Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Christmas at Home - Part 1

We had a wonderful Christmas at home – lots of wedding planning and too much to drink. Mum had another long chat with Mike about my relationship with Jen and what he wanted to happen in the future. She does seem rather confused about how I can want to marry him and also be in love with Jen. I get why she doesn’t understand but I just hope that she will accept it in time. Mike reassured her (once again) that he doesn’t have any problem with her and me.

So things were a bit strained at first, but the excitement of the engagement won through and by Christmas Eve, the planning was in full swing (which is quite impressive given we didn’t *actually* plan anything – at least not properly, but we have many ideas underway). I didn’t actually eat much over Christmas – partly as I now know I need to fit into a wedding dress and partly because I’m not having Sue weigh so much less than I do!

Anyway – I said that I wasn’t going to talk about wedding plans in this blog so I’ll get back to the things that you probably want to hear about more... As I posted earlier, it was a quiet Christmas as we thought we should be (relatively) good so Mike and I had my room, Sue was in her room and Jen slept in the room on the other side of the house by Mum’s room. I had almost forgotten how much larger my bed is than a double (I don’t know if it is Queen or King size, but it’s big enough that you could sleep in it with another person and not actually know it). We didn’t sleep in it in quite that way – I was fairly aware that Mike was there! On the first night we left the door slightly ajar so that Sue could watch us if she so desired. Even though that is fairly tame compared to what we’ve done already, there was a delicious feeling knowing that we were being ‘surreptitiously’ watched.

Mike had told her that if she wanted to watch, she had to make herself cum and she reported back to us the following day that she had stood in the hallway and fingered herself while we fucked. We tried to put on a good show for her while pretending that we didn’t know she was watching which apparently helped her along. Jen wishes that we had told her about this so she could have snuck to the bottom of the stairs and spy on her but I said it would probably be best for them to not push the thing with Sue for a while (plus I was having enough fun anyway J

We did (of course) have to do things in Sue’s room and thought that this time she should get to join us and so had a fun few hours one afternoon when Mum had gone out. Mike asked Sue to wear her little anime outfit again and I didn’t mind as it is rather cute. We started off fully clothed and after a bit of kissing and fondling, Mike and I slowly undressed (between more kissing and fondling). Of course, Sue ended up being fondled a bit more to make up for the fact that she had to remain dressed (or it would have spoiled the point of her wearing her costume).

I ended up lying on the bed with Sue kneeling over my stomach and Mike behind her, grinding his cock against the back of her panties while rubbing her pussy through them with a hand. He was pawing at her breasts with the other hand and Sue really seemed to be getting into it and reached round to grab his cock and pull it against her ass harder. He became a lot more forceful with her and reached down to her panties and tore them apart (from the anime I’ve seen, I think the idea was to tear them off completely but that doesn’t seem to be as easy in real life so she was left with the panties on, but they weren’t really covering anything).

Mike plunged his fingers into her pussy and then got her to lick them clean. He asked her if she wanted him to fuck her little cunt and she asked him to (she’s getting better at dirty talk). I watched him slide into her from behind and he started pumping into her while he rubbed her clit. I don’t know exactly what he was doing that was different, but she really seemed to love it and kept up the dirty talk pretty much the whole time they were fucking. He told her he was going to cum in her and that when they had finished, he wanted her to let his cum drip all over her nee-chan (which I’m told means big-sister) and she agreed.

I was certainly being affected by the show and ended up sliding a hand down to my pussy and started to play with myself. Sue started to cum and Mike slowed down his movements in her stopped playing with her clit. She begged him to fuck her but he waited until her mini-orgasm had faded before he started up again. She seemed to be a lot more sensitive now (and a lot more vocal – which I’m sure Jen appreciated as she was in my room listening in). There is really nothing sexier than a girl just about to cum and I really couldn’t wait any longer so fished around under the bed and pulled out Sue’s vibe. I worked it into myself, turned it on and did everything I could to catch up with them. Sue was too far ahead of me though and came (properly this time) with a squeal. Mike kept her sitting almost upright, riding up and down the length of his cock and I could see him sliding between her lips perfectly.

She finished cumming a bit before he came but he pushed her down to meet his thrusts and let out a series of moans. He stayed buried in her for a little while before sliding out of her and telling her to crawl up my body. I guess it was because they fucked with her upright, but his cum started to drip out straight away and hit my stomach, breasts and face as she moved up. I know Mike would have loved for me to pull her pussy to my mouth and eat her but I don’t think we’re quite ready for that yet!

I had eased off a bi with the vibe while watching them cum so that I could have a stronger orgasm, but didn’t want to wait any more for it. I asked Mike to eat me and he pulled my legs apart and started licking away. Sue was lying beside be and Mike took her vibe and slid it into her – she jumped a bit at first but it wasn’t turned on so it wasn’t too much stimulation for her and let him keep doing it. It took hardly any time before I was ready to cum and pulled his head tighter against my pussy and rubbed back against his face. Mike responded by licking faster until I came and as soon as I had finished, he crawled up my body and slid into me.

Sue had taken over with the vibe and was using it on herself (still turned off). She was still lying beside me and Mike leaned over and kissed her. His face was covered with my juices, but I don’t think that she noticed (or didn’t care) as they kissed for a fair time while he started to move inside me. Once he got going properly though, he left Sue alone and concentrated on me. Our session was much gentler (partly because Sue was lying beside us on the bed so we didn’t have room to do anything too wild). Even though we were kissing so I couldn’t see anything, I know Mike fingered Sue for a part of the time (or was at least rubbing her pussy). Given Sue had already cum we didn’t put on too much of a show for her – just enjoyed ourselves and screwed until we had both cum (me first as usual).

This had all somehow taken quite a while so we thought we should get cleaned up before Mum got back and I wandered into the bathroom to clean up. While I was gone, Mike got Sue to suck his cock clean and then managed to convince her to visit Jen in my room and show off her outfit – she didn’t lift her skirt, but Jen could see that Sue’s panties were in tatters and her thighs were covered in Mike’s cum (and she was fingering herself when I went to visit her while Sue was getting changed and cleaned up).


  1. hi andy i love ur blog i recently started reading it i liked it very much since i love ur posts of jen most because im bisexual too and me and my girlfriend still dont get it that u are shared by two people without any problem i mean doesnt jen ever get jealous of mike my girlfriend would kill me if i did something like that but i really want to have a life like u are having please describe love u olivia

  2. I don't think Jen can really get jealous as she knew I was dating Mike from (almost) the first time we did things. I think there are times she wishes she had me to herself but she knows that I love her.

    Being with Mike and Jen are very different experiences - not in how I feel about them, but just in - um - ways and - things - ... Hmm I have no idea how to describe this properly

  3. hi andy i just wanted to ask if u could post ur and jen pictures not naked just normal picture i would love it hope u dont mind love u olivia
    and congradulations for ur marriage god bless u