Friday, 11 December 2009

Bored at work

I’m very bored and the fact that I’m not really concentrating on my work is made worse by the fact that our alarm didn’t go off this morning so by the time we woke up, it was too late to do anything. I had to frantically cycle to work as I had a meeting with my supervisor first thing. I made it on time and at least the half hour discussion about timeframes for writing up put a damper on my libido for a while.

I’m considering visiting my store cupboard again – I don’t usually masturbate at work (well, not *too* often anyway) but think I might need to do so today. I’ve just got back from lunch with Cindy, Clare and Holly – I haven’t had a chance to catch up with Hol for ages so it was nice to see her. She is looking as cute as ever and things are going well with her boyfriend. Of course it’s always nice to see Clare and Cindy too (and we’ll probably use them in a fantasy tonight), but I see them quite often so I spent most of the time chatting with Hol.

She is considering moving in with him (which I think might be too soon). She hasn’t been with him for that long and I don’t want things to go wrong and her ending up being dumped out on the street (of course, we have a spare room, so she could always come and stay while she found somewhere new – it would be another chance to play with her vibe or get to see her dressed just in a towel!) Hmm, mind wandering already – no, hopefully things are going to work out for her – he seems like a nice bloke and certainly seems to know how to please her in bed from some of the things she has said.

I found out that she is considering allowing him to fuck her without using condoms – being her usual sensible self, they are going to go and get tested beforehand to ensure that neither of them have any hideous diseases. On questioning it turns out that they may have done a few things already that have involved exchanges of bodily fluids, but she wants to be sure if they are going to start doing things ‘properly’ (as she put it).

I brought Holly up to date with how things were between Mike and I (and Jen and I) have been going (not *all* the details of course). She was very jealous of the weekend away that Jen and I had and actually asked if Mike would pay for a weekend break for her if she slept with me. I didn’t reply with my first thought, but said that I was fairly sure she could convince him. The ‘new’ Holly is certainly a lot bolder than the old one (and yes, I’m sure she was only joking or I would have said what came into my head first!)

Anyway – the lunchtime conversation didn’t really help with how horny I was feeling, and writing it down for you to read is only making things worse (but then again I knew I’d be disappearing to take care of myself after I wrote this so I guess it just counts as foreplay). I think I’ll be imagining Holly doing things to me in the cupboard though (and possibly Cindy and Clare will join in and help!)


Mmm – that’s better. I didn’t have anything with me to use so I had to make do with fingers alone, but crouched down so I could reach around underneath me to slide two fingers into my pussy while still being able to rub my clit. It felt wonderful to finally cum after wanting to for so long and I had to actually try to keep quiet (I don’t think the storeroom is soundproof and I’d have a hard time explaining what I found so exciting in there!)


I really should get back to work now – I’ve spend far too much of the day being distracted by being horny and need to make up for it. I'll post this when I get home

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