there would be more to follow when he returned so I resisted (well, mostly – just a quick fiddle, but not enough to cum). He got back while I was freshening up and had pizza with him so we ate a very unhealthy dinner and returned to the sofa. He was still clothed and I had on my thin dressing gown. He told me that he’d heard from Sue while he was out and she had asked about where we would be over Christmas. I realised that with all the worry over whether Jen would join us at my mum’s place or in York, I hadn’t thought to see if Sue would want to come to York (if we were going to be here). Mike had asked her and she said that if it was going to be anything like our visit then she would be wherever we were going to be.

He also said that Rob has been being a lot nicer to her over the past few weeks. I don’t really have many details yet but Mike got the impression that Sue might actually like him (which would probably stop her doing things with Mike – at the very least he says it would stop him doing things with her if she were to start dating him). I will enquire later tonight or tomorrow if we talk...

Back to today – I ended up naked again and back on the sheepskin rug while Mike got the fire going again. We made love in the standard missionary position and Mike came in me (only his second cum for the day while I was now on six). He then wanted to eat me and so said he should have waited to cum (so he didn’t have to taste himself in me) and went to the kitchen to get some ice cream. I got a towel that had been loft out to dry and arranged it on the rug for me to lie on. I repositioned myself and let him drip ice cream onto my pussy and lick it off. He then put a fairly large bit on my mons and waited for it to mostly melt and run down over my pussy and ass before he licked me clean again.

I didn’t want him to have all the fun (or ice cream) so I took a small mouthful and started sucking his cock. Depending on the mood he’s in, he either really loves this or hates it – from the sounds he made, I was guessing he was in the right mood to love it so I kept going. Of course, I had to eat more ice cream from time to time as it kept melting and as hard as I tried to keep it all in my mouth, some of the ice cream dribbled out down his cock and over his balls. I thought he was going to cum in my mouth (which doesn’t taste as bad when mixed with Haagen Daas), but when he got really close, he told me to stop moving so he could hold back.

I released his cock from my mouth and lay back for him to finish me. He first slid into me and fucked me for a little bit before sliding down my body and really getting stuck into me. The ice cream was fairly soft now but he still added little bits now and then as he ate me. When I started to get close, he stopped eating me and moved up so he could slide into me again. I tasted the ice cream and my pussy juice as we kissed and he started slamming into me quite hard but then stopped again when he got close. I begged him to stop teasing me and he said that he was teasing himself and that he’d eat me until I came this time. He did just that and I had my sixth cum of the day (well, of the session – I haven’t been counting our morning screw).

I’m clearly getting old as I thought I had cum enough (for a while at least) and so I started writing up this posting (which has taken a while). On the positive side, I’m certainly in the mood to do things again now and Mike is stroking my pussy so I think I’ll sign off and see if I can go for my seventh (and possibly eighth) cum of the session. I’m pretty sure from the look of Mike’s cock that he intends to go for his third so I think we’ll give Jen a call and let her join in again if she wants...

I probably won’t post tomorrow as I’ve got lots of work to do, but I might try out my idea with the new dildo next week and will report back on that...

Ooohh – Mike is now on top of me and taking me from behind – must hold off until I get this posted...

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Between excitement

Just to clarify – I was joking and didn’t actually expect anyone to want my old vibe! (but we would like some ideas for things to do over Christmas).

We’ve got another invite to a sex party this weekend. I’m fairly certain that we are ready for it now but Jen isn’t too keen on me going. She actually doesn’t seem to mind the idea of other men doing things with me but hates the idea of me being with another girl (unless, apparently, the other girl is Sue and Jen is allowed to help J

She was a bit less worried when I explained the ‘rules’ of the party to her, but still not entirely convinced so we may not be going. Everything seems to be organised to be quite safe – everyone has to use condoms and dental dams (and change these between partners). The advantage of being in a Uni is a free and virtually unlimited supply of these things from the health centre (not that we usually take advantage of this).

A few people have contacted me to warn me about the risk of disease at events like this (which we had obviously already thought about). I don’t mind unprotected sex with Mike and Jen as they are my partners, but whenever we have seriously thought about doing things with another person we realised that things would be somewhat tempered by having to use protection. (And when I say ‘don’t mind’ I of course mean that I would hate to not be able to have Mike’s cum in me or Jen’s juices on me!)

This of course leads to a slight issue with my greatest fantasy of having a whole group of people fuck me senseless and leaving me covered in their cum and juices (not that knowing that it can’t actually happen stops me from enjoying the idea of it happening!) The closest we think I could ever actually get to it happening would be one of the following ways:

1) Have a group of guys fuck me (wherever they want) but have them wear condoms while they are inside me – then whip off the condoms and let them cum over my neck, breasts and stomach.

2) Similar to above, but also let other guys fuck their girlfriends and then have them stand over me so the cum drips out onto me (this way I get the pussy juice too!)

From the rules we’ve been told about the parties, I can’t imagine either of these things happening there. On a more realistic note though, I was (and still am if Jen changes her mind) looking forwards to the chance to have a group of people see me naked and watch Mike fuck me or me masturbate myself. Of course, the chance to see some more live action fucking in the flesh appeals as well – but I can’t imagine that anyone there will be as cute as Jen.

It would also be interesting to find out what another cock feels like – while I’m now used to various dildos and vibes, I’ve still only ever had one real cock inside me and it’s somewhat bad to be outdone on that by my little sister! I don’t even know what a realistic average cock size is – Mike certainly doesn’t seem at all small but he thinks he is about average. Given some of the ones we’ve seen in videos, I think they would hurt (but I know that the sort of people who are likely to video themselves may well be well hung!) We watched a video last night with 2 college girls fucking a guy in the middle of a party and he seemed to have quite a long cock, but not too thick, while in other videos, we’ve seen really thick cocks that barely fit into the girl’s mouth or cunt.

So... I *may* have a good set of posts next week if Jen is okay with me going (and the fact that I would only lick another girl’s pussy through a dental dam might be enough to change her mind).

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

First vibe dead :(

Just a quick post – my first vibe (the white one that there are pictures of me using) has finally died L I didn’t really use it that much anymore as we have much better ones now but it’s still sad that something that gave me so much pleasure has died.

I was thinking of having a competition – people could come up with idea of things for Mike, Jen, Sue and I to try over Christmas* and I’ll send the vibe to the person who suggests the thing we enjoy most (or not send it, given I can't imagine anyone actually wanting it!)

We would like some ideas though and they would have to take into account the reality of who will actually sleep with who (Jen only does things with me and I can’t see Sue and I doing much more than sharing Mike and maybe a little touching).

Mike wants to add that if anyone can suggest ideas that encourage Sue to do things with Jen or Jen to do things with him, then he will be very happy (but remember that Jen reads this so she will be forewarned of any dastardly plans!) Sue still doesn't know about this though and I'm happy for anything to be done to her (as long as it doesn't harm her of course).