Monday, 21 December 2009

Anime Sue - Part 2

Mike put the blanket out on the sofa and Sue sat on it – holding her dress out of the way so it didn’t get stained. Jen and I sat on the rug by the fire and Mike quickly piled up the paper kindling and wood and got it lit. Jen moved a seat over and leant against it and told me to lie with my head in her lap. This meant I could stretch out in front of the fire so I was happy to oblige and we arranged ourselves in the most comfortable position. Mike returned to the sofa to sit beside Sue and we had another chat about random things. Jen very subtly started stroking around my neck and nipples and I didn’t realise what she was doing until I started to feel turned on. Now Jen has never made me cum in front of Mike before but I thought that she might be about to put on a show for him and Sue as part of their ‘plan’. Unfortunately I was only partly right. As time went on, she did continue to play with my nipples (and managed to get them surprisingly firm) and even reached down my body and stroked around my thighs a few times, but she didn’t do more than brush her fingers over my pussy.

Even so, I was getting very aroused and when I realised that she wasn’t going to help me, I thought I would help myself and slid a hand down to my pussy and started to rub myself. I had half expected Mike or Jen to tell me to stop (and I was planning of ignoring them unless they actually wrestled me and held me down) but Jen just continued to tease my nipples with one hand and gently stroke my neck with the other. While I was distracted, Sue said to Mike that she thought that Jen didn’t do things with me in front of him and he told her that this was new to him as well (technically she wasn’t really doing much to me – my fingers were what was going to make me cum). This was the first time that I would cum in front of them all at the same time and my exhibitionist side was spurring me on. I went from stroking myself, to sliding my fingers into my pussy and rubbing the juices over my clit, to fingering my clit while reaching under me with my other hand to finger my cunt. It was obvious that I was really enjoying what I was doing to myself so I thought I may as well do it properly and had a fairly loud orgasm. Looking up, I could see that I was having an effect on Jen as her nipples were clearly pointing out through her gown and her legs were squirming around underneath my head.

I looked over and saw that both Mike and Sue were watching me intently and I let Jen lick my fingers clean. Mike’s cock was making a little tent in his robe and I asked if he was ready for round two. He just nodded and he and Sue jumped up and scrambled upstairs. I kissed Jen and said I was sorry I had to leave her alone for the night, but she understood (and had had me to herself for the past 3 nights). As I stood up to leave, she (still sitting) pulled me to her and planted her face in my pussy. I was still a bit sensitive, but it felt nice and I let her lick away for a minute before saying that I really had to go up to join them. She spread her legs and asked if I wanted anything before I left and I pulled her up, pushed her onto the sofa and had a quick lick of her before running upstairs (leaving her to finish herself off which was a bit cruel, but hey...)

When I got up to the bedroom, Mike was sitting on the bed and Sue was knelt in front of him sucking him off. Her dress had been thrown onto the chair and she just had her bra on. Her ass was in the air and Jen would have loved the view – her pussy was peeking out from between her legs and was still soaked with cum. I considered giving her ass a good slap for starting without me, but didn’t really want her to bite Mike and have him out of action (but it did give me and idea for something to try later on). I climbed onto the bed and started kissing Mike who in turn started to finger me. Sue was noisily sucking away at him and we continued like this for a little while. Mike said he was going to cum again (I really think Sue is a better cocksucker than I am as I can’t get him to cum that quickly). He got Sue to sit up in front of him and he started to jack himself off. I reached over and put my hand over his and helped. He didn’t cum very much (which was hardly surprising given how much he seemed to cum in her earlier) – but there was one fairly good squirt which hit her chin and chest.

He then wanted to return the favour and got Sue to kneel up on the bed, her ass sticking out so she was completely exposed and started to run my rabbit over her pussy. She was still quite wet and he managed to get it inside her without any difficulty and guided the vibrating head to her clit. Sue really liked the way this felt (but wasn’t so keen when he turned on the rotating balls in the shaft so he returned it to just vibrate) and said he was going to make her cum again. He waited until she was really getting into it and then started licking around her ass and pressing his tongue against her asshole. She tensed up a little at first and slowly seemed to enjoy it a bit more. As usual, he talked while he made her cum, but this time it wasn’t about Jen – he kept asking her if she liked being fucked in the ass and she admitted that she had only done it a few times but didn’t mind it (I’m sure we’ve had this conversation with her before). As she got closer to cumming, he licked harder and faster and told her that he was going to slide his cock into her tight little ass later on. Sue was very close to cumming and he got her to ask him to fuck her ass and to fill it with his cum and he speared her with his tongue as her orgasm hit her.

Mike kept encouraging her to be louder and she was certainly getting there by the end. After she had finished cumming, he crawled up beside her and told her that Jen would have probably been fucking herself while listening to Sue cum. Sue told him that she didn’t care as it had felt wonderful. I really wanted some proper attention now but Mike said he needed a bit of a rest as his first orgasm had been quite strong and the second one had made him rather sensitive. I wasn’t in the mood to be put off though so said that he could eat me and I’d show Sue how to be properly loud enough to let Jen hear.

I moved to sit over his face and he told Sue to get an egg and the tingle gel out. I didn’t wait for her to do this though and planted my pussy on his mouth and slid back and forth in the same way Jen does with me. Mike didn’t seem to need any encouragement and suckled on my lips and clit (depending on which was closest to his tongue at the time). Sue handed him the gel and the wired egg (the most powerful one I have as it has batteries in a separate control unit) and he covered the egg with gel without looking (or stopping licking me). It was obvious where it was going so I lifted myself off his face and let him slide it into my pussy (and wipe his hands over the lips) and then sat back on his face. Mike reached out and got Sue’s hand (after a bit of random flailing – he couldn’t really see much with me on top of him) and he handed her the control unit. With his hands free, he could now spread my ass cheeks and push me away from him mouth slightly to allow him to talk so he told Sue to turn the egg on low.

She did this and I felt it start to buzz inside me and the buzz was slowly added to by the effect of the tingle gel. Mike had returned to licking me and I was loving all the different sensations going through my pussy. He pushed me away again and told her to turn it up before he started licking harder and I could certainly feel the combined difference. Mike knows me well enough to be able to tell how I was feeling and between licks he started talking dirty to me:

“You like that? Having your little cunt licked... feeling the egg deep inside you...”

I of course did like it and so he reminded me that I was meant to be showing Sue how to make noise (hey, I had been distracted). I told him that I really loved it and started to describe what I could feel:

“I can feel your tongue licking over my clit, my cunt lips being spread and the egg vibrating inside me. I can feel my pussy throbbing around it and tingling inside. I’m going to cum soon...”

He told Sue to turn it up to high and told me to keep going. He pulled me hard against his mouth and started to really lick me. I wanted Jen to be able to know how close I was getting so I started moaning and talking much louder, describing what his tongue was doing to me and how I wanted Sue to keep the egg going. The gel was working at full power now and my pussy felt like it was alternating between feeling hot and throbbing and almost cold and tingly. Mike teased me (just a little) and so I hovered close to cumming for just long enough to really make me want it and so I was shouting at him to eat me and make me cum. Fortunately he didn’t tease for very long and sucked my clit to take me over the edge. I continued to be vocal (but not as coherent – except maybe the odd swear!) and rode his mouth until I was too sensitive to take any more so pulled away.

I was still crouched over Mike, but with my ass raised to escape his mouth. I went to pull the egg out but Mike stopped me and asked Sue to remove it. I know he was hoping that she would gently fish it out of me and end up with her fingers in and on my pussy, but she just pulled the cord and the egg plopped out and whacked him on the chin. It seemed to hurt (him) a bit but Sue found it hilarious. She was still laughing by the time I had recovered and climbed off Mike and he decided that he wanted revenge on her. He wrestled her onto the bed, sat on top of her and tickled her while he told me to go get the new dildo. I ran in to Jen’s room and returned with it (Jen hadn’t been using it) and gave it to him.

Mike slid one end into her pussy and worked it into her as deep as it would go. Sue wasn’t really objecting to this so he pulled it out slightly, wrapped his hand around it and then started pumping it into her, getting harder and faster until his hand (the one wrapped around the dildo) was slapping against her cunt. Now I’ve been fucked like this before (both by Mike and Jen) and as long as the dildo isn’t pushed too deep, it can feel wonderful. Sue certainly seemed to be enjoying it and Mike kept pumping it into her until she was very flushed and I guessed quite close. He stopped moving the dildo and Sue tried to thrust her hips against it but he didn’t give her anything to push against and so she just ended up asking him to keep going.

He pulled the dildo out, added some gel to both ends and slid it back into her. She tried to push against it again, but he bent it round and pressed the other end up against her ass. I was very curious to see if she would let him continue, but Mike is a master of getting people (well, me) turned on enough that they (or rather, I) let him get away with almost anything. He was still moving the other end in her pussy (not hard, but enough to keep her interested) and she didn’t stop him as he pushed it into her ass. He didn’t put it too deep, maybe an inch or two but it seemed to help Sue along. He held it in her ass with one hand and went back to pumping the other end into her pussy until she came – it looked like a rather strong orgasm and she was left looking exhausted. Mike pulled the dildo out of her and told me to return it to Jen which I did (remembering which end was which).

I didn’t stay to watch, but I know that she tasted Sue from it (and Mike took great pleasure in telling Sue this). Sue may have been tired, but Mike was now in the mood to do more so we ended up spooning while Sue dozed off and we fell asleep with Mike in me (at least while he was still hard).

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