Thursday, 3 December 2009

Between excitement

Just to clarify – I was joking and didn’t actually expect anyone to want my old vibe! (but we would like some ideas for things to do over Christmas).

We’ve got another invite to a sex party this weekend. I’m fairly certain that we are ready for it now but Jen isn’t too keen on me going. She actually doesn’t seem to mind the idea of other men doing things with me but hates the idea of me being with another girl (unless, apparently, the other girl is Sue and Jen is allowed to help J

She was a bit less worried when I explained the ‘rules’ of the party to her, but still not entirely convinced so we may not be going. Everything seems to be organised to be quite safe – everyone has to use condoms and dental dams (and change these between partners). The advantage of being in a Uni is a free and virtually unlimited supply of these things from the health centre (not that we usually take advantage of this).

A few people have contacted me to warn me about the risk of disease at events like this (which we had obviously already thought about). I don’t mind unprotected sex with Mike and Jen as they are my partners, but whenever we have seriously thought about doing things with another person we realised that things would be somewhat tempered by having to use protection. (And when I say ‘don’t mind’ I of course mean that I would hate to not be able to have Mike’s cum in me or Jen’s juices on me!)

This of course leads to a slight issue with my greatest fantasy of having a whole group of people fuck me senseless and leaving me covered in their cum and juices (not that knowing that it can’t actually happen stops me from enjoying the idea of it happening!) The closest we think I could ever actually get to it happening would be one of the following ways:

1) Have a group of guys fuck me (wherever they want) but have them wear condoms while they are inside me – then whip off the condoms and let them cum over my neck, breasts and stomach.

2) Similar to above, but also let other guys fuck their girlfriends and then have them stand over me so the cum drips out onto me (this way I get the pussy juice too!)

From the rules we’ve been told about the parties, I can’t imagine either of these things happening there. On a more realistic note though, I was (and still am if Jen changes her mind) looking forwards to the chance to have a group of people see me naked and watch Mike fuck me or me masturbate myself. Of course, the chance to see some more live action fucking in the flesh appeals as well – but I can’t imagine that anyone there will be as cute as Jen.

It would also be interesting to find out what another cock feels like – while I’m now used to various dildos and vibes, I’ve still only ever had one real cock inside me and it’s somewhat bad to be outdone on that by my little sister! I don’t even know what a realistic average cock size is – Mike certainly doesn’t seem at all small but he thinks he is about average. Given some of the ones we’ve seen in videos, I think they would hurt (but I know that the sort of people who are likely to video themselves may well be well hung!) We watched a video last night with 2 college girls fucking a guy in the middle of a party and he seemed to have quite a long cock, but not too thick, while in other videos, we’ve seen really thick cocks that barely fit into the girl’s mouth or cunt.

So... I *may* have a good set of posts next week if Jen is okay with me going (and the fact that I would only lick another girl’s pussy through a dental dam might be enough to change her mind).

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