Monday, 21 December 2009

Anime Sue

I appear to have been bettered by my little sister (and she will pay for it!) But that is getting ahead of myself – on with the posting...

Sue arrived on Sunday to spend a few days here before we all go to mum’s place for Christmas. Despite being cold and wet by the time we got home, she was clearly glad to be here. We had all met her at the station and she gave us all a hug and kiss hello (Mike got a longer kiss than Jen or I did). When we got home, we sat and chatted over a drink. Mike was beside her and she nuzzled up to him for warmth (plus he was stroking her legs). Jen watched with interest and even though Sue was wearing jeans so Jen couldn’t see anything, she says she loved it when he ran his hand over her crotch.

Mike asked her if she had anything ‘more comfortable’ to change into and she went upstairs and returned in a dress that apparently is modelled after something that is worn in an anime they both watch. It had a white top with blue edging and a light blue skirt and she had long blue socks on with it. Mike was very impressed with it and I’ll admit that it was incredibly cute. She promised him that she had something even better, but that he would have to wait until alter to find out what it was. She gave us a twirl in it and Mike got up to have a closer look. He stood behind her and ran his hands up from her waist over her breasts and I could see that she was pressing her ass back against his crotch. He ran a hand down her side and onto the front of the skirt, pressing it in against her pussy. Sue gasped when he did this and glanced over at Jen. Mike noticed this and told her that it didn’t matter, given I had seen her naked (and a lot more) as well as the fact that Jen already knew about everything we had done and talked about. Sue went bright red at this and I didn’t realise the significance (so I won’t tell you yet).

He kept rubbing her pussy through the dress, just with a single finger and slowly pulled up the material until her panties were visible. She had white panties with a strawberry pattern on them (again – this is apparently a part of the outfit worn in the anime). Mike continued to talk quietly to Sue – telling her that Jen would love to see her little panties as well as what was inside them. I was curious as to how far he was going to take things but he stopped just when I thought he was going to slide his hand into her panties. Sue looked aroused enough that I think she might even have let him, but Mike says that Sue and he have a plan... (which I’m still not privy to).

The reason I was so surprised that he didn’t go further is that he had decided that he would refrain from cumming while I spent the few days with Jen. Now this may have only been 3 days, but we would usually have had sex quite a few times in that period and between listening to us and Jen’s teasing, he must have been close to bursting.

She seemed to realise the power that the outfit had over him and kept teasing him while we talked – I could see that Jen was appreciating the view and my mind was wandering to the possibilities of us having a foursome (or at the very least watching Jen and Sue together). Before too long had passed, we decided that we would go upstairs and resolve Mike’s ‘problem’ (which he explained to Sue by telling her that he had been saving his cum for her for the past 3 days).

We all went up – Mike, Sue and I into our room and Jen into her room. Both doors were left open and Mike explained to Sue that he wanted Jen to be able to hear her cum. Sue looked a bit embarrassed but he explained again that Jen knew everything (stressing the ‘everything’). She got as far as asking if that meant... and he just nodded. She went bright red again and I had to ask what they were talking about. I knew that Mike had been ‘training’ Sue over the phone (in the same way he did with me) by talking about girls when she was aroused or cumming. I didn’t know how far he had got with this as I often left them to chat together. The times I hadn’t been there, he had specifically been telling Sue how much he would enjoy seeing Jen and she together and he had got her to play along with a number of the scenarios. At first she was a little reticent, but had been going with it a bit more willingly the past few times. She insists that she is only doing it to make Mike happy – but then again that’s how things started with me so I’m intrigued to see where it will end up. Sue was so embarrassed as she hadn’t known that Mike had been telling Jen what they had talked about.

Now I would have thought that she might have been a bit angry with him (or at least a little bit annoyed), but I guess she really loves her onii-chan and so he got away with it. She did expect him to make up for it in other ways though and pulled him over to the bed. Mike got partly undressed and started to remove my clothes. I remember thinking again that it seemed really odd that this didn’t seem odd any more – it was only last summer on holiday that Sue and I were hiding under the covers in bed and masturbating when we thought the other one was asleep and now we were doing pretty much everything openly.

Mike switched between playing with Sue and undressing me until I was naked – I thought it was a bit odd that he hadn’t done anything to get her naked but he said he loved the outfit so much that he wanted her to keep it on. He removed the rest of his clothes and we climbed onto the bed – I knew he was doing to do things with Sue and I was pretty much there just to watch but he had held out for 3 days and let Jen have me so I thought he deserved it. I didn’t intend to be completely left out though and retrieved some toys from the bedside drawer to keep myself amused while I watched.

Mike was on his back and Sue was on top of him – she was rocking back and forth rubbing her panties against his cock and he looked like he was really enjoying it. She kept calling him onii-chan and he referred to her as Hiruku (no idea how to spell that) – the character she was apparently dressed as. Sue seems to have lost a fair amount of weight over the past few months – she’s nowhere near as slim as Jen, but she does look quite hot now and as I’ve said before, the outfit did look very cute. The disadvantage of her keeping the outfit on was that I couldn’t really see anything but Mike soon pulled her up so she was sitting over his face and he could eat her. Sue said he had pulled her panties aside and that he was very gently licking around her lips. I had my chance to do something now and bent over to give his cock a quick suck. He jumped when I did this and Sue said he started licking her faster. I decided that I would get involved properly – even if only for a minute and ended up mounting him. I told them that I would only be brief and that he could cum in Sue first and held my egg against my clit.

Mike got Sue to turn around (so she was facing me) and asked her to lift the front of her dress to expose her panties before he resumed eating her. The strawberry panties didn’t look quite as innocent pulled to the side and with his tongue lapping away at her cunt. I was beginning to enjoy myself a bit too much and started moving up and down until Mike pointed out that he only had so much self control. I reluctantly climbed off him and allowed Sue to scramble down from his face to his cock. While she was still kneeling over him (sort of in a 69 position) he reached up and pulled her panties down – it wasn’t the most elegant of manoeuvres, but with a bit of contortion, they managed to remove them completely while she stayed over him. He pulled her pussy to his face and had a quick (but rather intense eat) – he always was a sucker for a nicely shaved pussy!

I told Sue that he wanted her to be close to cumming (which turned out to be right – we haven’t been together for 5 years for nothing!) and she didn’t seem to mind the tongue lashing she was getting. When she started moaning a bit, he released her and she asked him to take her from behind.

She lay on her front and Mike slid the back of her dress up slightly before lying on top of her and nestled his cock against her cunt. I had put more attention into watching than playing with myself and so returned the egg to my clit and rubbed the rabbit against myself to get it wet. I watched Mike’s cock slide into Sue’s pussy and slid the rabbit into myself. I tried to move it in time with their movements and imagined that he was somehow fucking us both at the same time.

I was interrupted from my fantasy when he started talking to Sue and telling her that Jen had cum while fantasising about her. He told her how he would relate their (his and Sue’s) conversations to Jen and Jen would use them to help picture Sue eating her or her eating Sue. He asked her to imagine it now and that she could be quiet so that Jen couldn’t hear but Sue said that I would still hear her. Mike pointed out that I’ve eaten Jen many times so it wasn’t as if it would appear like a strange fantasy to me and with a bit of encouragement, Sue slowly (and quietly) started to play along.

She said that she would like to let Mike fuck her and then let Jen eat his cum out of her and that she could imagine Jen’s fingers and tongue on her nipples, on her clit and inside her. I didn’t know how much Sue was enjoying the fantasy, but knowing what those things felt like, I was certainly enjoying hearing it described! I thought I would give Mike a hand (and this was part of the payback for Sue finding an outfit that Mike liked even more than my schoolgirl outfit) so I told her just how good it felt when Jen did those things – how wonderful her touch was and how deep inside me she could get with her tongue (I came while talking about this and got bit carried away and said slightly more than I had intended to).

Sue was getting quite close to cumming from the sounds she was making and Mike asked me to describe what Jen tasted like. I did my best (it’s not an easy taste to describe) and described just how easy it was to get Jen wet (and when she was wet, just how wet she could get). Mike asked Sue to imagine the taste of Jen’s pussy – her juices in her mouth and covering her face as Sue licked her. To her credit, Sue played along with this part as well, but this was still the same method that had worked on me – Mike saved the more extreme parts of the fantasy for when I was closer to cumming.

He said that he was getting very close and wanted Sue to cum. She moved a hand down to her clit and started to stroke it and was panting within hardly any time. I knew what would happen next and I listened as Mike told her to imagine it was Jen’s fingers on her and then Jen eating her as she came.

She did actually say Jen’s name a few times as she came and Mike could finally let go. He wasn’t as close as I thought he would have been and pumped into her hard and fast. Sue had actually finished cumming when he finally let out a moan and pressed deep into her. He wasn’t really moving anymore, but with each moan he pressed into her hard and told her how much he was cumming in her. His orgasm seemed to be a good number of squirts and he finally just lay on top of her recovering.

He asked if she wanted to go and let Jen clean her pussy up and I almost expected her to say yes as she had been playing along so well, but she declined the offer and said she would rather have him. I told her that she didn’t know what she was missing, but at least now knew that she had just been playing along (to be fair, it took quite a while for him to get my interest in girls going and I assume that there must have been *something* there for him to work with.

Mike said that we should go back downstairs and resume later when he had recovered. Sue rolled off him and Mike and I pulled on our dressing gowns. I went to retrieve Jen from her room and was greeted with the beautiful sight of her naked on the bed in post-orgasmic bliss and told her we were going back downstairs. She put her thin gown back on and got me to remove my gown before we went down. I said it was a bit chilly, but she just said that the two of us could lie in front of the fire (once Mike had lit it). I liked this idea and we called in to the other room on the way past. Sue was still lying on the bed – her outfit now somewhat creased and her hair rather messy. Mike helped her stand up and she made halfway down the stairs when she grabbed her pussy as his cum had started to run out of her. He told her it was okay and with a bit of coaxing, she continued down. He must have cum a huge amount in her as by the time we had got to the bottom of the stairs, it had run down her thighs and socks.

Sue seemed somewhat embarrassed by this (I have no idea why she is still shy about such things) and Mike said to her again that if she wanted Jen could lick her clean. Sue went red again and Jen said nothing (but she did flash her wicked little grin).


More later - I keep being interrupted by Sue so I'll have to get Mike to distract her and write the second part...


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  3. That's not the outfit she had on - I'll ask Mike for a link to a photo of the real Hiroku (which I may well have spelled wrong).

    They are cute though - I certainly wouldn't kick them out of bed!