Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Christmas plans

We think we have Christmas sorted out now – Jen has permission from her family to spend it at my place (the first Christmas she will have been away from home). By ‘my place’ I mean my family house – we (Mike, Jen and I) are going to head along there on the 23rd or 24th and do the big family Christmas meal. We’ll probably be (fairly) well behaved while we are there – certainly I’ll be trying to not do anything to shock Mum too much!

On the 26th/27th, we’re all going to head back to York and spend time here. Mum seems quite happy that Sue is coming along as I think she (Mum) thinks that Sue being here will be a good influence on me and that I won’t get up to anything naughty (oh dear – possibly it’s a bit too late for that!). Mike still agrees that nothing will happen between Sue and him unless I’m joining in as well, so he’ll be on the sofa when I’m spending the night with Jen. Jen has agreed to the same thing but I think that Mike and she have some sort of arrangement to try to get Sue into bed with her (neither of them will tell me what it is though). As I said before – as long as she isn’t being forced into doing anything or being hurt, I’m happy to let her explore (or be explored!)

Jen will probably drop by here a few days before we have to leave (she’s going home first when term ends as she has to spend a little time with her family) so I’m looking forwards to seeing her. She can’t wait to try out our new longer dildo (and neither can I – it will be wonderful to be able to feel it sliding into me and knowing that she is feeling the same thing while we can actually kiss and hold each other. Mike has selflessly volunteered to help hold it in us both, but Jen thinks that we’ll manage fine by ourselves (she told him that she does admire his persistence though!)

Just a quick post today as there isn’t much else to report. I really want to be able to use the dildo while cycling to work, but Jen wants me to stop playing with it until she gets a turn. I did try a smaller one (with panties to hold it in) and it felt nice – but I think it was the fact that the long one moved ‘with my leg’ that made it so nice.


  1. I am also a little confused why Jen has such a hang up over Mike. Didn't she seem OK at the hotel in the steam room being watched?
    Anyway, your recent bicycle event reminded me of a video I once saw. Don't know much about the site but it had the vid I was looking for. Check it out.

  2. You asked for ideas regarding Sue (and possibly Jen).

    Well, one thing you could try is stripping and blindfolding Sue and promising her that "someone" would eat her to orgasm.

    Naturally, it'd be up to you whether that "someone" would be Mike or Jen (presumably not you). You could even tie Sue's wrists together (lightly) at the top of the bed to make it seem more difficult for her to back out of it.

    Of course, you wouldn't really force her to do anything that she didn't want to do.

    By the way, it doesn't sound like Jen could handle the thought of you getting down with another female, and I tend to think that Mike wouldn't handle it well if you let another guy (or more) inside you.

    I could be wrong, but I recall that he wasn't too crazy about you getting fingered at the bar, and remember that you're "his virgin" when it comes to hetero sex.

    So if he's like a lot of guys -- probably most guys -- the thought of you getting banged at a party might sound exciting to him, but the image, and the thought that what was once "his alone" had been shared with other guys, might be tough to get over.

    Just one man's opinion.

    -- Doug

  3. I don't think she has a hang up over him (she certainly flirts with him) - she just isn't interested in doing anything with him.

    I love that video - I think I saw it (or a similar one) ages ago but I would certainly recommend everyone else watches it. Now my dildo moved a lot less than that one - I don't think I could have coped with that contraption at the speed I was cycling!

    Doug - Mike likes that idea, but I think he'll have to do a bit more work on Sue to get her to agree to it!

    Mike thinks he would be okay with me having other guys - but he admits that he does like the fact that he is currently the only one to have been inside me.